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Mar 10, '14

Attitudes and propaganda has been constantly thrust down our throat by differing media without pause since last world war, the war to preserve freedom now viewed by many that fought it is now doubted as to achievement. That said, after such extensive human sacrifice it is now deemed acceptable to impose our version of democracy on other peoples, beliefs, or religions, if not by sedition then backed up by aggression. Living in a time when technological progress and quantum science has an increasing impact upon the lives of most people of the world, there remains some that do not view it at as being progressive at all and find it challenging or disruptive toward their own development of spiritual evolution. Meantime, in particular western society is blatantly steered toward consumerism serving an insatiable quest to accrue material wealth to closet daily life into superficial contentment and satisfaction. Individuals are treated as a continuous money stream or im-mature children void of reason and do so in ignorance of the folly of enforced collectivism. Parliamentary credibility declines whilst freedom of speech is greatly restricted by increasingly draconian, political correctness. Dissipating any aspiration toward pride in ones heritage or people is denigrated to a point that it verges on being illegal. As for democratic freedom, the credibility of politics in the United Kingdom has never before been held in such contempt and so very far removed from its electorate. The general consensus on the integrity and honesty of members of parliament is almost totally discredited and completely void of respect. The very roots of freedom viewed through the eyes of new born child is automatically implanted into the system to establish a legal route in which it can be imposed. This integration starts in the first days of a new born child being registered. The child's name is filled in using CAPITAL LETTERS where the parent may be forgiven for thinking this is for clarity. However, the terminology and small print, by this simple action signs the child over to the state and state servitude to such an extent that given a circumstance upon which social services decide to seize a child, they are quite simply acting within the confines of the law. Legal connotations on how the individual adds a name to a form has a whole range of legal concealments that are covered in much detail on the internet. Further evidence of legal entrapments we face in our everyday lives can be found in abundance by inserting 'lawful rebellion' in any search engine. Meantime a surreptitious attempt to initiate personal identity cards is simply superseded by mobile telephones allowing the holder to be tracked if required, twenty four hours a day. Satellite links suggested to measure individual vehicles movement as an alternative means to ascertain road tax levels based upon mileage is another clear method of securing individuals location at all times, but then all modern cars are computerised making that simple facility already open to the scrutiny of the authorities.

Yet how many of our offspring leave school unable to read and write, and how much of that is due to the fact that English is the second language in most of our inner-city schools? None the less, school years completed where adolescence departs and maturity begins, bearing in mind that the education system is designed to extract any sense of belonging or discipline in its pupils. They leave school and enter an environment of competition by manipulated design through sport such as football, or maybe cultural groups such as Mods, Rockers, Skinheads, Goths, etc. Also designed to compensate for the basic human quest for identity or sense of belonging. Given the dress code or conduct that indicates which grouping the teenager chooses to identify with it is nurtured by music and fashion, enhanced by the intake of drugs and alcohol, and rest assured, as proof has revealed the CIA have been instrumental in the import of drugs into the US, then that doubtless applies in the UK to its corresponding counterpart. Those aspired to extend their education do so under a cloud of crippling university fees but at least they have the compensation in knowing that regardless of the subject of their qualification, they remain over-qualified for more jobs than exist. Having temporarily spared respective governments a greatly enlarged number of people registering as unemployed, they become contributors to the vast army of highly educated jobless and enter the realms of those 'in fear' and debt far sooner than had their parents.

Maturity offers the right to participate in the expression of democracy and vote for favoured political systems on a five yearly basis. Needless to say, the freedom to vote for the political party of choice is with complete anonymity being the greatest single measure of democracy an adult can express; or is it ? Albeit in ever decreasing numbers as the electorate lose confidence in a system that rarely represents them and offers no choice or difference between parties. But! Back to basics! The very first act in placing a vote for a favoured parliamentary representative is conducted by a voter who enters a polling station to be greeted by officials seated at a desk. Upon request, the voter provides them with their electoral roll number to be confirmed on computer print outs. Following which they present you with a voting portion torn from a cheque book like booklet bearing a number that is duplicated in the corner of both segments. On that voting slip is printed the different political representatives in which to cast your vote and enter it secretly into the hallowed black box. Needless to say; that coordinated number is easily directly linked to the electoral role which duly notes your name, place of residence and what your personal political leanings are, thus increasing personal data files in accord with whatever prejudice they are instructed to implement.

