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Discovering Robert Magaw
Jun 13, '13

June 2013.

I am in the midst of the most amazing personal epiphany of divine coincidence at this very moment. All my life I have been puzzling as to the origins of my kidney troubles and now at last I have found the answer hidden in a lifetime twice removed from the present. An American lifetime that heralded my epic Civil War experience in the 19th century.

It all started back in February 2013 when the Baltimore Ravens won the Superbowl. I have supported them since their inception because they had two key memory words of mine. Baltimore and Ravens!!! Ravens that's easy my name in Viking times was Ravnskjold - Raven Shield and the raven is my totem bird being an ancient symbol for reincarnation as they eat dead flesh and turn it back into living tissue. My Druid life and beyond further reinforces this memory.

And Baltimore? The answer was staring me in the face! Yet I knew not the significance.

Enter Cathe Fulton who invited me to visit the Battle of Gettysburg 150th anniversary. The fuse lit the chain of events then started to unfold, slowly at first but then exponential gathering momentum. Finally a few days ago with the help of her invisible spirit guide who provided the final clue the whole firework of memory exploded into it entirety in full majesty and technicolor glory!!!

Here Cathe takes over in her own words as I received the Facebook chat messages.

Monday June 10, 2013


Throughout this past week, particularly the past 4-5 days now, Henry has disclosed to me what I'd term as most-definitely being a magnificent revelation about two of you here in our group, having been blood-related/kinfolk in numerous past lives, and in particular, both of you were brothers, the surname being Meagher, and both brothers having fought in our Revolutionary War.

*Henry had briefly mentioned a couple years ago that Brent had fought in the Revolutionary War, and that he was then known as Captain Meagher.

As many of you know, Henry occasionally conveys to me names of various peoples' past-lives, sometimes he'll state full names and at times, even a bit more information, but generally, he'll simply give me a last name (surname), thereby requiring research to be done, and at times, it can evolve into some DEEP, tedious research, but the reward of the research always proves as being absolutely priceless.

The surname is Meagher, however, when many Irish and Scottish (as well as all other nationalities) came over to America over past centuries, either due to public officials having experienced aggravating issues in pronouncing/spelling their name properly onto legal documents, etc., the men of the family would often then resort to simplifying the surname spelling 'for legal purposes' such as immigration and/or census records, etc., and also, due to family quarrels, men of the family would even alter their surname spelling, feeling they were 'severing' the familial bond by doing so.

Researching our own family ancestry presented similar circumstances many years ago to me and to my sister, with some of our ancestral surnames such as Adelsberger, Shryock, and countless other of our ancestral surnames having had the spelling changed so many times by our ancestors over the years for various reasons.

In this particular case, Henry pronounces the name Meagher as "Maw-haw", yet the spelling of this name can also be found as Meager, Maher, Mahar, and even other variations it has gone through over the past three or more centuries.

But, thanks be to Henry, what IS now disclosed and known is that there were two of you right here in our group who were brothers who fought in our Revolutionary War and the surname was initially spelled as Meagher. Brent is one of the brothers, and the other brother is... our IAN. :)

After disclosing this to me earlier this past week, Henry told me to seek out pictures of both Brent and Ian on my 'people-letter-box' (his term for a compter/laptop). And so I did. Then he told me to look at their eyes, and compare them. And so when I placed both their photos right alongside of one another and I looked at the eyes on both photos, I almost fell off my chair when seeing the incredible likeness!

Always remember, and I know that I say this repeatedly, but it IS so very important when dealing with anything regarding reincarnation... the fact that our EYES are the "windows to our soul", and also wise to know is the fact that our eyes do, on the most-part, tend to retain a quite-deep similarity in each, or at least many, of our incarnations, be they past..present..or future.

Even more shock and awe is the fact that Henry claims that Brent and Ian have not only been brothers, but have also been father, son, grandfather, grandson, SISTERS!! :) , and cousins to one another in a number of past lifetimes, as well as 'inter-related in other fashions' (compadres/neighbors) as well. However, according to Hen, their closeness, bond, and experiences in our Revolutionary War era were incredibly deep and bonding, and needless to say, profoundly memorable. Hence, Henry came forth to reveal all of this for Brent and Ian... at this present time-frame. :)

And now here are even more of some astounding and amazing facts surrounding this revelation...

Both Ian and Brent have been fully-aware of 'past-life memories' for many years. Both of them are deeply involved in our American Civil War era as well as beyond in other past eras of time. They both have various physical similarities even in this present lifetime, particularly their eyes, as well as nose and their smile. They both tend to favor similar poses in photographs, I've noticed. And.. the very fact that both of them are in our group here denotes to me that this too is amazing.. it denotes to me that there has been a definite path set for both of them to be here in our group together, in order for this 'reunion' to have occurred for them as it now has so obviously presented itself.

And even MOREso... Ian will be staying with me and Rick at our home here for two weeks during our approaching 150th Gettysburg Anniversary celebration... astoundingly, and as far as I know, Brent and his reenacting group are scheduled to be here on the weekend of June 25th, and Ian is scheduled to be arriving from the UK in that same time-frame/weekend. To me, this clearly denotes that a meeting, a 'Reunion' for them, had most definitely been pre-planned by a 'higher authority', most assuredly.

