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7 of 8 Idiosyncrasies, contradictions and hypocrisies.
Feb 22, '14

Having had to reassemble the last three of eight chapters due to a mysterious bug invading my computer obliterating former notes, they have tended to linger on matters centred around the Second World War being a subject much closer to my heart. If it has proven too much for the reader then no doubt they will resist reading on and abandon it. This emphasis is designed to indicate the massive ramifications of that war upon the whole world collectively. Evils that came out of Nazi Germany are extremely well documented, even those conducted by their avowed opponents the Communists, none the less I have endeavoured to illustrate that there is a far more evil force at work that has wantonly manipulated major events resulting in massive death and destruction during these global wars and numerous conflicts since.

W e are treated to daily images and reminders of the holocaust, to extol the evils of Nazi-ism, yet are denied the knowledge of allied directives deliberately aimed at genocidal acts of malnutrition, ill treatment and suffering meted out to German captives in 1945/46 . Vast fatalities grossly exceeded the pace of the Nazi’s in concentration camps over the same period of time. No small accusation when considering the industrialization of death administered by the Nazi’s through gas chambers, opposed to slow starvation, denial of basic weather protection, or simple medical care. If a reader were able to suspend revulsion when learning of the death camps and accept the reality of diabolic, inhuman treatment on both sides, then it is possible to embrace source of the evil inherent amidst the true orchestrators of war.

So what of the tyranny that superseded the Nazi’s and its avowed opponent in Communism? Why did we accept one over the other? At wars end Joe Stalin ordered an orgy of wholesale slaughter upon returning P.O.W.s as demonstrated by one specific incident that occurred in Austria on the new Russian border in 1945. Under command from Brigade Headquarters British soldiers were ordered to herd just fewer than five thousand women, children and POW’s across the border and back to Mother Russia. The passage and route culminated at an isolated checkpoint very nearby to a plainly visible recently excavated trench or pit. Even before the whole sorry mass had left the allied zone, they were slaughtered wholesale within full view of their remaining compliment and allied soldiers alike. Without discrimination or mercy, the Russian N.K.V.D slaughtered them all observed by the escorting British soldiers who came very near to sparking a military mutiny, unhappily recognising they had destroyed one tyranny, to simply make way for another. Stalin’s blood lust extended indiscriminately to any that had been captured, over run, or surrendered to the German invaders and we gave tacit consent to his murderous attitude in delivering Russian citizens to his loving care. In all it is recorded that 70,000 Cossacks handed over to the Russians as ordered by the Commanding Officer Lord Aldington perished in this manner. This politically motivated, deliberate act, made him no better than a war criminal, which of course the British Government could neither sanction or admit to. Nikolai Tolstoy having documented the full extent of this treachery was taken to court and sued for making the incident public and Lord Aldington was awarded 1.5 million pounds recompense. The state covered up its involvement in this war crime, whilst public outcry protected Tolstoy’s family and property by generating a Trust to blanket his family assets thus making it untouchable by state empowered debt collectors.

Peacetime revelations of misconduct on the part of the victors was also compounded by a rising discovery of casualties to ‘friendly fire’ which, when added to the number inflicted in allied air raids, paints another picture of human suffering as acceptable loss in order to gain victory. A poignant time this occurred was related to me by my deceased father in law who served with the Northumberland Fusiliers. His company’s task was to recover knocked out vehicles to either repair or strip down for spares after enemy engagements during the first days following the D Day landings. Fighting in the Bocage and the Falaise Gap was particularly ferocious and on more than one occasion they came under attack from tank busting US Mustangs that eagerly shot up anything that moved. It is all but impossible to imagine the gory remnants of human remains within these steel coffins yet he claimed somewhat bitterly to have lost more comrades to friendly fire than those caused by enemy action. Then some 48 years later, my oldest son served in the 1991 Kuwait war and as a Techie signaller attached to US marines. Tasked to intercept fire control orders, identify their effectiveness and advise on any changes to improve impact. One such order was intercepted that identified their own position to a US artillery battery in the process of issuing fire orders, upon which they were able to redirect that attack in the nick of time. However, clear demonstration of where such preventative measures failed to divert friendly fire was confirmed by a good friend, employed by the armourer to the National Army Museum. He had been tasked with identifying the calibre and ballistics that had been engaged to destroy British vehicles in that war. His research revealed a disturbing but highly sensitive fact regarding the fifty four vehicles concerned. Forty five of those vehicles were destroyed by 'friendly fire'. To identify how and why this occurs is highly controversial but this study did not reveal they had been victim to US ordinance alone.

