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Feb 01, '14

Hindsight being another illusionary cop out when considering we are educated to believe that when Hitler attacked Poland we had to honour a pact of mutual support we had with that country and were legally bound to go to their aid but this is simply not true! The truth is France had undertaken to defend Poland yet they were slow to honour their agreement, meanwhile our commitment was to France which was excuse enough for us to respond by this nation initiating a second global war. However it remains a puzzle as to why our decision to fight to defend Poland's independence did not take into account that Russian forces had also invaded Polish sovereign soil? Why were they allowed cart-blanche to carve up a country by prior agreement with Nazi Germany? Why was Communist Russia allowed to invade Poland at the same time and then go on to invade Finland as well? Void of defence of even condemnation the Finnish army bravely held superior forces at bay for a considerable time without the support of any but the Germans some years later? Pretence of preserving Poland's independence was not enough and the declaration of war by Great Britain was thus gratuitous. James Forrestal, U.S. Secretary of the Navy, states in his personal Diaries that the American Ambassador in London told him Neville Chamberlain had complained of Jewish pressures to force Britain into war. Those pressures were obviously exerted with decisive effect through the Churchill-Israel Moses Sieff group!

A citizen of Poland that survived those years of war would probably be hard pressed to identify which nation they held in more contempt, the Germans or the Russians, bearing in mind during the Russian invasion of Poland in 1939, some 14,500 Polish officers were captured and interned in three P.O.W. camps in the Soviet Union. Ironically confirmed by Radio Berlin which broadcast on April 13, 1943, announcing the German Army had discovered mass graves at Katyn containing the bodies of hundreds of Polish officers. Eight graves were opened and 4,253 bodies exhumed and it was established that the bodies were officers from the camp at Kozielsk, plus two other camps, at Starobielsk (3,891 men) and at Ostashkov (6,311 men). Furthermore, soon after the German attack on the Soviet Union in 1941, retreating Soviets had no time to care for prisoners locked up in prisons in the Ukraine, so they were simply killed. In some cities the whole prison was set on fire and the helpless prisoners burned to death. In Lutsk, 2,800 out of the 4000 inmates in NKVD prison were murdered and when the German 49th Army Corps occupied the Polish-Ukrainian city of Lvov, (now Limberg) around 2,400 dead bodies were discovered by troops.

Some were killed by hand-grenades thrown into their cells, but most killed by a shot in the back of the neck. In the cellars of the Brygidky Prison on Palczymska Street, 423 bodies were recovered. In the military prison at Samarstinov, 460 charred bodies were found, many showing signs of brutal torture. On June 26-27, 1941, some 520 Ukrainians were shot at Sambor, and at Zlochev, another 700, including the entire local intelligentsia were arrested and shot on July 16, 1941. At Kremenets, between 100 and 150 were killed and when the bodies were recovered some bodies were without skin, having been thrown into boiling water. Shortly after the occupation of the town of Vinnitsa in July, 1941, German troops discovered a mass grave containing 96 Ukrainian political prisoners. Three different locations were located in a pear orchard, 2kms outside the town, 38 mass graves were found in the old cemetery where 40 other graves were discovered and in the People's Park another 35. It was soon established that the victims had perished some five years before where most of the victims were land workers (Kulaks) who were classed as 'enemies of the people' who had resisted Stalin's collectivisation policies. In all Stalin murdered four times more people than Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao or Pinochet combined. During that same year German troops were to endure the first massacre in the town of Broniki where 180 German soldiers of the 2nd and 6th Infantry Regiments and the 5th Artillery Regiment were summarily executed by the Red Army.

In the Volhynia (Volyn) area of north western Ukraine, local Ukrainian nationalists formed themselves into a resistance army, the Ukrainian Uprising Army (UPA) to fight the Nazi occupiers. Unfortunately their anger turned against the local minority of some 346,000 Poles. In an attempt to drive all Poles out of Wolhynia and the Ukraine, in anticipation of an independent Ukrainian state after the war, the UPA started a war of ethnic cleansing that was to prove disastrous for both populations. The UPA marched from village to village and killed all civilians of Polish nationality. Some 167 towns and villages endured this orgy of slaughter. In the village of Poryck, 157 Polish civilians were shot while attending mass in the local Catholic church and these massacres continued for a year in the rural areas until all Polish residents were either killed or expelled from their homes. These ethnic massacres were completely ignored by the German occupation forces. The exact number of Poles murdered remains unknown but is estimated by a number of historians to be in the region of 35 to 60 thousand.

