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Handwriting Comparison
Oct 09, '13

Finding a letter from myself from another time is always exciting. This summer I had the chance to acquire a document which possibly had a sample of my handwriting from 1775.

After coming back from Gettysburg and visiting my grave in Carlisle, Pennsylvania I discovered a copy of a letter of mine in an Dickinson College monthly publication from 1975. It was published on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the penning of the original letter by Major Robert Magaw of Thompson's Rifle Battalion during operations around Bunker Hill.

The issue of John and Mary arrived and I was delighted to find that the handwriting example was printed alongside the typed text and 60 page document giving detail for the events surrounding the letter.

I immediately compared the handwriting with letters written by myself in the American Civil War. I was stunned by the similarity. It showed that writing style remains constant between physical lives.

For me it was a brilliant and emotional discovery.

I even use the same signing off phrase and words just in a different order.

Interestingly the writing also compares favourably with my own present writing in this life when I write quickly.

Oct 09, '13
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