Meantime the greater majority of voters concerns are simply ignored and suffocated by obsessive political correctness enforced with the same sense of zeal as any dictator. Whilst the electorate are persuaded of representation by differing political parties, most embark upon an orgy of superfluous change and reorganisation of governmental departments, that gives the illusion of change. In reality they hide behind the term reorganisation as a ‘solve all' cure that allows a redistribution and relocation of statistics to conceal the real extent of unemployed or homeless in sheer volume of differing categories. Meantime make the greatest gain in headed note paper as designers of forms and autocracy feed the hungry printing presses running at full speed along with revised media directories and offices redecorated with a coat of veneer to present a public image of improvement, progress and development.

In the meantime we are told by numerous counts of carefully selected panellists and audience participants that immigration is good for us and they do not place undue strain on national resources to a point of near collapse. Of course the all prevailing emotion is that of fear and fear keeps people concentrated and subservient to directions and conditions of disharmony that can be managed, orchestrated and contained. But what is the source of fear now, after all there are no droning sounds of engines in the sky interrupted by the sound of sirens and explosions? Fear lurks behind every corner requiring no sunlight to cast its shadow, it is conveyed more discreetly even covertly to manifest itself in so many ways. For example, if you are one of the declining majority and have a job, the very first manifestation comes with actually keeping it. Whilst a working day is conducted with caution in case of refracting some small part of company policy, whilst management diverts responsibility for any misdomena or industrial accident by simple assertion you carried it out, so you are responsible. To implement this objective workers are introduced to 'risk assessment forms' at the outset of anything with slightest risk. Designed to minimize opportunity for litigation if anything goes wrong and divert such action to public liability insurance in the event that litigation becomes necessary? The pitfalls are vast and deliberate such as religious sensitivities or ethnic idiosyncrasies. Of course that runs sacrosanct to 'health & safety' 'duty of care' and 'political correctness' as diversions implemented by an unseen army of do-gooders just panting for a transgression. Ironic really, especially poignant when I recall completing an advanced First Aid course required as a manager of employees and being told the first rule of applying first aid, when confronted with an incident in the street, is to walk away to avert litigation.

Daily life sees us residing in a consumer led society with a vast array of produce for sale and countless ways of paying for it without ever relieving your wallet of single ounce of currency. On a psychological level, we have made such vast technical advancements to help us conduct our lives by computers, plus an increasing and competitive choice of telephone providers where reception services are shifted out of the UK and into the Asian continent. All designed to improve efficiency, or is it cheap labour increases profits, with the bonus factor of a verbal fault finding service that simply cannot be understood and frustration causes the complainant to simply abandon their complaint, thus covertly denied consumer rights of purchase? At the same time we talk lightly of the destruction of the rain forests, yet I as an individual who is registered disabled am an industry in my own right. Forms, documents, more forms, duplications, appeals, refusals, citizen's advice, psychiatric counselling all contribute to the psychological damage and fear when the postman drops his load through the door of more forms to extend fear along with unwanted advertising to feed the insatiable appetite of ‘Big Brother'. What of the latest development hidden camera's in wheelie bins to impose fines on non conformists. Just imagine the opportunities for spy camera's installed in a toilet pan so they might ascertain whether the perpetrator has consumed any illegal substances.

Now I reflect on my heritage from a mining family avidly supporting socialism and relieved my parents never had to witness the calculated, systematic destruction of that very concept of socialism by the current ‘New Labour Party'. Diminishing moral standards and disregard for law and order are but a few symptoms that contribute to increasing violence on the streets of our cities in the 21st century, but, unlike former times these sad events are prolifically reported in all the varied forms of media serving an increase to the sense of fear and foreboding in a population beleaguered by advertising, debt and abject hopelessness. With total disregard for families and loved ones, or come to that anyone with a sensitive and compassionate hope for life, these reports regularly achieve front page status unless other global news occurs to supersede them such as football results, golf tournaments, or the colour of Katie Prices socks.

