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UK leads the way in political insanity and self harming.
Jan 26, '13

I suppose those of us that maintain a degree of pride in this nations achievements can at least take comfort in the knowledge that we continue the tradition in setting the pace for leading the way, after all who else holds such contempt and disregard for its own people and dedicates themselves so vigourouslly to suppress and penalize the least able to cope, leaving the wealthy with ever growing wealth whilst steadily demolishing and dis-assembling the welfare state the world once held in such awe.

Another twist most ironic is that the three other cultures that make up the United Kingdom, the Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh have their own assembly and political representation whereas, we, the original host and majority culture have none, save successive governments with scant regard for its electorate.

It gives me no pleasure as an Englishmen to acknowledge that as a nation our influence on the world economically, is in decline, yet the global masters are still so fearful of our integrity, moral and democratic influence we still hold across the globe that they dedicate so much time and effort toward our destruction and use duly elected governments to ensure that representation of majority wishes is diminished, denied and finally ignored.

This is accompanied by our very ethnicity being under siege having prevailed ia global war with such an interesting contrast propagated by National Socialism that fed itself upon a frenzy of racial intolerance whilst calling upon the nations it had conquered and enlisted their men in fear of communism to fight its cause, including Hindhus and Moslem. Whilst American GI's acted attrociouslly toward coloured soldiers doing military service.

Yet we that fought for democracy endure successive governments that make it educational policy to deny the value of its own heritage. That withstanding England was formed through the passage of time by immigrants and settlers who brought a culture and tradition they clung on to yet did not resist progressive change through the fullness of time.

The Roman occupation army largely constituted voluntary manpower from subjugated countries now known as Hungary, Germany, France and Spain, with a ruling minority of Roman citizens administering its interests leaving us a legacy through forms of government, judicial institutions and some fairly sturdy ancient monuments. On an ethnic level, their input might be viewed as minimal, reduced by the baser aspect of human nature where their departure left an angry people who took revenge far more vindictive than Quislings of World War Two endured.

Constant invasion further introduced a host of northern European cultures including, Jutes, Angles, Saxons, Danes, and Normans. Plus Norsemen as a sea faring people from mountainous regions much maligned by the only historians of the time, the church whose prejudicial documentation referred to them as sea wolves, sea pirates and heathens. Now, with more liberal and accurate interpretation their art and culture is acknowledged in its full glory. Comparatively recently is their influence upon the world being slowly recognized, having traded in Constantinople, sailed down European rivers to give their specific name (Russ to another culture called Russia), raided Rome and settled in numerous Mediterranean islands along with England and of course Norsemandy (of 1066 fame) and are now known to have sailed as far afield as Newfoundland. Descendants of these great explorers discovered continents such as Australia, America and many countries that became part of the British Empire, yet I dare not acclaim my racial heritage to these wondrous peoples in this country of my birth for fear of being called a racist. And I am - but only in the true dictionary interpretation of the word, 'a member of a specific race'!

It has to be said that all too often, we accrue a romantic glossary of our racial and ethnic past in excuse for political domination and imposition. Defence mechanism might conceal resentment, shame at loss and even compensation for individual commitment or recognition of injustice, or, dare I say, simple jealousy. But the United Kingdom has left a positive legacy upon this globe That I for one am not ashamed of.

To further develop the progress of this land since the seventeenth century there was a gradual but increasing flourish of new immigrants, and democracy now welcomes a host of new people into its embrace. With their offspring welcomed into an education system designed by official policy to not lose sight of their cultural heritage and how we must accept and assimilate them into ours, frustratingly so when they in turn declare without shame they reject and refuse to reciprocate. Yet should we have the audacity to demonstrate such aspiration we would be branded as racist or fascist.

Further antagonised by feeding our indigenous children guilt pills about Empire, slavery and conquest. The system simply bypass the sad reality that human captives have been just one currency of trade by most cultures throughout the world and throughout time, yet does Rome pay penance for its extensive slave trade; does Egypt, Norway, Denmark, America or anywhere else other than the United Kingdom that withstanding being the first country to abolish slavery by government decree.