But joy of joys, it wasn't all one sided as in period around 20,000 Ukrainians were killed by Poles in this bout of ethnic cleansing. War crimes against the people of Poland is just a hint of the suffering imposed by Stalin's regime, plus of course having murdered eleven million of his own people. On April 13, 1990, fifty years after the massacre, KGB files revealed 21,857 Poles were shot as a result of Stalin's orders. In other parts of the Katyn Forest other graves were discovered containing the bodies of Russian political prisoners executed in pre-war days by the NKVD. It seems that the Katyn Forest was the main execution site for Stalin's secret police. The Polish people suffered to a similar degree as the Jews, but the irony is, the far greater proportion of their casualties were inflicted by the Soviets, a sad inditement considering we gave tacit consent for them to march into Poland and occupy it for years at the end of the war with Germany. So the puzzle remains, 'Why did we go to war to protect Polish democracy, when we sacrificed it and most of Eastern Europe, only six years later'?

Information collated from George Duncan's book ‘Lesser known facts of World War Two'

In the fullness of time ethnic cleansing became an almost sanitised word for mass slaughter and racist genocide and - as a nation we too bear the burden of guilt when expanding our own Empire over previous millennia. Had their experience with the British Empire been so negative we would hardly have enjoyed such massive and essential manpower support from the colonies. Regardless of race or politics particularly India boasted a long and distinguished history of military service for, and against the crown of England bearing in mind, we in their eyes, were no better than invaders ourselves. First signs of an active quest for Indian independence came at the end of the nineteenth century which changed its orientation toward a distinctive socialist aspiration in the thirties. Global conflict presented its people with a contrasting alternative to secure independence and how it responded to the challenge posed by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan was varied and radical. So, what choices did the people of India have? Japan's quest for dominance in the Far East was a direct challenge to the regional countries that were part of the British Empire, whilst Germany posed a direct threat to Great Britain the arch oppressor of the Indian continent. Would, or should the Indian citizen show loyalty to the Mother country or, that which poses a serious opportunity to depose it? Such a dilemma faced a great many Indian nationals when acknowledging the new threat to their continent and deciding which was the best of two evils. The truth is, nationals of India actually fought for, or with all three options (Japan, Germany or England) against foes for ideological reasons only the volunteers themselves can know, but, one truth prevails, they all believed their actions were in pursuance of an independent nation.

That said, choice of allegiances at the cessation of hostilities would have massively different ramifications by their own national government. There appears to have been a somewhat quirky interpretation of recognising Military service and to and for whom. For example, those that volunteered in support of invading Imperial Japanese forces were awarded state pensions, whereas those who fought to maintain freedom from Japanese rule and retain the status quo with Great Britain for some reason did not. Whereas loyal Indians to their own ruling government and to Great Britain, that fought against the Nazi's did receive recognition but pensions were less than their allied counterparts and as for those that served in the military for the Nazi's seem to have vanished into obscurity, their fate no doubt quite unsavoury. On a wider note Japan's invasion and occupation of smaller continents in the Far East such as Burma and Malaya at very least showed them that separation from the Empire was feasible. Independence seemed attainable when axis troops were expelled from their shores, where a return of the more traditional occupation of the British Empire would hardly be welcomed.

Back in Europe, every country that had been invaded and occupied by the Germans provided varying numbers of volunteer troops in the struggle against Communism, yet even in the mid term of war years (1942) when the German conquest was at its peak, the Nazi's chaired a meeting that became known as the 'Frankfurt Commission' EUropaische WirtschaftGemeinschaft which was later to enjoy a name change to that of the European Union or (Common Market) which now plys its influence across a broadening sphere of Europe. It was born in a time of extremes and desperation, when choices were stringently linked to the times in which they were set., but such a meeting aimed at evolving a future, positive Europe must have been sponsored by someone of substance and it is hard to imagine how such a concept would receive an amiable response and attitude when hosted in Nazi Germany, unless of course they provided some positive input into creating a new and stronger Europe.