Meantime, my being guilty of concentrating on the impact of the first and second world wars and tend to ignore continuity of aggression in the decades that followed, that said, the quest to maintain peace and harmony is not improved when trying to dissect and come to a peaceful resolution to avert conflict when analysing the causes of war seems such a ludicrous ambition. A citizen of the world might recognise generic words such as pride, greed domination and ambition, primarily because as individuals we can all experience these feelings and emotions; but how does it grow into something of national conflict when for example the years leading up to the 1914-1918 war were tainted by a fast increasing hostility between cousins as rulers of nations in Germany, Russia and England. What started as a squabble akin to children resulted in a conflagration that toyed with the lives of its citizens. At the outset a negative response to provocation was courted and taunted into a disastrous war between Japan and Russia that spun into a spiral of mayhem and chaos following the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand in Serbia that released the dogs of war unfettered. Of course family rows afflicting the aristocracy were hardly the business or concern of the masses, but then somebody had to risk life and limb in search of satisfaction. However far afield this dispute would spread, it reached global proportions in 1914 where hardly a single family were left unscathed. Of the masses few if any made any gain or profit, the price they paid was their very lives be he victor or vanquished, the common man is not only physically at risk but equally so are any material assets he may have been able to accrue during life. A principle common denominator that has prevailed throughout history in that profit and gain are the benefits of the upper classes, royalty, plus money lenders funding the chattels of war, whereby profit soon became prime motivation to mould wars and make them happen. However the Second Great war was fought at such a cost that the lower classes and the electorate would no longer tolerate perpetual war of conquest and gain because they were fast becoming aware of the price. A new evil had to be evolved that had started some thousand years earlier in Christian crusades leaving resentment and hatred to reside in the hearts of those most oppressed and that age old hostility may well now forge the route to an unending, profit based, religious war without end that might now be called terrorism.

Traditional empires were reconstructed by some and others compelled to dis-solve as a condition of martial support and suitable funds to finance hostilities. At the same time numerous independence movements, frustrated at the slowness of progress toward independence, embarked upon varying degrees of rebellion and violence. As to the moral rights and histories of this yearning for independence I fear this matter is beyond the scope of this writing, even though some interesting idiosyncrasies prevail such as the selective sanctions against the old Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, opposed to that much reduced political blackmail upon South Africa. Both countries retained traditional European political power whilst imposing apartheid with one major difference being the gap between fiscal control and IMF influence instilling a much reduced imposition of international embargoes. That said Zimbabwe prevailed and President Mugabe implements his own brand of democracy and control and I dare not comment on his legacy as I do not wish to generate accusations of racism. Numerous African countries secured independence tainted by varying degrees of brutality and tribal conflict, whilst in Asia, India remains in constant opposition to its neighbour Pakistan. At a point closer to home, Marx indicated an essential route toward Communism must begin by breaking up the British Empire and destroying the allegiance that revolved in founding the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland and republicanism enjoyed material and financial aid from both the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. and Scotland nears a vote to secure independence in September 2014, whilst Wales retains wishful thinking of independence, and the Isle of Dogs remains satisfied with its current union.

Acts of aggression and provocation resulted in war as a superficial release to tensions occurring during the Cold War, and burst onto the global scene in Korea and Vietnam but there remains a much more simple explanation for continued hostility when recognise which countries resisted the power of the Rothschild run IMF, in particular Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and North Korea. All independent nations were to be suppressed and forced into line by the global police called America, with suitable pressure placed upon supposed independent nations such as the U.K. to form an alliance against the will of their people.

