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Nov 03, '13

The following is reworked material expanded and further explained over numbered submissions to follow.

Having been born in the late forties of the last century, freedom and democracy seemed a natural inheritance simply taken for granted. True, London with was still prolifically scarred by uncleared bomb sites with great gaps in domestic streets that in time would be converted to car parks or office blocks. The origin of these sites observed by the youth of the time would take years before realising the ramifications of the environment around which they grew and how freedom had been secured at such a great cost to the generations that survived the awful experience and still alive to bear witness. Since then my parents quest to improve our life and standard of living had taken me half way around the world and to cause short visits at ports of call where even greater depths of poverty and despair were the norm. Such revelations were to haunt my life for decades and posed many a question and answer just as many as to the relationship the place of my birth had with these far flung places I was lucky enough to visit. Above all else, it caused me to realise that I had the luxury of being able to take the world of comparative peace for granted, in relative comfort, simply expecting it to be ever present.

(k) That said, being born into a northern coal miners family being avowed socialist, there was also the inherited Anglo Saxon characteristic of perceived equality that never for one moment considered a working class background as being an impediment. However, one major aspect of youth and education could hardly be ignored and its effect in later life became acutely aware as to the impact, or more accurate to say, restricted limitations and avenues to develop and expand that were open into a world favouring higher education and certification.. Such was the perceived quality of the school nurturing the later years of my life that it changed its name every two years in a vain attempt to escape its bad reputation. Pupils here had little choice but to accept the denial of formal education and supplement or enhance it with the more practical experience that life could offer and make the best of it they could. To give this substance my journey around the globe and homeward after three years gave me the good fortune to visit around twenty odd countries, many demonstrating different levels of prosperity, with a minority enjoying relative comfort.

With childish ignorance tainted by simple shock or horror there was also abject poverty and deliberate maiming of babies in pursuit of the cruel-est means of ensuring the child had a means of securing food and maybe even shelter as beggars and cripples at principle tourist sites. Such poverty bore no relationship to my own country or place of birth and upon returning to the UK after three years of relative comfort, a return to England and still of school age, I was genuinely surprised, even bemused by the aggressive anti British Empire teachings of history. Up until the fledgling age of eleven, the graphic reality of Empire had little tangible affect upon me, outside of naïve surprise and perhaps confusion, nor was the extent of calculated, political bias and prejudice encouraged and taught in British schools that decried it. Even considering youthful inexperience, it was quite apparent there was an emphasis on shame and guilt on the part of my nations history, even implying I shared this self-reproach, yet ignoring the actions of my forefathers as explorers, innovators, inventors and settlers. Even as far back as 1959 positive discrimination made it patently clear that the shame of slavery applied only to black races and said nothing of centuries of slavery that preceded it by the Romans and on passed the Vikings, and on into the more socially friendly twenty first century term of human trafficking. This selective, politically loaded condemnation of slavery was not well served by the historical fact that President George Washington owned 123 slaves with further governorship of nearly 200 more labouring on his plantation, all of which did not detract from the most horrendous, human suffering and cost to life and limb during a civil war his nations people were duped into believing was centred around emancipation and the world was persuaded was its worthy cause.

With mixed feelings both six week journeys to and from Australia on a former troop now passenger ship, was accompanied by some pretty unsavoury sites and experiences I bore witness to. Yet even at such a tender age the experience gave a modicum of confidence that it contributed in no small way to personal cynicism as to closeted and orchestrated modes of education. One major event that was to mould my curiosity that prevailed to date occurred on the way out to Oz, and would guide me to seek out and meander through a wide and varied array of political books in search of some understanding as to the motivation and influence on global affairs that I had been a youthful witness to. As a family I now reflect upon my assumption that my parents ambition was perhaps stifled by political even national stagnation at the tender age of eight, thus we embarked upon an escapade and emigrated to Australia as ten pound Poms. This great adventure I had the great good fortune to view through a child’s eyes brought me to a point in time where I witnessed an international incident of no small note. This particular crisis was to influence personal and political conclusions that were to cast a shadow over later adult life, yet at the time offered no real understanding of the greater implications, however it did leave fellow passengers aghast at the images and scenes that unfolded through the course of that fateful few days on board ship.

