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Violence is timeless, if a bit more visible.
Apr 27, '13


"A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it's going to get."

-- Ian Williams Goddard.

Be Advised.

Diminishing moral standards and disregard for law and order are but a few symptoms that contribute to increasing violence on the streets of our cities in the 21st century, but, unlike former times these sad events are prolifically reported in all the varied forms of media that serves to increase the sense of fear and foreboding in a population beleaguered by advertising, debt and abject hopelessness.

With total disregard for families and loved ones, or come to that anyone with a sensitive and compassionate hope for life, these reports regularly achieve front page status unless other global news occurs to supersede them such as football results rather than war, poverty or malnutrition.

As a keen historian and collector of militaria I can report that street violence is certainly not new, far from it. History testifies that knives and wide variety of coshes have been carried for centuries, or pocket pistols and swords sticks for those of substance in the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century.

One major, devastating implement that was less accessible then, is a weapon that has fueled terrorism, extended fear and maintained the sense of mayhem and chaos without conscience, yet conceals itself surreptitiously behind the spin words ‘free speech’. That tool of hurt and sensationalism is quite simply the media in all its facets. whereupon the only guaranteed truth it delivers to the eader is the date in the corner and that doesn't last very long.

In the meantime, the media present the threat of terrorism as an all embracing threat without discrimination. Yet as terrorism increases there grows an increasing question as to origin or motivation that inspires the perpetrators, in the meantime laws are passed and rights diminished by national governments acting all in the interest of its citizens, or is that really true?

Conspiracies abound from the twin towers to the recent Boston bombings and on the later incident I would suggest the reader view Ian R. Cranes web site or David Ike's which present you-video images of the older brother of the alleged bombers in Boston, captured in good health being escorted into a police car that was first viewed on Fox news, then, it seemed to vanish and the next image was his severely mutilated and abused body, that looked like it had v been hit by a lorry. All very confusing when the media announced he was the first to be located and shot to death avoiding capture whilst his younger brother escaped albeit temporarily.

The old adage of the camera never lies and paint-shop can make anything happen on screen is hardly viable as this film footage is clearly visible and definite, just as much as the BBC announcement reporting upon the attack on the World Trade Centre, specifically the collapse of Building 7 twenty minutes before it happened. Of all the numerous mainstream exposes' that ridicule conspiracy theories, this particular vision is never addressed and can never be explained away, thus, it simply vanishes; just like the three structures at such a criminal human cost.

Meantime, just like Pearl Harbour and the Lusitania this gave the U.S. the opportunity to throw its weight around without challenge and expand its global domination to protect its version of democracy. The sad thing US citizens are subject to constitutional changes that ultimately facilitate a take over of individual thought and rights not unlike that of Nazi Germany or Communist Russia and have no elusions, the New World Order is not interested in the well being of American citizens any more than those murdered in retaliation for the attack.

The attack on the World Trade Centre and slaying a multitude of global citizens suitably declared war on the world, quite an ambitious project! It also allowed the US to gain world approval to conduct retaliatory actions without question.

PS. What an interesting 'coincidence' a piece of (WTC) aircraft landing gear has just been discovered wedged between two buildings in New York, and guess what, one of the buildings was a mosque? You wouldn't belive it if it were in a script!

Apr 27, '13
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