And so... needless to say, I am ecstatic, thrilled...and most certainly anxious to see both of their faces, to see and experience their 'recognizing' one another, and perhaps deeply-imbedded memories will then ebb forth for them from some of their other shared past-lives when they meet again... RE-UNITE.. in-person.. in less than three weeks from now! :) — with Brent Reidenbach.


Wow! Lost for words!!! I thought I was aware of everything but the Universe always says " Ahah! No you're not!" Explains why I have a copy of the film Patriot! One single word links all our lives and actions - FREEDOM!

Meagher's Zouaves!!! One of my favourite regiments of the Civil War!!!! OMG!

The Irish Brigade was an infantry brigade, consisting predominantly of Irish Americans, that served in the Union Army in the American Civil War. The designation of the first regiment in the brigade, the 69th New York Infantry, or the "Fighting 69th", continued in later wars. The Irish Brigade was known in part for its famous war cry, the "faugh a ballagh", which is an anglicization of the Irish phrase, fág an bealach, meaning "clear the way". According to Fox's Regimental Losses, of all Union army brigades, only the 1st Vermont Brigade and Iron Brigade suffered more combat dead than the Irish Brigade during America's Civil War.

Faugh a ballagh! Is my favourite motto. I always quote that!!! Clear the way!


Ian, Henry claims that fairly most all Meaghers of today, including those whose ancestors altered the spelling, are of the original Meagher clan, and if I remember correctly, I believe that most of them, perhaps even all of them, originated in County Tipperery (not sure of the spelling :) Ireland. And to compound all of this amazement even moreso, we even have a friend of mine, Paul, whose surname is Meagher, right here in our group! Good Heavens, that just hit me! Paul may very well be a direct descendant of yours and Brent's too! :) And the Meagher Zouaves of our Civil War... they too were more than likely direct descendants of yours and Brent's. :) Now how amazing is this, I ask? :) :) :) There are so very many OBvious 'connections' that are involved in all this, soooo unbelievably many. I'm always so joyfully flabbergasted and thrilled when so many 'signs' such as all of these, keep popping-up, all of which are obviously 'confirmation' of everything that has been disclosed and happening. Henry has 'struck GOLD once again'! He has once again brought so much joy and amazement to us all, as the endearing emissary he's always proven as being. And I praise the Lord for this marvelous revelation, most certainly! Wow! I need another cuppa! This is all getting wilder and wilder by-the-minute! :) :) :)


It gets better. As a child I loved the Pennsylvania rifle. I could almost taste the squirrel meat I would have shot and eaten. Last of the Mohicans! Buckskin. Minutemen! Paul Revere, Ben Franklin. Liberty bell. At Gettysburg I'm a Reb but felt empathy for the Yanks especially the 114th Pennsylvania at the stone wall. So guessing my life was cut short and quick turn around 50 years as with my medieval period. So 1828 - 50 died 1778! Which is spot on!


I can hardly wait for you to arrive here, Ian... it's going to be incredible! My sensings of totally amazing events/occurrences that will be taking place heightens more and more each day. It's going to be mind-boggling, totally!!! :)


The Huron, Roger's Rangers, Fort Ticonderoga, furs, trapping. Suddenly lots of clues make sense of why I was drawn to things in this life. Born in Darien 1828 Laurel Grove our Plantation was a stones throw from Fort King George the second oldest Continental log built Fort in the US. As you finish so you start next time! This life my first 3 years where spent living next to the railroad track in Folkestone. I would run down the garden at 8.09 am each day to see and hear the Golden Arrow boat train thunder past! At Rocky Knoll Sunnyside, Griffin Georgia I lived my last 12 years not half a dozen feet from the railroad track Griffin to Atlanta. Living in Hythe I still have the steam train whistle blowing as we have the world's smallest regular timetable railroad. Even though we call it railway - I always still call it railroad! ;)

The Meaghers' would have come to New York and likely headed North. French Indian wars 1750-60. General Wolf Quebec always draws me so perhaps we sided with the Brits then? When Liberty beckoned with the Tea Tax and the Boston Tea Party we would have sided with our hearts and joined in! Always wanted to visit Quebec! French connection too !

You've got me looking at Tomahawks now !!! Love those great bit of kit. Goes back to the Viking hand axe and beyond. I have my step fathers world war 2 Fireman's axe. Shaped like a tomahawk. Solid steel. Coat rubber hand to resist electric shock up to 50 000 volts. Pennsylvania squirrel gun, tomahawk and a good knife that's all you need to survive. :)))


Brent may be in shock right about now :) ... he has known about his having been Captain Meagher in the Revolutionary War but for all that has spun out Henry's further disclosures from this past week... this is a wallapaloooooza of a revelation, seriously it is! Without a doubt, the most-amazing! :) So much has evolved out of it, my mind's still spinning from the intensity of everything.. all the paths leading here, even down to having a friend here in our group with the same surname, and more than likely, Paul's a descendant of yours & Brent's.. this is really-realllllllllllly wild.

