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Militaria, reincarnation and a severly edited timeline.
Sep 14, '13

People born in the decade following the Second World War often express an insight into the horrors of that war without knowing why. Some even bear physical scars on their body that resemble injuries even fatal wounds sustained in former lives, perhaps even birth marks, others are scarred more deeply and less visibly, simply scarred in mind and memory experienced in nightmares or sub conscious memories.

Never before have there been such vast numbers that lost their life with aspirations, dreams and experiences untried, cut so violently short that may well have contributed to an increase in reincarnation that I believe includes some of my good, close friends that I have felt such affinity with over this current life. It may also have a bearing as to why I and so many others of my generation cannot contain our emotions at the sight or sound of a Spitfire, or feel so duty bound to attend Armistice Day anniversaries every year.

Meantime, events in my life this last ten years have caused me to question so much that I had previously taken for granted of which one traumatic revelation was the disposal of my fairly valuable militaria collection in my absence and whilst the material loss was quite significant it did cause me to question why had I been such a prolific collector of militaria' and what was my motivation or was there any meaning to it? It may also be a manifestation of Edward Cayces ( Author & psychic) proposals that we are naturally drawn to items and things associated with past lives, which might also explain some of my own characteristics even personal skills such as wood carving that may be inherent, perhaps also less usual skills, mostly with weapons, plus artistic abilities and personal characteristics that may simply be extensions of previous incarnations.

Military aspirations began before I was ten years of age and collecting militaria seemed to awaken a kind of instinct that would seemingly guide me to artifacts that I sought, and however cluttered and disorganized an old corner shop might be, even top class antique shops, I evolved a skill that would take me straight to what I sensed was there, even if it were concealed and out of sight. This instinct also led me over the course of time to some fairly unique artifacts and, I hasten to add, offered me the opportunity to get them cared for under custodian ship of relevant museums due to their uniqueness.

The first example occurred in the late sixties whilst working part time for Chris Farlowe in his militaria shop in Islington, I came upon a matelots hat with the tag , ‘H.M.S. Hood’. Bearing the tally was unusual as in times of war they were removed for security reason, Regardless, the Imperial War museum conducted forensic tests on the hat being severely water stained, bringing them to the conclusion the hat was authentic. They further confirmed the hat was issued to a K. Perry’s and was probably blasted out of his locker, thus picked up from the sea during rescue operations as the previous owner claimed from a rescue ship. It was also Mediterranean white top issue, which is where the Hood was serving just prior to the start of war.

The next unusual find was in Brighton where I discovered a sabertache in a prominent antique shop that once belonged to Lord Raglan. For those that don’t know, a sabertache is like a satchel worn on a shoulder sling by cavalrymen to carry notes and dispatches. One such note carried by Lord Raglan and was directly attributed to initiate the charge of the gallant 600 or the Light Brigade against the Russian guns at Balaclava. That sabertache is now in the National Army Museum in London.

Later in life I came across a unique book presented by the Bishop of Lincoln Cathedral to one of Hereward the Wakes direct descendants which I was able to return to the current family of Lord Hereward, Baronet and member of The Order of the Garter.

Following this I purchased for my own collection a naval sword that was worn by Lieutenant William Ram, who was the only serving officer aboard H.M.S. Victory to perish during the Battle of Trafalgar. This bore his personal cypher and letter of authenticity and is now in the custodianship of a good friend of mine who is now opening channels for it to be housed in Admiral Lord Nelsons Museum in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Locating theses items I suppose is rare enough but I also had a quirky ability to determine a fake from an original although that was to be severely tested upon my divorce in 2003. Upon separation I made the stupid mistake of suggesting my collection should be sold to pay off massive accumulated debts my wife had accrued in her ill conceived business. Apparently she located the only dealer in England willing to purchase a large collection of fakes, or more accurate to say,a dealer that recognized her knowledge on the stuff for sale was simply non existent who simply conned her into gross undervaluation. Following which and to discover the truth myself, I dedicated many hundred hours in seeking the items of my collection amidst the national dealers on the internet which certainly revealed my ex was either conned, or was a party to conning me out of a considerable amount of money had we shared the proceeds, which of course we didn’t. This quest did not determine the answer on her conduct but it did confirm my collection was most definately not fake.

