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Gettysburg 2013 2.2
Aug 19, '13

Day Seven: Early Evening Wednesday, July 3. The Aftermath. Finally succumbing to the heat and humidity I decided to lie down in the shade of the trees at the angle. Using my jacket as a pillow I made myself comfortable and drained the last drop of water from my canteen. I exchanged conversation with my fellow experiencers and was offered a tot of high proof Jamaican rum from a jocular Virginian dressed in a Irish kilt! Another Pennsylvanian offered me some Schnapps which seemed to improve my circulation no end! Cooling down as the shade took its effect and the heat dissipated in the early evening I managed to stand back up after an hour.

I took a picture of two lads that really looked the part and had my picture taken with them to commemorate the momentous event that I had taken part in.

A Berdan US Sharp Shooter kindly let me play with his rifle and compare it to my own carbine version. We both had Pedersoli reproductions of the originals so it felt very familiar.

I then talked to a couple of guys that came from Sussex in England. Like me they had made the pilgrimage to Gettysburg.

As the clock ran down I finally walked back very slowly and carefully to the local McDonald's restaurant on Steinwehr in order to get rehydrated with two large mugs of Coca Cola and some fries with salt.

I shared my journey with my jocular kilted Virginian friend and said my Farewell at around 7pm. Luckily it was only a short walk to my barracks where Cathe and Rick formed a welcoming committee. After plenty of large mugs of tea and a lie down on the sofa I felt a lot better.

Aug 19, '13
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