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10 The Geometry of Immortality
Apr 01, '12

Chapter Ten


When we look around the Universe in order to find a basic mechanism that is capable of transferring information through the death point, we are immediately struck by the mathematical powers of the phi spiral. In sacred geometry the first beginning of constructing the Universe is to take a point: from the void comes the point, a singularity. The point expands equally in all directions of the plane into a 2D circle and this becomes the first basic shape of creation. The circle divides the outside from the inside; it mirrors the whole yet divides off the individual from the whole. In three dimensions of space this translates into a sphere, for the world whirled into existence!

The only thing the circle can do is to divide itself into two, to reproduce itself, so the next phase is for the circle to produce another circle, which touches the centre of the first circle. We now have the famous diagram of two interlocking circles such that the circumference of each circle is identical and touches the centre of each circle. The central shape, which is an ellipse, is the sacred shape known as the vesica pisces, latin for bladder of the fish. This is the birth channel of all shapes. It is also the Christian fish symbol, the ark or arc of the covenant, an ark being a pun on the geometric arc, part of the circumference of a circle. The vesica pisces gives birth to a third shape, which is the triangle. The triangle is a return to unity and to strength and structure. It reiterates the strength of the whole, it is the first stable shape after the whole. This is born through the vesica pisces by joining a straight line between the two centres of the circles and then constructing diagonal lines to the top of the vesica pisces. Similarly, another triangle can be drawn symmetrically upside down within the vesica pisces and a greater triangle can be created by extending the diagonals to the bottom circumference of the circles and drawing a third line to make a great triangle of four small equilateral triangles. All lines of equal length, all perfect and all automatic, thus giving unit to measure and the number 3 to the world.

The next shape born is the square, which is an extension outward of the vesica pisces and this represents the physical material world. Two squares delineate the sacred shape bounded by the diameters of the two circles and joined by two lines of unit length top and bottom. The number 4 is the number of matter, it is a square world, which translates to a cube in 3 space. Incidentally, the ratio of the diagonal of a square to the unit length of its side is the square root of 2 (√2=1.4142135…). The diagonal across two equal squares ratio to the unit length of its short side is the square root of 5 (√5=2.2360679…). And the ratio of a line drawn length wise within the vesica pisces to the line of unit length across it, is the square root of 3 (√3=1.7320508…). So, we see that the root of harmony and proportion can be derived fundamentally by simply placing two circles together!

To extend our journey to the numbers 5 and 6 we need to extend the circles to three. By adding a third circle co joining below the other two circles we can construct a pentagon. The pentagon contains the mystic pentagram with its beautiful five-pointed star and five traditionally is the number of life, 5 alive. A rose, an apple sectioned horizontally and a starfish all show this perfectly. The word phi is incorporated in the word five spelt phonetically - phi-ve. The pentagram is the sacred shape associated with the phi spiral. The obsession with occult groups with this shape is based around its connection with the ratio 1.6180339... a proportion used successfully by the Greek sculpture Phidas and thereafter called phi, commensurate with the Greek letter of the same name. This can be derived simply by the mathematical ratio of the length of a short line within a pentagram divided into the length of the next larger line making its construction. The irrational constant phi going on to infinity is its product. This can be reiterated over and over again at any level of magnification, thus becoming the ultimate fractal unit! Stars within stars within stars. It is also found within the Fibonacci number series 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144… etc, by dividing a lower number into the next higher number. Other interesting data on phi are gathered in the appendices for further study - its importance can not be stress too much!

To continue our journey into numbers in order to understand the whole of number, we journey on to 6. Six and a sixth part of the circle is the natural shape which is deduced by using the radius of the circle containing the shape, for the radius will divide the circumference of its own circle precisely six times. This facilitates a hexagon if straight lines are used to join up the points so constructed. Six is the number of structure, function and order. It is no coincidence that bees use a hexagonal shape for tiling and making hives for, along with the square a six sided figure will tessellate with regularity. The three figures that tessellate are therefore triangle, square and hexagon. These are regular tessellations and require no other joining pieces. Tessellation is a reiterative tile pattern and comes from the Greek word for tiling. To tile a surface is to completely cover the surface of the plane. A hexagon is really a double triangle and therefore the triangle is the basic staple shape that gives rise to a hexagon, which is its logical conclusion.

