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Subconscious Purchase
May 01, '14

I purchased this NFL tee in 2008 at TKMaxx.

I had know idea why I bought it as I have always supported the Washington Redskins initially in the 80s and the Seattle Seahawks in the 90 when a parent at school bought me a cap back from a business trip I wore that one whilst sailing.

Of course now we know that Robert Magaw was born there in Philly in 1738 it is because my subconscious knew the connection and just grabbed it! Without telling me.

So Philadelphia was my home town in that life.

Centre of the American revolution. I was educated at the Academy of Philadelphia and had lessons by no less a teacher than Ben Franklin. My obsession with kites goes back to him! Also my love of practical science.

I attended the debates and became a country lawyer in Carlisle, PA before doing my bit for the revolution.

Inspired by Ben's fiery lessons and example!

Another great influence was Thomas Paine the Excise man from Lewes in Sussex a local hero in these parts.

His ideas and pamphlets resonated with me whilst in captivity in New York 1776 - 1780.

You can download his works from this website - links at the bottom of the page.

Coincidentally Lewes is also famous for the Battle in which Simon de Montfort beat Henry III and thereby established Parliament in 1264. So a long history of freedom fighters.

Even now the Lewes bonfire boys are a law unto themselves!
May 01, '14
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