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A bigger threat than the Luftwaffe
Jul 17, '13

The Luftwaffe were amateurs compared to this threat to the UK.

Terror beneath our feet and an end to organic food and farming

A license has been granted to sink a fracking well deep into the garden of England in Woodnesborough, Kent and this is about to occur unreported in the media in the very near future. This much publicised method of extracting shale gas has been presented to the public in a highly deceptive, dishonest and covert manner designed purely to serve profit over health and well being on a national scale. Meantime individuals strive with great urgency to distribute awareness such as Vanessa Vine 'No Fracking in East Kent'

Essentially Kent already has a critical low level of natural water, so where the 4 million gallons requirred each time a well is fracked can only be by road and the sheer number of heavy vehicles needed for each well will cause massive conjestion and disruption.

At the same time, in Sussex a license has been granted to conduct fracking just outside the village of Balcombe where denial to the democratic process was rife. Further example of deliberate obstruction can be demonstrated by the mysterious crashing of Ian R Cranes website. Ian has spent 20 years in the Oilfield industry as an executive and presents the information in great detail, another was the mysterious closure of Brian Monks' Fcebook page. Now renewed Brian shows irrefutable evidence fracking has caused water, air and soil pollution on his farm in Australia and local community. Even individual 'time-line' inserts are being deleted from personal facebook files. Meantime individuals strive with great urgency to distribute awareness such as Vanessa Vine 'No Fracking in East Kent'

In the interim we have a short window of time before fracking starts in earnest in the UK and then it will be far harder if not impossible to stop it. There has never been such a severe and irretrievable eco threat to these green and pleasant lands as this and as ridiculous as it might sound, takes us one step nearer to having to pay for fresh air, clean soil and clean water.

On the surface the National government have cleverly concealed open debate on the subject and presented it in the media as if it were a glorious salvation of untapped power resources to the benefit of the community. Meanwhile denial of democratic expression has been concealed in a bill awaiting clearance in parliament that is ostensibly aimed to give local business a better deal but like a Trojan horse conceals its true purpose; 'to allow local opposition to be largely overruled,' moreover, the companies it is allegedly aimed at helping, primarily Cuadrilla and Coastal are protected by a legal loophole called the 'Halliburton Loophole' which exempts huge corporations from having to divulge if the water supply has become polluted because of fracking, thus there is no 'proven case' of pollution and contamination by the fracking proce. On July 16th it was announced that tax breaks are to be awarded to the frackers and red tape lifted to speed things

In Blackpool there were two measurable earthquakes from just two fracks; in truth there were 90 much smaller ones that occurred but were not reported and as a result properties within the area are uninsurable and unsaleable. Last February, after the two fracks massive volumes of toxic polluted water was dumped into the Manchester Ship Canal. As for the balance underground, it is shown that it enters more porous rock and from there into the water supply as has happened in America, Australia and Poland. In the toxic water there are over four hundred chemicals including carcinogenics and heavy metals and drilling companies will not reveal the full list. Radioactive material is also coming to the surface from the depths due to the drilling. Meantime there is no viable plan to store residue toxic water that is virtually unrecyclable.

The method to extracte shale gas from under our very feet is by drilling to the depths of layered geology, diverting the drill to follow natural hardened strata and then insert under immense pressure a water laced with toxic chemicals designed to splinter geological levels and release natural gas that lays dormant and untapped in the depths of Mother Earth.

It is aimed to drill 800 wells in 64% of the UK, which will be the first time this obscenity will have been conducted in such a densely populated country and bearing in mind that it has made whole regions of the United States and Australia uninhabitable this is a terrifying prospect for the UK. Every single well requires 400 huge vehicles going in and out carrying huge amounts of water and heavy drilling machinery with each frack of the well requiring approximately 4 million gallons of fresh water, added to which is 5%, of highly toxic chemicals and radioactive sand (silica) to break up the geology; and, of the greatly reduced water that returns to the surface there is the clever plan to feed it our livestock and water our agricultural acreage. Only 30 to 50% max., of this water comes back to the surface anyway and it is estimated it will be allowed to seep into the water table level over 25 years. What a clever idea to introduce it to the food chain and thus deplete its immediate effect until digestions and public health. In the U.S. Act 13 effectively gags doctors from informing when they prescribe patients made ill by the fracking process.

Profiteers are about to launch the most threatening and devastating deception on the population of the United Kingdom with their quest for continued profits from fossil fuels that could so easily have been replaced by more eco friendly energy as far back as the 1940's and they are doing this by outright lies, deceptive tactics and stealth. The principle company to benefit that will conduct the drilling is Cuadrilla with 30 % being owned by Lord John Brown who presided over BP as it rose in fiscal prominence with an unsurpassed history of accident and injury that is thus far unequalled. Meantime this greedy capitalist revels in his own quote of 'profit over everything else'.

Our government claims this is simply gaining access to natural resources akin to that of wind farms that blight our countryside, add immense profits to the landowners and offer a power source that is far from economic and a long way from adequate to need. In this instance handsome returns for access to land is greatly compensated by the wandering pipes that extend geologically to a far wider area than visible above ground. Meantine corrupt MP's with vested interests stand to make millions.

Remember; They do not need permission to go under your property.

Visit Ian R Cranes web site for more information or viwe the DVD 'Split Estate & Gasland'

Please spread this as far as you can.

Jul 17, '13

An important article thank you Alan. Future generations will look back in horror at the very idea of fracking and destroying our environment. Clean water is the new black gold Corporate interests are busy buying up sources so they can sell it to the people after they've destroyed their local sources through fracking. Free energy exists, the Earth rotates with no monetary bill attached! Let's hope that Tesla technologies finally break the stranglehold of the oil banking war cartels.

Sep 27, '16
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