It started with the morning announcement of activities and features of the day, not unlike the Hi De Hi syndrome of the fifties and sixties holiday camps. But this time, the words seemed deeper and distinctly imposing as it ordered all passengers to remain in, or return to, their cabins for the duration. Further instructions followed which included putting on personal life preservers in accordance with instructions and ensure we had full knowledge of muster points in case of emergencies - and – to stay within the confines of cabins until further notice. That announcement was partially obscured by a distinct, muffled scraping sound of metal on metal as water tight doors were mechanically closed one by one, thus segregating sections of the ships and confirmed at some point by the unseen announcer.

Fortunately we had the advantage of a circular porthole which allowed eager eyes to peer out to the outside world for what seemed like an eternity. All the time, within the cabin and adjacent passageways passengers speculated wildly as to what was going on whilst the ships’ engines hummed quietly in the background. But the sound was deep and low and expelled little that would suggest energy or power, other than perhaps the production of electricity, and certainly not propulsion of the now stationary vessel. Several hours passed, then from the stern of the vessel two Royal Navy destroyers surged forward, steaming in the same direction as the passenger ship had been travelling. Both light grey vessels displayed the Royal Naval ensign proudly visible with colours bright against the morning sky, fluttering wildly due to the speed of passage implying a distinct sense of urgency and emphasis of this fast moving spectacle. Soon after and without warning, the engine hum suddenly grew significantly and the ships great propellers rotated slowly causing the vessel to creep forward but at a much more restrained pace than normal. Ship speed was probably only a few knots but no cause or reason for this slow passage was visible for quite some time, but when it was, the scene was stark and threatening. Slowly lumbering forward the ship broke through and into the shadow, more accurate to say below a massive, light grey warship that towered above. The vessel was all imposing and reeked of threat and dread being far larger than the destroyers as its prow faced the direction from whence the ship had come, located in silent deterrence to passage for reasons unknown.

Enquiry later revealed that it was the American Fifth fleet, dispersed motionless in the water, with power and size seemingly serene in its ominous silence. To all intents and purposes they formed a steel wall attempting to bar passage, with great guns elevated slightly and barrel caps removed as if prepared to show the first signs of potential anger and threat. Their nation of origin was equally as visible as the previous vessels; they bore the Stars and Stripes of the United States, and upon the ships decks were a small pockets of white clad sailors ambling about as if lost, and uncertain as to what on earth they were supposed to be doing. But that did not detract from their imposing presence that was clearly presented as a frightening show of might or strength to deter civilian passage through the Suez Canal and only childish excitement never for a moment considered the implied threat or possible danger as this event unfolded, no more did we gain any answers as to the contradiction posed by Britain’s closest ally acting in this manner. In convoy the vessel was at the tail end, travelling eastward and passed the opening to the canal covering less than a quarter of a mile, when there were the distinctive, startling sound of explosions to the immediate rear. Later it transpired that ships were being sunk to block the canal and deny further shipping access through to the Indian Ocean as the Suez Crisis worsened. Along the canal banks, military vehicles raced, disturbing great clouds of fine sand billowing skyward obscuring clear view of anything in its vicinity. Artillery pieces and anti aircraft batteries were located behind sand bags, being an abundant commodity in this bleak and almost void of vegetation terrain. Troop emplacements and deployments were being created with extreme urgency whilst aircraft could be heard above, but seemed lacking in direction as their roar increased and decreased as they circled and swooped in search of something to hunt like vultures waiting to gorge on a wild beast as yet un-felled.

Children, perhaps more so the boys found this all so very exciting even though the journey through the Canal into the Red Sea is by nature was long, laborious and slow and the next sign of inwardly passive civilization was Cairo, yet the scene is often portrayed in black and white history books or newsreels serve as a regular reminder as if even then, the images of historic life was simply void of colour. In the harbour, ships lie scuttled in shallow water and partially visible with upper decks visible to deny access to any and prevent military incursion. At the same time it denied opportunity to re-supply food or water to restock ships needs as would normally be the case. Such effect upon passengers was nominal other than to serve excitement, but of course the Suez was blocked and all other vessels behind us had to retrace their route over northern Africa and steam the far longer route around the Cape of Good Hope. Meantime our vessel steamed onward to the next port of call, even though there was no evidence of rationing as supplies must have been secured at the outset in case of such eventuality, leaving a vivid memory of an event itself that would ignite an interest and motivate curiosity toward the actions of the American navy that persists to this day.

