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From Democracy to Personocracy
Jul 01, '13


Officially, a government is concerned with the organization and the exercise of power within a society. It aims at ensuring the security and protection of all citizens of a given state. Its mission is clearly stated in a series of official rights and privileges. In exchange, citizens agree to submit to the duties and obligations required for the efficient running of “their” state.

Actually, the truth is very different, as the role of the government consists in making sure that the minority (elite) dominates and exploits the majority (sheeple). For this domination to succeed, the sheeple must be kept ignorant and submissive. As long as they remain imprisoned in the triangle of hell, the elite has nothing to worry about.

The good shepherd represents external authorities. In a spiritual or religious context, the supreme authority is God, his sons (Abraham, Krishna, Mohamed, Jesus), and his representatives, the priests. In the temporal-political framework, the good shepherd is embodied by the heads of state and their representatives, the politicians.

As in all triangles, all three corners are interrelated. One cannot exist without the other. For the sheep to remain submissive, it must live in fear of an external enemy, the wolf — terrorists, communists, germs, Islam, drugs, poverty, droughts, earthquakes, demons, etc.

This WOLF-CULPRIT kindles the fear of the SHEEP-VICTIM who bleats in horror and prays for a temporal and spiritual SHEP(HERD)-SAVIOUR.

As shepherds, politicians guide the human flock, making sure that the sheeple remain submissive by luring them with three carrots to conserve their allegiance (power, affluence, prestige) and threatening them with three sticks to insure their compliance (exclusion, dispossession, elimination).

Sheep dogs (soldiers, policemen, judges) bring back in line any dissidents. Fences (laws) indicate with rigid precision the limits that the flock must respect. Ignorance is maintained through a systematic dumbing down of all sheep. The deliberate alteration of their mental, emotional, and physical bodies is organized through TV, cinema, music, cell phones, video games, chemtrails, fluoride, GMOs, education, and so on.


Like obedient puppets, politicians dance and sing, manipulated by puppeteers hidden behind the curtains of the political scene. The success of the show relies on a single factor — the unconsciousness of the public, who believes that what it is seeing is real — Blue vs. Red vs. Green.

If the spectators were to realise that the story was made up from beginning to end, they would leave their seats. Puppets and puppeteers would lose their raison d’être and the drama comes to an abrupt end.

By nature, every individual has free will and aspires to freedom. To continue their control of the human flock, the elite must ensure that human beings remain unconscious of their true individual power.

All is safe, as long as the sheeple continue watching the show, believing that what they are seeing is real, and voting for one puppet or the other. The dancing marionettes wrestle in the political arena, taking part in a televised fight of the leaders where each one attacks his opponent while the media comments loudly and abundantly.

Our puppet-politicians make public speeches that seem divergent, but always give the same result — an increasing globalisation that brings along a decrease in the rights and privileges of citizens and an increase in their duties and obligations.

Remember that THE AUTHORITIES NEVER WORK FOR US. All they do is take a step more towards absolute power.

Of the 194 countries listed in Wikipedia, 135 are republics, 22 are kingdoms, 9 are federations, 3 are principalities. Of those, most claim to be democracies. Whatever the preferred formula, the results do not vary — BIG FISH EAT SMALL FISH.

Although there are superficial differences, all politicians make sure to stop people from taking part in the decisional process. Of course, some styles of government make this easier than others. Democracies proved useful for a while, fooling the sheep into believing that they chose their leaders. Today, fascist socialism seems to be the way of the future. That is what made David Rockefeller say:

“Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.”

He simply forgot to mention the 30 millions deaths that came with it.


All my life, I have been behaving like an intelligent animal created by an external creator, bound by biological laws based on the survival of the fittest. This separation between creator and creature brings about ''DUALITY'', hierarchy, division, war, and death. There are always winners and losers, shepherds and sheep, the strong and the weak. At the base of this duality is hidden the most fundamental fear — either I dominate, or I am dominated. This explains the compulsive need of all sheep, big and small, for increasingly more power, money, and prestige.

