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Nov 05, '13

To mould a whole planet into a subservient fiefdom does not happen overnight and has taken millennia to establish blood lines. Plus it was expedient to instigate a common denominator designed to dumb down the populace into a receptive, willing servitude, to establish and utilize a theology that was founded upon decency and good will. What better vehicle of inseption than a religion and Messiah modelled around a multitude of differing myths and legends, rounded off and presented to all and sundry as a religion and call it Christianity. Still subject to annexes and offshoots it ensures at the outset, regardless of how disjointed, or unharmonious the belief system is, it persists even whilst subject to elusive, fragmented ideology. To bring this about there existed distinct political motivation that heavily influenced the Council of Nicaea's decision in the 4th century, where the selected word of God was agreed and put to print as its interpretation of the first official Bible. Furthermore the principle behind these words would sustain sermons and preachings to substantiate the steady growth and expansion of the prescribed religion across a wide and varied spectrum. Even still, millenia moved on and human aspirations would continue to cause question as to differing interpretation in order to substantiate continuity along with daily practice.

Further quest to interpret, translate or initiate Christian ideology by political means some might say, was accelerated by social revelations of Friedrich Engels in 1844. At the same time a principle founder of a major branch of a predominant bloodline Theodore Herzl, was to establish a firm directive and modus operandi in 1891 as a direct response to avert future generations enduring persecution as had those before him as anti-Semitism. Yet. by the time these ideologies and concepts could evolve to varying degrees of fruition, the globe had been explored, exploited and raped. Subdued with covert domination one dynasty fought another, as global ambition settled upon less hostile means recognizing further expansion could be secured by simple inter-marriage thus serving less visible political intrigue. Confidence in the asserted sense of direction and purpose through Royal houses and national leaders would assert significant pressure on a populace laced with tradition and inherent loyalty. Further influence would be spread amidst independent European nations boasting different sized empires such as those of Holland, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. European nationalities retained a firm grip on dominions open to trade and exploration and furthermore be sympathetic in providing martial defence to protect their interests and domination. However, most Heads of State rested easy in the knowledge that heads of house or Royalty would assimilate through marriage and pedigrees that would ensure the status quo may simply be subject to reshuffling but sustain vested interests. Meantime across a broad oceanic expanse an embryonic empire was struggling to establish stability whilst casting an envious yet enterprising eye toward nations of ancestral birth and homeland yet knowing this new and fledgling national identity would break free of constrained, long established loyalties and subsequently be more than able to expand the opportunity to forge and impose its own agenda in fast succession with impunity.

The blossoming empire recognised a most fortuitous opportunity to forge an unassailable home base to ensure security, whilst orchestrating expanding, changing events from afar. Utilising their distant geographic location they could defend the foundation of a new homeland that would boast supreme military power globally at the same time imposing its influence and will upon foreign governments to bring about change in their own favour. Such convenient and secure reassurance of covert method that had previously been shrouded in secrecy, was now open to technical progress through the global resource of the internet. Moreso it rested with confidence in the knowledge that the rest of the world looked on in envy as well as expressing a willingness to share in its individual security through the sheer might of its armed services. Thereby it recognised its profound ability to protect its own geographic boundaries, yet enjoy the unseen and secure patronage of a truly global power that outstripped any allegiance or collective force raised in opposition to it. Prior to this silent incursion, empires were no longer sacrosanct and the land mass this embryonic nation could command was not unlike the collective ground mass occupied at the prime of the Roman empire, an empire that had culturally been a distant and historic mentor. Rome had introduced the first global currency utilising fiscal control through Latin numeracy which in time would be superseded by digital counters. But more importantly humanities need to sustain a recognised currency was born out of greed and quest to maintain control and dominion. At the same time formulating a legal system that would evolve from the Roman legacy for millennia. Furthermore to expand formidable political objectives would be built upon the backs of subjugated peoples whilst reaping reward from afar in security and comfort. Personal benefit could also be secured as incentive for good service, citizenship could be awarded for long term military service, otherwise personal sponsorship of wealthy Romans could also prevail in order to embrace recognised talent and valued expertise.