I'm still saying OMG over and over again... I'm feeling like a cat on a hot tin roof !! :) SOOOoooo happy & excited over all that's ongoing and I'll bet it's going to continue on with even more and more incredible data. :)


I looked at Brent's photos a while back and thought he looks like me! And he is doing exactly what I would have done had I been born in America this time around. Then I thought I must meet him when I come over. From the German surname I'm guessing this goes way back. I'm going to ask him if the words Armoises, Metz and Luxembourg mean anything to him. My hunch is he was one of my two sons then?! Mother Jehanne des Armoises the faux Jehanne d'Arc and Robert des Armoises Sieur d'Tichemont and the Chevalier Noir of Metz ....

This is past life paaaaarty time! In the 'Burg!!!! ;)))



I just messsaged Brent real quick-like and he IS in a state of shock over all that's flowed-forth. :) Also, he's gotta get to work. :) Once he 'takes it all in', he'll be joining us on this thread, fer-sher. :)

Linda Mannick-Richters:

Just checked the Valley Forge Muster Roll and there was a John and a Lawrence Marr listed, who may be brothers. Both are from the 3rd Pennsylvania and appear to have survived the encampment. The 3rd Pennsylvania was organized in Philadelphia and took part in the following engagements: Defense of Canada, Lake Champlain, Northern New Jersey, Defense of Philadelphia, Philadelphia-Monmouth.

Now, the only caveat is that neither John nor Lawrence appears to have been a captain. At least not at Valley Forge. However, that was Washington's Army. There were armies up north in New York State and down south. The muster rolls for those armies need to be searched as well.


Wow! Thanks bunches, Linny!! Yep, there's yet ANOTHER variation of the surname, Meagher... Marr. My sister and I ran into the same exact situation over and over and over for years.... our ancestors having changed the spelling, even pronunciation at times, of the surnames.


The spelling variations can drive you crazy when doing research like this. :-/


The awesome power of women scores yet another home run!!! ;)))


That's for certain, Lin!! Yes indeed! I started on it way back in the '60s, especially after I was married and the kids were little. Worked on it off & on and back in those days from the '60s up through the early-to-mid '90s, there was no computer, at least not for ME there was no computer, so I did a lot of research at many-mannnny libraries, historical societies, and was fortunate in being able to still be able to speak with a good many of our oldest-living relatives, most of whom shared not only information, but lots of those typical 'family stories as well as secrets and such'. :) I backed-away from it around 1995 and my sister then dove into it and she resulted in a truly MAGNIFICENT ancestry of many branches of our family over these past years ... MAGNIFICENT!!! :) She is INCREDIBLE!! Seriously!!

Ian... Linny and Brent (whom I've called Cappy for a good while now :), are amazingly incredible with research. They've not only gained an immense font of knowledge, details, etc., pertaining to their Civil War incarnations, but they additionally have had their actual memories of that fateful day in the midst of the Triangular Field flow forth for themselves, even down to the fact of Brent seeing Lin being literally 'shredded' not far from where he was situated, then shortly thereafter, Brent too was shot down. We've had some mighty powerful moments in the Tri-Field over many years together... incredibly powerful.. and it continues on and on and on.. :)

My Rick is a jokester... always coming up with funny, yet somehow appropriate names for everyone. Due to Linny being 'shredded' in the Tri-Field, Rick, for some years now, calls her "Napoleon BLOWNAPARTE". So get ready for some of Rick's wit/humor when you're with us! :) :) :)


Tri-field is the epicentre of the paranormal activity. Due to the proximity of the nature pyramids Round Top and little Round top.

Funny!!!! Viking humour f'sure!!!!

I'm the same. I find it hard to take this universe seriously!!! I think humour is our greatest strength against the fear and intimidation used by the Reptilians. We are Vikings!


Oddly enough, Rick, at times, has dreams so unbelievably vivid, so detailed... but they aren't all dreams or memories of his past lives... he dreams of future eras, and the details are downright staggering with reality. A few years ago, each time he'd nap or sleep at night, his dream from his most-recent sleep would 'continue'... just as if it was 'on-hold' til he konked out again. I brought that up to him a couple of nights ago, reminding him that he should go ahead and write a book about it... it was so intense and realistic when it was all occurring back then, that it was his idea initially to write a book about it. I think he SHOULD, truly. And he still remembers all the details. :)


It's what I call Colosseum humour.

Ave Caesar Morituri te Salutant! We who are about to die salute you!

Death holds no fear for we know the truth and the truth shall set you free!!! So we operate as playful dolphins. Occasionally we get eaten by a shark but its all part of the fun!!!! You only really feel truly alive when you are close to death.

Yes past present and future all one NOW! Being in an intense energy spot like the 'Burg magnifies your ability to tune into your future and past. So it is perfectly understandable from a physics point of view.

Same here, Ian. We laugh and joke around a great deal... a LOT in fact! :) :) :) ... sometimes too much, even tho that may sound silly, but times when I want for him to be serious, he still will do the humor thing and I find myself telling him to be serious, if only for a few seconds. :) :) :)


We are going to be taking part in a multidimensional event. I can't wait !!!

Dolphins just play continuously!!!! They know how to really paaaarty!


