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Mayan Insight
Feb 09, '11

My good friend Diane shares her insight into the impending acceleration of time and events as we approach the end of the Mayan calendar.

Hello lovelies,

FYI... tomorrow, day 13 sun in the Mayan calendar, or February 10 in the Gregorian/mind control calendar... is the last day of the 2nd to last round of the 5,000+ year mayan calendar. it is a very powerful day with great potential for profound healing, ascension and the guidance of ancestors. then Friday, February 11, or 1 alligator, is day one of the last 260 day round and it is prophesied to be a 20% increase in consciousness poured onto the planet!...

we will be propelled during the next 260 days to consciously align ourselves with our co-creative power, the quickening will get turned up and we will experience more and more synchronicity... what an exciting time to be here!!!!

The winter solstice 2012 date is the 'long count' date and not what the living Mayan time keepers recognize as the end of this cycle... (they even sued Jose Aguieres (sp?) to change the name of the 2012 calendar he was writing and lecturing about because it was not what they recognized as the end of the 5,000+ year old cycle)

The calendar that the living Maya are using ends on October 28, 2011 and it is not to be feared but welcomed!!! It is prophesied that there will be a great spiritual energy that will be letting in new patterns of existence and transcendence... I say, bring it on!!!!!

Much love and many blessings!!!


Readers may wish to research this in further detail. Prediction is part of science and we can all witness what is about to happen so no belief required!

Dr Ian C Baillie February, 2011.

Feb 09, '11
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