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Big Brother control on progress
Feb 07, '13

In these times of techno revolution and quantum science humanity still struggles in its quest for spiritual freedom amidst a world that makes consistent effort to accrue material gain and possession, and this mentality is designed to predominate over any sense of belonging, self worth and spiritual union. Individuals are treated like im-mature children void of reason and ability to maintain a path that served our ancestors to found parliament, expand freedom of speech and create a welfare state. Above all, any aspiration promoting pride in ones heritage or people is denigrated to a point that s fast reaches a point where it is actually considered illegal. As for democratic freedom the credibility of politics in the United Kingdom has never before been held in such contempt and so very far removed from its electorate. The general consensus on the integrity and honesty of members of parliament is almost totally discredited and void of respect.

Where the change came and enlightenment was thrust down our throats like an unpleasant medicine, began openly after the last world war, that war to preserve freedom is now viewed with doubt and uncertainty by many that fought it. That said, after such a conflict spurred by good intent at such human sacrifice now gives us the right to impose our version of democracy on other peoples, beliefs, or religions, yet global war and self centred control creeps around the world under the collective and most convenient name of terrorism.

For reasons highly suspicious, two global wars were quite simply orchestrated to redraw the map to facilitate empire expansion and fiscal control. Freedom of choice and democratic government were restored based upon enormous national debt built on foundations of population reduction and a global culling. And if those losses are to be justified it poses the question regarding the very reason or declaration of war following Germany’s invasion of Poland; Why did we not not declare war on Russia who invaded with planned coercion with the Germans in September 1939? And if German invasion was so repugnant, yet the Russians was not, what makes our invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan any better?

Information bearing evidence of contrivance and political deceit is so readily available to us on the internet and ever expanding media delivery, albeit the latter having the caveat to present institutionalised, selective, often bias delivery of democracy to its viewers, accompanied by a rich opportunity to refute evidence and discredit increasing evidence that implies a conspiracy. The very regularity of use of the word introduces it into the psyche of the population aimed to serve ridicule opposed to reason whilst exploiting time proved propaganda that implies ridicule.

Indication of how modern society would evolve was clearly marked out by George Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’ centred around 1984, which in all probability heralded its first major step toward fruition, whereby the new world order in-noxiously increased technological measures of control over everyday life and the people of the free world had no idea it was even happening.

This is monitored by tacit consent as vast numbers of C.T.V. camera's are installed in the interest of law and order to protect individual freedom. However such cameras appear faulty or simply inoperative at such major events as the tube bombings, or the slaughter of three unarmed terrorists at Canary Wharf that hardly made the papers, or the slaying of an innocent John Paul Menendez, or the Sandy Hook massacre. What a strange and unfortunate coincidence? And how very inappropriate that media designed as a means of simple entertainment can so publicly work against big brother when a BBC reporter announces the collapse of Trade Centre building 7 twenty minutes before the event and can still be clearly seen over her left shoulder on TV screens across the globe. That being until such time as the institution decided it was not in public interest to see this fairly solid evidence of U.S. Governmental contrivance.

On a more mundane level how many of us have personal knowledge or experience of street crime that receives little or no response from the authorities, yet if it were a perceived civil order offence, cameras are systematically scanned to capture individuals conducting their democratic right to protest. Meantime a surreptitious attempt to initiate personal identity cards is simply superseded by mobile telephones allowing the holder to be tracked if required, twenty four hours a day.

Satellite links suggested to measure individual vehicles movement as an alternative means to ascertain road tax levels based upon mileage, is another clear method of securing individuals location at all times, but then all modern cars are computerised making that simple facility already open to the scrutiny of the authorities.

Meantime, technology aside, should the reader simply wonder where all this started then consider; when a new born child is registered, the child’s name is filled in using CAPITAL LETTERS. That in effect signs the child over to the state and state servitude to such an extent that given a circumstance upon which social services decide to seize a child, they are quite simply acting within the confines of the law.

