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Spiritual Healing 2.6b
Mar 29, '14

Day Nine: Friday July 5, 2013. Ghost Walk

This remarkable photograph of the spirits at Gettysburg giving healing was taken by Cathe Fulton as Linny and I walked down Confederate avenue July, 2013.

It was dusk and the quiet twilight was falling.

Cathe was walking just behind Linny and I. We were both totally unaware of her clicking away with the camera. We were both silently remembering our fallen comrades as we walked the sacred ground.

The spirits can be seen all around and the arcs of energy are specifically aimed at my kidney on the right side of my body. With Linny the energy arc is concentrating on her left arm.

I was born with two small right kidneys instead of one normal one on that side. This is an echo hangover from my last life as Alexander Baillie Kell 1828 - 1912 who had kidney trouble too.

Linny has had an operation on her left arm which causes her a lot of pain.

The benevolent spirits at Gettysburg must have sensed this and are providing healing.

I must admit that I did feel a lot better at the end of my visit a couple of days later.

Again what a positive universe it can be with such wonderful entities all around us.

Gettysburg is a well known energy portal of great magnitude. All three of us had lives in the Civil War which gives us a tremendous empathy and connection with those still there.

Thank you Cathe for capturing this picture!

Mar 29, '14
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