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Gettysburg 2013 2.5
Aug 22, '13

Day Nine: Friday, July 5. Living History Day. I was acutely aware that my old friend General Pickett would be leaving early Saturday morning so I wanted to make the most of our last day together. By now I had got into a well rehearsed routine and my uniform seemed liked normal day wear. Even in the heat I was more acclimatised and able to spend longer out in it without over heating.

Paul came over around 10am to chat to Cathe whilst I got changed into my uniform.

Around an hour later we made our way together over the road to the now familiar Wax works museum and joined our little band of now familiar friends.

Generals Lee and Armistead.

Major Moxley, General Lee's Adjudant.

and General Longstreet.

An august company of re-enactors!

I listened intently to the banter and puffed on my cigar intermittently to add character to my portrayal of a Confederate Cavalry Captain. I love the yellow trim which denotes our arm of the service. The colour has always been my favourite and every school house I was in when young was always the yellow team. Yet another example of the universe making quantum coincidence the everyday norm!

Taking shelter from the heat in the air conditioned museum shop I met a colourful Artillery Captain resplendent in his red trim.

Paul and Diane Karabin (General and Mrs Pickett) joined us around 4pm in the afternoon as the heat was on the wane.

We chatted with the many passers by and I enjoyed watching the interaction in character with the public. I was indeed living history! The whole past 150 years ago brought back to life.

At the end of the day I had my picture taken with General Pickett in a relaxed and informal pose which showed just how comfortable I had become in my role.

Then along came General Ambrose Powell Hill. Even though he was in his normal clothes as he was about to depart I just had to take a picture of him with Generals Pickett and Armistead.

With that we all said our farewells and I returned to barracks.

Aug 22, '13
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