Whilst making comparison of historical events that influenced contemporary ambition of those fiddling with history and utilizing its better points, it became evident that illustrating the extent of control could be conveyed through a simple time-line, thus it could reveal a jealouslly guarded agenda of the Roman Catholic Church that simply replaced the diminishing power of a single Caesar and senate. Furthermore a Biblical time-line could sponsor designed creationism whilst it also provided a guide around which to explore and contain scientific discovery linked to evolution. Prior to which, mans activity was measured by the sun and astrological movements and if that were a practical recognition of nature and more pagan belief systems, then it gave the Roman overlords scant motivation in which to change it. Accepting this premise it appeared quite logical that any measure or formulation of a recognised constant, would be centred on the new belief system, thus affixing and revolving around the Christian calender of events and celebrations. Time became a mechanical measure, and a means by which to construct some idea of design and structure, but did it really give accurate credence to historical events. Especially as those very mechanics would make adjustments that completely disrupted the concept of anniversaries, or dates of major events and coninuity.

However to offer an example of how academics view the written word, a very good friend achieved a diploma in history having explored and finally coming to terms with his tutors declaration that the only accurate fact regarding history is the date of recorded events. Any further information is heavily influenced by personal bias, religion, political overtone, or simple market forces. Yet further exploration reveals this revelation is also inaccurate when considering the impact the Gregorian calender had upon dates and anniversaries after it was adopted in1582, because the truth was, or so the Holy Roman See would have it, time was slipping by eleven minutes during the annual movement of the vernal equinox in a most inconvenient manner and to redress this, they decided to simply adjust time to ensure Christian anniversaries and events were recorded and celebrated as a constant. Three centuries after the death of Jesus The Christ, Rome was undergoing a most disruptive, almost anarchic change in terms of governance. Dissatisfaction in the single role of Caesar was increasing whereby the prospect of creating and imposing a spiritual eminence made the adoption of Christianity as both appealing perhaps even essential to survival. The persecution of Christians diminished and the word of God began to present an opportunity for centralised control by the newly augmented Holy See of Rome simply to dictate, oversee and guide the direction of Christian expansion. In ascertaining a firm basis of control by religious leaders they acknowledged that expansion of a single belief system was more readily acceptable to the rank and file, whilst deliberately adopting pagan aspects, they also embraced astrological orientations which made the new faith more readily acceptable to the greater majority of non believers. The prime directive of the all male council was jealously guarding their own positions of prominence, declaring gender segregation also extended to careful selection of favoured gospels. Meantime Gospels that were excluded by the Nicaean Council included those of Simon Peter, Mary Magdalene, and Judas Iscariot; disciples one might be forgiven for thinking were paramount individuals in the creation and delivery of the new word of the new religion.

(Even accepting they were not considered the real authors of aproved gospels would probably never be identified, as it was common practice in ancient times for anonymous authors to sometimes ascribe their books to famous people in an effort to gain acceptance, publicity and written authority).

Modern Ecclesiastic prejudices dismissed discoveries in 1896 of the Gospel of Mary whereby the Professor of Divinity at Harvard Divinity School stated that the original gospel was presented on 5th-century papyrus. Codex and written in Greek some time during the time of Christ. Even still learned scholars disagreed with her conclusion and dated it to the 2nd century quite simply to justify its exclusion. Thus, they satisfied their own conclusion knowing that three centuries after Jesus lived, the First Council of Nicaea was given the task of separating divinely inspired writings from those in their dubious, questionable opinion as of unsuitable origin. Such decisions were not well served under a cloud of intolerance, persecution, jealousy or dissension. As far as Emporer Constantine was concerned, he didn't care what they believed in as long as they agreed on a common core of belief following the dictate a single carefully monitored book of sacred writings, the official Bible. Principle need being to secure absolute authority in this instance administered by the Church, encouraged further by the ecclesiastic language of Latin.

Additional control would be constrained through calculated censorship of gospel revelations on quite major elements such as reincarnation and many spiritual encounters were secured further by simple exclusion of supposed prophets. Dictatorial expulsion was further enforced by literally destroying ancient scrolls and books, extending to a known 300 versions of the Bible, consigned to destruction by fire. At the same time superficially they adoped elements of Hellenic paganism practised widely in Rome and Greece. Mysticism was further nurtured in the ecclesiastical language of Latin and in the UK the matter of translating the Bible from Latin to English in the 16th century occurred in a location and worst place possible, where an indigenous dialect was under attack and English was little more than a second language. Strength of feeling fuelled a peasant revolt in the Devonshire village of Sampford Courtney, where, the day after the new prayer book came into force the villagers demanded their priest refer back to the old Latin service book. Effectively citizens of that county rejected the abandonment of traditional language in place of an alien dialect, effectively consigning the word of God as all but secondary to maintaining the status quo.