Legal connotations on how the individual adds a name to a form has a whole range of legal concealments that are covered in much detail on the internet. The most insidious of all is the request to use capital letters for ease of use in form filling or on a basic contract, whereupon refusal to accept the contents of the document are simply superseded. Further evidence of the legal entrapments we face in our everyday lives can be found in abundance by inserting 'lawful rebellion' in any search engine.

However I would like to enter the world of methodology and how it is imposed upon us at a very early age. Yet as I begin to consider some of the most fundamental levels of decline and institutionalised loss of respect, I become acutely aware of how effective that programme has been in my own life, for example, standing to attention when the National Anthem is played or the Union flag is hoisted on ceremonial occasions. That simple act of respect is no longer fashionable but simple traditions and courtesies I strive to retain include removing a hat when entering a house or home, elbows upon dinner tables, giving up a seat or opening a door for a lady and plain and simple manners.

On a broader note the easiest opening gambit based upon my own knowledge of history is to start with World War Two which presents an ugly yet fortuitous method of measure. It presented the very worst in human kind and not just the Nazi's, after all they had their paymasters at the outset, but at the time of the end game, those charged with defeating National Socialism emulated them by turning a blind eye to the continuing death and destruction meted out to one and a half million Germans in the year following the end of the war.

Acts of cruelty were excused under the blanket cover of revenge, which I am nervous to add at this time, might well have been a defence made by Adolf Hitler in his anti Semitism; so what justification is there in revenge, the possible worst of all human debasements. A reader might well sit back aghast at my audacity in making comparisons with our victory over the Nazi's, after all they were guilty of carrying out policies linked to genocide of a whole race of people, whereas our thousand bomber air raids were not, or Eisenhower s orders regarding maltreatment of surrendered axis troops at Sinzic camp are not, even though over half a million Germans perished there in the year directly following the Armistice. To say nothing of tacit consent for the communist regime to place its hefty boot on most of Eastern Europe by the prime movers of western democracy giving it its blessing. Meanwhile we are force fed continuous reference to the holocaust to justify the vilification of any that dare make reference to nationalism or patriotism and labelling them fascist.

Further erosion of cultural and ethnic values has been institutionally implemented through the education system and values instilled into our children run in parallel to a decline in respect for law and order, parenting, discipline and general conduct. Above all is the detrimental treatment, respect, and attitude the system apply s to its own nation’s history. Propagating a deliberate policy of national guilt for Empire and slavery, the very character of the English character is sacrificed to the ‘Nanny’ state, causing a whole generation being weaned to feel belittled, degraded, if not guilty of the actions of our forefathers. Our children are doomed to pay back a debt our explorers, inventors and Empire builders allegedly accrued and if schooling moulds the person, then this could not fail but to create a decline in self-esteem, personal pride, and moral.

Nazi Germany had precipitated the omission of such words as 'assembly' and physical 'training' being too militaristic, which as an adjunct further impacted on national pride. Now, as we extract such vocabulary and attitude from the education system, we allow vast numbers of evacuees and immigrants to enter this nation that implements a directive to not let immigrants lose sight of their own heritage at the same time allowing ours to fade away into obscurity. State policy is not just self harming but bias and offensive to our ancestors.

Yet how many of our offspring leave school unable to read and write, and how much of that is due to the fact that English is the second language in most of our inner-city schools? None the less, school years completed where adolescence departs and maturity begins, bearing in mind that the education system is designed to extract any sense of belonging in its pupils. They leave school and enter an environment of hostility by manipulated design through sport such as football, or maybe cultural groups such as Mods, Rockers, Skinheads, Goths, etc. and to embrace the basic human quest for identity or sense of belonging. Given the dress code or conduct that indicates which grouping the teenager chooses to identify with it is nurtured by music and fashion, enhanced by the intake of drugs and alcohol, and rest assured, as proof has shown the CIA have input into the import of drugs into the US, then that doubtless applies in the UK to its corresponding counterpart.

