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Son of Sporran
May 19, '15

Father of Sporran

Recently I purchased 4 leather jackets for a £1 each at a local charity shop. Hopelessly out of date mode wise I decided to recycle them into functional 18th Century Rob Roy Sporrans. Modern sporrans are pale Victorian imitations for dress occasions and not practical in the field and when on manoeuvres in a kilt!

Having made a half sized first attempt with a grey leather jacket sleeve I progressed to making a full size one - Son of sporran!

The Son in the image of the Father

Constrained by the panel sizes of the jacket it is a tad narrow in proportion but it is the business. Large carrying capacity ideal for the practical carriage of impedimenta such as mobile phone, wallet, Swiss Army knife lighter, etc.

Who needs pocketsies?!"

"Nasty pocketsies we hates them don't we precious!"

I'm wearing it now as it is a fully functional timeless belt purse which conjures up all sorts of memories for me of various time periods. Tactile feel and wearability soon tell you if you've got it right memory wise!

Many people carry familiar items of clothing and equipment that they are comfortable with from past lives. It is a good insight into their subconscious mind by simply observing. Try it!

Sporran and Son of Sporran showing their genetic heritage! :)

Black Sporran

Son of Sporrans big brother! Black Sporran the BMW of the sporran world. Yay! Time to take my kilt for a walk

May 19, '15
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