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Gettysburg 2013 2.7
Aug 22, '13

Day Ten: Saturday, July 6. Farewell to General Pickett. I was up early as I had to return General Pickett's Enfield Rifled Musket and Bayonet by 9am. I was saddened at his imminent departure after what seemed so short a time together.It seemed strange walking across Steinwehr Avenue with a Musket and bayonet! Only in America I thought back home I probably would have had a Police firearms unit surrounding me within a short space of time but things here were much more relaxed!

Walking around the back of the Quality Inn hotel I spied Erik and got him to take a last picture of his Dad and me for posterity.

Diane was busy organising the SUV with the family kit for the drive back to Amsterdam, NY. Being a busy Mom she was keen to get on the road and to get her family moving so I said a fond farewell and gave her a big hug.

Then I waved to Katie and Erik as I took my leave, friends forever.

Walking back across Steinwehr I was extremely melancholy so decided to chat awhile with the Remington Gun salesman! I had noticed his portrayal of a travelling salesman the day before so I was keen to have a chat and to find out why he enjoyed playing a civilian role. His display was extremely informative. Over the years he had got round to carrying less kit to living history events and also wasn't into running around in the extreme heat so the Travelling salesman fitted the bill and combined his interest in firearms and technology from the mid 19th century.

around 11am I made my way back to change and then returned to chat with the public during the afternoon. The site was noticeably quiet as most people were attending the Official Re-enactment event out of town.

I chatted to Mary Duncan the "war widow"that I had met on July 3. I was impressed with her portrayal and the quality of her dress making. She had decided only a couple of years previous to go in for living history and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of meeting interesting people. We talked at length about the experience of women in the Civil War and I was pleased to have my picture taken with her.

However it did get more busy as the afternoon wore on and I enjoyed talking to the working Blacksmith who had been working away all week manufacturing items in the 90 degree heat!

At the end of the day I managed to have a chat with him.

I awarded him the prize for the most dedicated re-enactor and the hottest man on the site!

Aug 22, '13
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