It does however remain a fact that time is measured against Biblical dictates therefore established as a solid means of measure for mainstream belief. Britain adopted the Gregorian calender in 1752 ; which brought into line a variance of eleven days since the birth of Christ. It also paved the way for almost all the significant Christian anniversaries to concur quite conveniently, overlayed with the greater majority of firmly established days of the Pagan calender. No longer would the populace pay homage to the Pagan Goddess Ostara, it would become Easter with similarity of name being more than coincidental. Convenience provided a date to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus and as for the birth of the saviour, it too was brought into line with the Winter Solstice founded around the pagan God Saturn on the 21st of December. Whilst on a mundane level, daily recollections of time would be measured by Pagan dieties that donate their names to days of the week such as . Tiw - Tuesday. Woden -Wednesday. Thor - Thursday and Frigg or Freya – Friday.

Having embarked upon measured account of Biblical inaccuracies or idiosyncrasies, I simply identify known facts to show history according to the Christian doctrine is at very least flawed and extremely prejudice. Furthermore blind faith of the 'creationist' lobby seem more than able to completely ignore or excuse the evidence of archaeological discoveries to a point that is sadly ridiculous. Proof meanwhile on spiritual levels remains frustratingly distant and unique to the individual. Ecclesiastical frustration is further increased by continuing discoveries and archaeological finds presenting hard and fast scientific revelations to dispute the 'creationist' lobby. Archaeology has proven homo sapient existed at the same time as Neanderthal man and the Darwinian evolution of man is far less solid than previously accepted even accepting the 'missing link' remains allusive and undiscovered. . Ironically if evolutionist were to regain lost ground it might well add fuel to racist claims of superiority albeit science has not declared predominant racial grouping or characteristics in recent discoveries, unless of course they have been silenced in the spirit and dictate of political correctness?

On a far broader historical reflection can there possibly be a more mammoth lie than that which has been perpetrated since the induction of the Christian Faith. That lie, when considering the pre-determined measure of time and history has denied every human being on this earth a true insight into their mutual heritage and historical development since the very birth of humanity, which at long last is no longer simplified by the 'creationist' and 'evolutionist' lobbies. . Setting aside any judgement, criticism or denial of the value or the human quality of Christian faith, its dictatorial implementation over the centuries is rightly condemned when remembering the 'Inquisition' or the obscenity of 'witch trials'. Never was there a more vicious and prolific opportunity to vent personal anger and prejudice until perhaps the Second World War when likened to the holocaust, but where does such condemnation fit where the allies applied a similar obscenity against capitulated Germans in the first few years after the end of hostilities in Europe, a shocking fact, very carefully concealed and almost totally unrecorded in the anal of history.

If there was any doubt that religion has had major influence over national politics the most prolific denomination came out of Rome and affected the most significant date in English history of 1066. William the Bastard of Normandy sent a banner to the Vatican to secure Papal blessing and thus ensure Christian recruitment throughout western Europe was assured on what was presented as a holy crusade against the pagan English. Then, setting aside the odd inquisition just under one thousand years later Adolf Hitler, a Catholic received tacit acceptance of his policies quite simply to preserve untouched the independence of the Vatican making no official remonstration reflecting his quest to eliminate all but those not of the true faith. At wars end the Catholic church gained further notoriety for the protecting of and safe transit of Nazi officials and officers into hiding but victors write the history books whilst administrators of that faith became synonymous with child molestation and sexual perversions.