Duality is expressed at two levels: visible and invisible. Both are necessary to insure submissiveness. Spiritual power comes first, taking care of the invisible world, making sure that the sheep remain in their illusory world of good/evil duality. That is the role of popes, dalai-lamas, caliphs, rabbis, and ascended masters.

Then comes the temporal power of queens, presidents, prime ministers, and dictators, which maintains the sheep deeper into its authorized/unauthorized duality. Religion demands blind faith in illogical beliefs. Politics advertises patriotism and its unending wars. The equation for slavery is complete:


Am I really a submissive sheep? The answer is yes! I choose to believe in the old lies called Bible, Koran, Torah, constitutions, charters, rights, and privileges. Deep down, I know that these were invented, popularized, and imposed by the elite for one single reason — to control me. Despite that fact, I choose to honour the old lies because I prefer to remain the follower of a religious leader, the subject of a sovereign, the citizen of a state — a slave under the rule of a master.


The citizen is a slave who chooses to ignore his true identity as the Supreme Being. He is proud of his citizenship because he is blind to the real meaning of the word. To be a citizen is to be the subject of a sovereign and, in consequence, to accept the subjection to a state or monarch.

SLAVERY WAS NOT ABOLISHED IN THE 19th CENTURY- ITS NAME WAS SIMPLY CHANGED TO CITIZENSHIP. Ignorant and unconscious, the citizen believes in a set of supposedly god-given rights and state-granted privileges. In return, he must collaborate with the system by diligently performing duties and obligations. He gives birth to slaves and goes as far as offering his children in sacrifice as canon fodder for world bankers.

For any citizen to believe that he has fundamental rights to life, security, freedom, and ownership represents the height of unconsciousness. Some sheep go as far as to request the ultimate carrot — the right to the pursuit of happiness. In fact, A CITIZEN HAS NO RIGHTS! He enjoys a deceptive freedom until, using his own free will, he decides not to submit to the will of the state.

He quickly learns at his own peril that rights and privileges are never guaranteed. The state has often overruled them in the past and will continue to do so, secretly or overtly. Eventually, he realizes that happiness is also an illusory dream and that he will forever remain chained up to the old WASAD PROGRAM: WORK, SUFFER, AGE AND DIE!

A human being has only one thing acquired over the animal, which no one can take away — FREE WILL! He has the choice to accept his status as a slave and obey external authorities or to relinquish citizenship and obey his internal authority — his conscience.

Why does he choose slavery? Because he is afraid of retaliation! Letting go of citizenship means losing the security and protection of external authorities. It is the same as a sheep leaving the flock and its protector, the shepherd, and taking the risk of being eaten by the wolf.

The problem is that this triangle of hell — sheep, wolf, shepherd — IS AN ILLUSION. It is a fairy tale, just like the story of Santa Claus. Just imagine what will happen to the shepherd when the sheep find out their real identity! No sheep, no shepherd.

“WHEN THE SLAVE DIES, THE MASTER DISAPPEARS.” — Hegel. Getting out of sheep mode means letting go of external authorities and listening to the only legitimate authority — that of the soul. This is what is called personocracy — the rule of the Person — as opposed to democracy — the rule of the people.

Such a “Person” is conscious of his/her true identity. He/She has nothing to do with the legal person under the jurisdiction of Maritime Law or the natural person submitted to Common Law. This Person is a sovereign being, conscious of his/her identity as the Supreme Authority.

Once he/she becomes aware of who she really is, he/she can no longer behave as a fearful sheep. He/She leaves the flock, the sheepfold and its shepherd for good. He/She gives up the protection and security of state, religion, and family. The old fearful animal drops dead!

His/Her life changes dramatically. He/She starts to behave as a Personocratia, a sovereign individual. He/She follows a totally new path, guided only by his/her soul, which he/she obeys blindly. He/She trusts his/her inner authority above all else, knowing deep down that this is the only way to true freedom, forever.

Jul 01, '13
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