In that one particular ongoing dream of Rick's that continued on for seemingly, weeks... he was describing vehicles of the future, strange sky-rise buildings, the clothing, all of which was what I termed to him as being 'terribly alien'. :) :) :)


Alien = unfamiliar. Always amuses me the US immigration refers to us as Aliens !!! As Dr Christine Page said in her talk at Glastonbury "They got that one right I am an alien!" She's a Pleiadian too!!! Spiritual Alchemy her main book!!! Brilliant


Hmmm...never thought of those two hills (Little Round Top and Big Round Top) as "pyramidal". But it makes sense. I suspect that the composition of the rocks and boulders also has an effect.


Sure does Linny! I remember climbing the slope from the car park to Governor Warrens statute. You can just feel the energy. Same with the 20th Maine position. The electrical charge increases as you go up the slope.


If you want to feel a "charge", you need to head to Ringing Rocks Park in eastern Pennsylvania. A good number of the rocks there have an unusual composition in that when you hit them with a hammer they make a ringing sound. You can actually make music. Anyway, as much as the place fascinated me, I always got a dull headache whenever I went there.

The rocks are some form of diabase and this chain of diabase rocks extends from Ringing Rocks Park to Devils Den. But the rocks at the Den have no ringing quality to them.


Interesting !!!! Rocks play a large part. Limestone and chalk are especially effective ...

Tuesday June 11, 2013

Brent Reidenbach:

Just wanted to let y'all know that I'm still trying to sort through all the information that's been shared. Right now my head is still spinning faster than a dag gum top.

I showed Karan the photos and she immediately noticed similarities in our noses, foreheads and other facial features. She was just as surprised by the revelation as I was.


You both share so many similar, and in fact, some identical... mannerisms and personality traits. You are both very open and friendly with people, outgoing, bubbly, wise, common-sensible, incredibly historical-knowledgeable, and you both LOVE to joke and bring smiles/laughter to others. And that's just for starters... there's lots more, but we can go into that when you both reunite here in two weeks' time. :) Lots of HUGs to Y'all!! And be on the lookout for Henry... he's equally excited as we all are, and rarin' t'go, so there's no telling as to how many of you will be receiving some 'friendly visits' from him over the next week or two. :)

Thursday June 13, 2013 !!!

Revelation - I awoke at 5:45 with a clear insight into all the connections and clues from my past in this life which follows my past life patterns to the letter.

Hiya!!! My lil' ol' computer brain has put all the pieces together and freakin' cracked the puzzle !!! Yay!!! Too long to write the whole thing here but I will write a full article today !!!! So here go the highlights! ... Gettysburg was my home town, I was Pennsylvanian Dutch. Joined Thompson's Rifles. Wore the turned up round black hat, loved my long rifle, Gray squirrels. Campaigned long and hard. Brent was captain of my company and my older brother I looked up to. I contracted Lyme's disease and had a long slow demise which is why I blocked it. Love Keystone state, Washington Redskins, second place I visited after Florida, back in 1991. Feels like home. Love the four seasons. Tomahawks fringed hunting shirts buckskin. At Gettysburg I felt I should have been fighting for the American Stars and Stripes yet I was a Rebel!!! Well George Washington was a Rebel!!! I have his plantation on placemats. His portrait crossing the Delaware gives me goosebumps and tears when I saw it for real!!! Red and Green are colours I like together. The flag has them. I paint my figures using those two colours. The lion being netted is so me. I was a net caster Retiarius at the Colisseum so it is the opposite. The Motto is soooo freakin' me!! Domari nolo - I will not be tamed/subdued!!!! Soooo familiar. Thompson's Rifles - It's the only flag that triggers and emotional response in me looking at all the revolutionary flags and

I worked with a Mrs Thompson who was very careful how she spelt her name with the p! Her husband was an ex officer of Gurkha Rifles. She commissioned me to make a set of toy soldiers for his birthday. I love Sharpe's Rifles, books films. Death to the French by CS Forester about Rifleman Dodd of the 95th Rifles is one of my favourite books! Roger's Rangers, John Wayne in the Fighting Kentuckian. Buckskin. Coon skin hats, the Alamo. Etc etc etc.... Long list!!!

I get déjà vu at Gettysburg, Charlottesville VA, the Shenandoah valley. Always want to ski in New England. Oh and I went to the College of New Jersey (Princeton) 1848-51 !!!! The Rifle's fought at the Battle of Princeton. Loads more but I will add to this in the article!!!! Right back to sleep now that that's cleared up !!!! ;)))))

Forget the Dutch bit. We were Scots/Irish!!! Exactly as you said. Mixing with the Germans. Hence the DNA mix is spot on for Brent and Me. Just found our!!! ;)

It all in the Rifle's history. My dad this lifetime was a Rifleman! 1st Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles 1924-1938. Formerly the Royal Irish Rifles up until partition. !!!


Wow! I'm speechless and that in itself is a MIRACLE! :) :) :) Looks like some more doors are opening! Flooding-forth actually! :) Excellent!!!

OMG!!!!! It all revolves around BALTIMORE MARYLAND!!!!

Meagher Irish immigrants! Pennsylvania regiment! Quebec!!! Even freakin' Quebec expedition is mentioned!!!!!