With complete disregard for the fact that war is actually illegal there remains a point with legal ramifications upon Mr Tony Blair for engaging this nation in acts of war and genocide against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. In effect Politicians who start wars break the law and breach their oaths of office. To be effective the laws of war require politicians to obey them, police to enforce them, the public to uphold them and offenders to answer to them in court, but no, UK politicians seem impervious! Blair and former US president George W Bush were found guilty in absentia of crimes against humanity by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal. They were also found guilty of genocide for their roles in the Iraq War. The tribunal was presided over by five judges. The court acknowledged that the verdict was non-enforceable, but the findings were reported to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. It is therefore the responsibility of any law abiding citizen to make stringent effort in stopping governments from waging war by ensuring that police arrest leaders who start wars, courts try politicians for complicity in war, taxpayers withhold taxes that pay for war, armed forces refuse to fight illegal wars, businesses refuse to supply weapons of war, journalists tell the truth about war, the public learns the laws of war and Parliaments legislate to prohibit all war. I wish! Meantime we stand firm behind our decision to defend Poland yet participate in the blatant similarity of the military invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. And how weird is it that Russia is condemned for entering their own former satellite state, where as America can coerce invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Oh yes, one other diversion of information is that Poland was established by commandeering a number of German satellite states as part of the 1918 Treaty. So once again we see that Nazi Germant had annexed land areas that were formerly part of its empire, with many residents elated at the re-unification.

Legal documentation and declaration have been placed at the end of this chapter.

In essence Mr. Tony Blair and all involved ministers obeying his instructions to wage war are in breach of these laws and should be called to account to that end. Perhaps the only public recognition of Blair's complicity was in the publicly acclaimed refusal to attend by Desmond Tutu at a recent African Congress gathering because of Blair's presence, a brave decision. That went un-noticed and un reported by the media. They do however maintain a steady influx of material linked to what is commonly called terrorism, decrying it as a threat without discrimination to those in support of democracy, yet its growth and intensity rarely identify or clarify reasoning or motivation. Whilst the uncertainty of origin allows governments to impose draconian laws are diminishing the freedom of thought and action by national governments claiming to act in the interest of its citizens, or are they? Global wars are no longer fashionable whilst global terrorism offers an almost boundless opportunity for any action deemed appropriate by New World Order script writers. Unfettered and without conscience a regular diet of atrocities and reminders occur designed to perpetuate public horror. Compliance and agreement are nurtured by the media making stringent effort to exclude any reference to doubt, concern or authenticity of reason. Screen images serve to fuel a public response to the so called conspiracy theorists aimed at discrediting and dismissing real evidence. Such ridicule however is fast being discredited by the increasing opportunities for research and neutral media transmissions allowing the voice of reason and concern to grow in volume and regularity.

The very prominence or frequency of use of the word conspiracy is force fed upon into the vocabulary of complacent citizens to a point where it has become part of everyday language. Such method breeds acceptance, yet can we really believe globalist politicians would sacrifice so many lives by this fusion of conspiracy into such a catastrophic incident. The very thought brings exponents into a state or dismissal and ridicule, whereupon truth is beyond comprehension of the human mind. Well that aspect is easily confirmed as an incident created by psychopaths that selected the World Trade Centre to instigate global horror and acceptance of pending American aggression in the Middle East. Yet even a big screen storyline would be hard pressed to persuade the viewers that unqualified pilots and navigators flew such complex aircraft into two targets with such precision. Further more a third structure fell down making a this trio the first ever to collapse into a neat pile for the first time ever, and one of them had not even been hit by anything. (I can see a Monty Python film growing out of this!) and how lucky it was that the area was void of normal defences as they had been diverted to an exercise denoting a similar attack further down the national coast. Of all the so called conspiracy theories, this to me is both the most shocking and the most certain with an abundance of evidence to prove that fact.

Soon after the less audacious yet public attack at the Boston bombings where I would suggest the reader view Ian R. Cranes web site or David Ike's which present you-tube images of the older brother of the alleged bombers in Boston, captured in good health and being escorted captive into a police car, then a further image of his severely mutilated and abused body. All very confusing when the media announced he was shot to death at the point of contact, whilst his younger brother escaped albeit temporarily. The old adage of the camera never lies and paint-shop can make anything happen on screen is no longer accurate, none-the-less this film footage is clearly visible and definite, just as much as the BBC announcement reporting upon the attack on the World Trade Centre, specifically the collapse of Building 7 twenty minutes before it happened.

