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Tale of a Dandelion
Sep 07, '14

The Universe is composed of the 4% visible - that's 3.6% SPACE and 0.4% MATTER the other 96% is invisible. It is estimated currently that 75% is DARK ENERGY and 21% DARK MATTER.

So no energy shortage!

Life exists on all levels visible and invisible. Think of your physical body as a pair of gloves. You can operate it whist you hand is inside but when it becomes worn out we discard it and look around for a new glove. It's the same with these 3D carbon based wet things we call bodies. DNA is the software that allows you to access a physical vehicle then take it for a spin! Try not to crash too often but hey that doesn't matter so long as you learn from it.


Reppsies hate 'em! They are a gardeners nightmare so they use chemicals to exterminate them and thereby destroy everything including themselves!

Dandelions are WEEDS that means they are tough, tenacious and can survive adverse conditions much like the Scots! I know because I'm one!


So learn from them!

The poles in the picture above mark the EARTH ENERGY GRID LEY LINES for easy reference. The height indicates the strength.

So our intrepid dandelion has chosen a good place to grow as it has everything it needs physically but also spiritually - Yes SPIRTIUALLY. It needs invisible life force energy to feed its invisible spirit just like us.

So the biggest dandelion growing is the most successful because it sits on the ley line at a junction West East and South North. Note Ley line energy flows from the South Pole of the planet not North. The 5th dimensional energy called Vril by the Nazis, Chi by the Chinese and Ley line energy by us appears as grid lines but in fact we are seeing the shadow effect in 3D of a 5D hypersphere of energy which takes the form of a toroidal wound doughnut but in our physical dimension becomes perceived as lines. Crop circles form on them and actually stamp ley line energy into the land leaving detectable markers. Using a pendulum or wire coat hangers one can detect energy made circles. The effect can even be registered the year after.

The fire place provides nutrients from wood ash and the stones stop moisture evaporating. The Sun provides the energy it needs and we use when we eat.

Next day notice how the plant nearest has flowered in line with the lone dandelion and the pole marking the energy line. Chances are it is a ley line cross roads hence the flower. I've observed in the past that reproductive bodies grow where the lines cross. A blue tit box placed on the fence post on the line was quickly and successfully inhabited for the same reason. Deliberately placed in non cross over points in years it was never used.

Meanwhile back the day before -

Notice how a swathe of dandelions grow along the ley line where the energy is slightly stronger.

The perfect parachute only one line of attachment between payload and canopy; Simple, elegant and efficient.

Best of all forget designer salads and eat dandelions, nutritious, delicious and billions of rabbits can't be wrong!


Sep 07, '14
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