AND!!!! big and the Lyme disease explains why In the next life I had kidney trouble although I went on to 84 years old. It was a hangover from the Rifle's life. The body remembers and it has continued in this lifetime a shadow echo of those rough years 1775-83. The Arnold expedition explains my fascination with the man and his treachery! He led one branch of the Quebec invasion which was real Roger's rangers stuff. I think I went with the other company that had the easier route. But we did meet up at Quebec! Hence my life long fascination with General Wolf and the battle of Quebec!!! Even meeting an old boy with the same name when I was having my radiation therapy back in 1979 his father had named him General!!! As his surname was Wolf!!! So he always got free drinks! At pubs called the Quebec Arms!!! Said that gave him a silver tankard. Next week it was on the wall labelled as used by General Wolf

Lmao !!! :D I used to drive through Westerham Surrey where Wolf was born on the way to the Marsden hospital for my cancer treatment. They have a statue and a pub called the Montcalm Arms. General Montcalm was the French General Wolf defeated at Quebec.

Please thank Henry for kicking all this off!!!! God Bless him!!! If he were in the flesh I would get him rat arsed drunk for several days!!!! :))))

Yes! Will do post details of when I arrive to make it easy. Soooo exciting. Born in Baltimore! There you go!!! Told you all revolves around Baltimore ;) say I'm writing all this as a live article. Could you e mail your original Henry revelation insight above. I have the photo of Brent and me. But can't copy the text??? Might be iPhone. Or because its copyright. Henry and you were right on the money!!!! Word for word what you said happened!!!! A wonderful example !!! Ian. PS hope you are feeling less sore all that decorating. Just for me! You shouldn't have... Looool :))))

Been walking around with tears in my eyes all day!!! This is sooooo all true :))))

Fed my Gray squirrels this morning knowing full well that many of their ancestors sacrificed their lives so that I might live back in the 1700s. So now I repay my debt by feeding them. God we were soooo hungry a lot of the time !!!


Ian -- Henry speaks to Cathe in a thick Southern drawl. "Meagher" was my take on the name with regard to spelling. When Henry gives us a name, we need to use a "sounds-like" on it to come up with a best guess as to its spelling. Meagher could be Moore, Mahar, Marr, Mauer, Mower, etc. What you're looking for is an "M" sound at the beginning and an "R" sound at the end. Determining the vowels and the actual number of syllables is anyone's guess.

With regard to the Rev War, I know there was a Captain James Moore who was an artillerist early in the war and reported to Alexander Hamilton, which meant he was from a New York unit. Moore died in December 1776 just prior to the Delaware Crossing OMG! While writing this I just realized we have a Captain Moore, which fits Henry's sounds-like!!!!


Linny.. Ian.. Brent ... just this moment, Henry led me to this site, Shelby Foote's site re pronunciation of Civil War names. It was if I was an automaton by the fashion in which he accomplished this through me. Have a read, it's VERA intereseting, indeed:

Linny, and as you know for years now, it can be a tad mind-blowing when the source has a mighty strong and powerful Sothron accent!!! :) :) :)

Wow! Impressive. No stone left unturned. Plus a beautiful story to illustrate the gang I'll be meeting. Can't wait to radiate them some love. I'm sure they will like that :)


So we are looking for a Captain Maher or Meagher in one of the battalions of the 1st Continentals. Thompson's Pennsylvania Rifles. Excellent. I'll set too!

I think he clearly led you too the page with Francis Meagher's name on it which said pronounced Marr... Which is exactly what you good ladies came up with earlier. Sooo confirmation. From Henry :)


The original surname Henry gave a couple years ago for Cappy was Meagher. The way I recall that is because years ago in grade school, I had two classmates, Dorothea and Claire Meagher (sisters) and whenever their name was called out by one of our teaching nuns, the nun(s) always pronounced it as it's spelled, and the girls would stand up and state repeatedly that it's pronounced "Maw-Haw", not 'mea-ger, and I remember Henry reminding me of that name, AND that peculiar pronunciation, when he disclosed about Cappy having been a 'Captain Meagher' during our American Revolution. I always found the name pronunciation quite interesting, and here we are, decades later, and oddly enough, with you having had a teacher by that same name, and I having had the two classmates with the same name, plus the fact that we have a friend/member here in our group by the same name as well, and now even moreso, Henry telling us that 'Cappy's brother is finally here', denoting the fact that Ian and Cappy have been blood-related for centuries upon centuries. Coincidental? No, I don't believe so at all, not in the least... knowing Henry as I have all these years, he could have even possibly had this planned way back then, along with countless other planned disclosures, decades ago. Thanks & praise be to our Good Lord, 'Old Souls' do indeed have the Divinely-given gift of precognition.


I've hit the mother lode on first strike! A complete 1200 page book on the muster rolls and correspondence of Thompson's Rifles!!! 1775 -1776 ! I've downloaded it into iBooks free from the PDF on the site! Brilliant!!! Love the Internet !!! It will contain all the major events names etc. I will see if it tallies with my memory!!! Exciting stuff!!!

Very excited!!!! Lol

Ah I've got it an Anglo Irish spelling would look like Maughr - Maw Haw phonetic Gaelic!!!! Yes Meagher would indeed be pronounced Maw Haw in Gaelic!!!! Yes!!!!

Just like Siobhan is pronounce Shee Vaun. And Sean = Shaun Shorn etc.