Of all the numerous mainstream exposes' that ridicule conspiracy theories, this particular vision is never addressed and can never be explained away, thus, it simply vanishes into obscurity; just like the substance and mass of debris of the three structures at such a criminal human cost. Meantime, just like Pearl Harbour this gave the U.S. the opportunity to throw its weight around without challenge and expand its global domination to protect its version of democracy. The sad thing is its citizens are witnessing constitutional changes that ultimately facilitate a takeover of individualism bearing unpleasant reminders of the totalitarianism of Nazi Germany or Communist Russia and, all being exposed by the media as being in the national interests.

Frequency of attacks across the globe adds substance to the man made terror organization that is translated into the simple words Al Qaeda, no home base nation, no recognisable head quarters and no uniform or means of identification. Many established by the CIA to depose hostile governments that continue to oppose US or fiscal control and when such opponents are dismissed and rejected those same forces seeking independence discover their former benefactor are simply a replacement oppressor. Meantime a network of spy's in a global surveillance platform from an extensive array of satellites rotating the earth. On the ground all areas of public gathering are being observed by an increasing number of CCTV's and drones in the sky, that said, I can not help but comment on how frequently we are advised of the technical failure of countless CCTV cameras in close proximity to any terrorist outrages. The frequency and convenience of their breakdown must impose the most embarrassing of tasks in a media presenter informing the public of this consistency without laughing. That said, one publicly visible image that is counter productive to the states contrivance and complicity, occurred with the tube bombers who met up at Luton station to embark upon an overhead train into London and then on to their pre-determined points of attack. Publicly displayed images of the four were filmed including the standard date and time recorded in the top right hand corner of the screen affixing their location and time beyond doubt. From that point they could be tracked at every stage of their progress until embarking upon public transport of respective targets they had determined. However, that date and time also served to reveal the fact that the main line train they had planned to embark upon had been cancelled due to consistent rail failings and as a result, catching the next available train to transport them to London arrived too late to have allowed them to change over to respective tube trains and detonate their targeted attacks. Those attacks would occur whilst they were still on the main line train in transit, which is trifle unlikely. That said, with the truth being as evasive as a politicians answer to the most basic question; whatever time they arrived, there were literally dozens of institutional CTV cameras available to track their movements but lo behold, they were all faulty. (How stupid does the state think we are?) In the meantime trains timetables did concur with the arrival of three declared terrorists on the tube arriving at Canary Wharf who were mysteriously shot down at an unexplained engagement making mandatory news on media transmissions. What a strange and unfortunate coincidence? And how very inappropriate that media designed as a means of simple entertainment can so publicly work against big brother when a BBC reporter announces the collapse of Trade Centre building 7 twenty minutes before the event and can still be clearly seen over her left shoulder on TV screens across the globe. That being until such time as the institution decided it was not in public interest to see this fairly solid evidence of U.S. Governmental contrivance. Literally thousands of pages are dedicated to dispute the official account of that awful attack, with thousands of facts and controversial details remaining un-answered and casting justified doubt upon the origin and nature of the attacks.

Investigation into the origin or source of attacks are conveyed behind closed doors and little or no consideration is given to alternative, less palatable evidence and tentative concern is given to damage to life and limb on such scale as unprecedented. Diabolic mentality of the perpetrators does little to reduce the horror and shock accompanying mass shootings as Hungerford or Sandy Hook along individual assassinations of such people as Princess Dianna and President Kennedy to name just a few. Official complacency adds constantly to a growing belief that a ‘Bourne legacy' is a standard tool of assassination and murder, whilst public doubt and loss of confidence in governments and political parties is simply reinforced. Democracy itself suffers far reaching doubt no longer restricted to extreme politics but standard, mainstream parties and governments. Doubt, fear, uncertainty and hopelessness are the constant companions of the average citizen, whilst brazenly fed a diet of media presented idolatry and celebrity worship that in reality does little more than conceal the gaping gap between the rich and the greater majority of impoverished citizens. Then, when society's des-satisfaction reaches a point of utter contempt they are fed a diet of scapegoats to divert attention and consume the frenzy of disdain as a simple diversion from politician's perversions. Of course conspiracy theories abound and by their sheer volume become dismissive and even jocular, but in doing so they act as major diversion to the criminal acts of power and government and by expanding the ridicule through normal media challenges, tend to serve continued deception to conceal the real thing. Revelations of truth and deception become deliberately muddled, therefore doubly functional.