Needless to say Father in law survived the war but his bitterness based upon personal experience during five years service remained with him throughout life. His generation gradually fades away with many suffering reoccurring nightmares denying them rest or even release from the horrors of their experience. Perhaps unsurprising there also grows an increasing resentment that the sacrifice of so many was misplaced, where constant reminders were not confined to ex service personnel but also the civilian population that had survived both the privations of war, but also constant air attack. The legacy of the sorrow and loss would transform the very substance of ideologies and attitudes immeasurably, more importantly it would mould national policies designed to dissipate even the remotest possibility of resurgence of Nationalism or Patriotism , branding it as not only unfashionable but also actively penalised.

Paranoia influenced the very language of everyday lives and precipitated the omission of such words as ‘assembly’ or ‘physical training’ as being too militaristic, which as an adjunct, seemed to impact to its detriment any sense of national pride. Now, as we extracted such vocabulary from the education system, the young born in the decades following 1945 were victims of an education riddled with guilt centred upon reparation, as if we had something to be ashamed of as a nation. Schools actively taught we should feel ashamed of our heritage and that we owed our former empire a debt in lieu of former abuse, conveyed possibly by our great, great, grandfather’s generation centuries before. Covertly the youth were slowly indoctrinated to accept one of the ways to offer restitution was open our borders and to welcome an undisclosed number of immigrants to these shores. Such increasing numbers would be accompanied by film after film decrying slavery, as if any doubted remained regarding the cruelty and in humane way in which the slave trade was conducted. However, regardless of which mode of media delivered the daily dose of guilt, it was presented as totally oblivious of the fact that black slavery lasted about one quarter of the time period where white slavery or multi racial slavery persisted in most of the prevailing cultures of Europe and the Far East in the distant past, but that fact was ir-relevant to the administrators of perpetual guilt pills, all washed down with persistent reminders of the holocaust which, as horrible as it may have been, was only one act of inhumanity highlighted during that period.

Identifying the evils of that time influenced every aspect of education and academic record of events, whilst conveniently misplacing ample record of atrocities conducted by the allies. The sheer extent of the deception, double standards and lies that permeate and influence generations in post war life. The very foundation of education was construed and manipulated to diminish any sense of pride in ones people and country and replacing it with shame and recrimination, but above all, I fear I labour the point in the inadequacy of my own wordsmith skills, yet desperately trying to at least offer some sense of balance. Contrivance and provocation that led to that war, as well many others since that time demonstrate the totally cold hearted, conscience less administrators of chaos and destruction that steers the populace toward their own diabolic aims regardless of cost or loss of human life.

On my part I could not fathom why I was being taught to be ashamed of my nation’s heritage. If schooling moulds the person, then this could not fail but create a decline in self-esteem, personal pride and knock on effects such as moral fibre. The confidence and character of pupils was forcefully moulded into a multi cultural society that made little attempt to recognise indigenous customs. Such positive encouragement to adopt cultural habits inherent in immigrant populations, would supercede all others accompanied by a highly derisory attitude supporting ‘positive discrimination’ gave rise to resentment that may never have existed without it. Solace resides in the belief that youth frequently reverses the teachings of its elders and hopefully young people will in time reject this state imposed philosophy. Discipline and respect decline steadily, whilst politicians express feigned surprise and public indignation when witnessing the extent and growth of unruly, inconsiderate, sometimes criminal action modern youth appears to embark upon. Even parental discipline as an aid to upbringing is made illegal as just one more vehicle where character building is sacrificed to the ‘Nanny’ state. Meantime a whole generation lurches aimlessly yet deliberately toward an anarchic society. Learning to be decent law abiding citizens had began in the family home and school supplemented this in community living. Yet how on earth can our politicians be so stupid as to not realise that the decline in discipline is the very core of its decline! It’s so bloody obvious, an observer must conclude that their attitude must simply be spurred by deliberate, malicious policy.