The sad thing is, most cultures have whole tracts of history to be ashamed of, but many, through diversity and even war, have made great strides in inventive development, that is, if you exclude the fact that the machinery of progress has been oiled with human blood. Yet presiding over such a diverse number of peoples before handing independence back to indigenous peoples can only go on for so long; so when and where might the home born peoples of this country anticipate such return or are we to be resigned to the same retrograde influences reflected since apartheid regimes ended and the Mugabe’s began to rule supreme. Or are we to be treated to the colourful delights imposed by the Mau Mau, Idi Amin and the ethnic cleansing in eastern Europe that stained the end of the twentieth century. Or, does anyone have the courage to recognise the possibility that relinquishing imperial management was not always a kindness? And what is even more frustrating is that one of the major conditions made by the President of The United States prior to entering the Second World War, was that we disband the Empire and relinquish any trading preferences.

It’s a strange thing that we can acknowledge an acclaimed musician or artist, or we might recognize racial excellence in sport more natural in some than others, but this most obvious fact does not deter others from the human quest of competition, or excellence? Are we so scared of the prospect of silent, flying drones listening in to our private conversations that we cannot recognise certain races have proven worth in specific skills such as money management, inventiveness or creativity. Why on earth can we not recognize governmental skills, after all, everyone benefits by good management and open government has no colour bar it simply recognizes ability?

And why oh why is our youth being denied the heritage that forged the Anglish into a nation of explorers, inventors, innovators, visionaries and scientists all secured by creation of democracy and parliament that has inspired development of governing bodies across the world. Can we really be doing future generations a service by dissipating what made us what we are today? Not withstanding that we as a nation fought and defeated unformed police states such as Nazi Germany, yet now, I write with some sorrow; at least their uniforms identified them. Meantime our police state is managed by the greatest number of CTV camera’s per head to enforce Big Brothers control, unseen, unfeeling and without compassion, all enforcing a police state administering rules with the same zeal as the Gestapo.

A reader might question where I reached my conclusions or formulated my opinions, which after all, were once the right of individuals in this land when I was first born. Well my opinions were gained by travelling the globe and witnessing poverty and hardship at its harshest. These personal experiences caused me to believe it logical that if I were the provider of food, and was a decent human being who would willingly pass excess food on, then I should have the better diet to maintain strength and ability to enable me to create an excess produce that might then be shared more equally.

In my rebellious teenage years of the sixties, when youth first expressed itself loudly, I converted the Christian slogan of ‘the meek will inherit the earth’ six feet of it or all that their lifeless body may require. It was a statement reported to have been made by Harold Godwinson to Harald Hardrada at Stamford Bridge in 1066 just prior to his demise at the Battle of Hastings. It was a youthful, immature attitude that embraced the concept that might is right or racial purity is a proven means of measuring success, development, expansion, inventiveness and progress! It also cynically recognised Christianity applies selective memory when it comes to numerous inquisitions and cleansing gleefully applied upon those retaining independent thought and having it purged from their body whilst being burned at the stake.

We are forced to live in a nation where the volume of immigration is suffocating the very infra structure that has made this nation so attractive to vast numbers. Eastern Europeans arrive in massive numbers to say nothing of honouring responsibility to commonwealth nations, neglecting to add that just like 1956 and the Steam Ship Windlass, immigrant influx simply ensures minimum wage positions are simply filled and poor working conditions unacceptable to British workers still remain an improvement to that which they had previously experienced. This does however not serve to improve the lot of the resident population just line the pockets of the wealthy. Further insult to injury is heaped upon our brave, misguided military forces who when discarded are denied application to any police force positions due to discrimination aimed with positive discrimination at Afro/Asiatic peoples.

Meantime our masters in Brussels having destroyed our industry and self dependence on such fundamental assets such as coal, now centred in Belgium, or farming now centred and financially supported in France, designate this country as an elaborate Tourist destination. Notwithstanding most European nations are not adverse to the age old political ploy of ‘divide and rule’ where covert propagation of racism as a weapon of control still conserve the animosity of the true practitioners being the accusers themselves.

