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Life, Death and Everything
Feb 07, '11

Our physical 3D reality membrane floats on a quantum sea of dark energy. Multidimensional reality is manifesting daily with increasing intensity as we come to the end of this present time bubble but how does it all work? Here are some insights.

The quantum universe is continually creating and destroying itself in an endless cycle that creates structure in the chaos.

The structure created has the ability to remember similar to a binary computer. The strands are either joined (ON) or not joined (OFF) - ONE's and ZERO's.


The intelligent grid results from this with the capacity to memorise, create and sustain matter systems. By collapsing the quantum wave function a point in space can be created and maintained. By using a wave construct an infinite number of dimensions of different frequency can co-exist within the same state space. Scalar Electromagnetic waves give rise to Quarks, the Law of 3 produces subatomic particles which in turn create atoms the basis of our holographic reality.

Our physical universe is estimated to be no more than 4% of the total energy mass of the the whole universe. 96% is invisible! Consciousness then extrudes itself into the physical matter system in order to experience and learn. Spirit, mind and bodies are created as vehicles to navigate matter systems.

Living cells activated by consciousness then become alive. Specialised cells group together to form what I term as cosmic modems - aka brains. A body is then required to contain the modem much like a carbon based space suit.

Dolphins and humans represent the height of beautifully designed vessels for exploring aquatic and terrestrial topological vistas. Sacred geometry becomes the natural language of structure and energy systems.

Many sacred sites if not all are by definition found on these major energy points. In Britain we call them Leys or Ley lines. Our bodies draw vital life force from this sacred grid.

We are multidimensional holographic beings designed to interact with each other and experience all possible scenarios. We are here to learn and enjoy.

DNA with its ratcheted dodecahedron structure and pentagram side sugars uses Golden Mean Phi geometry to enable spirit and mind to inhabit matter. DNA is literally our passport into the physical atomic matrix of existence.

Successive birth, life and death's allow us to experience meaningful relationships. The world of humanity revolves around relationships. Humans appear to be self aware and able to contain soul memory, With this mechanism we are able to learn and spiritually progress as we journey through this magnificent universe.

Update: Requested by StockyCoder on feedback. Thanks for the compliments. Here as requested are the two extra slides.

Sacred Landscape: The land owns us, we do not own the land. DNA roots us into the physical landscape and in our primal innocence we knew this. The sacred energy sites such as Avebury and Stonehenge are energy portals where the veil between dimensions is thinnest. We connect through these gateways with the fine matter universe.

The New Grange, Ireland Stone depicted bottom right indicates the Celtic knowledge of the waveform nature of the universe. I would suggest that the vortices represent matter and the waves space. Three vortices (quarks) make a primary particle. This is also represented in the famous Om symbol. This further suggests links between Celtic civilisations and the Verdic traditions of India. Although shamanic experiences may have given birth the depictions independently?

Connection: As energy beings we can connect to the universal grid through mediatation and opening our chakra system up to its full potential. All is number and sacred geometry. The contemplation of the duality of the Platonic solids nesting helps us to understand the nesting dimensions of reality. Our planet is a continuous nesting of dodecahedron/ icosahedron energy grids (far right). Our sun accesses higher dimensional energy by spinning and contains two interlocking tetrahedra. Sun spots occur maninly at 19.5 degrees north and south of the solar equator. These are the upwelling points of higher dimensional energy and can be used as stargates to facilitate travel. Many UFOs have been seen entering the sun and exiting the sun over the past few years. These are ships of huge dimensions.

One Earth and other planets there is usually only one higher dimensional tetrahedron. Richard Hoagland etal discovered that the major energy upwelling points on all planets of our solar system occur at 19.5 degrees of the equator.

A large UFO was seen plunging into a Mexican volcano a few years ago suggesting that it was entering a dimensional gateway.

Feb 07, '11
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