Seeking any unbiased reading material could not exclude the reality that victors write the history books, whilst non conformist treatment or publication would be constrained to controversial printing sources, plus confined to minimal distribution being denied normal avenues of public promotion. National pride was clearly out of fashion! However, left to my own devices I felt distinct pride in what we had achieved in the light of being such a small country, especially when viewing the sheer landmass of what was once known as the British Empire, and – having had the good fortune to visit much of it in person. Whilst in adult life my work commitments required me to spend up to three hours a day on public railways and thus gave me ample opportunity to read a whole series of books on politics, history, paranormal activities, spiritualism and theologies. One such book ‘ Das Kapital,’ left me amazed at how its guidance for change and political influence would continue to manifest its influence upon society well into the new millennium. Whereas I excused the intensity and alien writing style as a measure of translation rather than political ramblings in Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book, seemingly presenting a dictate of life and conduct that was distinctly militaristic and state orientated to the extreme and as time has proven, is quite dated. Only years later I was able to draw comparison with Mao’s youth organisations, the Red Guard to Hitler’s Youth movements. Controversial, maybe, political interpretation was complex, especially having read Meine Kampf as a ranting monologue of hate. It did however serve to cross the barriers of class inherent with a historic class system that did hold some resonance. Perhaps these works addled my thinking but I remain a socialist at heart but am also un unashamed patriot and to some this potential contradiction was by a publication called ‘The New Unhappy Lords’, written by A.K.Chesterton; a detailed assemblage of details and references to International Finance and one of the earliest records of global power bases that has affected my generation. Whilst the work is now a little dated and partially, historically out of context, it still bears facts of some worth to any who think they understand the mechanics of politics regardless of persuasion or implied claims on freedom and democracy. Plus the time could not ignore the impact of George Orwell’s famous book that reached out to a wide readership several decades in advance of the ominous and significant year of 1984. This work took a reader to a police state that implied it may be Nazi but could easily be Communist or a derivative of it. The author, an ardent socialist and member of the Fabian Society became disillusioned with contemporary politics and thus logged his fears that simply introduced the direction he felt we were being led into a secret police, big brother state.

Meantime numerous songs and sonnets resound of courage and bravery, with the strangest of partners in protest songs that teased individual memories etched forever into the minds of those that saw and witnessed the horrors of extreme politics! How on earth can the hard face of written words ever relay to the reader the extremity of alien ideologies? What songs of protest will ever resonate the harshness so bitterly betrayed by death and destruction? But above all, where lay the measure of progress or gain to human kind due to warfare and why do we still pursue an obsessive policy reflecting such a thin and translucent veneer of democracy when the real cost of retaining freedom, is freedom itself?

The greater number of religious ideologies on this earth believe in reincarnation and that same belief is shared by western spiritualists of whom many believe this current generation carries far greater numbers of reincarnated souls from the second world war than any other in history, a conclusion supported by so many lives being cut short so early in life and in the most horrendous of ways during that period. Perhaps it is possible that souls never achieved their goal or life experience in which to develop and move on to the next level and this shortcoming now manifests itself amidst the pensioners of the early 21st century. People born soon after the end of the war carry genetic memories, whilst some bear physical scars on their body that resemble injuries of unknown origin, even fatal wounds sustained in former lives displayed sometimes as birth marks, others are scarred more deeply and less visible to the onlooker, simply scarred in mind and memory. This theory lends support to the concept that there are an increasing number of individuals being prescribed with unexplained suffering of PTSD. Why did I survive', takes on a morose form of guilt that lasts a lifetime and more, even entering a new life completely disoriented and maybe in a state of shock. There remains the possibility new born are unaware that they have been either a victim or a participant in conflict resulting in death and mayhem, not knowing whether they were victim or perpetrators. Lives are scarred by subdued uncertainty as to extent of guilt they bear responsibility for. Individuals experience emotions of regret and remorse to such degree that conscience takes them to the very act of suicide. Lesser yet visual emotions can be seen at air shows, where the throaty roar of a Spitfire leaves the viewer shedding a tear, or triggers the most intense emotional response when visiting battlefields or perhaps concentration camps and places where numerous life forces were cut short. Tracts of music, newsreels or documentaries triggers momentary flashbacks, even sensory awakening by season change, even aroma or taste can inject the essence of de ja vu. Then of course increasingly realistic film scores.