Whether collecting militaria and conducting ones life with an emphasis on the armed services is a true indicator of past lives another activity that might offer clues might be seen in the lives of re-en actors, re-en actors who will no doubt have pondered upon their own motivation causing them to participate in role playing for one period of history or another, Participation that might result in demonstrating skills through living history presentations they might well have learned from previous life experience. Such skills might well include skill at arms, but also more domestic, passive activities and crafts, where in my case and somewhat embarrassing might be the ease in which I picked up the skills of sewing, knitting and embroidery.

In contrast I had chosen World War Two as my key interest some forty years ago that was soon replaced with vibrant and enthusiastic re-enactment of Anglo-Saxon and Viking times which lasted over twenty years. Then, a transformation into a professional world of historical presentations in the last decade of the twentieth century with a company we called Corridors of Time, a neutral name that allowed us to flit through history and offer the embryonic development of historical presentations aspiring to support the growth of historical presentations within tourism. This I fear was doomed to failure as my quest to attain fair recompense for services of manpower only served to confirm their individual worth rather than sustain the collective fees of company requirements and inherent overheads.

My final quest to retain an active link in this field was to become my nemesis when purchasing the lease of a shop in Canterbury under the same name. However to my cost I sub consciously chose to ignore past experience that revealed I was incapable of purchasing items from individuals that had no idea of real worth, paying a minimum that would allow maximum profit to cover excessive rent and exorbitant business taxes.

Thus after five years the business failed along with my marriage. I suppose without seeking to whitewash my own guilt and short comings success in business comes at the cost of integrity, regardless of however hard an individual might strive to cling on to it.

Desperately seeking an anchor upon which to substantiate my life I delved far more intensely into history, philosophy and the meaning of life whereby I discovered current historical interpretation had been steered by modern academia and short sighted archaeologist to present their own official version of history which, even more than modern politics was rife with deceptions that shroud democracy and leave the very chronology of history flawed at its very roots.

We have the dubious good fortune to enjoy access to an abundance of knowledge and information on the internet, plus countless TV channels offering massive choice of documentaries on a wondrous and wide range of subjects to guide us and inform us of contemporary understanding of life, its origins and its nature. Yet we still continue being fed material that appears to have simply canceled an unknown and barely explored ancient history that if revealed would shake the very foundations of modern beliefs if western historians would even acknowledge its simple existence.

One such program in August of 2013 was The History of Mankind with an excellent narrative by Morgan Freeman, who pro gramme by pro gramme traced the origins of man that had first migrated from the continent of Africa implying we all originate from Afro stock and then purposefully through time to cover great cultures of the Mediterranean and the surrounding region. Modern history had largely been chronicled by religious clerics whose principle motivation was the continuity of the Roman Empire that had slowly succumbed to disarray. With careful calculation they leeched on to the growing ideology of Christianity guiding the burgeoning faith toward a regulated and continuous form of control centered in the new Holy Roman Empire. The origins of man became captive to a choice of two accepted forms of creation, one via evolution and the eternal quest for the missing link, or the creationist who faithfully believe in the Biblical account of Adam and Eve which might well be romantic and wonderful if it were not so laughable.

In 325AD the Council of Niceae was assembled to clarify and identify ecclesiastic doctrine over an ever increasing number of gospels and information revolving around the fast growing philosophy of Christianity. Some of the most educated academics of the time were gathered at the conference to establish a clearly defined dictate for the future of the Holy Roman Empire that went as far as to exclude highly significant Gospels including for example that of Judas Escariot, who played a fairly important role in the life and death of Jesus Christ. But more importantly, to ensure a regulated centre of ecclesiastic control they simply omitted my main area of interest with reincarnation and its total expulsion by the council.

