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Gettysburg 2013 2.6
Aug 22, '13

Day Nine: Evening of Friday, July 5. Ghost Walk. After changing and eating a salad Linny came over and I set off with Cathe for a Ghost Walk on the battlefield. Our first stop was the ever impressive Virginia Memorial on Seminary Ridge which marks the starting point of Pickett's Charge July 3, 1863.

The girls walked on ahead out into the fields of conflict from 150 years previous as I dawdled and took in the iconic views and memorials that surrounded me. A simple snake rail fence with a rabbit caught my eye.

It reminded me of the anecdote of a Confederate soldier that was taking shelter from the Union shelling beneath the same trees long ago, when a hare jumped out from in front of him and ran off. A fellow compatriot was heard to shout, "Run old Hare, if I were an old hare I'd run too!" Moments later they formed ranks and stepped off into history. Whether either of those soldiers survived is not recorded but such was the stoic spirit of the Army of Northern Virginia.

I related the tale to Linny and Cathe and then took up position behind a bronze barrelled Confederate Napoleon 12 pounder and imagined the hour long bombardment that took place on that day. Eighty cannon fired shot and shell continuously at the Union lines on Cemetery Ridge about a mile distant.

As they listened for spirit voices on Cathe's Ghost box I amused myself with my thoughts. It was interesting to be in the company for the ladies as their focus, energy and view point was very different from mine.

Moving on as dusk approached we motored along to the other end of Seminary Ridge opposite Little and Big Round Top. Linny became noticeably more focused an animated as this was the part of the battlefield she remembered as a member of the 5th Texas.

We then looped around to the base of Little Round Top and went on a walk about. It was very quiet spirit wise but we did have some communication success with a lone ghostly spirit. As darkness fell we headed back to watch another episode of "Sharpe" together with Rick.

Aug 22, '13
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