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Dementia as Evidence
Jan 12, '15

Good Morning Universe!

Morning and greetings to our sister Pleiadian-Hu-man entity currently known as Dr Ian Charles Baillie of the away team - Project Humanity Upgrade, Sol III.

We like the expression "Je suis Charlie" non violent protest in mass numbers. This shows that the pacific capacity group resonance for the majority of harmonic indigenous humans is breaking through dispite the best efforts of the reptilian self interest empire to maintain the matrix slavery system through; the politics of division, pornography, drugs, smoking, alcohol, violence, media control, hunger games, plus the illuminasty entertainment industry, energy starvation and eternal war! It is all failing spectacularly and according to the Hellenic Alliance cosmic plan. Their combined galactic force and presence has been removed from this star system and Sol III is now under the protection of the combined Pleiadian-Sirian Hellenic Space Navy

Please upload you observation report for the last two daily solar cycles.

I am another yourself.....

That's kind of you to ask. On Saturn's day I aided my homeless Sirian soul mate Robert to move his effects from his old deceased partners flat to his. He gave his Bang Olufsen 80s deck speakers and amp to another soul clan friend of his Richard.

We had a 4 hour discussion in a Broadstairs cafe on the universe, politics and the current evolution on the planet (as you do!). We are all past life Greeks lol

It's an interesting observation that attachment to the material is receding and people are exploring the nature of human existence and our place in the universe heedless to or with regard to the material (money,objects or property). What is interesting is that they are still at a non fully awakened stage but are psychically exploring beyond 3D. This really is a new frontier for them.

I switched on due to my illness back in 1979-80. Thank you for that not so gentle reminder to wake up! Our (Hellenic Alliance) Crop circles accelerated my awakening and I also had the benefit of an extra complex blood supply to my brain, so am at this point more awake than the majority of others.

The Sun's day was spent on duty observing and interacting with Grandad. Again a fascinating look into the nature of a decaying brain modem system. Literally on the blink. Moments of lucidity, fragments of memory, mood swing, the desire to be dead expounded verbally and with increased vociferous volume; even making up a musical song "I want to be dead!"

One sees the organic computer side of the human 3D carbon based space suit. The mind is fully functioning underneath from another dimension. So the complete "human spiritual entity" is still there to be glimpsed but less frequently. Very much like the body as a DNA radio receiver is getting a poorer reception as the components picking up the signal are malfunctioning.

Primary evidence indeed that the mind and body are separate yet symbiotic components. The body like a an iPhone comes and goes, can be upgraded, developed, evolved but the mind (your personal data storage area; aka a website in the outer-net) is entirely separate, independent and immortal!

Thus the capacity for souls to constantly evolve towards perfection through reincarnation is self evident.

I am another yourself

Dr Ian "Je suis Charlie" Baillie

End communication upload.
Jan 12, '15
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