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Gettysburg 2013 1.0
May 10, '13

This summer July 1,2,3 sees the historic 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. The battle that decided the fate of America to this present day. I was not present in 1863 as I was engaged fighting the Union Army around Savannah, Georgia and South Carolina. In 1913 veterans of both Blue and Gray came together in an act if healing and stood once more on that hallowed ground sanctified by the blood of so many.

Unfortunately I missed attending mainly due to being dead and therefore otherwise engaged outside the physical 3D atomic matrix!

One hundred years later to the day I shall stand with my fellow past life veterans on that field and salute the bravery and courage of my fellow country men. Of the many events occurring over a two week period none will be more emotional or poignant than Pickett's Charge. A final desperate attempt to break through the centre of the Union lines and secure a Southern victory.

We shall stand shoulder to shoulder and walk the long mile towards the stonewall bristling with muskets and cannon. It will be a solemn act of remembrance. Not glorious, not glamorous but a tribute to the 7000 men lost in a space of half an hour.

I shall also be meeting up with my good friend and past life buddy Paul Karabin who was General George E Pickett CSA back then. Readers can link to his page on this website.

I hope to write a series of articles which will chronicle my historic journey. A journey that begun back in 1964 when as a 10 year old boy my memories first came consciously to light. Previously I was unaware that they were memories as they had been with me since 1954.

So the road to Gettysburg 2013 an epic pilgrimage into both the past, present and future. We shall encounter ghosts, talk with Nikola Tesla who in spirit regularly communicates with my host Cathe Fulton. She has amassed a collection of notes from him and his chums which awaits my translation from Science speak to everyday language that the whole world can understand! I understand that "they" are desperate to get free energy devices released so that we can end the slavery of mankind. It is going to be quite a ride!!!!

So stay tuned....

Some politically correct politicians save the Confederate battle flag was never meant to be flown from a flag pole and therefore refuse to fly the cherished flag of Confederate veterans. "Try telling that to these boys!"

May 10, '13
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