Proceeding onto more complicated shapes, we come to the heptagon and the heptogram within the heptagon, which contain seven points. Seven is the number of spirit, or God, or mystery; it is the enchanted virgin for 7 cannot be entered perfectly into 360 degrees, but it gives a reoccurring fraction and therefore it can never be entered into in whole numbers. Seven is also the number of radiating arms of light in the crown of Liberty, the seven colours of the rainbow enlightening the dark world. Seven is the number of mystery. Seven in the numerology of the Greek alphabet was the name for Athena, 777 thrice virginal. The Greeks played number games as they understood that mathematics was the key to the structure of the universe and therefore mathematics was really the only subject worth studying, although all things are mathematical - art, music, even the structure of poetry and language can be reduced to mathematics.

Moving on to 8, we come to the double square, which is the octagon. Eight was considered the perfect number and is indeed so in the Periodic Table, for all atoms with 8 electrons in their outer shell are inherently stable and form the inert or noble gases as they are called. This is because they do no chemistry, they do not take part in any reactions: they are therefore inert. They are self-content and therefore perfect. Jesus in Greek was Ichthus, which is the fish, harking back to the vesica pisces, and the numerology value of Ichthus was 888 which is thrice perfect. Incidentally, 666 which is the one number known by most people as the number of the Beast, means thrice dead, for 6 and the hexagon is the number of the material or non-living universe, World Wide Web, WWW, VI VI VI (coincidence?). Perhaps money is the beast that ensnares us all! Five is living, 6 is non living, the two parts that make up the universe. Eight would also tessellate, but only with a small square interjected between the octagons. Interlocking squares that make the 8 pointed star are used in Police badges to enforce the law. David Icke pointed out that our police have an 8 pointed star on their helmet, which means we are in charge of this place. The square, the number 4, a circle with a cross within and four squares together making a large square, have been used by various cultures to represent home, the place where we live, the Earth. By stamping another square on top of this square we end up with, we are the people in charge of this place - authority emphasised by symbolic geometry.

Moving on to the number 9, the n'th degree, the final number, the largest single number, the highest possible attainment, we can see how its influence pervades our language. For we dress to the nines, we are on cloud nine, the ultimate punishment is the cat o’nine tails, General Lee even signed the surrender document at Appomattox Court House, Va on April 9, 1865 and he signed his final order of surrender, Special Order No 9. Being Masons, as many Americans are and being founded on Masonry, numerology plays a large part in the laying out of the landscape. This was a direct inheritance of the Knights Templar philosophy and ethos, to make heaven above, on earth below and in its own perfect mirror image, thereby reinforcing the landscape with pentagonal geometry, pentagrams and using numerology including reiterating the numbers 11 and 13 over and over again. As with the Twin Towers in New York, a giant number 11 with 110 floors in each tower and built to a Templar unit of measure! For their main worry was that their society would not be stable and therefore they used the only intellectual tools they knew to create this stability; the inherited wisdom and knowledge of the ancient classical world. The 9 pointed star or nonagram within the nonagon forms a pattern of completion. It is three times three, three as a sacred number reiterated three times; a beginning, a middle and an end - reiterated three times! It is the springboard to infinity and all other number, for when we come to 10, we merely repeat our number system by adding a zero.

Together with prime numbers, which form the basic scaffold of the universe, as ably demonstrated by Dr Peter Plichter in his book God’s Secret Formula, we can see that there is an all encompassing mathematical structure for the whole of the universe. Therefore if we are looking for a mechanism for immortality then surely that mechanism must be on display within the context of the information just given. The prime candidate for this is the ratio of phi and especially known as the golden section. But it is when it is reiterated into a spiral that we can glimpse the mechanism for survival. The number sequence, which gives the growth spiral of everything, is quite simple to deduce. The ancients knew this very early on, but it was the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci (Phi-bonacci!) who re discovered it in the Renaissance era and it now bears his name - The Fibonacci series. To construct this we start with zero and move to 1 as we have discussed before and then sum these two numbers to get 1 again, then we sum those two numbers to get 2 and then sum these two numbers to produce the next and so on ad infinitum. But the pattern is revealed when we place this into a two dimensional plane as squares we see that the squares move around in a spiral. Starting with the zero point we place a single dot; we then construct a single square; moving to the right we construct another single square of the same size; moving below we then construct a square 2x2 such that it touches the first two squares; moving to the left of the paper we then construct a square 3x3; moving above the construction we construct a square 5x5; moving right we construct a square 8x8 and so on, always moving in a clockwise or anti clockwise spiral, moving to the right or left as we reiterate and pattern grows larger.

