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Gettysburg 2013 1.2
May 13, '13


Getting into Character

Growing a beard is a sure fire way to get into character for an event. It is also an exploration into one's former incarnations as the once familiar feeling and appearance takes shape. It is a kinaesthetic experiment. In this article I shall keep a photographic log of my progress on a weekly basis.

Week One:

Week Two:

Week Three:

Week Four:

Really pleased with the "grizzled Reb" look! Still one month to go before Gettysburg 2013.

Week Five:

Uniform ready! 26 days and counting to taking off for Gettysburg 2013...

Week Six:

Facial hair was certainly in fashion during the Civil War. Starting with the presidents of the U.S. (Abraham Lincoln) and the Confederacy (Jefferson Davis), and going right through the ranks, if there would have been a competition as to who had the best facial hair, it is not clear who would have won. It is certain, however, that there would be lots of contestants.

A definite leader in the arena was Union General Ambrose Burnside. Burnside’s chops were so infamous that they led to the term sideburns that is still in use today.

Captain Raphael Semmes, who served in the U.S. Navy prior to the war and then in the Confederate Navy during the war, sported various interesting looking mustaches at various times in his military career. Several were of the handlebar mustache type and even curled up at the ends.

My past life brother Executive Officer of the CSS Alabama John McIntosh Kell. A handsome red beard as anyone ever saw!

General Robert E. Lee the archetypical Southern Gentleman. His moustache developed into his distinctive grandfatherly full beard that everyone knew so well. God bless our Marse Robert.

General John Ewell Brown Stuart the epitome of the dashing beau sabre Southern Cavalier.

A truly epic beard that made him older and more authoritative than his tender 33 years belied.

May 13, '13
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