Reincarnation has always been a part of Jewish and Christian history. In fact, orthodox Judaism still teaches reincarnation. A large number of early Christians were believers in reincarnation. Most bishops of the early church were pagan by birth and were well educated in the reincarnation ideas. But ideas concerning reincarnation were suppressed by the Church in the West, probably for political reasons, and in the name of "orthodoxy" the Church destroyed the writings and persecuted the Christian believers in reincarnation. But despite the historical changes of New Testament canon, a large amount of references to reincarnation can still be found there. These believers were Christian Gnostic s and they claimed to possess the secret teachings and mysteries of resurrection that was handed down directly from the apostles. According to these mysteries, resurrection was not a physical event at all, but a spiritual event of spiritual rebirth and regeneration by the Holy Spirit within a living believer which liberates them from reincarnation. The Christian Gnostic s also believed that Roman orthodoxy (which was based primarily on Pauline Christianity rather than the Christianity taught by Peter and James) held a definition of "resurrection" which was a vulgarization and a misinterpretation of the mysteries of Christ which he taught only to the apostles and not the public at large. These mysteries, which even Paul mentions in his epistles, concerns a believer's liberation from death and rebirth through the spiritual resurrection of a believer from spiritual death to spiritual life by the Holy Spirit. Bodily resurrection involves corpses crawling out of graves. Spiritual resurrection involves a spiritually "dead" person becoming spiritually regenerated, spiritual awakened, spiritually born again, and liberated from reincarnation.

Behold I shew you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on in corruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. So when this corruptible shall have put on in corruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory.

O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?"

   - Bible: 1 Corinthians (15:51-55) (stating the immortality of Soul)

"And when the sons of the prophets which were to view at Jericho saw him, they said 'The spirit of Elijah doth rest on Elisha'. And they came to meet him and bowed themselves to the ground before him."

Bible: 2 Kings (2:15) (implying that Elisha was the reincarnation of Elijah)

Biblical texts on this subject are plentiful, yet normal academe guided and directed selective history that hides behind the quote 'the victor writes the history' as if that gives them license to rewrite the facts with clear and prejudicial, political directives. That said, I believe even the globalists could not have predicted how wide-spread and comprehensively technology would offer the common man previously concealed facts and information that slowly but surely reveals deceptions and lies to all and sundry. Propaganda has become more difficult to contain and revelations of shocking content goes viral and is challenging to a point where corporate censorship is threatened on the internet itself.

But of all the outstanding facts and figures that non ecclesiastic history writers introduce us to, I cannot fathom how it is that in the first quarter of the twenty first century we are still liberally fed the same evolution of modern man making great inference on the great cultures of Greece, Egypt and Rome, to say nothing of ancient Sumeria then a great leap backward to stone-age and bronze-age man whilst being almost flippant about the antiquity of India and China. Meantime we gain limited reference in mainstream history to the numerous civilizations that occupied and constructed ancient cities discovered at the bottom of the Mediterranean, or off the coast of Japan, or the south western perimeter of the Bermuda triangle just off of Cuba, or, the lost city of Dvaraka off the coast of India which is estimated to be a mere 12,000 years old. Plus there is scant reference to the discovery of underground tunnel complexes all over the world, or any clues as to who, or what created and utilized them.

Furthermore if the absence of academic record of these civilizations were not enough we are now told that analysis of archaeological finds has revealed that modern ★★★★ sapian lived on this earth at the same time as neanderthal man but, where they fit in the time-line of mankind remains a mystery along with the civilizations that built the scores of submerged cities, nor I hasten to add is a true and authentic appraisal of ancient monument or religious icons showing flying machines, U.F.O.'s or astronauts ever presented for unbiased scientific scrutiny.

In essence two thousand years of history is little more than a fabrication of political and religious control over mankind, albeit with built in and equally as calculated philosophical divides to ensure continued disunity, strife and global man management. Its not enough to create wars and hostility through false flag terrorists attacks,we are then fed a slow and erroneous trickle of fear to keep us in our place. Fear of debt, fear of joblessness, fear of crime or erratic, undisclosed attack in home, town or place of work, embraced by a gradual decline in medical and service providers atop a bundle of bureaucratic self serving administration that is sustained by a cacophony of chemicals to treat chemicals to ensure continuity of the most significant financial stream loosely called humanity.

Sep 14, '13
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