It appears that a good many of the Meagher/O'Meagher/Mahar/Maher/Marr, etc., clan had, for whatever personal reasoning of each, altered the spelling and pronunciation of their surname over centuries, as did countless ancestors with names that differed in one form or another. I recall years ago in library, finding that one of our family's ancestors, upon his literally embarking from the ship's plank in Philadelphia back in the 1750s, had stated his surname, Adelsperger, yet it was written down on the papers by the young attorney as "Addlesberger'. BTW, the 'young attorney's name was Benjamin Franklin. :) I saw and then made copies of those photographed, original papers. That was back in the early 1980s. I of course still have those copies in one of the many cartons downstairs in the basement.

So now we have the skeleton of memories we can flesh it out with actual historical documented evidence and detail. Along the way more revelations will appear as the cause for why I have made decisions comes to light. The conscious mind catching up with the totally aware subconscious.


Freakin' well found it!!! "And Major Magaw was in command at Cape Anne!" Yes!!!! He was a Major Magaw!!! Ma gaw - Ma haw!!!!

Not a Captain!!!! Wow!!!

He we go full paragraph : Lt Col. Hand writes "August 20, (1775) that he arrived with Col.Thompson on the 17th, that they were under General Lee's command but were to move four and a half miles into General Putnam's department, and that Major Magaw was in command at Cape Anne."

General Lee!!!! Bet that's the old man's Dad!!! Light horse Harry Lee !!! ???

I knew it in my mind!!!! We were tied up with Light Horse Harry !!! Bobbie Lee's Dad!!! The reason very simple we moved so fast that we were like horses in the field. Loose open order to within a couple of hundred yards of the Enemy and then picking them off with impunity as our rifles had four times their range. The next paragraph goes on to detail we lost one man due to a bullet wound to the leg on the 27th. Surgeon couldn't save him.

Previous paragraph details. Since we've got there (Bunker Hill) we've killed 42 Redcoats and taken 38 prisoners including 13 Tories at the Lighthouse. Including one son of a Lord worth £40 000 a year!!!! YES!!!! That's what we do!!! Teach those arrogant English what good honest riflemen can do!!!! Just as we did with Longbows at Crecy and Poitier against the French nobility. Irony is having died of the plague in 1350s I came back in 1403 as a Flemish knight to balance the karmic score. So at Agincourt 1415. I witnessed first had what we were capable of except as a 12 year old page to the Duc d'Orleans!!!! How was fortunately captured not killed that day. He was a bonnie man!!! Great Poet. He spent the next 35 years as a hostage in captivity in England.

Yes !!!! This is such good reading! First hand stuff. God bless the Internet!!! This book was published in 1906! When I was still alive in Georgia LMFAO!!! :D its the one quoted by the historians as I recognise the description of the riflemen from other sites! Tall men strongly built white hunting shirts!!!

Black hats!!!!

That's why I've got a thing about the Wisconsin black hats at Gettysburg. Same description black hats. We turned them up on the left to allow free use of the ram rod. Powder measured with the right hand. Cavalry turn them up on the right to allow free movement of the Saber! Eg JEB Stuart's Slouch hat !

Now we are cookin' on gas!!! Yay!!!! God bless Henry!!!!

Phew what a day! Research settling down now to the nitty gritty. I like that some concrete facts. It was General Charles Lee. Not Harry. An English professional soldier who became second in command of the Continental Army under Washington. He was always miffed about that! As he regarded Washington an amateur. Yes it was Bunker Hill. The main battle was June 17th. Then the retreat. A Pyrrhic victory for the English. General Howe said three such wins like that and they would lose the Dominions!

The Pennsylvanian rifles were raises in response to Bunker Hill. And got there August 7. Having marched 600 miles! They then fought in defence of New York. Went to Canada and then in pretty much every major engagement after. Until the end. So lots of reading now!

Henry "Light Horse Harry Lee III" commanded the 1st Continental Light Dragoons. The 1st Continental Regiments counter part hence the link between the two. Both light troops. Very fast in the field. Hit and run tactics. He also went to the College of New Jersey (Princeton) as I did too later in the next life. So a link with me there. What a day!!!

Oh bloody hell! Forget bed!!! Just found this!!!!

I was Robert Magaw! The Major and Brett was William the surgeon of the Pennsylvania rifles!!! He went through the whole lot! Died in 1829. I died 1790 which would fit that way round. As Baillie Kell was born 1828. How's Brett's doctoring skills???

He would still be a Captain then although no rank mentioned?

So for 1 year we were both physically alive!!! Lol. Same with my Dad and me. I died 1912 and he was born 1911. Nice symmetry!

Right definitely bed now!!! 00:25 hrs here. This started 5:45 yesterday morning !!! Night night all :))))


Some of Robert Magaw's men were essentially hacked to death at Fort Washington by the Hessians. Their brutality against these boys even disturbed the British. Many of these young men were from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, which is where I used to live (in this lifetime). But back in the 18th century I also had ties to it. But getting back to Magaw, he survived. My spirit guide Michael served under him, but never made it to Fort Washington because he was sick with camp fever.