The pattern can be seen universally employed throughout nature. Flower petals use the Fibonacci number; the seed head of sunflowers use complex Fibonacci spirals. Phi is found in the nautilus shell: It is the perfect growth spiral because it maintains its equilibrium. In my bathroom I have a phi spiral seashell which looks to all intents and purposes like a soap dish, but it balances perfectly on its centre and one can see through contemplation that this is a worthy mechanism for survival. This is nature’s ultimate spiral. Many other growth spirals occur for example the Egyptian one seventh spiral, but I would argue that the phi spiral is the supreme natural spiral. The seventh part of a circle, 51.428571…degrees, is close to the perfect corner angle of a pyramid. The geometry of the pyramid follows the phi ratio such that the slope will be for example 89 units and the base will be 55 units to the centre of the pyramid. As we have also seen earlier on in the book, pyramid shapes and this ratio magnify and intensify ley line energy, this being regarded by Chinese cultures as chi or energy for life. It therefore seems that the use of the pyramid shape has a fundamental interaction with this life force.

What has all this got to do with survival? Well if we look at classic biology we understand that the centre of every cell in the human body, apart from red blood cells, has a nucleus, which is the minute brain box of the cell if one needs an analogy. Within the nucleus of the cell is contained the DNA. DNA is short for DeoxyriboNucleic Acid, which is why we use the acronym DNA, it saves a lot of time and bother. Really one needs to visualise, thanks to Francis Crick and James Watson, a double helix spiral. For the double helix spiral is composed of billions of reiterated nucleic acids of only four different types commonly labelled A, C, G, T and having the chemical names adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine.

Attached to the double helix spiral are pentagram side sugars. Carbon molecules being number 6 in the Element Table have the ability to join with each other to make structure and organic bodies. Of 11 million known chemicals 10 million are organic, that is they contain carbon and there are far more variations of carbon molecules than anything else.

The ability to make long chains and rings is fundamental to producing life and complex higher bodies. These rings can either be pentagonal with five carbons, or hexagonal with six carbons. Six carbons are inherently more stable than five carbon rings, but life needs to be dynamic not static. A good example is honey. Honey is made of fructose, which has the formula C5H10O5 and is therefore pentagonal in construction. Honey finds it very difficult to crystallise in a regular pattern and therefore has various degrees of runniness from semi-solid to liquid. Glucose, on the other hand, in the form of glucose crystals is a C6 ring and therefore hexagonal in structure. Glucose, having the formula C6H12O6 has no trouble in crystallising and making regular hexagonal crystallised shapes. When we look at sucrose, which is the common sugar we place in our tea, we see that this is a combination of fructose and glucose together, having the formula C11H22O11. Pentagram sugars are therefore obviously mathematically linked to the phi mechanism and the phi spiral.

The structure of the pentagram has been discussed in the crop circle section and therefore the intricacies of the ratios and its relationships to the human body have already been made available to the reader.

The whole DNA molecule can therefore be seen as a wound antenna to do with phi ratios. To save space the antenna is further wound with spirals within spirals. Incidentally, the link between spirals also extends to the crystal kingdom with quartz. Radio wave interaction with quartz crystals is now well understood and established. The interaction of life force energy with crystals is becoming well known and practised by a large number of the population now who are rediscovering old knowledge. The healing power of crystals is now being investigated, the fact that coherent light focused through crystals can affect tissue regeneration, this has been discovered recently and published for the first time.

An axial view of DNA showing the pentagonal structure that enables spirit to interlock with matter

The Light Ray utilizes crystal oscillators, toroidal coils, harmonic phase shifts, and specific light frequencies to generate zero point energy, or non-hertzian time reverse waves. Biological healing is said to be many times more active in these zero-point fields than in normal EM fields. The Light Ray induces heightened activity of the mitochondria, a genetic structure in the cell, which can be considered the sun of the cell. The primary function of the mitochondria is conversion of sugars into adenosine triphosphate(ATP) - ATP provides the fundamental energy to power cellular metabolism. When ATP levels are raised, tissue regeneration is thought to become a possibility; a reservoir of "chi" or subtle energy increases in the body, which can then be used to overcome problems, which may be very difficult to address with more conventional natural therapeutics. But how does it work?

Silicon dioxide (SiO2), the basic molecular construction of quartz crystal, literally sand, is composed of endless spirals of silicon and oxygen. These spirals interact with energy just as the spirals of the DNA do. The crystals appear to be sensitive to and able to amplify energy of a much higher and finer frequency. This energy may also be not only the traditional transverse electromagnetic waves of physics, which give us radio, but also the newly discovered longitudinal electromagnetic waves that pervade all corners of the universe.

