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Gettysburg 2013 1.9
Aug 19, '13

Day Six: Tuesday, July 2. The second day marking the 150th anniversary dawned and after writing up my article blog I had breakfast under the car porch. I had experienced my first real day reenacting and survived the heat, humidity and the wool!!! You know it's the genuine experience when you feel all those things and are surrounded by others dressed in the same fashion and sweating equally as much. Only General Lee seemed immune to the heat and humidity! As was appropriate. The cannon continued booming from just along the road at Ziegler's Grove and I was in my element. I decided to wear my Confederate Cavalry Captain's uniform today as I did not desire anymore drill! Lol ;) Being an Officer does have its privileges! Also seeing that just about everyone else was a Major or above I felt suitably unpretentious and comfortable.

Mercifully the jacket is much lighter and thinner in construction so does not hold the heat so much. The day passed well and I met many new and interesting folk who marvelled at the "American with a really convincing British accent!" By now I was speaking fluent Georgian of the Southern dialect variety.

I had several pictures taken with George and we hung out together. It was so nice just to relax and chin wag face to face after nigh on ten years of emails.

That evening as I returned to barracks I managed to find a picture of Brent's Regiment at the Blue and Grey Alliance event from the weekend just past. I must say they do look the part. Very professional.

A tribute to the people who feel compelled to spend thousands of dollars to portray the Southern Soldier in iconic Gray.

I salute you one and all!

Good job!!!

Aug 19, '13
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