Friendships were forged in the most awful of experiences, after all, look at us and the United States who at the outset maintained a separatist policy. Late entry into the Great War was a recent memory but salvation came from desperate allied need for supplies of every kind and American industry boomed on a lend lease policy. Prior to the US. declaring itself an ally with Great Britain, it made great profit out of its provision of essential supplies to our beleaguered nation but there was also a precursor set at the Atlantic Charter meeting prior to final agreement for the U.S. to enter the war. The American president Mr. Roosevelt voiced the condition that Britain put end its trade preferences with the Empire, which was to be renamed The Commonwealth. His words almost mockingly referred to "those little old Preferences of yours" whereby Churchill declared; "I believe Mr President that you are trying to do away with the British Empire! Every idea you entertain of the structure of the post-war world demonstrates it". Recognising that the U.S. had achieved a seriously damaging condition that even the Nazi's had failed to achieve, only a few weeks later Churchill was proclaiming himself Roosevelt's "ardent lieutenant" as convoys of war aid crossed the ocean from that time forward. Thus hostility to the Imperial preference system that was first realised at Ottawa in 1932, was now firmly established and would thus further advance American Imperialism. Meantime the United States became the richest nation in the world. Not only had they passed on to us a load of outdated semi abandoned naval vessels from the First World War, but we were contractually bound to pay for liberty ships as soon as their hull hit salt water. Bearing in mind their boast of speedy construction, conveyed largely with poor workmanship their confidence was boosted by the certainty that we were financially liable for all vessels, even when they split in two and sank whilst steaming across the Atlantic toward beleaguered Britain.

Essential supplies were transported by sea where on the first stage of their journey they were escorted by the US navy. That responsibility was passed on to Britain at a pre determined latitude mid way across the pond and on one such mission, the Royal Naval vessel HMS Bulldog on May 9th 1941 captured U 110 that had surfaced with a fully functioning 'enigma' code machine, along with a comprehensive guide to the formula of German military codes. This major discovery and seizure when added to the one handed over by Polish Intelligence services to the British prior to the war, (what a stroke of luck?) aided the code breakers in Bletchley Park quite considerably. The magnitude of this one event was recorded by Hollywood filming a story in which they faithfully recounted the capture of U571 by a U.S. Naval vessel and securing the enigma machine with a storyline full of contrivance, intrigue, romance and spy catcher elements, cleverly mingling truth and facts as the story unfolded. One pure piece of fiction, even deception, was how the Yanks shortened the war considerably by discovering the enigma machine and saved countless allied lives because of it and oh yes, one minor detail; it wasn't the Yanks at all, it is was us poor incompetent Brits. Meantime service personnel that survive to this day who were forced to endure the travesty of Hollywood's version of events in the film. Real facts allowed decoding of Axis High Command messages giving the allies a massive and highly important advantage that played a critical part in strategic planning throughout the war. In contrast it influenced a very specific decision taken at the highest levels of government, to ignore advance warning revealing the infamous Luftwaffe air raid on Coventry that levelled both the Cathedral and the city centre at great loss of life. It was seen as expedient to sacrifice Coventry rather than risk alerting the enemy to the fact the code had been broken, thus Fighter Command in this instance were not seen to fit the category 'need to know!'

An interesting aside to the US film was the implication that the United States may think twice about sending aid to Russia as it became known that the perpetrators of the massacre of hundreds of Polish Officers could easily be ancestors of immigrants that were now US citizens. Albeit with the interesting omission that as the war continued and for decades after the war, this massacre was declared a Nazi war crime and remained so until autopsies revealed the savagery of Russian occupation of half of Poland in September 1939. The United States was aware that the Berlin-Moscow axis was still solid and for as long as Russia had been spared the invasion of the German military machine, it knew the international lending houses would be content to reap the financial reward of the conflict between Germany and the British. Therefore US policy would continue to maintain isolationism until such time as Hitler reverted back to his highly publicised claim in Meine Kampf to secure lands for Germany in the east and that conquest was to begin on the 21st of June 1941.

