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First Right Second Left
Jun 30, '14

First right, Second left!

Assuming the reader is familiar with transparently controlled and edited news and information we are burdened with, much reaching a point of being brazenly obvious, it would appear that aspirations of globalist control is steadily impaired by the sheer volume of information available through the internet. Furthermore, as technology evolves, the psychopathic aims of an elite few become increasingly evident. But assuming that concept is an accepted fact, how is it that the average, concerned student of geo-politics is unable to recognise the extent of misinformation pumped out about the growing fears of a populace increasingly concerned for the damage and destruction to their country caused by the Illuminati, albeit vehemently misrepresented by public media aimed at deliberately causing misunderstanding, and disharmony.

Contradictions persist in capitalizing on the proven tactic of divide and rule. That deception by design aimed at maintaining the status quo of different brands and ideologies of politics, bearing in mind how well this serves the aspirations of globalist supported by the domination and ownership of all forms of publicity and information services, thus by this means they are able to ensure perpetual brainwashing and self serving targets to maintain designed levels of populace conformity.

Contradictions subject to rote political declaration was evident screened on a TV broadcast showing opponents to a UKIP candidate during recent European elections subject to some wild, even ridiculous attacks on their integrity and motivation. Visual and verbal protest is rarely sufficient for the enthusiastic opponent resulting in one protester bashing the UKIP candidate with his banner decrying racism, yet the candidate was a British born black man! Democratic right of the individual simply denied in such a public, sadly laughable example of moronic political brainwashing.

Meantime the extent of editing and devious engineering of national news presentation is something I can testify to personally as nearly forty years ago I watched myself on a TV news programme at a protest outside parliament that I had not even attended and recognised the footage had been lifted from another protest near to Trafalgar Square. Such politically motivated alteration of facts became, and remains the norm! In addition I witnessed a political open forum meeting called jointly by left and right wing opponents hoping to achieve some mutual accommodation, become subject to the most vicious politically motivated violent attack by a group of professional thugs, clearly trained and commanded by covert political agenda, inflicting deliberate, non selective assault causing havoc and mayhem. Their motivation quite clearly designed to circumvent any possibility of agreement or mutual understanding, by inflicting an extremity of violence that was void of reason or favour. Meantime the assembled police in considerable number stood and watched for a devastating five minutes before responding, and - when doing so, imposed a filter system applied to those arrested as each protester was thrown into waiting police vans. The ominous, professional attackers were released upon a signal from a shadowy civilian standing by the open doors of the vehicle.

Alteration and editing on the media remain common practice and of course, if any nationalist were encountered on the streets, they were generally under fierce attack from far greater numbers and simply defending themselves under a fusillade of rocks, bottles, bricks and sharpened pennies to act as shirked. Meantime the greater number of membership, simply normal, concerned citizens, far from extreme, far from unreasonable and desperately concerned for the way politicians are destroying their country sit passively frustrated by the absence of voice or representation. Further democratic denial can be witnessed every week in such programmes as ‘Question Time’ on the BBC, where not only is the panel selected, the audience too are scrutinised and selected in a manner that rarely permits a balanced, proportionate response to public questions under discussion. Such treatment occurs normally during any political documentary and is such that a growing number of citizens are simply refusing to pay the TV license required by the so called public TV channel, the BBC. How any informed individual can be blind to the fact of misrepresentation and deception presented around British citizens not ashamed to declare their nationality or ethnic culture astounds me? Opponents claim to be aware of media control, so how is that they cannot accept that applies tenfold to their so called political opponents as well?

In simplistic terms, tens of thousands of UK citizens adore the very variety of the English landscape and its geography; they love its architecture, its heritage, whilst placing enormous value on its democratic tradition and an inherent talent for fair play, tolerance and freedom of thought. As a nation its populace has fought and died to maintain democracy that is not only the envy of the world but also the model upon which other nations strive to emulate. Yet it remains the stereotype right winger or so called fascist are frequently depicted as upper class gentry, members of a hunt, or moronic lower classes engaged in violence on the streets of England. All hell bent on maintaining a class system and an empire long gone, redundant and clinging on to a past with nostalgic rose tinted glasses. In contrast such stereo-typing can be witnessed by referring to recorded history indicating both Communists and National Socialism destroyed class divisions albeit, replaced by favoured positions for party members, with the greatest proof being evident in the sheer volume of Russian millionaires that vacated their land when Communism released its iron grip upon its citizens.