Having served its purpose, powerbrokers would generate a time and world where Christianity would slip into decline, along with moral standards and mutual respect . Secretly, passively this would emerge through every mouth and every thought in the minds of babes. First senses would be influenced by the very fluctation of language and personal reference through education, after all they would not even realise it was happening. And as language changed, the propagators could put it down to natural process and terminology could evolve into fear based democracy to support and enforce political correctness. Visual marks of respect for national institutions declined into triviality, standing to attention when hearing the National Anthem simply filtered into obscurity just as playing it at the end of the days TV or big screen film. These symbols of national character and respect seem insignificant nowadays but in terms of respect and recognition, they accompany the gradual and deliberate depletion of simple things such as politeness, courtesy and discipline being no longer fashionable. Further to which the moral fibre of a once proud nation is purposefully diminished. Petty terms in school were abolished with militaristic overtones such as Physical Training, Christianity as the principle faith of the United Kingdom decreased alongside Church attendances and religious ethics simply watered down amidst the cosmopolitan input of immigrant religions and alien beliefs of our forefathers. What is more, accepting this green and pleasant land has been host to many cultures over the millennia and absorbed them into our culture over the fullness of time, now the instigators of insane levels of immigration are covertly responsible for perpetuating the concept of 'divide and rule', whilst enjoying isolation in the imposition of their will.

Having addressed just a few contradictions of the Bible I have no real wish to embark upon further discrediting the admirable concept of Christian belief. But it can't be denied it remains composed of highly censored and selective words and stories written over hundreds of years and a time span that bears no comparison to the real measure of earth’s existence and human development. Only these last decades have revealed cultures and societies long extinct, with evidence of existence laying deep beneath earth’s oceans, or buried under earth’s natural geographic upheavals. I dare not even presume to touch upon lost cultures and civilizations we are recently discovering, as it is hard and complex enough a story to come to grips with my own nations heritage along with all the influences that have made it what it is today. Even ignoring the times we refer to as 'stone-age' or bronze age' there is strong evidence to suggest that these over simplified terms refer to a time designed to conceal lost civilizations by awaiting archaeological proof that can uproot modern mans perception of history and the history of this planet.

Interestingly the power of the Roman church remained unchallenged in England until a single regent sought to divorce Catherine of Aragon and then remarry to secure his Royal right and expectation to continue his dynasty through a son and heir. What many history books don't tell us is that according to the bible 'a man may not marry the widow of his brother. Leviticus 21..14'. Henry's quest to annul his marriage conformed with Biblical dictate and the Pope had no right to override Gods laws. Not for the first time, Biblical accuracy was superimposed by Papal, political dictate. Thus Henry’s wife Catherine of Aragon being the former wife of his older brother Arthur, having failed to bear him a son, was dismissed, and at the age of forty two Henry’s illegitimate relationship with Ann Boleyns resulted in pregnancy. The Royal rejection of Papal dictate gave vent to the disillusionment of the monasteries by parliament passing an act of Supremacy in 1534 making Henry the Head of the English church and separating England from Papal authority finalised by the Second Suppression Act in 1539. The Church of England was born and financially supported by securing confiscated lands and church properties on a massive scale, at the same time adding to the gratuitous swelling of the Royal purse.

However, bringing us up to date it remains the greater majority of global non Christian religions believe in reincarnation but in 325AD the Council of Nicaea assembled to clarify and identify ecclesiastic doctrine and quite simply banish one aspect of belief shared by many across the world that was considered a threat to the concept of heaven following humans earthly demise.

Reincarnation has always been a part of Jewish and Christian history. In fact, orthodox Judaism still teaches reincarnation. A large number of early Christians were believers in reincarnation. Most bishops of the early church were pagan by birth and were well educated in the reincarnation ideas. But ideas concerning reincarnation were suppressed by the Church in the West, probably for political reasons, and in the name of "orthodoxy" the Church destroyed the writings and persecuted the Christian believers in reincarnation. But despite the historical changes of New Testament canon, a large amount of references to reincarnation can still be found there. These believers were Christian Gnostic s and they claimed to possess the secret teachings and mysteries of resurrection that was handed down directly from the apostles. According to these mysteries, resurrection was not a physical event at all, but a spiritual event of spiritual rebirth and regeneration by the Holy Spirit within a living believer which liberates them from reincarnation. The Christian Gnostic s also believed that Roman orthodoxy (which was based primarily on Pauline Christianity rather than the Christianity taught by Peter and James) held a definition of "resurrection" which was a vulgarization and a misinterpretation of the mysteries of Christ which he taught only to the apostles and not the public at large. These mysteries, which even Paul mentions in his epistles, concerns a believer's liberation from death and rebirth through the spiritual resurrection of a believer from spiritual death to spiritual life by the Holy Spirit. Bodily resurrection involves corpses crawling out of graves. Spiritual resurrection involves a spiritually "dead" person becoming spiritually regenerated, spiritual awakened, spiritually born again, and liberated from reincarnation.

