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Rifleman Baillie
Jul 11, '15

My father was a Rifleman 1925-1938 just as I was in my life when I was physically Robert Magaw 1738-1790 a country lawyer from Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Subsequently in the Palestine Police 1938-1945 he passed his Law Examination. This entitled him to prosecute his own cases in a British Court of Law.

Not a coincidence!

Dad, John Charles Baillie was in the Royal Ulster Rifles and Robert Magaw was in Thompson's Rifle Battalion a Pennsylvanian outfit during the American Revolution.

Dad went all over the world with the army in the 1930s including Northern Ireland, Egypt, Hong Kong, Shanghai.

His stories were multitudinous and always very interesting.

The Royal Ulster Rifles were formerly the Royal Irish Rifles before partition.

He was a marksman with a good natural eye and competed successfully in many shooting competitions.

Robert Magaw was Major and second in command of William Thompson's Rifle Battalion made up of Pennsylvsnian Irish. He was also born to Irish parents who hailed from County Strabane, Northern Ireland. Although he himself was born in Philadelphia.

Thompson's Pennsylvanian Rifle Battalion became the 1st Regiment of the Continental Army and thus the senior Regiment in today's United States Army.

No wonder I was enthralled with his tales and exploits! It was all very familiar.

He was a true Rifleman thought outside of the box which saved his life on many occasions.

John Charles Baillie 1911-1976.

With love I salute the greatest man I have ever had the privilege to know.

Taken outside the Students Union at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, June 1975.

He believed 100% in Education as the way out of the poverty trap and it was his proudest moment to be welcomed by my friends at Uni.

He was a true Musketeer!

Jul 11, '15
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