Friday June 14, 2013


Well ladies I've hardly stopped crying! I pushed on for another hour and a half as I was on such a cosmic roll as fact after fact confirmed that I was indeed Robert Magaw. Finally went to sleep around 2:30am. Granpa woke us up at 5:30am! So I was forceable back in the saddle thinking and working out the timeline. Which confirmed beyond doubt that I was him. The final event that made me cry was that in 2007 I went to New York. I was just turned 53. Robert Magaw was 53 when he died in Carlisle PA in 1790!!!! I broke my own rule of not going north of the Mason Dixon line in to what I had before termed Yankee territory. I planned the trip. I poured over Googol images of New York. I decided immediately to stay at Glenn Miller's old place The Pennsylvania Hotel, on Pennsylvania Avenue. Opposite Madison Square Gardens. I visited Grand Central Station. First thing I did was walk down Pennsylvania Avenue to Ground Zero and through the World Trade Centre mall to sit in a sunlit pavement restaurant and look at the Statue of Liberty. I got chills and goosebumps as I drank two margaritas with my lunch! And realised that if you are a dolphin this is the perfect place to be as it is surrounded by water.

Next day we walked to battery point and took a boat trip around the harbour. We then booked tickets to visit Liberty Island. Rode the subway. With a 5 day pass. Empire State I bought two coffee mugs I Stars and Stripes with the constitution on with the most important sentence in the world "We the People...." And another with the subway system map on. Two t shirts with New York 2007 on. An a American Eagle belt buckle and rugby polo shirt from the shop in Union Square and Statue of Liberty t shirt 1886 one on the last day when we went to Liberty Island and climbed the statue. That was tear jerk time !!! Did the Met and the natural history museum for one dollar each as a local lady said if you lived in New York it was only a Dollar! So I said I was local and claimed residency !!!

I didn't want to go North of Central Park. I had this overwhelming feeling of dread just looking beyond it. Now I know why!!! I was much happier down by battery point! Site of the old city. I then realised that in my last life it was 1881 and that the newly created Head of Liberty would have been on display in Madison Sq gardens then. It struck me that had I not been so poor after the Civil War and married my sweetheart Sallie I would have taken her to see it using the railroad. I was an engineer then building railroads in Georgia. E Porter Alexander was president of the Central of Georgia later and I knew him and his fame as in charge or Lee's canon at Gettysburg.

So yes it was to the week I bet that as I died so I walked the streets of Manhattan again in this life!!!

Robert married a young Dutch girl just as his previous self General William Baillie had. I speak fluent Dutch. He was 43 when he met her. They married when she was 17. Same in Georgia Baillie Kell was 43 when he met a young Mary Sullivan. But the crux of it all was losing Fort Washington through treachery hence the disgust with our own Benedict Arnold of the Penn Rifles. It was an exact repeat of My early life as Robert des Armoises!!! He to had surrendered a castle of the Duke of Bar's and was damned for it. Robert Magaw when asked to surrender said "He would fight to the last extremity!"

As General William Baillie at the Battle of Preston 1648 I "asked my officers to shoot me with my own pistol rather than surrender!" Much to their amazement I might add. My old Comrade Cromwell persuaded me to surrender the last bedraggled remnant of my Scottish infantry eerily it was approximately 2800 men the exact same number as surrendered at Fort Washington!!! It is also recorded that at Fort Washington we had the first serving woman soldier in the US Army! She carried on firing her husbands cannon after he was dead and was only taken finally when wounded !!!! It was Joan of Arc all over again! With that Women rights were fairly won in America!!! We are all equal men and women, we stand together and die together in equal measure. I'm also always very proud of New Yorks Dutch heritage and remind my pupils at every opportunity that it was New Amsterdam! Before New York and the word Yankee is a corruption of the Dutch name Jan Kaas. John Cheese !!! Which was the name for another Dutch immigrant "there goes another John Cheese - Jan Cheese. - Yancheese !

The Gravesend connection spookily as Pocahontas is buried in out English one! Also I'm guessing the Robert and Williams third brother the Rev Samuel Magaw is none other that my Tom Griffith the Viking Rock Pastor of an amazing church in present day Gravesend. Again bit too much of a coincidence. So I will ask him if he remembers? He was my son in Viking times and my sister Hettie's fiancée in the Civil War. Unfortunately he got killed so Hettie never married.

Apologies to Brent for misspelling his name lady night I was getting a tad tired by then! Yes as a surgeon he would have been at least a Captain and a rifleman that went through every major battle of the Revolutionary War! Serving continuously with the best damn regiment in the Continental Army! The Number 1 and only Pennsylvania Rifles. Bain of the British forces!!!! So had I been at Gettysburg with the South I would have found it very very hard to march on my own Pennsylvania boys at the wall in Our very own General Pickett's Charge!!! Mercifully I was spared that and spent my time fighting Sherman's Yankee Vandals messing up Georgia etc. so it will be with that conscious knowledge and some in trepidation that I will stand shoulder to should with my Southern Compatriots as we reenact Pickett's charge in a couple of weeks time. So for me I shall really really be coming home to my home state! Once removed for Georgia is also tattooed on my soul. Let FREEDOM reign !!!! Yay!!!

More detail will follow I spent the best part of an hour last night reading about myself going "OMG, OMG, OMG, no way!" As every little detail corresponded to events in my present and last three documented lives!!!! This becomes the fourth documented past life.