Whilst looking back on the major events that had such impact upon modern times and trying to do so with a distinctly passive, even distant feeling, simply recording the extent of lies and deception, cannot conceal the sheer horror as beyond belief, but the truth is, we need to know the truth, we need to protect ourselves against it reoccurring in any shape, sense or form and whilst we acknowledge that many might see empire building as beneficial and productive such as those misled into perceiving worth in belonging to ‘Common purpose', another globalist organization which conveys its message with complete disregard for ongoing freedom and democracy. It must also be accompanied by treating such books as the Black Book by N.P. Billings and the Protocols of Zion as being far more important to understanding the extent and depth of globalist evil and not treat them with general alarmist even dismissive response that generally accompanies these books. Their content is no less than portend to evil and their content expounds an evil, the likes of which is slowly engulfing free thinking men without distinction. More directly and of immediate impact our unelected masters in Brussels continue to diminish our industrial potential and self dependence on such fundamental assets such as coal, now centred in Belgium, or farming now centred and financially supported in France, and designate this country as an elaborate Tourist destination.

Not without referring to the increase in epidemics that prevail today with some having a very suspicious background such as the HIV/Aids epidemic sweeping through Africa with other deadly disease being unknown until the last half century. Then combine this with the fact that 42 countries have varying degrees of HARP technology to alter and shape the weather, plus when skies are actually blue we are treated to a graphic image of chemtrails that criss cross the land menacingly. Further Geo engineeringis being inflicted extensively is ‘fracking' a means of drilling deep into the earths crust, injecting water and chemicals at pressure and releasing untapped gas for mans consumption. Some countries have banned this out of hand, others have a litany of detrimental after effects and England pursues a policy of utilising this method against the growing number of the people actually protesting to great effect to delay and hamper this dangerous attack on our water and agricultural properties.

In the meantime the greater European state continues to blunder into chaos much led by the German Chancelor and the populace know little or nothing of the origin of this concept in Nazi Germany. Illegal wars continue in countries that by sheer coincidence, are free of IMF restrictions and impositions, or benefactors of essential natural resources such as oil. And we are subject to daily reminders of the illegal and inhuman characteristics of the Nazi's. Ironically echoing the claim ‘I was only obeying orders' which applies today as tens of thousands are sacrificed under the nefarious banner of hosting terrorist organisations Thus we reach a point where our very own armed services are conducting illegal wars on our behalf based upon highly suspicious terrorist attacks and they are ‘only obeying orders'.

In trying to avert rambling or repeating myself once again, I would like to finish by pointing out that in the last hundred years the three most powerful dictatorships known on earth dependended highly upon propaganda to carry their message, all three, Russian Communism, Chinese Communism and National Socialism created mass rallies and institutions boosted by stirring music and prolific political speeches to elevate the audience and masses to a point of euphoria. The basest of human instincts responded to the beat of a drum and the clarion call to rally the people. Furthermore they propagated the base instinct of racism that created scape goats and weakest links in which to vent anger and apportion blame. In contrast, in recognising the success of this appeal our present dictators depend upon austerity, gloom, worry and strife to contain its people and create separatism and single mindedness; debt is the new God, fear is its partner

For all my study and research I have to commend the souls that endured global conflict their courage and bravery remains profound and wondrous, alongside those that perished fighting for what they believed in. We owe them a massive debt for their perseverance albeit, deceived motivation and their sacrifice should never be likened to utter contempt for the unfeeling sub human, psychopaths' that orchestrated such wars whilst hiding behind a curtain lined with money as they revelled in their profiteering.