Departing the Red Sea and Suez canal, was followed by a turbulent passage across the Indian ocean to the splendour of a country that was contrasted by abject poverty in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and on to Fremantle in Western Australia, then Adelaide as our final destination. After settling in with my grandmothers sister who had been there since before the great war, a school was located and our lives took on a leisurely, pleasing pace that complimented our family considerably and whilst enjoying a good life in Australia my parents were able to make the first nervous strides to climb upon the property ownership ladder. Australian, schooling taught my favourite subject history, with pride featuring the first Roman invasion of Britain and onward until Captain Cook’s arrival on their shores. Lessons given, made positive highlight as to the cultures instrumental in creating the British character and of course presented further European similarities of migrants from respective homelands now fortunate enough as to to develop and flourish in the larger landmass of Australasia. From the arrival of Captain Cook, Australian history moved with emphasis into respective, parallel history to ours, but with obvious priority placed upon their own. European cultures found easy assimilation at that time but native aborigines remained downtrodden, whilst Afro immigrants were completely unknown and Asiatics' had hardly even been acknowledged as their nearest geographic neighbours.

Residing in Australia was a a truly wonderful experience albeit clearly changing rapidly with the influx of immigrants they were at that time inviting quite openly to settle. Schooling was efficient and much enhanced by oft outdoor lessons as more comfortable in the sustained heat of summer, contrasted by winters quite like that of England, bearing in mind the nearest land mass to South Australia was the South Pole. Living in a house directly over the road to the southern sea , its cold temperature left reminders of home along with severe, sometimes savage and sometime destructive coastal storms. On a personal level I never did experience any anti English-ness from my peers but the influence of American culture was all pervading on the somewhat delayed launching of Television, plus films viewed on Drive-in screens and the prolific, fast developing music industry firmly influenced by classics of Frank Sinatra but gradually giving way to the gyrating hips of Elvis Presley.

Subsidized emigration committed a person to reside in the country for a minimum of three years and in my families case, no sooner had that time transpired did we return to England for reasons I was never clear on, but such mature motivation beyond my joyously suppressed excitement of another six week adventure at sea. After fifty years residence in the UK I was to experience the quirky coincidence of purchasing the embarkation passenger list recording my families passage some 54 years later on the SS. Orontes which finally docked at Tilbury where we were collected and lived temporarily with some of our life long friends from north London. After a short period of settling my parents invested in off-license in Peckham, south east London. Located on the corner of two roads in a fairly heavily built up area, it was just behind Peckham Rye and across the road from a Jamaican bakery that made the most gorgeous dense white bread I enjoyed enormously. The proprietor was a friendly man who struck up a relationship with my Father resulting in them sharing a delivery vehicle, mutually spreading the expense to serve both businesses.

Fifteen years had passed since wars end but the influence of the militaristic rise of Nazi Germany had a profound affect on everyday life at all levels of society. (k) Schools extracted any implications of such vocabulary and attitude from the education system and regardless of youthful years there grew the first signs of a deliberate policy of degrading national pride as if we had something to be ashamed of as a nation. Schooling took me to an old Victorian red brick building of immense size called Thomas Carlton Secondary Modern, where, because I had missed my eleven plus during my time in Australia I was immediately dropped a level in education. My apparent plight being that they could not compare me to any recognised standards within which to monitor my place in the UK education system. However, before much time had passed, it became apparent that the Australian education system was such that I was further advanced than where they had placed me and this resulted in another class move, only this time, moving me up a year higher than my peers age group. (k) No sooner had I acclimatised myself to the education stream and finally settled in than I could not fail to recognise the radical difference in treatment, respect, and attitude the British education system applied to its own nation’s history and it surprised me to a point that fed my curiosity and concern. After several years in the education system, foreign influence became apparent and I deduced this was not just the attitude of this one school but more a national directive and that there had been a deliberate policy dictate to initiate a sense of watering down achievement, as if aimed at compensating for more cosmopolitan shortcomings. This attitude remains to this day, an absolute mystery to me as having travelled many countries touched by our expansion, they didn’t seem to expect or require such a degrading attitude from us. Moreover, there was a sense of expectation and hope that our achievement could be shared perhaps even emulated. Yet I could not fathom why I was being taught to be ashamed of my nation’s heritage. (j) If schooling moulds the person, then this could not fail but to create a decline in self-esteem, personal pride, sense of duty and diminished moral standards. Why the youngsters of British school age were being deliberately taught to be ashamed of their nation’s heritage seemed counter productive and accepting that schooling moulds the person, then this could not fail but to create a decline in self-esteem, personal pride, sense of duty and diminished moral standards. The confidence and character of pupils was being forcefully moulded into a multi cultural society that made little attempt to conceal favoured attitudes toward religious and cultural barriers inherent in immigrant populations, that by covert instruction were to be assimilated into England and not the other way around.

