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The Return
Mar 18, '14

This is the very first American Civil War memory drawing that I produced for Christmas 1999. It went on to become a colour picture and then a Christmas card that year for all my American friends.

Having discovered a picture of myself in the Civil War in the spring, I then took a holiday to where I used to live in Darien, Georgia July 99. My family were not to amused on account of the grey rain clouds, skeeters, no see 'ems, ninja gnats, bed bugs, gaiters, armadillos, swamps etc. etc. What's not to like!

For me though before heading back to Florida after just a couple of days it was enough to confirm that it had been my home in the last physical life. It was a triumph! The two weeks commuted to two days had energised me.

The next week and a half was spent at Ormond Beach, next to Daytona beach. I was content plus I got to see a Space shuttle launch from the beach which was a real bonus.

Research continued that fall and as I drew myself into the past more and more I began to feel events and emotions stirring in me.

It was then I drew the picture. It was a picture of me, Alexander Baillie Kell of the 5th Georgia Cavalry on my horse, returning home just before Christmas 1864. There's snow on the ground and I'm looking at Laurel Grove our family home which is deserted. The building in the background is historic Fort King George, the second oldest log fort built in the continental USA around 1750.

It was very emotional. The sadness poured out of me as I drew it from thin air.

It was only a few months later in the spring of 2000 that my correspondence with Dr Norman C Delaney of Corpus Christi, Tx provided concrete evidence that I had drawn a real memory. For a family letter recalls Baillie, that's me, turning up out of the blue on a late November day in 1864.

The family headed by my brother Captain John McIntosh Kell of CSS Alabama fame had headed to the comparative safety of Walthourville near Savannah, Georgia. He was home having survived the historic duel with the USS Kersarge off of Cherbourg, France that June and made his way back via England and Bermuda to Georgia.

I spent a happy couple of days with my family before attempting to return to my unit. On the way I was impressed into the siege of Savannah for two weeks before escaping over the pontoon bridge into South Carolina when the city fell.

I then made my way back to my regiment and fought to the end before surrendering at Hillsboro, NC. April 26, 1865.

My war was over.

The whole story can be read about in Rebel Spirit available to read free @

It is the world's first fully documented past life case which did not need hypnotic regression.

The scientific evidence is un-contaminated by suggestion and 100% genuine.

Due to an extra plumbing providing an extra blood supply to my physical brain (modem) I am able to access my subconscious mind at will and from birth.

This picture went on to become a whole six month memory experiment which in the end nearly burned me. My kidneys failed and it took another six months to recover by which time I triumphantly had publish Rebel Spirit. This was to ensure that should I fail my work, discoveries and profound message would not disappear from Earth.

Dr Ian C Baillie March, 2014.

Update: June 2021


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Mar 18, '14
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