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Lone Sentinel
Mar 14, '14

I have spent many lives alone and deliberately so for the lone warrior is always vulnerable to emotional attachment. It is the Achilles heel that prevents the knight from protecting the weak and the many.

Only when one shares a lifetime with ones Soul Twin can a soul relax knowing that he/she is identical in all things including protecting the self. Even then the lone wolf will be forever watching over his only true love.

For me this was first illuminated when I received a massive subconscious jolt on seeing the LP cover of Argus by Wishbone Ash back in 1972. The image resonated with a power that said "This was you."


The image of the Lone Spartan Sentinel, the Corinthian helmet, the spear, the song titles, it was all so laser precise that it delivered that massive jolt I get when my subconscious sees something familiar.

1.Time Was (9:42)

2. Sometime World (6:55)

3. Blowin' Free (5:18)

4. The King Will Come (7:06)

5. Leaf and Stream (3:55)

6. Warrior (5:53)

7.Throw Down The Sword (5:55)


Bonus [CD Release 1991]

8. No Easy Road (3:36)

Total Time: 48:33


It spoke of my past life as an Athenian Greek hoplite citizen soldier ever vigilant, of doing ones duty, resisting those that would enslave.

The image resurfaced in 1976 quite without consciously thinking as my Viking self. I can remember literally doodling it out of thin air as I tuned into my Viking memories absentmindedly.

Time Was

Time reiterates as a fractal spiral and many ages are reflections of another. The American Civil War and the English Civil Wars spring immediately to mind. The same souls learning from the same scenarios but each playing an opposite role to understand how it felt for the other souls engaged in that lesson.

So it is with my Ancient Greek life and my Viking life. In both similar events happened but in the former I dealt out the medicine and in the latter I has to receive the medicine. I'm referring to the Battle of Salamis 480BC and the Battle of Svolder Fjord 1000AD. In the first as the Greeks we were victorious but in the second as a Norwegian Viking we lost. Hoist on our own petard one might say! The ambushees had become the ambushed.

I love the simplicity of the image devoid of detail with the exception of my faithful dog. It allows reflection to occur much as a child's imaginary play with a cardboard box is far superior to any finely detailed plastic toy that leaves no room for thought. This is why construction toys have infinite potential and life.

In 1978 the Viking theme was still very powerful as I tuned into my life then. I was 24 and at the top of my game just as I must have been back in 980AD. I found myself reiterating the same image and subconscious thoughts in parallel with my future past space memories.

The same theme revisited but this time the memory more specific and clear. In 2005 it all became crystal clear as I visited Hemsedal, Norway and stood alone on top of the mountain looking down at the valley below. The picture had become real.

Two weeks previously a powerful psychic warrior woman, a friend on my teaching college had described my life then. Taking my outstretched flattened hand she place hers on top and said, "Let's see if you are genuine?"

She then spoke the following words, "It's cold, very cold, too cold for me. I'm standing on top of a mountain looking down at a village below, at the side of a fjord. There are a ring of bonfires with people gathered around. You are standing in the middle. You are giving a party! You are a nice person! I'm impressed."

It was only two weeks later that I completed the memory by remembering at the top of the Norwegian mountain. It all came flooding back to me. It was the Winter Solstice our ships were tied up and we celebrated. I would climb the mountain overlooking our settlement at Balestrand and look down on my home. She had stood in my favourite spot and seen me below.

In 2000 whilst rediscovering my lost memory art after retrieving it from the loft I came a crossed this.

Snow Shoes by Kay Nielsen 1975.

It was a image on card that I picked up from a shop in Newcastle as a student. In the days before the Internet one had to buy things when one saw them! Like a magpie with a gold ring I selected this image from thousands as it spoke to my subconscious memory.

Now I know why! The power of art to connect with our soul is in it's ability to breakthrough the artificial memory block that has been deliberately engineered into these human bodies by the slave masters that created us.

Update 2020

I was right! I was both an Athenian and a Spartan!!!


Mar 14, '14
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