On the whole immigrants brought with them a culture that they clung on to, which is not entirely unnatural, albeit it seemed of less import to emigrants that I experience when living in Australia. At the same time the simple fact that prejudice occurs with all races and religions this could only act as an agent of integration largely resisted and replaced by positive discrimination being the next step toward dissipating the very character of the indigenous people of England. Meantime immigration continued at a pace and the more common reasoning the authorities presented was the unwillingness of British working classes to do demeaning work. Truth and substance of this would be watered down and thrown in the faces of concerned inhabitants over the following half century. Whereas in reality, corporate interest in profit extended further by payment of sub standard wages prevailed and vested interests thrived from within the money grabbing occupants of the Houses of Parliament. (k) Evacuees from Eastern Europe, after the dissolution of the Soviet Republic had made little progress in development and reconstruction after the Second World War, accompanied by retarded, differing levels of social progress, attracting impoverished peoples adding to the steady flow of Commonwealth immigrants that had occurred since 1956.

(k) In spite of this and in rejection of the blatant nature of state directives which simply served my hunger to learn greater insight into my nation’s history, quite simply as an act of rebellion, not sparked by the national education system, but in spite of it. Recommended reading was state controlled and at an early age it became evident that the victor writes the history books, and state accredited works carefully averted any hint of edited favouritism. Any other treatment or publication that implied otherwise would simply be rejected by publishers and consigned to underground libraries and alternative printers. However, not allowing myself to be deterred I felt distinct pride in what we had achieved over the centuries especially being such a small country when viewing the sheer landmass of what was once known as the British Empire, and – having actually visited a fair portion of it myself.

Solace came in the belief that youth often reverses the teachings of its elders and that young people would reject this state imposed philosophy, however absence of established mentors would also be controlled within the growing culture of 'celebrity' and materialism. (k) However, the intensity and sheer impact selective or censored education would have upon a whole generation’s development would be hard to measure and to what extent it would speed up the decline of unruly, socially challenging conduct at the lower strata of society remains pervasive. Character building would be closeted in the ‘Nanny’ state, causing a whole generation to lurch aimlessly toward an anarchic society. Perhaps more foreboding was that a whole generation were weaned to feel belittled, degraded, if not guilty of the actions of its forefathers. All quite opposite to exploring and further developing by contribution and achievement by ancestral explorers, inventors and empire builders and I was to spend two decades of life, visiting half a dozen old Empire countries and living in one for three years now known as the Commonwealth before I began to recognise the extent of impact the paragon of democracy was having upon the world and how far its influence was spreading unhindered. That said true extent of the deception and lies were becoming the foundation of so called democracy and that in order to maintain that farce, it demanded global expansion based on lies infiltrating all levels of politics and life, at the same time moulding national ideologies to accept the new expansionism through covert and oft times deceitful methods.

(k) Thus I suspended any real sense of belief or belonging, as all that I had grown up with had been challenged or at very least been distorted by different education systems that my families continuous moving of house and home had introduced me to. With that in mind, perhaps wrongly I concluded that history itself, especially that since the birth of Jesus the Christ had been twisted and contorted by academics and politics alike. I deduced this dishonest, carefully edited reporting extended deep into all forms of media productions and deliberately edited, re-written or simply omitted, mankind’s true heritage that was subjected to the greatest method of global control yet known, launched almost two thousand years before in a religion called Christianity. The concept that the ideology evolved to improve the spiritual well being of man was initially pervasive, but deeper research into its administering and deliberation reveals its promotion was simply a means for the Roman empire now in deep decline to regain control. Roman ambition chose to embrace and recognise an alternative means of control through a burgeoning faith system it had formerly failed to curtail or suppress. Completely ignoring the fact of countless thousands being cruelly slain to violently quash that faith, they recognised the value to their own agenda that could ride on the back of this populist expansion being enthusiastically exported to the furthest regions of planet earth.