Meantime life’s journey would not have been possible without the technology of media delivery and authoritative education always accepting in this age of equality, it is worth remembering that racial intolerance only applies when conveyed by white Anglo Saxon peoples rather than aimed at them ; that doesn’t count!

Media Racism.

It is a well established fact that Hollywood has no compunction in changing history to suit themselves, the current genre, or sponsors interests. That trait itself is much worse whilst survivors of actual events such as for example the seizeing of the enigma machine in the Second World War still live.

Yet this manifested in numerous ways such as racial preference portrayed with an Irish accent would earn a reprieve in court during the late seventies and eighties and an American accent earned the bearer a cloaking device in the heat of battle and immortality.

But playing with political agenda, albeit shaded cover for out and out terrorism is beyond the pail for example the romantic view of ‘The boys’ in the ‘Old country’ does not show mourning Mothers or maimed civilians. Yet we permit such racist taunts to blur historical reality, and then acclaim the film to be an honest delivery without bias.

Never more blatantly was this screened than in the film ‘Braveheart’. The eternal fight against the oppressive English by Scottish patriots, bollocks; the invading force were Normans and brutal occupiers of this land and subjugator of its Anglo-Saxon peoples. The lie compounded further by recruiting Irish mercenaries to help beat the English as a blatant attempt of anti English propaganda in support of ‘The boys’. Then implying that the pregnancy at the end of the film would generate a new monarch with the blood of William Wallace as the Father, is not only pathetic, it promotes paedophilia, as the lady concerned was a child of seven when the events portrayed actually occurred. Mel Gibson has been decried by some as a racist in normal life on top of a catalogue of films that are anti English, but why does the big screen permit licensed racism?

Furthermore, when I was a child the goodie always wore white and the baddie always black, or is that politically incorrect? Now of course it’s much simpler, the baddie is always English, and that isn’t racism? But, changing well established historical facts to pander to one sector of audience or other is well out of order and surely that implies an agenda of prejudice and racial intolerance.

Communication of revolting information.

An alternative to war of geographic prominence.

History is rife with one revolution after another in this country. Whether for power, democracy or the simple rights of the working classes, there have been numerous bloody revolts that have brought about change and given us the delusion that we live in a democratic environment. In essence these nation changing events through time came about without the aid of modern communication technologies. Messages and aspirations have been transmitted across the land by word of mouth and not telephone, text or e-mail but delivered off the back of a horse or by mouth of a peasant.

At grass roots level the voice of working classes through Trade Union Power was effectively diminished by the strikes initiated against the government of the time ruled by Margaret Thatcher and what Unions did survive that destructive era are but a shadow of what they were before.

Regular, full time employment diminishes under state imposition of financial demands upon employers who in the interest of simple survival and retention of profit that requires, engages manpower on short term contracts at reduced cost or self employment. Instability and uncertainty in the work place keeps the working classes in their place and in a constant state of fear.

Of course war has been such a great instrument of controlling the people, especially those defending freedom, honour and national pride and those delusions have been worked to a maximum up until, and including the Second World War. But now, to prevent anarchy and chaos to prevail as an indignant outcry against dictatorial establishment, global terror is infinite. It can be exported, transported or simply propagated through the age old message of religion or faith.

What is particularly beneficial to global control, is that terrorism announces neither duration or declaration of terms to negotiate. The very goal posts can be moved at will and it does it in the name of freedom whilst the truly sad element is that perpetrators are also its victims and quite disposable; after all, there’s always another generation in the wings to continue the good fight.

Ironically unlike medieval times, when communication was so very basic, we live in a time when that is in abundance. Equally as ironic is that the global dictators are more than capable of using it as a weapon of their own trade. They conspire to promote a conspiracy but which one? Disharmony and dissension are perpetuated and who on earth can decide which conspiracy to believe in.

The answer? I wish I knew!

At least be aware of intent and stop being willing tools.

Jan 26, '13
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