And it was all achieve in main on June 13, 2013!!! That's 6-13-13!!!

June 13 13 !!!! 13 colonies 13 stripes on the flag 13 stars 13 13 13 13 all over the Masonic symbolism of the Birth of the United States!

Lady night just seen that! WTF dam iphone spell checker!!! Last night that should be !!! Although you ladies provided all the ammo!!! So yes Lady night sits well ;)




All because of you and Henry!!!!! You are sooooo talented !!!!!!!! Such a gift!!!!! Never have I witnessed such incredible abilities. Now I will be eyes wide open and with full and certain knowledge that I and Brent played our part in the creation of the United States of America. Humanities last chance to get it right. Just woke up again!!!! As went back to bed!!! Yes Brent and I as brothers went all the way with Arnold to Quebec!!!! It was Boys own Roger's Rangers on steroids. No wonder my health suffered!!!!! Every survival programme I have ever watched would have been needed to do that journey. It was epic Viking stuff!!! :))))

AND!!!! Robert became Colonel of the 5th Pennsylvania Battalion!!!!!! In the Civil War I was a buck private in the 5th Georgia Cavalry. Couldn't even be an OFFICER!!!! LMFAO :))))))) symmetry again!!!! No wonder I didn't ever want to be in the Infantry again!!!! Funny thing was I thought yesterday as it was all unfolding wouldn't it be amazing if I were in the 5th Penn. and there it was in black and white just a few hours later!!!!!

Also totally amazed a Henry!!!! He was spot on the money to the letter!!! Insistent too. Big hug.

Thompson's Rifles; History:

The Congressional resolution of June 14, 1775 authorized ten companies of expert riflemen to be raised for one-year enlistments as Continental troops. Maryland and Virginia were to raise two companies each, and Pennsylvania six. Pennsylvania frontiersman, however were so eager to participate that on June 22 Pennsylvania's quota of companies was increased to eight, organized as a regiment known as the "Pennsylvania Rifle Regiment." A ninth company was added to the regiment on July 11. All thirteen companies were sent to Washington's army at Boston for use as light infantry and later as special reserve forces.

Seven companies of the regiment (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 8th, and 9th) were made up of mostly Scots-Irish; the 6th and 7th companies were mostly German, from Berks and Northampton counties. Their standard weapon was the long rifle, which had greater range and accuracy than the muskets used by most of the British Army and Continental Army, but less weight of shot, slower rate of fire, and were without bayonets, making the regiment unsuitable for line-of-battle.

Doctor James Thacher, a young doctor from Barnstable who observed the regiment during many of its battles, provided this description of the riflemen:

They are remarkably stout and hardy men; many of them exceeding six feet in height. They are dressed in white frocks or rifle shirts and round hats. There men are remarkable for the accuracy of their aim; striking a mark with great certainty at two hundred yards distance. At a review, a company of them, while in a quick advance, fired their balls into objects of seven inches diameter at the distance of 250 yards . . . their shot have frequently proved fatal to British officers and soldiers who expose themselves to view at more than double the distance of common musket shot. (Source: James Thacher, "Military Journal during the American Revolutionary War from 1775 to 1783".)

In 1776, when a new army was raised following the expiration of enlistments at the end of 1775, the rifle regiment, whose term of enlistment did not expire until July 1, as the first troops to enlist as Continentals, received the honor of being named 1st Continental Regiment.

The regiment saw action during the New York Campaign, Battle of Trenton, Second Battle of Trenton, and Battle of Princeton. At the Battle of Brandywine the regiment was led by Colonel James Chambers and assigned to Colonel Thomas Hartley's 1st Pennsylvania Brigade. Under the direction of acting division commander Brigadier General Anthony Wayne, the 1st Pennsylvania Regiment fought near Chadds Ford where it held the "post of honor", the far right flank of the division.[1] At the Battle of Germantown the regiment was brigaded with the 2nd, 7th, and 10th Pennsylvania Regiments. The unit again fought on the extreme right flank of the division just east of Germantown Road. Afterward, the regiment's Major Henry Miller boasted to his family about how the division routed the British troops opposed to them and overran their camp.[2] The 1st was in action at the Battle of Matson's Ford on December 11, 1777.[3]

The unit also fought at the Battle of Monmouth in 1778 and the Battle of Springfield in 1780. Two companies, those of Captain William Hendricks and Captain Matthew Smith, accompanied Arnold's expedition to Quebec and were captured in the Battle of Quebec. The regiment was furloughed June 11, 1783 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and disbanded on November 15, 1783.

Company C of the 337th Engineer Battalion claims lineage from Captain Michael Doudeis Company of York, Pennsylvania of the 1st Pennsylvania Regiment.

Sunday June 16, 2013


I can definitely confirm. I was Robert Magaw. I have just read quotes from his letters and he talks of his riflemen trying to stop the cannon balls before they are spent and making it a competition !!! I always quote that in lessons when taking about inertia and momentum and troops at Waterloo in particular in my physics lessons !!!! His words and time are exactly and I mean exactly mine!!!!! Abosolutely irrefutable proof that we are the same soul!!!! Freakin' incredible !!! So clear and in your face wow! Wow! Wow! :)))
Jun 13, '13
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