Enough was enough, America needed to respond in kind to defend its prodigal child with investments having to be secured, thus the invasion in June 1941 had major impact upon the power elite in America. As a result the power elite instructed a deliberate policy of provocation to challenge designed to offend Japan in order to initiate the end-game. Plus there were odd acts of sabotage and explosives detonated in ships loading bays and cargoes but nothing of sufficient severity as to spark the fury of the sleeping giant. Pacifying reassurances to American Mothers had to be tempered by instigating an urgent and justifiable 'call to arms' and any real threat to the homeland from Nazi Germany was inconceivable, thus Japan would be duly enticed to react. With cunning deliberation embassy memo's were forwarded with poorly concealed antagonism emphasising points to challenging Japanese psyche. Deliberately, using terminology that was little more than a direct challenge an anticipated response was provoked. The attack on America was by no means a surprise; the US., High Command had turned a deaf ear to the information afforded it by British Intelligence on the 3rd of December 1941 informing it of the embarkation of a Japanese task force sailing meaningfully eastward toward the US naval base at Pearl Harbour. Mysteriously the American Pacific Fleet were anchored at Pearl Harbour, albeit the High Command did take the fortuitous decision to embark their aircraft carrier fleet to sea duties and away from the threatened safe haven in Hawaii. The only other indication of pending threat was that all other US bases were advised of the movement of the Japanese fleet, all other bases that is except one, Pearl Harbour! Thus the so called 'unprovoked attack' was of sufficient scale to end the isolationism and gain home-based support for a war that until now, was little more than a highly profitable money making exercise and the loss of two thousand four hundred American casualties at Pearl Harbour was of no consequence whatsoever to the global planners.

Meantime the economic embargo significance was so severe as to influence Winston Churchill to inform President Roosevelt in mid 1941 that Britain too would declare war on Japan in the event of that condition prevailing with the United States, a declaration made months in advance of the actual attack. Whereby such an act hardly conceals the profiteering US industry had committed to concerning their intense economic investment and commitment that prevailed at that time.


On the evening of December 7th His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom learned that Japanese forces without previous warning either in the form of a declaration of war or of an ultimatum with a conditional declaration of war had attempted a landing on the coast of Malaya and bombed Singapore and Hong Kong. In view of these wanton acts of unprovoked aggression committed in flagrant violation of International Law and particularly of Article I of the Third Hague Convention relative to the opening of hostilities, to which both Japan and the United Kingdom are parties, His Majesty's Ambassador at Tokyo has been instructed to inform the Imperial Japanese Government in the name of His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom that a state of war exists between our two countries. I have the honour to be, with high consideration,


Your obedient servant,

Winston S. Churchill[

What a convenient coincidence that these alleged surprise attacks occurred concurrently , whereby the American President would declare almost melo-dramatically in response to the “surprise” attack he proclaimed, "a date which will live in infamy". How apt a declaration that would demonstrate over the course of time that not only was the British Empire marked for liquidation, but also the Dutch Empire in the East Indies and the French Empire in Indo-China and Africa. Meanwhile Britain made minor concessions, for example freedom of thought and independence and willingly adopting the role of lap dog to International Finance and effectively another unwritten state of the United States of America. This, along with demands of purchasing their redundant webbing primarily suitable for their own remodelled military weapons, did fill a gap in the badly provided equipment for the Home Guard. But! At the same time, I fail to see how America supplying ball bearings to another European company, called Heinkel was contributing to democracy and freedom. Those American ball bearings kept Heinkel bombers in flight over the skies of England for three long, besieged years, as well as the terror that rained from above over Europe and Spain before it. But perhaps the most foreboding or ironic twist was the financial support offered by I.G.Farben into German development factories including the production of Zyklon B as a potential weapon of war. That said, its prolific use in 'Death Camps' was not elevated to industrial murder until 1942, but its invention had hardly any other application. For two years prior to American official involvement, it was seen as acceptable that a mutual agreement of purpose, expansion, profit and design, occurred between John Rockerfellers US based Standard Oil company and I.G.Farben. Equally so, investigating this political union was conveniently dropped in 1941, along with dozens of others linked to different industrial interests at risk of revelation due to the need to enlist industrial support for the war effort now that America was actually on the same side as European allies.

War on Japan was ratified, Germany's response in kind was clearly anticipated, thus the first acts of military strategy imposed by America, was the instruction to open a second front to relieve the besieged Soviets. Having said that, have no delusions about it, American service personnel fought as bravely and tenaciously as their British counterparts, they died as colourfully too and without them, the war would no doubt have been lost, but then that's why they were there, to set the stage for the next European conquest to support the expansionism of the Soviet Union and American Imperialism. Of course isolating the significance of the opening hostilities of war would quite naturally lead a writer to catalogue a long list of casualties and events that occurred during the six years of hostility, but the truth is, the real significance of my documentation is the lies and deceptions revolving around the Polish invasion and the blatant lie that ensued regarding maintenance of their freedom and independence. That said, the ending is of equal significance regarding the shaping of an empire, primarily the Soviet Union and America dividing up the rest of the western world.

