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Soulmates and Twin Flames
Nov 25, '14

You will meet your Soul Twin

The question of twin flames and soulmates is a common question asked by many, as the idea of one or a few particular souls being intimately involved in our evolutionary journey can be fascinating. So do they exist? Let’s explore this topic further by starting from the basic understanding of life in the Universe.

We live in a universe that is all one. This means that the same energy, the united consciousness, is projecting itself forward as you. It is also projecting itself forward as your boyfriend or girlfriend, your cat, and your fridge. So to say that one thing or expression in the universe is the most important thing is a misunderstanding, because ultimately it is all one thing. You are everything in existence. So at the highest level of existence, everything is your soulmate.

The individuality that we are experiencing is in essence an illusion created for the purpose of expansion. So when we discuss the idea of twin flames, we have to be talking from a different dimensional perspective than the ultimate universal truth, closer to a physical perspective that recognizes the individuality as a subjective truth.

Your Other Half

When most speak about the twin flame or soulmate they are referring to the two halves of the same soul. The theory suggests that in the beginning of time, we were created as a perfect soul, which split into two halves. One of these halves contained the female energy, and the other comprised the male energy. The theory is that the two halves would be incarnated into human forms to live, experience, and expand until the day that the two experientially rich halves would meet again to ascend back to source. However, this theory is flawed in that it attributes physical characteristics to a formless soul. A soul cannot truly be “split” in two because it is not a physical clump of energy. In reality a soul is merely a stream of consciousness.

Let’s imagine “God”, “source”, or the “oneness” as an infinite ocean. All water comes from this ocean. Hence rivers and streams are a projection of the ocean, taking on different forms or following different paths. Even the creeks and ponds come from the ocean water. A soul family is likened to a branch of rivers and streams, as they follow and feed into one and other, eventually leading back into the ocean or source. The individual souls are the smallest creeks which are projected forth from the rivers (or soul families). These creeks can exist simultaneously in different areas, just as your soul can express itself as different things all at once. Ultimately these are all projections which lead back to the ocean, or source.

But let’s say that you encountered a creek or stream which was intrinsically connected to you. You would feel a sense of connection more so than to other things because you are both connected to the same path back to the ocean, or source. This is where we are all headed eventually, so when you are in full alignment you will meet those people who reinsure that you are on the most appropriate path back to source. That is why when you meet your “soulmate” or “twin flame” you feel a deep sense of connection and understanding. It’s because that person is the most familiar thing to you along the path back to the ultimate truth.

The Time is NOW

Many of us did intend to unite with another aspect of the same soul before we came into a physicality. We choose our gender based on what will serve our expansion the most in a specific life. Because so many of us come into the reality with the intention of experiencing oneness on a physical level, quite often we “split” into polar aspects, so that we can experience the unification of those two genders. I speak of gender not in the solidity of a boy and a girl, but more so in energetic terms meaning the balancing and harmonizing of polar energies.

With the splitting of the soul aspects, there is the experience of loneliness and separation, which gives rise to the desire to connect and return “home.” This is why we feel so satisfied by meeting the other soul aspect. We will continue to play out this journey of soul-meetings to experience the feelings of separation until we decide it no longer serves our expansion.

That being said, if you are not in alignment with your soul path, you most likely will not meet your soulmate, or if you do, you will most likely clash. This is because if you are in the vibration of resistance, the two soulmates see each other in a state of disconnect and so you will be going “against the current” of the stream of consciousness and there will be friction.

So how do you know that you’ve met your twin flame or soulmate? Here are some common signs:

1.) You had dreams or visions of this person before meeting them in this lifetime.

2.) Meeting your partner felt like coming home to a familiar long-lost energy.

3.) After meeting you had memories with the person not a part of the current life experience.

4.) Your partner mirrors your own issues, concerns, and imbalances, yet you also complement each other’s skill sets, talents, and capacities.

5.) You feel each other’s illnesses, emotions, or struggles even when you are not near each other.

6.) Your functioning may seem impaired or less optimal when you are not near each other.

7.) It physically hurts when you are not together.

8.) When you are together and in balance, you feel stronger and more capable than you’ve ever felt.

9.) You feel united to serve others or the world.

10.) You are accepting of your partner’s otherwise intolerable aspects.

11.) You met your partner after having to accept some measure of self-expansion or self-approval.

12.) You likely met when you were least expecting it, likely having an intense level of friendship on top of the sexual attraction.

13.) In order to expand each other and harmonize you push each other’s buttons to test each other’s limits so to become the highest version of yourself.

14.) Friends, family, and others are affected, humbled, or moved by your relationship.

15.) The more time you and your twin flame spend with each other, the more rapidly you open to higher consciousness.

The Door to Understanding

I know and understand that the above 15 observations are entirely correct and accurate. For me finding the Door we had carved in 1440 AD as a symbol of our eternal love was the door to Time and the Key to the Universe itself. It was our own personal TARDIS. It heralded my soul twin's arrival in this life synchronistically with the age she passed over in that life. It was the completion of my Earthly journey. All material concerns ceased to have relevance. Now an all consuming bliss of peace and joy engulfs and protects us from the ravages of the negative forces of the universe. We are one, we are complete, we are THE ETERNAL NOW!

Complete harmonic resonance is self evident in the above images.

When you meet everything will be identical to a degree that is beyond comprehension in conventional terms. It is simply magical!

The Most Important Concept

To meet your soulmate you must be in a positive alignment with your soul path. This means making a drastic type of change to the relationship with yourself, a dramatic improvement in the way that you treat yourself, a dramatic improvement in your idea of self-worth, or a dramatic improvement in the level of commitment to one’s own happiness. It requires a higher amount of self-acceptance than normal. Only then will a soulmate or twin flame be able to come into your own experience.

It’s important to remember not to base your life around trying to meet a soulmate. This implies that you think of yourself as not being complete, which translates into a judgment of the self. Spiritual people are often trying to become the best version of themselves, which in a sense is not a bad thing, but it is crucial to ensure this self-improvement isn’t coming from a place of self-judgement. Start by accepting everything about you right now. Pretend that every flaw is there for good. If you can fully embrace and accept yourself for who you truly are right now, then you are on your way to meeting your twin flame.

Nov 25, '14
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