Those aspired to extend their education do so under a cloud of crippling university fees but at least they have the compensation in knowing that regardless of the subject of their qualification they remain over-qualified for more jobs than exist. Having temporarily spared respective governments a greatly enlarged number of people registering as unemployed, they become contributors to the vast army of highly educated jobless and enter the realms of those 'in fear' and debt far sooner than had their parents.

Maturity offers the right to participate in the expression of democracy and vote for favoured political systems on a five yearly basis. Needless to say, the freedom to vote for the political party of choice is with complete anonymity being the greatest single measure of democracy an adult can express. Albeit in ever decreasing numbers as the electorate lose confidence in a system that rarely represents them and offers no choice or difference between parties.

But! Back to basics! The very first act in placing a vote for a favoured parliamentary representative is conducted by a voter who enters a polling station to be greeted by officials seated at a desk. Upon request, the voter provides them with their electoral roll number to be confirmed on computer print outs. Following which they present you with a voting portion from a cheque book like booklet bearing a number duplicated in the corner of both segments. On that voting slip is printed the different political representatives in which to cast your vote and enter it secretly into the hallowed black box. Needless to say; that coordinated number is easily directly linked to the electoral role which duly notes your name, place of residence and what your personal political leanings are, thus increasing personal data files in accord with whatever prejudice they are instructed to implement.

Meantime the greater majority of voters concerns are simply ignored and suffocated by obsessive political correctness enforced with the same sense of zeal as any dictator. Whilst the electorate are persuaded of improvement by differing political parties, who embark upon an orgy of superfluous change and reorganisation of governmental departments, almost always hiding behind the term reorganisation or improvement with the ‘solve all’ cure of changing names to deceive the electorate with jumbled statistics concealing the real extent of unemployed or homeless in the sheer volume of differing categories. meantime make the greatest gain in headed note paper as designers of forms and autocracy which feed the hungry printing presses running at full speed along with revised media directories and offices redecorated with a coat of veneer to present images of improvement, progress and development.

In the meantime allowing a constant and unrestrained number of immigrants to stretch and strain national resources to a point of near collapse. Of course the all prevailing emotion is that of fear and fear keeps people concentrated and subservient to directions and conditions of disharmony that can be managed and orchestrated. But what is the source of fear now, after all there are no droning sounds of engines in the sky interrupted by the sound of sirens and explosions?

Fear lurks behind every corner requiring no sunlight to cast its shadow across the populace. It is conveyed more discreetly even covertly manifesting itself in so many ways. For example, if you are one of the declining majority and have a job, the very first manifestation comes with actually keeping it. Whilst a working day is conducted with caution in case of refracting some small part of company policy, bearing in mind management offsets responsibility, superseding it with each individual taking personal responsibility even if a transgression is centred around a misplaced instruction or a detail of mechanical workmanship being faulty by design. You carried it out, so you are responsible.

Then of course the pitfalls in that objective might start by having to fill in 'risk assessment forms' at the outset of anything with slightest risk or the most minimal opportunity for litigation if anything goes wrong such as religious sensitivities or ethnic idiosyncrasies and do you have any public liability insurance in the event that litigation becomes necessary? The pitfalls are vast and deliberate. Of course that runs sacrosanct to 'health & safety' 'duty of care' and 'political correctness' as diversions implemented by an unseen army of do-gooders just panting for a transgression. Ironic really, especially poignant when I recall completing an advanced First Aid course required as a manager of employees and being told the first rule of applying first aid, when confronted with an incident in the street, is to walk away.

Unemployment is Britain’s only growth industry, or more accurate to say we bear witness to a decree from Brussels that defines this nation as no more than a tourist attraction with major industrial developments transferred to alternative community members and conveyed without consultation or electoral acceptance.