Christianity as a collective term only partially serves the sheer number and variations of denominations that grew during its first years and even at its most fundamental level could not quite agree as to the substance and foundations upon which it was built. Thus after careful, considered study of select gospels the new faith balanced quite centrally in the gap between creationism and evolution. Accordingly the prescribed development of mankind on this earth had only occurred over an implied few thousand years. The most profound believers vehemently denying solid archaeological evidence of mankind existing as far back as two million years as reported in October 2013. Further evidence of plentiful major civilisations and cultures existing then vanishing over the annals of time, also ignored an unrecorded number that lay dormant beneath earth’s vast and deep oceans. These revelations further questioned my own thoughts regarding Christianity as a long way from reaching any personal conclusion. Any mild degree of faith that did remain was much impaired by cynicism born of frustration, disbelief and simple challenge at so many levels of historical ignorance and selective reporting. Simplistically I could not, nor would not accept the excuse for mans stupidity and cruelty that hides behind the Christian Gods gift of 'free will'. I found myself immersed in deep sorrow and remorse whilst toying with the words echoing in my mind after the First World War ,' as the war to end all wars'. But even that could hardly reconcile the evil and destruction unleashed in the Second Great War that would yield even greater evils, even though it is now recognised as being little more than a continuation of the war that had preceded it. That very concept of global strife was undeterred when the propensity for destruction reached its zenith with nuclear fusion, albeit a perfect precursor to mankind’s inherent need for conquest that at long last realised it could well bring about its own extinction. Meantime those in power acknowledged that conflict yielded profit as well as population control and power brokers concluded that there was a dire need of continuity of wars to service their aims and designs, thus peace became a tenuous concept with growing dissent propagated covertly from within. This conclusion further recognised another form of domination in promoting greed and avarice, yet maintaining a darkened shadow of hostility in the inception of global terrorism and enemies from within.

Peace time expansion of industry would capitalise on increased material demands, whilst an insatiable appetite for technological development would be nurtured and rendered on the very youngest of the population, who in would be covertly encouraged to cast unreasonable demands upon parents trying to offer the best that they were able, regardless of how small their personal resources were. Consumers became a fearful society with excessive demands enveloped in declining standards and unreasoning debt. This unseen expectation could hide behind every child’s bedroom door and the perception of family wealth and well being became recognised in peer groups by personal computers, i-phones and electronic gadgets. Fiscally managed by vested interests it had no interest or conscience whatsoever over mental anguish and parental pressure, quite the opposite it exerted unreasoning pressure upon those less able to cope with demand, which in its turn evolved another less savoury threat placing the lower paid populace into unserviceable debt. Containing and propagating frustration of material possession would be hyped by sporting spectators or competitive contest. Political dissent, with racial intolerance would be triggered where required by a growing vexation in the absence of democratic representation and simple contempt for concerned, voting populace.

On a broader scale a population weary of global conflict would refrain from jingoistic compliance in playing the game of war but could not defend itself from erratic attack triggered by terrorism transforming itself from the 20th to the 21st century. This sad reality forced upon so many innocent peoples and religions, projected indiscriminate targets aplenty as experienced in Northern Ireland. On the other side of the coin, passive resistance had demonstrated a successful conclusion as practised by Gandhi, whereas Malayans continued the fight for independence in the jungle. With Nelson Mandela languishing for two decades in prison prior to his ultimate success in premiership of his country when freed of apartheid, whilst its neighbour country of South Africa experienced an orgy festered by colour in replacement of former government and control that had been overthrown.

Such widespread variety of dissent had not fully embraced the severity of intent concealed behind the struggle for fiscal independence and self determination, thus the Great depression of the 1930's had been seen to cause such national and industrial devastation that revealed as far as international monetary control was concerned only one nation strove to regain self control by declaring independence of IMF restraint and took repossession of its own nations currency and this audacious act would have absolutely massive and disastrous ramifications upon a world teetering on the edge of yet another extended, global conflict.

Political influence and global realignment of economic and political control made major strides following that insolent yet doomed attempt and expanding it further would command a whole new concept had been given life in Karl Marx's book 'Das Kapital'. The mechanics of this new quest at the outset applied the modus operandi of softly, softly, and the gentle erosion of established power bases sewed seeds of doubt and dissent in its place. Both methods would initiate by design of a gradual erosion of moral standards and ethical conduct, with an inevitable impact upon peoples belief systems and spiritual well being. This revolutionary concept would spring from a communion between Friedrich Engels born in 1820 and Karl Marx, whereby the British Empire at that time was the epitome of capitalism, thus the arch enemy of communist aspirations. Sponsors of this revolutionary concept would also fund and support their ultimate rival that arose from the ashes of World War One in Germany whereby both ideologies would serve their covert masters well.