To try and summarise an attitude toward the conflict of the Second World War, we will probably never know the full facts regarding its cause, conduct and ramifications, leaving no chance whatsoever of an unbiased analysis of National Socialism, ironically the methodology might also give some clues as to the transit of modern politics fast racing toward totalitarianism. At the same time, the same might be said of the administering of communism and opponents of that extreme doctrine generated a surprisingly wide level of support in the last world war, for example it is calculated that around one and a half million foreign volunteers fought alongside German armed forces either in opposition to Communism, or in support of National Socialism. Whilst Catholicism as a major global belief system has a dubious record regarding its attitude toward axis forces in the Second World War. Even discounting the fact that Adolf Hitler was one of many millions of Catholics in northern Europe and avowed opponents of Communism, the Catholic Church was not always forthcoming in voicing condemnation of that political ideology, even though it offered tacit support to any that opposed them. True - individual priests, monks and Nuns opposed Nazi Germany and aided all that stood against them, yet the Vatican afforded asylum for escaping Nazi’s for up to two years after the war and were accused of being the orchestrators of the Odessa line of escape for criminal Nazi’s to South America.

Such revelations cannot fail to display the extent of lies and deceit that accompanied the First World War which end was basically inconclusive and the second in continuity, was to become a supreme struggle to maintain national sovereignty yet covertly linked to independent monetary control. Furthermore, with greed reaching a psychopathic level, it is hardly surprising that the same financiers funded and profited both sides, resulting in the high yield profit of a second conflagration. What I do find repulsive and repugnant is the profits made in promoting experimental, scientific development of homicidal methods of mass murder such as Zyklon B, funded through global chemical industry and financed from US sources. Then of course, perhaps inevitably, the development of the potentially genocidal weaponry that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But that was okay, those scientists and inventors sought penance by confession and prayed to the same Christian God whilst pulling the lever of bomb doors. Without warning they delivered such devastating destruction upon tens of thousands of men, women and children. There also seems a strange contradiction that in order for the allied forces to evict the German occupying forces in Europe, we inflicted upward of a hundred thousand casualties upon our own friends and allies in air raids. Plus of course calculated military actions such as sinking the French fleet Mers-el-Kebir costing 1,297 French lives in 1940. But that doesn’t matter, they were foreigners; but we also suffered home based casualties as a result of our own high command decisions to ignore pre warning of attacks such as the infamous air raid on Coventry, or the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. Then of course the poor planning in acts of war that were catastrophic to our own armed services such as Slapton Sands. A military blunder called ‘Operation Tiger’ where 749 US service men lost their lives whilst rehearsing for D Day. Is it remotely possible to analyse the contradictions, deceptions and lies that centre on engagement in war, at the same time juggling statistics and casualties inflicted upon one’s own side as well as the enemy. But then we were morally obliged to terminate an ideology that evolved concentration camps into death factories, unlike our own amateur attempt at places like Sinzic and a meagre two million deaths inflicted at the end of hostilities.