We reside in a consumer led society with such a vast array of produce for sale and countless ways of paying for it without ever relieving your wallet of single ounce of currency. Then on a psychological level, we have made such vast technical advancements to help us conduct our lives by computers, plus an increasing and competitive choice of telephone providers.

Telephone reception services are being shifted out of the UK and into the Asian continent. All designed to improve efficiency, or is it cheap labour increases profits, with the bonus factor of a verbal fault finding service that simply cannot be understood?

Chaos and inefficiency are mere by products where even civil servants cannot get through to regional offices when trying to sort simple queries through telephone services. The greater majority of agencies or businesses respond to calls by speedy and efficient answering services recounting.

'In the interest of security this telephone call is being recorded and in order to offer a fast and efficient service please listen to the following options that will connect you to the department of your choice'

'Press button 1 if you want to ★★★★.’

'Press button 2 if you want to belch,'

'Press button 3 if you want to ★★★★ standing up.'

'Press button 4 if you want to belch standing up.'

'Press button 5 blah, blah, blah.'

At the same time, the reception of an ordinary telephone call to almost every business, including governmental and local council offices respond with stock answering services that are not just infuriating, they are designed purposefully to make profit from your call. How does this happen? Telephone service providers negotiate with heads of industry or any of the afore mentioned business interests to use their service, in return for which they will credit a percentage of the call received off any phone bills. Thus deliberate delay serves profit by every contact.

Then of course there is printed matter, let's say an application for unemployment or Job Seekers Allowance and a questionnaire that is so long you lose sight of which page asked what colour pants were you wearing when you last picked your nose. Up to twenty five pages with a multitude of duplication and cross referencing and when you have finally force your way through it and put it in the post you wait six to eight weeks for a response, the first, as a rule, almost always negative and an appeal process is initiated first by a telephone call to test your very sanity,

'In the interest of security this telephone call is being recorded'

blah, blah, blah;

Another bureaucratic obstacle or deference to alternate office or department and a repeat of the same process that rotates between nowhere land and obstruction and a massive challenge to the poor souls leaving school that cannot read. But take note of a minor yet significant implementation of mind control where filling in the question regarding nationality includes a multitude of varieties with the exception of 'English'. That term is now deemed as racist.

We talk lightly of the destruction of the rain forests, yet I as an individual who is registered disabled am an industry in my own right. Forms, documents, more forms, duplications, appeals, refusals, citizen’s advice, psychiatric counselling all contribute to the psychological damage and fear when the postman drops his load through the door of more forms to extend fear and unwanted advertising to feed the insatiable appetite of ‘Big Brother’.

What of the latest development hidden camera's in wheelie bins to impose fines on non conformists. Just imagine the opportunities for spy camera's installed in a toilet pan so they might ascertain whether the perpetrator has used any illegal substances.

Having written this trying to reduce exaggeration to reinforce my message I submit an analysis of New World Order aims in a quest for clarity.

To devalue the family unit.

To degrade spirituality as anti establishment.

To create fear in debt and financial dependence.

To initiate a dictatorship by consent and coercion.

To destroy any sense of pride in nation and people.

To create a sense of Freedom, dictated by authority.

To promote global warming to increase fear and apprehension.

To promote an ever increasing 'Nanny state' in protection of covert imposition.

To maintain increasing profit by chemical dependence on medication to treat medication.

To impose regional and centralised governance with no reference to democratic process.

To live in constant fear of terrorism that permits extended military and draconian control.

To instil fear and foreboding fed by debt and psychological assault at every level of society.

To diminish religious belief whilst tolerating selected alternatives, yet covertly encouraging fundamentalism as a tool to serve the greater good. 'Theirs'

Now I reflect on my heritage from a mining family avidly supporting socialism, I am relieved my parents never had to witness the calculated, systematic destruction of the very concept by the current ‘New Labour Party’.

Feb 07, '13
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