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Countdown to 2012
Feb 26, '11

Timewave zero as discovered by Terence McKenna plots the fractal nature of time as it repeats and reiterates with the same patterns over ever decreasing time spans towards the end of the present time bubble. Variations occur in history due to personal freewill of those present at that point in time which moderates and changes probable outcomes for better or worse. Our collective consciousness actions therefore do count.

Terence developed a graph based on the ratio of change in characters sequence in the I Ching. Mysteriously it looked liked a map of human history with considerable predictive powers. As the line rose he suggested it showed REGULARITY the rise of human achievement and civilisations, conversely as it it dips so we fall into increased NOVELTY, civilisations fall due to novel events and change occurs. The steeper the slope the faster the changes occur. On December 21, 2012 the human race goes non-linear! Terence's theorised that such technological inventions as the Time machine would essentially mean that our history travels in loops rather than a straight line which would fulfil the prediction. Belief is not required as we will live through the event.

The above graph shows the prediction for the last 2000 years. Observe the shape of the line and then move on to the graph below. This year 2011 fits into the period 1872 to 1919 - we therefore need to tread carefully and avoid falling into the repeating the disaster that was World War 1. It has been predicted many times that the Third World War would be fought in the Middle East; are the present troubles in Libya this very prediction? Of course on a positive note this period also saw the unprecedented explosion of technological and scientific discoveries, so we should also look forward to that this year! Hopefully we can through positive choice avoid the worse possible case scenario.

Now we move on to the end game, an ever increasing rapid descent into complete novelty occurs with who knows what occurring? It will be the equivalent of 1919 to the present day with the associated exponential increase all manner of discovery and technological advancement.

Events will increase in frequency to an incredible rate of novel change. So stay tuned, we are all going to live through the greatest roller coaster ride in human evolution...

Dr Ian C Baillie February, 2011

Feb 26, '11

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Feb 27, '12

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Jan 20, '12
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