So where does that leave the attempt to justify war and the mere 60 million casualties on top of those mentioned above? How many of those 60 odd million lost souls would benefit from the preservation of freedom and democracy? Were their graves less shallow or their loss less permanent? It begs the question; what would the cost to human life have been if war had been averted, bearing in mind such aversion would have immense ramifications on industrial profit and loss that would quite naturally supersede the cost to life and limb. There also remains the small matter of freedom and independence, even excluding discrepancies regarding national borders. Are we so self righteous as to defend the rights of one country then lose it to another dictator along with nine others that became absorbed into the U.S.S.R. Still, on reflection a reader might recognise the benefits to mankind at the foundation of a specific European organisation established in Nazi Germany at Frankfurt, in the middle of a world war. In such alien of circumstances an organization known as the EUropaische WirtschaftGemeinschaft evolved in 1942; being the foundations of today’s EUropean Union. And as such, might we not recognise a covert yet prevailing quest led by German leadership that continues to create a European super state not unlike that envisaged by Adolf Hitler? We might also consider further implications on our freedom and democracy when discovering it is actually under siege when reading “Clause 8A- 4 of the Lisbon Treaty (old EU Constitution I-46-4) that empowers the EU to abolish national parties of any nation whereby the EU Constitution would be fully implemented by the six EU constitutional treaties upon acceptance of the Reform Treaty that came into effect on the 1st January 2009. This new supplement to Brussels control takes away the last 20% of Westminster’s powers, and simply replaces the British Constitution with the EU’s. At the same time, the six constitutional Treaties make no provision for Westminster elections. They give the EU more than sufficient power to simply close down the functions of Westminster. Furthermore it might seem an avenue worthy of exploration that the leading German politician Angela Murtle, might well have had ancestors in attendance at Frankfurt.

National monetary management is already constrained by the Bank of England, it being a private corporation with royal patronage and not a national asset and subject to the normal rules of commerce. Equally so, our democratic political parties are also corporations or businesses with the traditional directive centred on profit. As such, having a clear and profit seeking eye on market forces, they prevail in a truly favoured position around which personal profits and vested interests can best be profitably secured to politicians individual gain. In comparison, America is controlled by the Federal Reserve a pure Rothschild/Rockefeller corporation, where influence touches the economies of global reach. War loans in material terms, are non-existent, they exist on paper as printed transfer, with interest rates that can be called in at any time and upon demand, subject to actual, real world currency payments and not just ink on paper, or pixels on screens. To call it money for old rope is a trifle inaccurate as rope has physical substance unlike the agreement reached for loans in either aforesaid nations. Such covert deception as to real worth in capitalism is built distinctly upon interest and gain as momentum for progress and profit. At the same time doubt is further compounded by increasing revelation and discovery of fraudulent fiscal practice and outright deception by mainstream politicians.

History evolved indicating wars were to prove restricting in terms of victory or loss, whereas an unseen, unknown enemy afforded infinite possibilities and terrorism presented an open ticket to continue the excesses of a profit stream supported by provision of financial and material support to all parties involved, be they real or contrived. Previously established beliefs and normal expectations would come under scrutiny even challenged in a quest to establish a new world order designed on the surface to ensure peace and tranquillity, even should it require an overseer of an unelected and un-appointed manager or controller. Such ambition had occurred before in empire building not least by the Romans, but this current and contemporary attempt was designed to materialise with the tacit consent of its new subjects. Further erosion of independence and freedom would occur most covertly and its success had been established through coercion and deliberate, calculated contrivance by hidden perpetrators more openly accepted as benefactors.