Behold I shew you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on in corruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. So when this corruptible shall have put on in corruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory.

O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?"

Bible: 1 Corinthians (15:51-55) (stating the immortality of Soul)

"And when the sons of the prophets which were to view at Jericho saw him, they said 'The spirit of Elijah doth rest on Elisha'. And they came to meet him and bowed themselves to the ground before him." Bible: 2 Kings (2:15) (implying that Elisha was the reincarnation of Elijah)

Interpretations of the Bible being as varied as they are, are not best assisted by radical interpretation having direct impact upon politics and attitudes favouring one religious sect or another, especially if it is negative, yet that human frailty or weakness has persisted since the very first meetings of the council.

Further use to the detriment of others is demonstrated by political extremes that evolved in the twentieth century and expanded through extreme fundamentalism that was greatly elevated by publicity and sensationalism. However historically it seems pertinent to record that as far back as 1075 it was documented with concern as to the experiential growth of one particular group engaged primarily in banking and monetary control as seen as unsavoury and it was further noted this was almost totally controlled by a minority of Jews residing in England from Oxford. For more than a century English Jews were not confined to ghettos, unlike many of their European counterparts and eyewitness accounts report that Jews and non-Jews visited each other's houses, indicating that they lived side by side in relative harmony. Even still they were not considered to be citizens and viewed as outsiders often barred from many professions simply because of their religion. Only Christians could belong to the artisan guilds -- the professional associations of the era, or even own land, which left Jews with few means of earning a living outside of monedy making. Christians, however, were not permited to lend money with interest, thus many Jews earned a lucrative living in this field and were known as usurers, a far more unsavoury term than its use and modern conotation .

This profession was not a sure path to riches, as debts often had a way of going unpaid, yet Jewish lenders often had to become their own debt collector, and in trying to regain the debt owed to them, frequently leaving them a target of resentment. As usury was a profession comprised exclusively of Jews, religion eventually became the focus of much of this bad feeling. Recounting the resentment centred around usury extends after the Crusades, through Tudor times and onward into global influence of today’s world. However to try and understand the sheer depth and longevity of what has become politically loaded as 'the Jewish question' I offer an extract recently written by Abram Leon.

In England, in the period of King Henry II (second half of the twelfth century) they are already involved up to the hilt in usury They are generally very rich and their clientèle is composed of the great landed proprietors. The most famous of these Jewish bankers was a certain Aaron of Lincoln, very active at the end of the twelfth century. King Henry II alone owed him one hundred thousand pounds, a sum equal to the annual budget of the Kingdom of England at this time.

Thanks to the extremely high rate of interest-it fluctuated between 43 and 86 percent—a large number of estates of the nobility had passed into the hands of the Jewish usurers. But they had powerful associates and—exacting ones. If the kings of England supported the business of the Jews, it was because it constituted a very important source of revenue for them. All loans made with the Jews were registered in the Scaccarium Judaeorum [Exchequer of the Jews] and were assessed a tax of 10 percent in behalf of the royal treasury But this legal contribution was far from sufficient for the kings. Any pretest was good enough for despoiling the Jews and the income from their usury continually contributed to enlarging the royal treasury. It was particularly bad for the Jews to have the kings as important debtors. The rich banker Aaron of Lincoln found this out in 1187 when the King of England confiscated his property.

The dispossessed nobility would avenge itself by organizing massacres of the Jews. In 1189, the Jews were massacred in London, Lincoln, and Stafford. A year later, the nobility, led by a certain Malebys, destroyed the Scaccarium Judaeorum of York. The notes were solemnly burned. The Jews, besieged in the château, committed suicide. But the king continued to protect them even after their death .... He demanded payment to himself of the sums due the Jews, by virtue of the fact that the Jews were the “slaves of his treasury.” Special employees were ordered by him to make an exact list of all the debts.

At the beginning of the thirteenth century the king granted a “Magna Carta” to the nobility which brought certain improvements in the sphere of loans. Nevertheless, in 1262 and in 1264, new disturbances broke out against the Jews. In 1290, the entire Jewish population of England, that is to say almost three thousand people, was expelled and its property confiscated.

