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Gettysburg 2013 1.6
Aug 10, '13

Day Three: Saturday June 29. This was the day that I was due to meet my past life buddy Paul Karabin who has the same face and same memory as General George E. Pickett CSA. I spent a quiet morning with Cathe and Rick Fulton as I waited expectantly. I have known Paul for ten years since his epic discover back in 2003. Now it was just a matter of a few moments longer before we met.

Finally the door bell rang just after 1pm and Paul stepped in. It was a moment to savour in the scheme of events that has made up my life until that point and the feeling was mutual. We talked for an hour or so until it was time to collect his Enfield rifled musket and bayonet that he was kindly going to loan to me for the duration of his visit. We left for the Quality Inn on Steinwehr avenue just opposite the Wax Works Museum that would be our living history base for the week. The temperature was in the 90s with pretty much 95% humidity which I quiet like as I'm normally freezing to death in the cold and damp that makes up our local weather in the UK!

We duly picked up the musket and bayonet and headed for the pool to meet wife Diane, son Erik and daughter Katy. Erik had just qualified as a nurse so it was a cause for celebration! I must admit that I found it extremely amusing to be lugging a musket and a bayonet poolside! Not something that I have ever done before,"Only in America!" I quipped as we sat chatting under the shade as the busy traffic rolled past. Some 300 000 visitors had started to arrive in town and it was noticeably much busier than it had been these past few days.

Cathe and Rick joined us as the afternoon wore on and the heat subsided.

After a pleasant afternoon meeting everyone I headed back to my Confederate Headquarters for the duration and was pleased to find that Rick had hung out a large Confederate battle flag which contrasted noticeably with the surrounding Star spangled banners that were in abundance on most other properties.

There then followed a light meal of chicken salad from the local McD's Linny arrived for the evening ghost walk. Paul arrived shortly afterwards and we headed out at dusk to the battlefield. They area Cathe had selected was the Devil's den and the woods immediately below Little Round Top. The ominous dark clouds and odd spots of rain siding deter our adventure.

The results were mixed and after the weather turned for the worse we decided to head into town for a night cap at O'Rouke's. So we ended the evening with a drink and a chat in the bar.

Linny, Cathe and I chatted in Linny's Subaru after dropping Paul off and then we said goodnight as the hour was getting late and Linny had a 30 minute drive to get home.

Aug 10, '13
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