The ratcheted dodecahedron of DNA - a Phi spiral antenna

Returning to DNA, the ratcheted dodecahedron structure of the DNA further reiterates and emphasises the overall phi construction of this particular unique molecule, for this is the very molecule of life. It is capable of splitting and reproducing, thereby giving rise to a mechanism for the continuance of biological organisms. The phi spiral projected as a wave can be regarded as an infinite fractal; just as the whirling Julia set patterns within the Mandelbrot set can reiterate towards infinity without losing coherence and information, so the phi spiral can do exactly the same for it is an infinite fractal. In this lies its secret, for it can regenerate itself infinitely. When used in art, dividing up the canvas into Fibonacci proportions using the golden section, one can endlessly subdivide the canvas and space to the perfect placing of all objects on the 2 dimensional plane, thus making a very pleasing picture composition. This mechanism of the spiral occurs throughout nature for spirals, even if the motion be circular, the circle moves through time and therefore the circle describes a spiral when viewed within the perspective of time.

The spiral is capable of outward growth, which is an explosive principle, and of inward force and growth, which is an implosive or imploding spiral. The force of implosion as Viktor Schauberger so ably described, is the force of creation. The force of explosion is the force of destruction. In a famous meeting with Adolf Hitler he bravely said, ‘Your philosophy is false. It is based on explosion and therefore cannot last’. In order to be self sustaining and creative, all things should be implosive. The force of creation is an implosive one. Spiral galaxies often show this same trait, the concentration of matter gathered from the vastness of space spirals into a central ball to create new stars, which are then born through nuclear fusion as the star gains sufficient mass and lights up. The irradiating explosive force of the star is kept in balance by the implosive gravitational force. Whilst the fuel burns steadily at an atomic level the star is stable, the ying-yang balance of the cosmos is maintained. Once the fuel is used up then the balance becomes unsustainable and the star collapses, expanding first then collapsing in on itself with a final implosion, resulting in an super nova explosion producing the products of the Atomic Periodic Table, as we have already seen and discussed.

Dan Winter originally discovered the phi spiral wave at work in the heart. The heart muscle is itself a 7 muscle wound phi spiral pump. This is the secret to its function and its strength such that it is able to beat for some 70 odd years without tiring. He found that when people expressed a genuine heartfelt, unconditional love the heart muscles synchronised precisely with the phi spiral wave, thus working more perfectly and in tune. Conversely, when people became stressed and angry, the phi wave of contraction of the heart became much more erratic. Through stress, therefore, people cause their own heart conditions such as pulmonary oedema, commonly known as a heart attack. Being in tune with the universe and the mathematics of the body is therefore highly desirable and is regularly attempted by enlightened people who meditate and follow alternative therapies in order to try and relieve stress in their everyday lives. In helping others we therefore help ourselves, for living in tune with others helps us to tune ourselves. We are part of the whole and as everything is interconnected in the universe, we are all one.

The great loss of innocence was really to do with the individualisation of beings, for we became aware of ourselves and were no longer part of the group. We therefore grew our inhibitions and defence mechanisms in order to preserve ourselves. As time passed we forgot that we were all joined and therefore we considered only ourselves. Greed is probably the number one problem on our planet. One can select through choosing either to serve the self to become selfish, or to serve the whole, in which case in serving the whole we then gain back tenfold that which we give out for the whole process is one of constructive resonance. Just as a laser amplifies its energy between two mirrors backwards and forwards, so we amplify our energy in giving. But this must be a two-way process for, as we give to other people who give back, then it increases but if we give selflessly to those who just take then we drain ourselves and suffer the consequences. It is no coincidence that teachers suffer a very high level of stress related diseases and disorders, for they are continually giving out energy for free in the classroom and unless this energy is returned in some measure they become drained. Draining is a very real phenomenon and over a repeated number of years can lead to heart attacks and various other chronic ailments related to stress. Conversely, people who store their energy only work mechanically, they keep their defences up and survive little better, but still they wither away eventually.

James Redfield in The Celestine Prophecy indicated the logical conclusion of this argument with his classification of four energy types of people. The competition for energy he traced back to the root of all sociological problems between human beings. By competing for energy, you gain this energy by gaining people’s attention and therefore some students will be a constant nuisance in order to gain attention and therefore gain energy. Other people will gain energy through sympathy and appeal to the kinder side of the being they are trying to gain energy from. When one understands this mechanism; as James Redfield has explained in his book, one can control the flow of energy. One can help to protect one’s own source of energy whilst helping others and reiterating the resonant frequencies and thereby creating more energy through sympathetic participation with other people.

