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My Life in the Gupta Empire

Research and Revelation.

March 20, 2014

One should always act on information when the universe presents it. There is always a reason, usually quite simply the time is right!

Many people ask how do I find out about my past lives? The answer lies within, you already know all the answers. Everything is recorded in your subconscious soul memory. It is you own personal website that is part of the "Outernet" of the Multiverse. As above so below. We have modelled our Internet on the Mechanism that is the quantum Multiverse. Everything is connected at the quantum level. The Third dimension is simply a hologram that facilitates the interaction of events so that we may learn.

Further, every time we think we know it all another layer is revealed to humble us and demonstrate yet again that we certainly do not! Each time I receive this gift I say thank you as it demonstrates I am making good spiritual progress.

This active category is presented as a work in progress do that readers may watch first hand as a past life revelation occurs and follow all the twists, turns and nuances as they happen.

For me it is a personal archive of the next chapter of my journey. We are lucky to have passed the dark night of the soul and are now coming out of the Kali Yuga once more into the light.








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