It is also important to point out that the greater number of American service personnel fought with valour and tenacity and any reference I have made appearing derogatory about America is aimed solely at the New World Order, an enemy that the citizens of America are beginning to wake up to just like the rest of the world.

Finally if a reader should want me to explain or expand upon any aspect of my writing, then please just say so in the comments section. Thank you.

War is Illegal.

The General Treaty for the Renunciation of War 1928 (The Kellogg-Briand Pact)

This solemn and binding treaty unconditionally condemned and renounced recourse to war as an instrument of national policy, and promised that henceforth all international disputes would be settled peacefully. This treaty is still in force and together with the London Charter provided the legal basis for the trial of Germany's leaders at Nuremberg after the Second World War. ( Albeit the trivial detail that we in affect declared war on Germany for refusing to obey our directive to withdraw from Poland)

The United Nations Charter.

The United Nations Charter sets out to prevent war and promote peace, justice and the rule of law throughout the world. Its articles clearly prohibit the use of armed force:

2.3 All members shall settle their international disputes by peaceful means in such a manner that international peace, security and justice are not endangered.

2.4 All members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.

41. The Security Council may decide what measures not involving the use of armed force are to be employed to give effect to its decisions, and it may call upon members of the United Nations to apply such measures. These may include complete or partial interruption of economic relations and of rail, sea, air, postal, telegraphic, radio and other means of communication, and the severance of diplomatic relations.

42. Should the Security Council consider that measures provided for in Article 41 prove to be inadequate; it may take such action by air, sea or land forces as may be necessary to maintain or restore international peace and security. Such action may include demonstrations, blockade and other operations by air, sea, or land forces.

The main legal principles in the UN Charter relating to warfare are that (1) International disputes must be settled by peaceful means, (2) Member States must never threaten or use force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State, (3) The Security Council must keep the peace and may not use armed force, (4) The only legal use of armed force is individual or collective self defence.

As the United Nations does not possess a law enforcement body it cannot enforce its rules on its members, especially the permanent members of the Security Council. Member States are therefore responsible for policing their own actions and holding their own representatives to account for breaches of the rules. The British and American Governments are amongst the worst in breaching the UN Charter and interpreting the rules to suit themselves. The latest example of British Government duplicity was the false claim that the 2003 Iraq war was authorised by UN Security Council resolutions 678, 687 and 1441. The Security Council can never authorise the use of armed force and must always adopt a peacekeeping approach. By invading and occupying Iraq and killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians, America, Britain and their coalition allies violated the rule that disputes must be settled peacefully and breached the prohibition on the threat or use of force.

Furthermore regarding Criminal Court.

In July 1998 Britain became a founding signatory to the inter-governmental treaty known as the Rome Statute. This treaty set up the world's first permanent international criminal court in The Hague, and ceded ultimate jurisdiction over the universal crimes of ‘genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes' to the Court. This new system of international criminal law came into force in July 2002 when Australia became the sixtieth state to ratify the treaty, and for the first time in 1600 years every British citizen or resident became subject to international criminal law and an external law enforcement authority.

25. (3) In accordance with this Statute, a person shall be criminally responsible and liable for punishment for a crime [genocide, a crime against humanity and a war crime] within the jurisdiction of the Court if that person:

(a) Commits such a crime, whether as an individual, jointly with another or through another person, regardless of whether that other person is criminally responsible;

(b) Orders, solicits or induces the commission of such a crime which in fact occurs or is attempted;

(c) For the purpose of facilitating the commission of such a crime, aids, abets or otherwise assists in its commission or its attempted commission, including providing the means for its commission;

In any other way contributes to the commission or attempted commission of such a crime by a group of persons acting with a common purpose…

This Statute shall apply equally to all persons without any distinction based on official capacity.

In particular, official capacity as a Head of State, a member of a Government or parliament, an elected representative or a government official shall in no case exempt a person from criminal responsibility under this Statute, nor shall it, in and of itself constitute a ground for reduction of sentence.

Mar 10, '14
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