However, not wishing to belittle the horror and suffering that occurred during that six years of global warfare, it is an interesting fact that the Royal Navy attacked the French fleet at Mers-el-Kebir in 1940 because Churchill feared it would fall into the hands of the Nazi Kriegsmarine (Navy). This attack cost the lives of 1,297 innocent French mariners but that palled into insignificance during the conduct of war as allied bombing raids on France cost a further 68,778 casualties, which seems a trifle odd as they were on our side. But don't let me digress from the overall picture where a mere 60 million lost their lives. It still remains a fact that the nation that suffered the first invasion launching the world into war, was to suffer a further betrayal of western political engineering when deciding its fate upon cessation of hostilities.

Having suffered probably more than any other country under Nazi occupation Mikolajczyk, Prime Minister of the Polish Government in exile, heard rumours of the projected carving-up of his country. In response to which he hastily crossed the Atlantic seeking reassurances from the American President, of which Roosevelt had no compunction in advancing the knowledge. The Poles, he was told, need have no fear. At the end of the war their pre-war frontiers would be restored. With which he advanced his personal guarantee.' Not long after Mikolajczyk attended the Moscow Conference and was amazed to find the partitioning of Poland taken for granted, with Russia expanding further upon possession of the half they had previously occupied in September 1939. When confronted by this betrayal Stalin wasted no time in declaring "All this was settled at Tehran". Shocked and dismayed he was unwilling to believe Roosevelt could have told him a bare-faced lie, and Mikolajczyk desperately seeking reassurance turned to Averell Harriman, the President's representative, but he looked away, then turning to Churchill who whispered gravely: "That is so”

Stunned the Polish Premier declared he could not be a party to the betrayal of his country, whereby Stalin brought the session to an abrupt end. Then back in the ante-room reserved for Western Allies, Churchill turned a furious eye on Mikolajczyk and told him angrily he was endangering allied relationships and that he ought to be in a criminal lunatic asylum. There would be no difficulty regarding the Polish frontiers, he asserted. he would himself give orders to the British Ambassador in Warsaw to see that the Polands frontiers were restored to those of post war Europe of 1939. Unimpressed, the Polish Prime Minister asked to be parachuted into Warsaw so he could die fighting the enemy instead of being shot by the Russians in front of the British Embassy. At this point, he records in his autobiography, Churchill turned unhappily away. Thus this sad glimpse of Winston Churchill clearly proves he was fully aware of perceived treachery. The war had started in order to preserve the freedom of the Polish people yet Stalin's armed forces occupied all of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, and numerous small nations swallowed by the 'Russian bear' in 1945 making up what was to become known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Russia. In all the Poles suffered a recorded 6,000,000 deaths being 16% of its population but as to which of the invading force these casualties can be assigned is not recorded, or more accurate to say, not publicly available, but it has to be said that half those deaths occurred in the death camps, be they German or Russian

Concentrating on the Polish debacle does not denigrate the single most horrendous revelation of the Second World War as the Nazi's attempted to systematically annihilate whole races and groups of people even though this was not the Nazi's first choice having attempted to expel many Jews prior to 1939 but country after country rejected them, including the UK as well as the U.S. An attempt was even made to transport them to Palestine but that too was rejected out of hand. In essence the Illuminati knew the average Jew had a major role to play in long term planning and to their eternal remorse and pain that role was fulfilled. It seems utterly inconceivable that Zionism as a branch of the Illuminati and best part Jewish could wantonly sacrifice their own people in the death camps, but the truth is, the rank and file Jew is as irrelevant to them as the gentiles or goyim (goys or the modern slang word guys). Which incidentally means sub humans. In effect the holocaust advanced the collective Illuminati/Zionist cause more than any other aspect contributing to the establishment of the new state of Israel. Politically it was secured by the Balfour Treaty of 1948 with complete disregard for centuries of conflict and hostility with its Arab neighbours. Indignation and shock regarding mass graves and atrocities conducted by Nazi Germany, were still being discovered after three years of European peace. Prior to that and before public knowledge of death camps was revealed, there prevailed in Germany a poverty of all the essential services required to sustain human life. The allies conducted such an efficient war of attrition we completely destroyed the nations ability to provide the most basic amenities of food, health, and welfare and its people suffered deprivation unknown since medieval times. And without presenting this fact as an excuse, is it really so strange that if they could not feed themselves, they would not feed others?

