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Gettysburg 2013 Fond Farewell
Mar 12, '14

A time of reflection: Day Fourteen Wednesday July 10, 2013.

Coincidentally I was to depart Gettysburg on the same day in 2013 as I had arrived back in 1991 22 years earlier. That in itself felt like back to the future! I was consciously aware of that when I planned the trip and smiled with the thought of loops of time. Standing in the exact same place 22 years later. Once I had placed an object behind a seat in Disney World Florida the next year I came back and sat on the seat in the exact same space and the object - was still there!!! Time loops; great fun!

I would get to drive a "2D spaceship" commonly called an automobile in today's parlance.

Rick was kind enough to take me to the Enterprise car rental lot the other-side of town.

I was so pleased it was a new VW Beetle. Solid German engineering similar to my Golf back home. I felt instantly at home.

Readers can discover more of the "Visiting my grave" story at:

In this article I will concentrate on the events that did not take centre stage in the other article to avoid duplication.

Having picked up the car at 11:30am Cathe and I set off North West to Carlisle, PA a short distance of 28 miles from Gettysburg at 12:30pm.

We arrived at the Old Graveyard at around 1:30pm with an hour maximum to solve the puzzle of where my grave was.

The area was easy to find as it contained the magnificent monument to the Revolutionary War heroine Molly Pitcher a noble lady whom served a cannon at the battle of Monmouth much like my own Margaret Corbin at Fort Washington, NYC.

Her biography can be found at:


I love strong women and this theme runs through many of my past lives. It is a magnificent memorial.

Even more gratifying for me was a splendid reproduction Revolutionary War field gun. I have a long past life association with cannons!

On the way out of the Old Graveyard after my revelation I was thrilled to receive a pat on the back by the universe with a Kell connection. This in an instant linked my two American past lives with a solid tangible link.

We floated back to Gettysburg flushed with success and celebrated with a final take away meal with the whole family.

Conscious of time constraints and the pressing need to catch my 9pm flight at Baltimore I head back down the country roads towards the metropolis. The final navigation was by following an airport taxi in the rush hour traffic who knew a short cut. At one point I did question if he was going in the right direction but miraculously my hunch paid off and I arrived just before 7pm.

It was then time to say farewell to my new little friend that was an echo of my first car "Heepie" back in 1976.

After checking in I grabbed a bite to eat in the airport café next to the Gate.

It gave me time for final reflection on my journey.

Again by coincidence it was the exact same gate that I had left from in 1991 at the end of my American Civil War pilgrimage. Apart from a lick of paint it was the same.

On that occasion from Gettysburg to Appomattox Court House I had had relived to the week synchronous with my physical age then and in this life my surrender to Union forces.

Mar 12, '14
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