This need for energy or attention also surfaces with human beings’ love of nature and the keeping of pets and other domestic animals, for animals are a great source of affection and unstinting in that giving of affection and bonding. Such is man’s relationship with the domestic dog and the horse. Cats can choose to give their energy or not, they are much more independent and they choose to live with you rather than you live with them. But, as the ancient Egyptians' revered the cat and the sacredness of the cat, so we can understand that we can have an equal relationship with such a noble animal. This may be no coincidence, as geneticists have found canine DNA and are now looking for feline DNA intermingled in human DNA

The Charlotte Observer reported this posted on Fri, Sep. 26, 2003

DNA reveals dogs' link to people

Humans genetically closer to canines than to mice, scientists find


Associated Press

WASHINGTON - Using a male poodle, the family pet of one of the scientists, researchers have completed the first rough draft sequence of the genes of a dog…

It was a great surprise to find that we are only made of 30,000 genes and that 95% of all our DNA is evolutionary junk. But what of the cat? Certainly the coincidence of the sphinx being a giant cat or lion facing the constellation Leo may be no coincidence. Maybe our ancestors came from the Leonides and therefore this link with the feline is a genuine, physical one? Certainly the Egyptians revered the cat enormously.

Now we come on to understanding the process of dying and, in doing so, therefore understanding the process of birthing. Both are equally important and understanding how the mechanism works as we enter the physical atomic matrix and depart the physical atomic matrix is of essential importance when discussing the geometry of immortality. With the advent of modern medicine many people have had near death experiences and survived. Understanding of outer body experiences and near death experiences is becoming of increasing interest to the majority of the population. Previously this was really forbidden science and taboo! The movie Flatliners played on this emotional interest.

But now we find that experiment evidence as to the existence of an etheric body has been available since 1907! A one Duncan MacDougall MD of Haverhill Mass. discovered an anomalous weight loss on the point of death and reported it in the April issue of American Medicine that year. I equate his discovery with that of the discovery of Oxygen, which completely revolutionised the subject of Chemistry - for finding out that chemicals gained mass when undergoing combustion completely over threw previous accepted dogma. In that respect it may well be that Duncan MacDougall has done the same for new physics.

Below is the original article from the April, 1907 edition of American Medicine. I have highlighted some significant parts in bold for easier skimming.

Hypothesis Concerning Soul Substance Together with Experimental Evidence of The Existence of Such Substance

by Duncan MacDougall, M.D. of Haverhill, Mass.

If personal continuity after the event of bodily death is a fact, if the psychic functions continue to exist as a separate individuality or personality after the death of brain and body, then such personality can only exist as a space occupying body, unless the relations between space objective and space notions in our consciousness, established in our consciousness by heredity and experience, are entirely wiped out at death and a new set of relations between space and consciousness suddenly established in the continuing personality. This would be an unimaginable breach in the continuity of nature.

It is unthinkable that personality and consciousness continuing personal identity should exist, and have being, and yet not occupy space. It is impossible to represent in thought that which is not space-occupying, as having personality; for that would be equivalent to thinking that nothing had become or was something, that emptiness had personality, that space itself was more than space, all of which are contradictions and absurd.

Since therefore it is necessary to the continuance of conscious life and personal identity after death, that they must have for a basis that which is space-occupying, or substance, the question arises has this substance weight, is it ponderable?

The essential thing is that there must be a substance as the basis of continuing personal identity and consciousness, for without space-occupying substance, personality or a continuing conscious ego after bodily death is unthinkable.

According to the latest conception of science, substance, or space-occupying material, is divisible into that which is gravitative, solids, liquids, gases [and now condensates], all having weight, and the ether [zero point/vacuum energy field] which is nongravitative. It seemed impossible to me that the soul substance could consist of the ether. If the conception is true that ether is continuous and not to be conceived of as existing or capable of existing in separate masses, we have here the most solid ground for believing that the soul substance we are seeking is not ether, because one of the very first attributes of personal identity is the quality of separateness. Nothing is more borne in upon consciousness, than that the ego is detached and separate from all things else - the non-ego.

We are therefore driven back upon the assumption that the soul substance so necessary to the conception of continuing personal identity, after the death of this material body, must still be a form of gravitative matter, or perhaps a middle form of substance [Bose-Einstein condensate] neither gravitative matter or ether, not capable of being weighed, and yet not identical with ether. Since however the substance considered in our hypothesis is linked organically with the body until death takes place, it appears to me more reasonable to think that it must be some form of gravitative matter, and therefore capable of being detected at death by weighing a human being in the act of death.

