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A Healing Life
Oct 28, '14

I met this inspirational lady today! Barbara Fuller Mason aged 85. An extremely intelligent and compassionate woman that has spent her life healing people.

Barbara is busy selling poppies for the annual appeal as she likes to remain active. Widowed now since 2000 she remains cheerful and told me of her life healing people.

She was born in Hornsey, London in 1929 (a coincidence same as my soul twin last life and second person to say that in as many days!).

Went to work in a hospital in Enfield during the war aged 15.

Then had a career in hospitals doing various jobs finally moving to Hythe in 1956 and becoming a radiographer taking X rays in The Royal Victoria Hospital, Folkestone where I was born in 1954.

A life long member of the St John Ambulance until recently. She was very interested in the origins so much so that she visited the original hospital in Jerusalem and also Malta home of the Grand Master.

I was taken by the Sirian amethyst colour of her blouse. She had had it for over 20 years she said. The Sirian star group of souls always work in healing and wear that colour. Just as us Pleiadians wear electric blue. They are associated with the Middle East mainly Egypt but also Israel, Syria (hence the name) and other Arab countries.

Barbara has four children one of whom lives in Minneapolis. She has travelled extensively in America.

Barbara Fuller we salute you!
Oct 28, '14
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