There does however, exist holocaust deniers of which I am not one! I do however clarify that the six million included Gypsy's, disabled, mentally ill, political opponents and other individuals unacceptable to the National Socialist ideology. Which does nothing to diminish the magnitude of the crime against humanity, nor does it justify the callous sacrifice imposed upon them by globalist power brokers. However, give some thought to another fact that came out of that war. Jewish genocide began upon the orders of a deranged lunatic that presided over the slow and painful destruction of his own country ‘Germany'. Yet would we be so bold as to confirm the sanity of Roosevelt in discussion with ‘Uncle' Joe Stalin when discussing the calculated murder of 50,000 German officers. Revelations of such intent occurred over a dinner conference that was so evil in content, it caused Churchill to storm from the building, refusing to have any part of their demonic intentions that were to prove only too true at the end of European hostilities.

So what price freedom? What was the war really all about, Polish freedom? A great many facts and details centre around Poland and there remains a great number of books covering the horror and mayhem that I have barely touched upon. But thankfully it came to its inevitable end and reconstruction would prove as profitable as war. Rebuilding produces employment and sense of purpose at all levels of society. Development on a clean sheet offers opportunities unbounded, whereas political change and international inter dependence presents diversity, variety and prosperity for all! In theory building a new future should encompass free trade and mutual respect as the first foundation of hope. But the truth is the circumstances and contrivances of this war in particular leave an ominous and malignant set of questions where gradual release of revelations are proving to be both shocking and above all, suspicious. Such inhumanity further fuelled by Eisenhower's regular declaration of his hatred of anything German, including the Germanic inference of his own surname. His racist obsession extended to eighty year old men and six year old children, all constrained in poorly created P.O.W. compounds holding hundreds of thousands of crippled, paraplegic, emaciated and starving ex service personnel who had surrendered to allied forces during 1944/45. Even more disturbing was the deliberate policy of ill treatment afflicted upon internees during this time, leading to the simplistic statistic that more German service personnel perished in Prisoner of War camps in the year following the end of the war than those killed during all the years of hostilities in the European theatre since 1939. Having read and re-read that last sentence, I still find it inadequate to emphasise the horror inflicted by both sides during that period, but the whole thing was a result of deliberate manipulation and deception.

On a broader note it presents the very worst in human kind and not just the Nazi's, after all they had their paymasters at the outset, but at the time of the end game, those charged with defeating National Socialism emulated them by turning a blind eye to the continuing death and destruction meted out to one and a half million Germans in the year following the end of the war. Acts of cruelty were excused under the blanket cover of revenge, which I am nervous to add at this time, might well however unfounded as a defence made by Adolf Hitler in his anti Semitism; so what justification is there in revenge, the possible worst of all human debasements. A reader might well sit back aghast at my audacity in making comparisons with our victory over the Nazi's, after all we were guilty of carrying out policies linked to genocide of a whole race of people with our thousand bomber air raids. Then at wars end Eisenhowers orders regarding maltreatment of surrendered axis troops at Sinzic camp resulted in the death of three quarters of million German prisoners who perished in the year directly following the Armistice. To say nothing of tacit consent for the communist regime to place its hefty boot on most of Eastern Europe by the prime movers of western democracy giving it its blessing. Meanwhile we are force fed continuous reference to the holocaust to justify the vilification of any that dare make reference to nationalism or patriotism and labelling them fascist.

In all, two million Germans are estimated to have perished due to maltreatment, recorded between the peacetime year of 1945 and 1946, with a further 167,000 German P.O.W.'s perishing due to ill treatment in France between 1945 and 1948. And when the sheer magnitude of this heinous crime became known, American P.O.W. figures and statistics simply disappeared in a vain attempt to conceal the horror. Revenge killings too have been registered to the number of 2.1 million following the end of hostilities against German civilians who had been residents in particular of Eastern European countries. Jews were not the only victim of genocide, as evidence slowly emerges prominent allied commanders engaged that same attitude toward Germans, regardless of age, gender, or even, had they even been in military service? So which empire building nation bears the most guilt? The crime conducted against the German people is not far short of the crime that they had been accused of; it was equally calculated and equally deliberate. Of course the first victim of war is the truth, especially when conveyed by the victor, but these statistics hardly support the hysteric justification that the war was due to the Concentration Camps, however obscene they actually were. Meantime, leaping through time to the twenty first century finds the United States creating internment camps as a matter of national policy which might seem a trifle curious? This numbers in excess of sixteen hundred such camps and their purpose although a mystery, is none the less ominous.

