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Gettysburg 2013 1.4
Jul 02, '13

Day One: Thursday, June 27. Having been up for some 27 hours I was surprised to find that my 4 hours of sleep had recharged me! We would take it easy today and get to know my hosts Rick and Cathe Fulton. I wanted to return the car to Enterprise at the earliest possible time so that I could discharge my responsibilities in that matter and then relax. A little after 10am we left the house. Rick lead the way and I found that driving the familiar streets of Gettysburg to be exhilarating. Finally in the bright sunshine and heat I could see and feel my home for the next two weeks. It was very emotional. Having found the lot I handed over my charge to TJ the jovial local representative and had a good chat. Country folk have time for that. Something that we have lost in the busy manic world we live in normally. It was just great to be in America. I love this country. It is in my soul.

Rick and I then headed for the Mission! Images of the Alamo flooded my mind at the mere mention of that name! It was a Thrift shop that supported a local Church Charity. Rick ever the entrepreneur was on the scout for possible profit making items he could retail in his business website. I was only too happy to fit in with his plans and to tag along. It was nice not to have to think what to do but just fit in. Having successfully bought two limited edition vintage Americana tins we departed. Next stop the gas station.

I was happy in the heat and sucked in my surroundings. Such a tranquil small town Gettysburg still remained a pleasant rural backwater exactly as it had been in 1863.

Gas prices were about half that of the UK at $3.43 a gallon. The US gallon being a little over 4 litres UK measurement and slightly smaller in volume to the old UK Imperial Gallon some 4.5 litres.

Back home I enjoyed a pleasant day listening to Cathe's ghost stories and discovering fully just what an exceptional

Person she truly was.

I was amazed at the sheer volume of high class images she and Rick has taken and collected over the years. One in particular shows two Confederate soldiers kneeling and shooting outside the Jennie Wade's house in Gettysburg.

The tragic story of Jennie the only civilian in Gettysburg to have been killed possibly by a Yankee bullet rather than the popular belief that it was a Confederate one on the third day of the battle.

"Wade, her mother, and two younger brothers left their home in central Gettysburg[4] and traveled to the house of her sister, Georgia Anna Wade McClellan at 528 Baltimore Street to assist her and her newborn child. It was July 1, 1863, during the first day's fighting of the Battle of Gettysburg. More than 150 bullets hit the McClellan house during the fighting.

About 8:30 a.m. on July 3, Wade was kneading dough for bread when a MiniƩ ball traveled through the kitchen door of her sister's house and hit her. It pierced her left shoulder blade, went through her heart, and ended up in her corset. She was killed instantly. While it is uncertain which side fired the fatal shot, some authors have attributed it to an unknown Confederate sharpshooter.

Shortly afterward, three Union soldiers discovered the body and told the rest of the family. They temporarily buried Wade's body in the back yard of the McClellan house, in a coffin originally intended for a Confederate officer. In January 1864, her body was relocated to the cemetery of the German Reformed Church on Stratton Street. On July 4, her mother baked 15 loaves of bread with the dough Wade had kneaded."

Having witnessed Cathe amazing psychic powers I'm inclined to believe her that it was a Union bullet that was the culprit. I was further chilled by the story of Rose who had murdered 23 children in he basement of the Jennie Wade house. The children being orphans. Cathe has delivered many talks to ghost hunter groups in that basement and has constantly been able to demonstrate that the spirits are still their. Releasing them back into the light. Many of the children were trapped by confusion and needed love and a Mother's touch to comfort them and help them find the light. I for one certainly believe and trust her implicitly and I applaud her work in helping these troubled confused souls to move on.

Continuing the paranormal theme that I was so keen to experience Cathe introduced me to the remarkable Ovilus "voice box" and associated visual display unit.

Now, ghosts can speak...

The revolutionary Ghost Box Ovilus X converts environmental readings into real words. Now you can get real words and phonetic responses to your questions. Theories suggest that spirits and other paranormal entities may be able to alter our environment such as electromagnet frequencies, temperature, etc. The Ovilus X takes advantage of this by using these frequencies to choose a response from a preset database of 2,048 words. The idea behind this, is that an intelligent entity will be able to alter the environment in such a way that forces the Ovilus to "speak" a response appropriately.

*International shipping not available due to customs regulations

I had intuitively guess that her spirit guide was no other than Henry Harrison the Actor from Mississippi that had been a scout for General Longstreet in 1863. Cathe told me that Rick and Henry had been friends and taken part in Pickett's fatal charge July 3, 1863. Cathe as Katie the Confederate nurse had tended Rick's wounds post the battle and so their relationship had continued into the present incarnation. Henry her ever faithful spirit guide from childhood had been a constant companion for her first memories as a 3 year old child. There is alway a reason for why we know each other and the immortal bonds that connect us and that is simply LOVE. In the mid 90s I had coined the phrase "Love is the glue that binds the Universe together." It was gratifying to see this principle in action and to have seen it mentioned repeatedly in the movie "Cloud Atlas" on the plane coming over.

Finally the day closed and I was glad to have an early night and catch up on my jet lag. Fortunately it is never too much of a problem when travelling Westward. As my eyes closed and I fully digested all that I had seen and experienced, I was excited, elated and energised at the prospect of all the wonders that would unfold in the days to come.

Jul 02, '13
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