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Gettysburg 2013 1.5
Jul 02, '13

Day Two: Friday, June 28. Having slept well I awoke at 8am. My anticipation at meeting my past life brother had grown to breaking point. I knew that we would know for sure with in seconds of meeting if it was all true or just merely wishful thinking for the soul cannot lie. The vibration and emotion generated when two souls meet that have known and loved each other in the true sense is so powerful that no further proof is necessary. It is quite simply the acid test!

Brent Reidenbach aka Dr William Magaw younger brother of Colonel Robert Magaw was due to arrive at 9am. He was in town with his unit the 47th Virginia Infantry for the Blue and Gray Alliance reenactment weekend commemorating the 150th Gettysburg Anniversary. The door bell rang precisely on time. This was the moment of truth. All the work and research of the last six months and especially the part two weeks was about to be put to the ultimate test.

I opened the first opaque door and there was Brent beyond the solid glass outer door. The sun shone and I opened it. Greeting him I shook his hand and then overwhelmed instantly with the power of emotion and reconnection I hugged him tight. He responded in the exact sane manner and the tears flowed. After what seemed several long moments I regained my composure and asked him in.

Yes, it was all true! Without a shadow of a doubt we knew that we had been together before.

As he sat on the couch I could hardly believed that I was seeing a double of myself. To break the ice and knowing that he liked practical humour I fetched my Ron Jon Coco Beach Florida sun hat with the bogus ponytail. He immediately put it on and I took a shot of him on my iPhone camera.

I was amazed to find and hear his recollections of previous lives. For he too had clear memory like me. He related the story of how he and Linny Mannik-Richter had been in the Company G, 5th Texas Infantry and how they were killed together by canister on the second day of the battle in the Tri-field area near Little Round Top.

"He remembered turning and seeing Linny then a male soldier (********) take 3 canister ★★★★★ one after the other, the third blowing her head apart. Then turning forward and being hit instantly in the same fashion square in the face."

In a test Brent had given Linny 3 recovered canister ball artefacts. The first had generated a feeling of déjà vu, the second a very uncomfortable feeling and the third untouchable as she suddenly dropped them and said "Take them away!"

Again the soul cannot lie. Rick with his ever present sense of humour has since renamed Linny "Napoleon Blown-apart!" Such is black army humour which serves to alleviate the pain and loss of such a traumatic incident.

I interjected that at least it was a clean death and therefore no scars or birthmarks would be visible in the next life as the ethric body had not had time to

Imprint the trauma.

Then Brent related his memory of witnessing my struggle on that fateful day when the British and Hessians attack Fort Washington on the heights of Manhattan Island New York City 1776. He was in Fort Lee on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River and watched powerless to intervene as the battle and subsequent surrender unfolded. It was obvious that this emotion of being powerless to help had left its indelible mark on his psyche.

I assured him that my 4 years as a prisoner had not been to arduous and that I had married Marritje van Brunt as a result.

I then asked Cathe to take an "official commemorative" photo of our reunion.

Brent then related his present life history and Army services prompted by my questions so that I could acquaint myself with my brothers current progress and career.

After two hours that seemed like the blink of an eye I waved him off as he had to rejoin his unit.

The smile that says it all. Brothers reunited in the physical atomic matrix after 300 years!

Then Linda came around to complete he day and we headed out to the Tri-field area to share her experience of being with Brent in Company G, 5th Texas Infantry the Milam Grays on July 2, 1863. Brent's graphic description of how they had died together killed by canister ball and the slow motion effect of the moment of death was brought to life as Linny took us there. The sun shone on the far right side of then battle field just in the dip before Little and Big Round Top.

Cathe used the voice box which never stopped talking the spirits of the dead even mentioning my with "teacher, big hug, British!" I started to think then that Cathe was acting as a lightning rod empath and in fact a couple of days later that was confirmed. The voice box said "empath" and I noticed it went quiet when Cathe was not there or we were taking amongst ourselves. They know when you are paying attention and are tuned into them.

As the sun went down we headed for the 72nd Pennsylvania monument at the wall in he centre of the battlefield.

Then we headed home for dinner.

It had been an amazing first day!

Jul 02, '13
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