Extensive warfare and its many causes could not always justify or give acceptable reason to its populace for national conflict thus, whilst peacetime prevails, profit and political gerrymandering would require and conceive a different approach. (b) Idolatry was deliberately nurtured as leaders were born from the ashes of despair but as time progressed he age of celebrity super ceded and eroded faith structures and media control steered its expansion experientially. Meantime poverty and daily struggle to simply survive the vigour’s of daily life would be dissipated amidst prolific examples of opulence as that presented by the media and a superficial lifestyle was transmitted across the airwaves as being normal and within anybodies reach, whilst the reality of reduced or non existent wealth remained frustrated. Individual shortcomings in comparison would be presented as personal short comings or the fault of impoverished individuals, which further demeaned. Meantime one major, devastating implement that extends fear and maintains the sense of mayhem and chaos without conscience, conceals itself surreptitiously behind the spin words ‘free speech’. That dual purpose tool of hurt and sensationalism is quite simply delivered through the media with extreme prejudice and the only guaranteed truth is the date of its delivery and that doesn't last very long. In the meantime, the media present a perceived threat of terrorism whilst delivering ever increasing draconian laws designed on the surface to be in the interest of citizens safety and personal security, or - is that really true?

(j) As time took its moment by moment progress there grew a decline in moral standards with a growing disregard for law and order, but these are just a few symptoms that contribute to increasing abject frustration on the streets of our cities in the 21st century. However, unlike former times these sad events are prolifically reported on the media to serve and increase the sense of fear and foreboding in a population beleaguered by advertising, debt and miserable hopelessness. With total disregard for families and loved ones, or come to that anyone with a sensitive and compassionate hope for life, negative soul destroying reports regularly achieve front page status unless other global news occurs to supersede them such as football results opposed to trivia such as warfare, poverty, malnutrition, or natural disasters. Meantime serving to increase the rising gap between the better off and the impoverished, the greater populace are fed a prolific variety of corporate medicines and 21st century alternatives to morphine to quell hunger, prescribed at great profit that further serviced dependence, increase addiction and of course perpetual income.

What remained apparently aloof, however hard it was to fully grasp, even though more alert to it than the average citizen was the sheer extent and depth of the deception. The magnitude of its impact was evident back in 1956 during the Suez crisis with the American fifth fleet set out in battle array to deter British passage through the canal. Followed in teen years embracing less important diversions such as mods and rockers but that media generated distraction made little impact upon my learning curve of life. I was to be thrust quite heavily into a world of responsibility, sharply realigned with the maturing lesson of teenage marriage and early fatherhood. None the less youthful travel years had evolved a grey head on green shoulders, or so was a constant reference but frequent study of history, religion, politics, spirituality and the supernatural swallowed up my many hours of travel on trains to work and as one book reached its conclusion another formerly recommended supplement was opened with relish. Again in the quest for something to actually believe in research and content study leaned toward the unconventional and certainly not mainstream, but the wonders they expelled, were instrumental in indicating my growing belief in the continued deception being indiscriminately imposed to the collective detriment of the global majority.

Such information remained widely accessible to all and sundry and proof demonstrating the extent of lies and deceit they contained was equally available to any that chose to explore it. However such a quest was prone to public dismissal as being foolhardy conspiracies. So what value remained in the independent minds of the population as heavily anaesthetised into political complacency and covert dictatorship. Essentially, the establishment, who ever they are, had resolved to break down the moral values of society from simple manners and courtesy to expectations of social benefits and welfare even with a steady decline in service by a welfare state. Fear, uncertainty and plain demolish-an of any confidence or well being was seeded, nurtured and state propagated and if that were not enough, the seeds of unrest were replenished constantly by extending fundamentalism and religious intolerance to a point of direct contrast to the ideology of faith and well meaning motived behind religious theology. Religious decline with increasing evidence of political and national interference and influence propagating seeds of doubt which generation by generation, pushed attitudes in fast opposing, different directions.