One method of inducing acceptance would occur by diminishing the very strength of character and nature of a people concealed behind complacency. Migrations of foreign peoples had occurred quite naturally over the centuries following the birth of Christ but now it continues at unsustainable levels to stretch the infra structure supporting the British way of life to a point of break-down. As a people we have been tolerant and welcoming during the natural insertion of differing cultures that became gradually assimilated, but the recent input would be accompanied by positive discriminations that frequently alienate our normally tolerant race of people. In reality the natural process was accelerated in the knowledge that any strain it placed upon current residents and indigenous people was simply a bonus to unsettle the populace and maintain disharmony. Emphasis in education has been well covered in previous chapters as well as depletion of simple cultural courtesies and more importantly confidence in our political system and its practitioners. Secretly, passively this would manifest itself through every mouth and every thought in the minds of babes with the very alteration of language and personal reference through youth development and education, after all they would not even realise it was happening. And as language changed, the propagators could put it down to natural process, and terminology could degrade into fear based democracy, clearly designed to support and enforce political correctness. Visual marks of respect for national institutions declined and things now seen as trivial such as standing to attention when hearing the National Anthem, or playing it at the end of the days TV or big screen film all vanished by deliberate policy. These symbols of national character and respect seem insignificant nowadays but in terms of respect and recognition, they implied by definition that discipline and pride were out of fashion and the moral fibre of a once passive yet proud nation is purposefully being demolished. Christianity as the principle faith of the United Kingdom diminished alongside Church attendances and religious ethics simply watered down amidst the cosmopolitan input of immigrant religions and alien beliefs to those of our forefathers, all with the distinct purpose of destroying the Anglo-Saxon character. Globalisation was inevitable but in forcing the policy in a fashion that over loaded the infra structure to support it was malicious and detrimental. Recognition of this counter- productive policy was advanced by all mainstream political parties, all confident in the knowledge that the subject of immigration would never be democratically addressed or simply addressed in open debate through public media, as control is maintained under the yolk of an equally malignant oversee-er.

Ironically one of this nations more established superstitions that originates from a deliberate and state sponsored act of racial genocide was inflicted in Anglo-Saxon England on 'Friday 13th' St Brices day and ordered by King Aethelred the Unready as a result of racial hatred which, in the fullness of time, would be counter productive with Danish invasion and ultimate conquest. Similarly bad luck also accompanies walking under a ladder (A regular means of execution applied by forcing a person to climb a ladder at spear point, then twisting the ladder to cause them to loose footing and be strangulated to death by a noose previously affixed to an overhead beam or tree limb). The Friday the 13th superstition regarding 'bad luck' spread globally as did another tradition, spread from the mouth of babes, being the children’s nursery rhyme 'London Bridge is falling down'. During the time of Viking raids and attacks, bridges were fortified over major rivers including the Thames and it was recorded that a Viking long-ship was rowed under London Bridge where the Vikings tied ropes to the supporting columns and rowed with all their might causing the bridge to fall down under the pressure. Anyway I digress quoting flippant childish traditions that still echoes across the remaining green fields of England.

The legacy of such a rich heritage cannot deny that war is accepted as the Father of invention, after all, where would we be without jet aircraft? Would there be a space programme? How would we survive without the dubious power of nuclear fusion and would we now be in a Common Market? Plus of course medication and care for human kind were tested under such extreme and sometimes sub human conditions, using human beings as guinea pigs with a legacy that abides in our medicine cabinets to this day. However such discoveries made great gain in recognising the reality of a new and infinite profit stream to be capitalised upon by the chemical industry. Chemicals would evolve designed with the strange complication to heal, providing you take chemicals to compensate for impediments created by other chemicals. Administering care and medication was to reach a zenith in the early 21st century but its roots were much earlier. The common good was seen as sufficient reason to inject such chemicals as sodium chloride into national water supplies, albeit previous applications were implemented by the Nazi's as selective sterilization whilst the Communist shared similar choices in discussions that preceded the mutual, invasion of Poland in 1939.

On October 2nd 1954: Charles Perkins, a chemist, wrote the following to the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, Milwaukee, Wisconsin,

... “In the 1930s, Hitler and the German Nazis envisioned a world to be dominated and controlled by a Nazi philosophy of pan-Germanism. The German chemists worked out a very ingenious and far-reaching plan of mass-control, which was submitted to and adopted by the German General Staff. This plan was to control the population in any given area through mass medication of drinking water supplies. By this method they could control the population in whole areas, reduce population by water medication that would produce sterility in women, and so on. In this scheme of mass control, sodium fluoride occupied a prominent place.”

Charles Perkins continued

“Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual's power to resist domination, by slowly poisoning and 'narcotising' a certain area of the brain, thus making people submissive to the will of those who wish to govern them.” He referred to it as 'convenient light lobotomy'.

