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Gettysburg 2013 1.8
Aug 10, '13

Day Five: Monday July 1. The first day of the Battle of Gettysburg exactly 150 years ago. The morning started auspiciously with massed artillery fire from cannon posted just a few hundred yards away in the battlefield. The sound vibrated the house every time the cannon boomed. By all accounts the Blue and Gray Alliance reenactment weekend had been a great success and it was now over the the Federal Park Rangers to provide the back bone of the guest experience for the next 3 days. I was in no rush to get hot in the midday sun so chatted with Cathe as she showed me some of her remarkable ghost pictures on the computer she uses constantly.

In this one you can see the ghosts of two Confederate soldiers outside the Jennie Wade house. One is clearly shooting his musket.

In another picture you can see a bloodied hand

The genuine photograph was taken by a member of the audience as Cathe was giving her Ghost tour lecture. Something she did for 14 years. The Cellar is an apparition hotspot due to the intense negative emotions of the victims many of whom appear in Cathe's photographs.

I was now getting used to the miraculous gift Cathe has of communicating constantly with spirits including the legendary Nikola Tesla and especially her spirit guide Henry Harrison.

I decided to jump rank so as not to be outdone by all the General Officers in the living history camp and donned my Confederate Cavalry Captain's uniform which is most comfortable and functional. The jacket and vest being less thick than the heavy campaign jacket that I had constructed and worn the day before. Rick took a photo of me as I left the house and was still relatively tidy!

I really wanted to get some decent pictures of General Pickett, his wife La Salle and myself. Luckily at the end of a busy afternoon the opportunity arose and we took these.

Plus a special one of our young friend Brody who is well known to the Pickett family.

The weather was extremely hot just as it was one the day of the battle 150 years earlier.

Sadly I missed my dinner appointment with them due to a mix up and my own dawdling!

I tried real hard to find them in Pickett's Buffet on Steinwehr and despite apologising for the Confederate Army rolling into town to an amazed crowd of diners and waitresses I failed to spot them in the corner of the restaurant!

So I headed back home for another shower and change of clothes, chicken salad and another episode of Sharpe!

Aug 10, '13
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