This document is extensive and refers to every country in Europe and is repeated here because it indicates two strong elements revolving around Jews and Usury, the first being the power they wield over economic matters and second the risk and persecution they suffer that accompanies that power. Event still it is hard to grasp the full ramifications of anti Semitism as a weapon of political oppresion without trying to understand the sheer horror that their very lives were held as being so very insignificant and no more than a simple tool to advance the global ambition of Zionism. In justification of this a familiar Bible quote offers some insight into the significance of this power broker ship in a Bible story from the majority of Jewish Biblical sources. It argues that God was testing Abraham when commanded to slaughter his own son Isaac, then a fourteenth century Bible tries to persuade us that Abraham misinterpreted Gods wishes, being incapable of demanding such a revolting thing. In essence this illustrates the supreme sacrifice that was taken for granted in pursuit of ideological perfection held by Jewish Biblical scholars and this example perhaps set a precedent that in the late twentieth century would be expanded into a far more horrific and unbelievable extent. In trying to understand the mentality of such cruel usury it is important to make initial study of Zionist agenda. It reveals that contemporary parallels make reference to the Jewish caste system in which the highest caste, Cohanim, are direct descendants of biblical Aaron and were the high priests of temples? Members of the middle caste are descendants of the biblical Levi who serve as the keepers of the temples, whereas the greater majority of Jews belong to the lowest caste, are the Israelites and not as highly regarded as and by the Cohanim. Therein a long established religious doctrine illustrates the very first symptoms of racism, contained within a distinctive and quite insular faith structure. This attitude was materially defended by a comprehensive and powerful elite that evolved in the late 19th century by the Austrian Jewish philosopher Nathan Birnbaum. Its original tenet was to unite all the wandering Jews and secure them a homeland in Palestine and that would be achieved in 1948 by the great Exodus which included without conscience the mass displacement of indigenous people that had lived in confiscated lands in harmony until that point in time.

The Jewish three tier system applied its selective priorities in support of a primarily Jewish concept in Zionism, which by application is a strict and stringent form of applied racism that is increasingly, covertly supported by Christians who have traditionally supported its goals to ensure their passage to heaven. At the same time and in fairness, there is justification in the rank and file Israelites claim that Israel's open and democratic character extends scrupulous protection of the religious and political rights of Christians and Muslims in the new state of Israel and they energetically rebuke the charge of exclusivity. However, the very concept of covert racism was aired at a meeting of the United Nations in 1975 and the concept vigorously rejected and opposed by appeal to the General Assembly in 1991. But this poses the question, does this apply to the Protocols of Zion, a book so broadly referred to in Adolf Hitler’s Meine Kampf and then by association, rebuked by political propagandist as a work of pure fiction during the 1930's and 40's? If so, is it not fair to say that even the mere existence of this work, whether genuine or otherwise, is controversial?

At this stage it is important to recognise that a very significant number of Jewish people are not Zionists. For example they include the Christian Zionists and Obama's vice-president, Joe Biden, who told Israeli television 'I'm a Zionist' responding to a TV interview saying, “you don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist, how can it be a racial rather than a political movement? It can't. It's just made to appear like that to manipulate public perception because opposing Zionism then becomes opposing Jewish people as a whole and the 'you're a racist'card can be played over and over”. Such blatant usery is greatly utilised when people think of Zionism they automatically think of Jewish people. When they think of Israel they think of Jewish people. That's understandable given the propaganda, but it is seriously misleading and those instant connections need to be broken if we are to truly understand the complexity of global control working for self interest, regardless of a far greater majority.

However it has to be said that Zionism means Rothschild just as Israel means Rothschild. It remains a significant fact that there is an extraordinary number of Zionists holding key positions around the world. Such recognition does not include 'manipulating Jews', but manipulating Zionists that follow deliberate instruction and targeted aims of the Rothschilds. Added to which the World Bank is headed by Robert Zoellick (Zionist), who replaced Paul Wolfowitz (Zionist), plus the International Monetary Fund, or IMF, is run by Dominique Strauss-Kahn (Zionist). Effectively there exists an undeniable strangle hold on global economics that can be tightened and released at will which leaves the question, does anyone still doubt that the Rothschild network controls global finance and therefore the lives and choices of virtually every man, woman and child on this earth?