The real reason behind water fluoridation is not to benefit children's teeth, he said. If this was the true motivation there were many ways in which it could be done that were much easier, cheaper, and far more effective, he points out. The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination, control and loss of liberty. Perkins said that

“when the Nazis under Hitler decided to go into Poland, both the German General Staff and the Russian General Staff exchanged scientific and military ideas, plans and personnel, and the scheme of mass control through water medication was seized upon by the Russian communists because it fitted ideally into their plan to 'communise' the world”.

Perkins said:

“ I was told of this entire scheme by a German chemist who was an official of the great I.G. Farben chemical industries and was also prominent in the Nazi movement at the time.”

He went on to say with all sincerity, ‘having spent almost twenty years' research into chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology of fluorine - any person who drinks artificially-fluorinated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person mentally or physically’.

It is nothing less than global fascism and so how appropriate that Codex Alimentarius was instigated by those who controlled I.G. Farben, the pharmaceutical cartel at the heart of the Nazi war machine. It ran the concentration camp at Auschwitz. The cartel was made up of corporations like BASF, Bayer and Hoechst, which, of course, still exist today. I.G. Farben was the biggest single funder of Hitler's election and made fantastic profits from the Second World War. A US government investigation in 1946 concluded that, without I.G. Farben, the war in which more than fifty million died would not have been possible. It also used concentration camp inmates to test unsafe pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that killed many. The Nuremberg War Crime Tribunal prosecuted twenty-four Farben executives and board members for crimes against humanity, including mass murder and slavery. Telford Taylor, the US lead prosecutor at Nuremberg, said of the Farben executives: Not the Nazi lunatics but these accused are responsible for this war. And if they are not punished for these crimes the harm they will do to future generations is much greater than Hitler could ever have done if he were alive.

That is precisely what they have done. Those that Telford Taylor condemned and warned about were allowed to resume their posts with Hoechst, Bayer and BASF, the 'Farben Three', thanks to ... Nelson Rockefeller, US Under-secretary of State and former Farben business partner. One of them, Fritz ter Meer, the highest-ranked 'scientist' on the Farben board, had said of human experiments in the concentration camps: 'Forced labour did not inflict any remarkable injury, pain, or suffering on the detainees, particularly since the alternative for these workers would have been death'. It was ter Meer who devised the notorious slogan at the entrance to Auschwitz: 'Arbeit mach frei' ('Work makes you free').

(The last paragraphs in italics were extracted from a book I have read and taken notes from but cannot recall, but the content is far too important to exclude from this document).

All of this is ancient history, so why rake it all up now, well the truth is our society has been constructed upon one major lie after another. Deception is but a minor part that the average citizen of the world has inadvertently endured? Democracy as a concept is little more than a sham and the wars conducted to preserve that democracy are actually constructed in order to ensure the unseen elite maintain and strengthen their grip on humanity, humanity that is seen as no more than worker ants and commodities. The destruction of National Socialism was but a by-product on an evil that the Illuminati supported and propagated financially. The birth and demise of Communism suffered the same fate and all to centralise wealth, and segregate it into zones and regions of total control. Yet these extremes of politics were no longer of any value to globalist controllers because life and nature had evolved a means of control that was so distinctly personal that it displayed itself on medical certificates and prescriptions, all legal drugs would be further enhanced by illegal drugs becoming accessible to the populace in compensation for the loss of normality and simple joy for life. Every human being, regardless of race, colour or creed can now be duped into welcoming the most intimate and personal lift outside life’s construed trepidations with a doctor’s prescription. Meantime increased dependence on chemicals in agriculture affects foodstuff which is further extended into water supplies, whilst scare mongering encourages family dependence upon vaccinations even though they include poisons and suspect ingredients of the most dubious nature. And of all the progress made in developing cures for mankind’s ailments there is one that is relatively new and unheard of prior to the middle of the last century and that quite simply is ‘Aids’, plus I can’t help wondering if altzeimers is not another modern, progressive ailment previously un recorded and perhaps a

result of modern chemicals?

Evolution was now conceived under a microscope and nurtured on a glass slide with alien illnesses to cull populations at the whim of state and global control.

Feb 22, '14
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