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Past Life/Soul Memory Art

Throughout my life I have expressed my subconscious memory through the creative processes of manifesting physical objects and art. The two categories could be classed as the same thing, much in the same way that many classical artists also sculpture. Right from the beginning I found that I could tap in at will to this burning desire to manifest what I had once known and possessed. Each time on the completion of a project as I called them my soul was at rest once more until the next time. Upon discovering the "Timelines" of my now four documented past lives I realised that these creative urges were a specific response to a major emotional event in a previous life. In fact completely synchronous to within a week of physical parallel age! Such total synchronicity that I have come to realise that all physical lives are happening simultaneously within bubbles of time. These bubbles appear to be regulated by the precession of equinoxes of the Earth. Giving a grand cycle of 25 920 Earth years and a half cycle of 12 960 years. This coincides with epochs and catastrophies on the Earth such as climate change, pole shifts and events such as the sinking of Atlantis. I therefore catch glimpses of lives in other epochs past and future but not as clear as in the present epoch that has just ended with the Mayan Calandar and 2012. I shall therefore record my art in this section for safe keeping and future reference in my next life!













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