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What we call death the soul calls life
Feb 05, '13

At some point in all our lives we invariably consider the question of whether we go on after our physical form dies. It surely is a fundamental question for all of us. Without seeking to 'prove' anything or to claim any particular 'expertise' what I aim to do is to simply share some of my own personal experiences of spiritual and soul contact: the soul being the true Master in our lives as opposed to the personality which is temporary and connected to the form nature.

We think of ourselves as a body but in truth we have a body, or a vehicle of contact that serves us during our earthly incarnation, but we are not that body any more than we are our emotions (although we certainly have and experience emotions) and the same with thoughts, we have thoughts but they do not represent the sum total of who we are.

Have you ever wondered when we speak of the 'mind' which we can't physically see or touch and the 'brain' which we can see - at least under an x-ray for example - as if they were completely interchangeabe words. And yet the brain is the physical counterpart of the mind.. Science tells us quite correctly that the brain is contained in the cranium in the skull but where is the mind in the physical body? A fact which seems to be completely ignored by mainstream science. Have you ever wondered why we have not a similar counterpart to other organs in the body: for example the heart in the thoracic cavity of the chest? And is it a possiblity that like the brain, we have.

In Truth we are all spiritual beings who have chosen to incarnate into this very dense and heavy physical earth plane taking on a physical body as part of a learning process; a re-uniting with old friends and old enemies and sometimes because we have a particular mission that we have chosen to complete in this lifetime. This I know and understand not merely because I have read it in a book but because it has been my experience in life certainly from my late fourties and suspected long before that.

Feb 05, '13
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