In the meantime this nation has reigned supreme over countless wars against far superior odds and been victorious. At the same time enjoying great wealth and benefit from natural resources of its colonies. In return the colonists introduced modern farming methods, industrialization, education and a religion designed by merit rather than profit and ultimately self government and independence based upon democracy as its prime legacy. Further positive benefits that evolved in this green and pleasant land was a social conscience, ability to create and sustain a welfare state and National Health system, to create an environment where equality appeared the norm albeit covertly hidden behind treacherous, self seeking politicians.

Even still the greater number of populace fails to recognise the increasing and ominous aspect of betrayal of basic human rights. At grass root level nationalist oppose animal cruelty as well as sharing genuine concerns for ecological welfare of the land and fully conversant with disastrous means of fossil fuel extraction such as ‘fracking’ and treasure the green belt and plethora of traditions and customs this country enjoys. Further corporate assault on the weakest and most susceptible human beings is an obsession for vaccines that circumvent natural immune systems and create the seedling growth of infinite cash streams when one chemical is induced to counteract another ad infinitum. At the same time introducing chemical ingredients to our drinking water such as fluoride, which is at least reduced to lesser quantities than the Communists and Nazis agreed to inject into Polish water systems in 1939 to cause infertility being the mildest form of racial cleansing and control, including that being fed to inmates in the death camps. Further support for this fact is that Dr Dean Burk PHD of the National Cancer Institute who revealed that fluoride causes more human cancer death and causes it faster than any other chemical. So state sponsored care for our children’s teeth seems a little bit suspect to me.

As for the make-up of the average nationalist, they come most frequently from the lower to middle classes, yet opposing extremists tend to brand them as upper class toffs, as the core that supports capitalism rather than a minority. There remains a firm aversion to capitalism contrary to stereo-typed nationalist applying the generic word for such people as ‘financiers’, rather than the left wing reference to the same ilk as ‘capitalists’. Where both political factions simply refuse to recognise the obvious similarities of financier and capitalist and that they often evolve from the same gene pool. Ironically both enjoy the assurance sustained by collectivism, even authoritarianism to varying degrees, even though history has revealed that both extremes imposed total subservience to the cause to such an extent that family take second place even sacrificed as witnessed this last century in extreme cases in Nazi Germany and quite extensively in Mao’s China.

Of course racism remains the greater accusation of left wing opponents and yes, there are some racist in right wing politics, just as much as there are in all aspects of the political spectrum. More significantly, racism is prolific amidst numerous foreign cultures and religions and is frequently spread in praise of differing Deities’, but in this age of ‘positive discrimination’ we are not allowed to recognise this fact, for fear of the most damaging accusation, whilst this reality is further fuelled by modern radicalism that reverts to violence and murder without conscience on a daily basis. And as this increases our political masters make stringent effort to ★★★★★★ public recognition, to further advance the global aspiration of a New World Order.

In the meantime the most oft victim of racism are non Muslims or gentiles, however, it cannot be denied that immigration features highly in the current political arena and there is an irony that when first brought to the public attention the anti immigration declarations seemed anti black in the wake of 1956 immigrant arrivals. I for one rejected that accusation now diminished, as racial tension is deliberately propagated from a massive intake of white, eastern European cultures and the skin colour no longer features as an alleged source of right wing hostility. Apparently the application of common sense regarding pressure and strain currently placed on the infra structure of our welfare state bears no relationship to overcrowded schools, increased burden on medical centres, housing lists and criminal activity increasing in poverty strewn regions.

Yet we are told by unanimous vote from all the main political parties that the number of immigrants are counter balanced by outward bound emigrants desperately abandoning the sinking ship called H.M.S. England. In simple terms any form of public transport has a maximum number of recommended persons per carriage, yet this land still permits unrestricted immigration from Eastern Europe nations. Absent of general consent all three major political parties seem oblivious to the obvious pressure upon this nations infra-structure, which bursts at the seams due to unrestricted immigration dictated from Belgium and the European Union.

On my own part I am unashamedly English and not British, I am unashamedly a descendant of Nordic stock and as such a genetic history that has helped to forge the free world as we know it. Yet that does not decry any other nation or racial stock and I see no opposition in standing full square and equal to all nations, cultures and creeds. But! I am totally opposed to the institutionalised instruction our children are being fed that makes them feel guilty or responsible for the actions of ancient forefathers and am vehemently suspicious of respective governments that direct the education system to adopt such negative attitudes. In contrast, it would be an interesting exercise to list all the major cultures and creeds and include their attributes and contributions that has benefited mankind as a whole and also recognised that historically this nation has embraced many cultures over the millennia, but proportionately minimal to that since the nineteenth and twentieth century and that as a people we have assimilated quite naturally without ‘positive discrimination’ or enforced rights of ‘equality’ that have grown to such an extent that they now present themselves as invasive and enforced acceptance, rather than making no reference whatsoever to common sense with no colour bar, but realistic implementation to monitor immigration at a level that is nationally sustainable.