(Statistical information collated from the excellent magazine 'Uncensored' available from Ian R Cranes' web site and George Duncan's book ‘Lesser known facts of World War Two' & James Bacque's book ‘Other losses).

Progress of warlike activity seems a profound contradiction of terms. Gains, successes and victories at such cost are measured only by cessation of conflict, retribution and plain and simple revenge, closeted by ancient feuds and rivalries. But, how does a person measure the actual gain at the end of a war, especially the victims throughout the continent of Europe and a fair degree of the Far East? Freedom, democracy and the right to live a life of choice and free will are wonderful ideals, albeit shrouded in the rubble of bomb sites and destruction of industry, farm land and reasonable living conditions? Still, ever upwards, life goes on, it can't get any worse, can it? We now live with the acceptable, global police force with military installations in more than 150 countries, far more than say the Romans at the height of their empire and I can't help wondering, did the indigenous peoples of that time welcome the law and order imposed by Rome and are we of similar mind when considering the extent of deception and lies that have taken us to this point in time?

I find it really difficult trying to concentrate on logging such controversial facts regarding the Second World War and do it dispassionately and without emotion. It leaves me wondering whether years of almost obsessive study of this period has actually scarred my mind and spirit, or that there is truth in the reincarnation experience I have previously documented and thus scars are more literal and embedded in my genetic memory. All I do know is, this nation should never have gone to war, but it did; and it fought and suffered immeasurably against massive odds and often superior technology to say nothing of tactics and to some extent resolve. In addition to which our freedom was bought at the expense of our empire, which was never challenged by of Nazi design's.

The Germans should never have gone to war and perhaps tried to negotiate the recovery of satellite states that it had lost after the Great War. And if the world had found a way to avert global war I feel sure pressure could have been applied to terminate racial tension and persecution, even including the creation of a homeland to avert the horrors of genocide. Such speculation might have brought the world to a better place, because despite contemporary records; take out the racial hatred from the politics and concentrate on national reconstruction, and Nazi Germany might well have prospered and perhaps exported its more positive traits to other nations willing to receive them. Of course this is all so simplistic and rife with what ifs? But I am unashamedly proud of the achievement of my own nations people during that war and for better or worse they fought for freedom and democracy and to preserve a way of life that I fear now has been sacrificed anyway. But they didn't know that at the time! Sadly it has become evident that some, were beginning to realise in their twilight years that their struggle for conservation proved a lost cause. Understanding this nation survived under the shadow of the swastika, yet damned itself to suffer the gradual erosion and loss of independence under the glare of an ally whose intentions differ very little to those of a host of former conquests.

Perhaps an appropriate illustration is a conversation I overheard whilst visiting Germany, where a young German stated quite aggressively that we should leave his country having occupied it since 1945. The reply came as a bit of a surprise, recounting how we too have been occupied since 1942 and that now we were little more than a front line military outpost for the Imperial state of America. And sadly, having served some time with the military I can confirm we remain little more than the first line of defence if a war should break out with Russia. But what does all this mean, what is right and what is wrong? Well that's the million dollar question, the only thing I am certain of, is that we have been fed a slow and deliberate diet of lies for centuries, we have had ancient history edited and modern history remoulded to suit political aims that make the threat identified by George Orwell to be little more than comic book. How we fight it, or more importantly how we defeat it, is that we learn the truth and that revelation, study and research has at long last started even if a trifle overdue. But all those people that fought for freedom and democracy can't have died for nothing regardless of race or nation, all of them believed in what they fought for ... and it was a lie, a criminal lie, but it can't have been for nothing, we can't let it!

Feb 01, '14

In this we see that the real war is and has always been between psychotic reptilian minded entities and humanity.

Murdering in the name of corporate profit is the norm for these entities.

Sep 27, '16
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