The Rothschilds are also at the heart of the Obama White House as demonstrated by the Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (Zionist) and Chief White House Advisor David Axelrod (Zionist). Emanuel who also served in the Israeli army and his father was an operative within the Rothschild terrorist group, Irgun, as it bombed Israel into being. This included the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1946 that killed 91 human beings. Thus individual readers must reach their own conclusion regarding authenticity or who the original author of the Protocols of Zion are but the content and overall emphasis was seen to be so evil that the translator of the original work Mr Marsden, whilst working in the British Museum, became physically ill in its doing, further to which his colleagues declared this translation, linked to his recognition of its diabolical content, later claimed his illness and finally the cause of his demise. At the same time contradictions and contraventions of Christian ideology are plentiful in illustrating some of the most inhuman treatment of individuals ever recorded. As much as historical records testify, the church was instrumental in the death and mutilation of thousands and interference in matters of state and nation by the principle faith systems has peaked and troughed through the last three quarters of a century. Now the extent of information confirmed as being controversial in nature is so plentiful that its retrogressive content has still to be realised.

Perhaps a good epilogue to this chapter is to copy and paste a specific e-mail that illustrates trappings of an informal yet intimate message, whilst still conveying a deeper signal that is far less savoury.

The message is as follows. Keep in mind, this was written more than 11 years ago.


From: “Rockefeller Global Communications”

To: *******.net

Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 20:27:55 +1000

Subject: The Countdown to Armageddon

To the great sea of mankind,

The time of the end is upon us. Like it or hate it, it’s the destiny we must all face. On September 11, 2001 the world was witness to the beginning of the end. What we saw and experienced will be nothing compared to the calamity that is to soon transpire. It is sad that so many lives have been lost and yet so many more will be taken – but these things will continue to happen as this old system begins to collapse. No human government in existence now or since the ancient times have been able to sustain a perfect order. Every government has failed and will fail.

They can not protect you. They can not give you a place where people are truly free, where your neighbours are your family and foreigners are your friends. No human government today can or will ever be able to achieve this. That is why the Agenda was set. It has been referred to over time as Armageddon. But be not fearful. It will not be a nuclear holocaust or some stray asteroid from the heavens that will level our civilization. In fact it’s not the planet that will suffer and be swept away.

It will be the human inhabitants of this great planet who have no respect or genuine regard for their fellow human beings. Each one of you over the next year must do some very deep and sincere thinking. You need to ask yourself these questions: Will I overcome my hatred for my fellowman or will I put aside my differences and unite and care for my neighbour? Will I treat them with kindness? Or will I continue to take advantage of them? When was the last time you took a person off the street and gave them some food or helped them find shelter for the night? Or sat beside someone on a bus, in a mall, on a train and said “Hello”.

When did you last comfort a stranger who had lost someone they loved. When was the last time you befriended someone not because of their possessions or their wealth – but simply because you cared about them? When was the last time you truly showed your human spirit and heart to your fellowman? None of the above is easy. It is hard. None of us are perfect. None of us have had a good life. Some think that because we have suffered to some degree that we deserve what ever we can get – even if it means hurting another person in the process. But those who try and rise up against our negative ways will survive and will be rewarded with a life on earth that right now is only a dream. Only the meek will possess the earth. This is a certainty.

The New System is coming. The only question is: Will you choose to be there? Or will you continue to go down the road to self destruction. It’s up to you. The following Agenda is unavoidable and you will need to endure through to survive and get there. So think deeply.

It’s your future. And may you all do well.

Your Brother



Rockefeller Global Communications


1) A complete irresolvable collapse of Middle Eastern peace.

2a) Vatican city and Jerusalem will be destroyed by religious terrorists.

2b) World-Wide Crack Down on all religion. All Religions will be banned. Religion can not be practiced or preached outside the family home.

3) United Nations will establish an interim one world government state, followed by a declaration of worldwide peace and security.

4) Citizens of the new one world state will revolt. Sudden and systematic collapse of Great Britain, Chinese and the United States regional Governments. The rest of the world will fall into anarchy. Billions will perish. Only those of good-will, and followers of the truth will survive.

5) New system government of 144,000 members and 6 million plus subjects will take control.

6) Massive cleanup operation will commence as New World is created. Eco-systems will be restored. Infrastructures re-built. Sickness and disease will be eliminated. Aging will be reversed and the aging process itself will cease. A New restored human family will gradually bring the earth into paradisaical conditions.


Nov 05, '13
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