Of course there are extremist and no doubt racists, but many resort to such levels out of sheer desperation. They know full well their hopes and aspirations will never receive fair reporting from any of the media and they are also fully conversant with the imposition of positive discrimination. There remain accusations of bigotry, but what on earth is going on when Islamist bigotry and extremism is rife and expanding across our land. Patriots have to live with the indignity of media based lies and misrepresentations whilst whole regions are being declared as under Islamist control and the few indigenous citizens in those regions live in fear and danger as part of daily life. Even schools have now been subject to radical Islamist takeovers that hopefully will now be contained. Meantime, politicians dwell in their posh houses at a distinctly distant region that are void of large immigrant insurgence.

In effect I have been victim of dishonest, deceitful reporting on a large scale and although that was forty years ago, I have no reason to believe the integrity of national and local newspapers has improved, any more than programmers, reporters and commentators on TV, quite the opposite. I care equally as much for the ecology and geography of this country and firmly believe that the constant bleating that ‘immigration only benefits this country’, is now redundant and out of date, but modernity has at least relieved me of one accusation; my fears are nothing to do with colour or race. After all the latest threat to our infra structure are from Europe?

Right wing, patriotic groups in this country endure continued misrepresentation and condemnation without voice or redress and I can tell you quite categorically, the greater majority of lay members are honest, caring people who are concerned for all things linked to eco matters and domestic abuses inferred by globalists and corporate, greedy business, equally so are fully aware of the Bildergergers and Prince Bernhard Societies, Illuminati, etc. They also share revulsion for IMF impositions and refer loosely to them as financiers opposed to the left wing term of capitalists. Equally so they are concerned for rural conservation, erosion of civil rights and inequalities endured by minority groups including pensioners and the disabled. They feel equally as passionate about opposing the NWO as any other free thinking individual and also recognise the deliberate and diminishing service standards once enjoyed through the National Health and Education Authorities. Just as much as they fear for the well being, continued health and ability to enjoy the freedom and democracy their fathers and grandfathers fought and died for.

Personal experience led me to protest in the late sixties to bring an end to immigration and immediately suffered the accusation of racial bigotry, but the truth is, immigration in those days was largely from nations with darker skin than my own, but now the call for a halt to immigration is aimed at white skinned Europeans, where skin hue is of no significance any more than it was in the sixties, the call like then is one for common sense and recognition that this nation and its people cannot sustain unrestricted immigration that Brussels dictators insist all European citizens have right of entry. Yes there are some racist amongst them, racist out of despair and frustration, racist out of defiance at the perpetual negative, dishonest reporting that the media specialize in. Colour is irrelevant to global controller’s intent on maintaining their own blood-line and watering down any with the wish and the will to do the same.

In effect political ideologists of both factions become willing puppets manipulated by proponents of the New World Order. They become the soldiers of disharmony and conflict and present little more than a positive distraction to the progress of globalists, and ironically, should they sit down and conduct an in depth study of their respective ideologies, they would probably recognise that they have a great deal in common and above all recognise that the enemy or opponent in which they both strive to defeat are one and the same. Comparisons being considerable, it cannot be denied that a modest number of aspirations stand poles apart, but the truth is, such opposing belief structures can be negotiated out and are far less significant than the challenge of beating the common enemy who strive to subjigate the peoples of the globe. Essentially the common enemy of both political factions is far more a threat to democracy and freedom where only a unified opposition could stand against them, but the irony is, if an accommodation cannot be reached, then the globalists have won and the tools of their victory are honed and sharpened by their very deceptions and engineering.

To finalise with a point well worth labouring; as recently as the Second World War stark enemies and political opponents unified in the struggle to preserve their own form of independence and freedom. Avowed enemies recognised the extreme threat posed by the common enemy and recognised that only unity would defeat them, thus for the common good allied nations defeated Nazi Germany. Psychopathic globalists have proved more than willing - and well able to orchestrate and dictate wars and massive loss of life with impunity around the world. The current threat to our way of life far exceeds that of the last world wars and we hold the ultimate weapon to defeat them and that quite simply is unity. Working hand in hand with all the citizens, races and cultures to defeat the NWO is far more important than dwelling on manipulated hostilities generated by the same psychopathic individuals and rest assured any threat of a return to Fascism or National Socialism is no more than the figment of the corporate controlled media whose prime function is to spread fear and trepidation. Real nationalist or patriots would no more tolerate such alien concepts as they would of that of the New World Order.

Jun 30, '14

Brilliant !!! Great article Alan. Keep up the good work.

Jun 30, '14
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