Conclusions remain aloof even as ageing persisted in which theory makes a person wiser especially when recognising that getting old is a funny thing, it goes on for years. The process of how the ageing process moves so laboriously toward its earthbound conclusion must surely be accompanied in recognising it as being a worthwhile and most interesting journey, yet bitter experience might reach a point where its termination would be welcome and being void of any fixed concept on what happens after death, oblivion seemed a tolerable ending, yet when asked by a spiritualist practitioner 'where a persons spirit might dwell between lives' implying reincarnation, it generated the answer of one simple word 'here!' This place and time was Purgatory.

Of all the variety of questions that prevailed through most of adult life and being fairly convinced of the acceptance of past lives, memories and emotions of segments of history that at times seemed so near the surface were sometimes triggered by world events, sometimes quite disturbingly. This worrisome, constant companion served the quest to reach a comprehensive conclusion as to belief, or disbelief in 'past lives' and it seems strange to admit the extent of scepticism still prevalent and still continue to write in a manner convincingly. This quest for understanding was further challenged by in-mature growth through teen years as a student and an increasing political awareness reaching a point that would influence life forever, plus provide so many contradictions that were also a liability whilst exploring the periphery of something to believe in. It posed the wonderment of imagining a time when it was feasible for one to hold any real cause for hope, when the basic differences between right or left wing political aspirations appeared in some ways as being nominal. Primarily sharing the simplistic human frailty in blaming the weakest common denominator for all misgivings be it a minority group or ruling classes, or some other collective or class of people upon whom to subject everyday woes? That said, be under no illusion, both factions are passionate about their cause, both believe beyond all doubt their ideology holds the key to the future, yet they present simple obstinacy when simple language refuses to acknowledge the simple comparison of such words as 'capitalist' or 'financier'. Failing to recognise that denying this similarity serves to protect the masters of deceit, above all the simple fact that these masters of both are one and the same.

(c) Meantime technology develops, information becomes more readily available, assuming its neutrality, education and opinions are presented with a viable opportunity allowing individuals to formulate personal belief systems. Yet this passage of learning if it is at all honest and inquisitive as young minds seem, cannot help but bring to question the motives or reasoning that lurks surreptitiously behind the power brokers that orchestrate its route. All quite a contrast to our parents and grandparents who readily absorbed the official line unquestionably and not for one moment cast doubt or uncertainty upon governments, politicians and figures of authority. Politics seemed more clear cut to passing generations reaching their senior years, simply denying the sad reality that progress is not always conducive to the well being of a population.

On my part, having chosen history as my favoured subject within the education system, I realised ongoing research must include a basic understanding of anything that may oppose its progress, or influenced its passage. What caused hostility amidst those sharing the same belief in that simplistic term of 'God on our side' would remain in question and on a more flippant note, I continue to study at length any discovered, alternative history that has forged the British character over countless invading cultures. Yet am still happily able to make light of my nations history by referring its quest for the Holy Grail is through the delicious content of British ale, called 'Potted History, through the bottom of an empty beer glass'. Oh if it were so simple, opposed to the act of simple imposition of will, political power and geographic invasion and domination. In reality, attempting to ascertain motivation has required a reasonable and continuous understanding of political doctrines and the masters they serve and to no small extent this reveals a common source of power and directive that cares nothing for any race or nation. Overt control has enjoyed unparalleled success in establishing the reality that the 21st century no longer requires an expanding land mass to win over or the hearts and minds of the majority, for they are effectively muted, but their silence is in surreptitious recognition that warring nations or conflicts are consigned to carefully selected, non conformist countries outside the influence of world banking and the IMF.

(b) Modernity has evolved in such a manner as to deliver political directives through the flickering screens of a televisual monitor. The proud reputation of neutrality the BBC once had is perceived by a fast growing number of its viewers as being the shameless voice of appointed politicians, with further corporate control of this medium, along with daily tabloids programmers securing maximum control over recipients perception. Delivery of the prescribed message is meticulously monitored by political masters ensuring the media remains the greatest tool of control that nurtures and feeds a variety of weaker aspects of human nature. Furthermore programmers select presentations that feature a liberal dose of doubt, mistrust, suspicion and prejudice toward any and all that have the temerity to avert their control. In effect the weapon of individual control is administered daily in the very living rooms of a politically slumbering populace. However globalist design recognised a need for a cohesive and all embracing mode of control that was suitably concealed by deception that left a naïve audience in almost total denial of the extent and method of covert implementation that was to become a firm and established element in their everyday life.

Nov 03, '13
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