My first subject was a man dying of tuberculosis. It seemed to me best to select a patient dying with a disease that produces great exhaustion, the death occurring with little or no muscular movement, because in such a case the beam could be kept more perfectly at balance and any loss occurring readily noted.

The patient was under observation for three hours and forty minutes before death, lying on a bed arranged on a light framework built upon very delicately balanced platform beam scales.

The patient’s comfort was looked after in every way, although he was practically moribund when placed upon the bed. He lost weight slowly at the rate of one ounce per hour due to evaporation of moisture in respiration and evaporation of sweat.

During all three hours and forty minutes I kept the beam end slightly above balance near the upper limiting bar in order to make the test more decisive if it should come.

At the end of three hours and forty minutes he expired and suddenly coincident with death the beam end dropped with an audible stroke hitting against the lower limiting bar and remaining there with no rebound. The loss was ascertained to be three-fourths of an ounce.

This loss of weight could not be due to evaporation of respiratory moisture and sweat, because that had already been determined to go on, in his case, at the rate of one sixtieth of an ounce per minute, whereas this loss was sudden and large, three-fourths of an ounce in a few seconds.

The bowels did not move; if they had moved the weight would still have remained upon the bed except for a slow loss by the evaporation of moisture depending, of course, upon the fluidity of the feces. The bladder evacuated one or two drams of urine. This remained upon the bed and could only have influenced the weight by slow gradual evaporation and therefore in no way could account for the sudden loss.

There remained but one more channel of loss to explore, the expiration of all but the residual air in the lungs. Getting upon the bed myself, my colleague put the beam at actual balance. Inspiration and expiration of air as forcibly as possible by me had no effect upon the beam. My colleague got upon the bed and I placed the beam at balance. Forcible inspiration and expiration of air on his part had no effect. In this case we certainly have an inexplicable loss of weight of three-fourths of an ounce. Is it the soul substance? How other shall we explain it?

My second patient was a man moribund from tuberculosis. He was on the bed about four hours and fifteen minutes under observation before death. The first four hours he lost weight at the rate of three-fourths of an ounce per hour. He had much slower respiration than the first case, which accounted for the difference in loss of weight from evaporation of perspiration and respiratory moisture.

The last fifteen minutes he had ceased to breathe but his facial muscles still moved convulsively, and then, coinciding with the last movement of the facial muscles, the beam dropped. The weight lost was found to be half an ounce. Then my colleague auscultated the heart and found it stopped. I tried again and the loss was one ounce and a half and fifty grains. In the eighteen minutes that lapsed between the time he ceased breathing until we were certain of death, there was a weight loss of one and a half ounces and fifty grains compared with a loss of three ounces during a period of four hours, during which time the ordinary channels of loss were at work. No bowel movement took place. The bladder moved but the urine remained upon the bed and could not have evaporated enough through the thick bed clothing to have influenced the result.

The beam at the end of eighteen minutes of doubt was placed again with the end in slight contact with the upper bar and watched for forty minutes but no further loss took place.

My scales were sensitive to two-tenths of an ounce. If placed at balance one-tenth of an ounce would lift the beam up close to the upper limiting bar, another one-tenth ounce would bring it up and keep it in direct contact, then if the two-tenths were removed the beam would drop to the lower bar and then slowly oscillate till balance was reached again.

This patient was of a totally different temperament from the first, his death was very gradual, so that we had great doubts from the ordinary evidence to say just what moment he died.

My third case, a man dying of tuberculosis, showed a weight of half an ounce lost, coincident with death, and an additional loss of one ounce a few minutes later.

In the fourth case, a woman dying of diabetic coma, unfortunately our scales were not finely adjusted and there was a good deal of interference by people opposed to our work, and although at death the beam sunk so that it required from three-eighths to one-half ounce to bring it back to the point preceding death, yet I regard this test as of no value.

My fifth case, a man dying of tuberculosis, showed a distinct drop in the beam requiring about three-eighths of an ounce which could not be accounted for. This occurred exactly simultaneously with death but peculiarly on bringing the beam up again with weights and later removing them, the beam did not sink back to stay for fully fifteen minutes. It was impossible to account for the three-eighths of an ounce drop, it was so sudden and distinct, the beam hitting the lower bar with as great a noise as in the first case. Our scales in the case were very sensitively balanced.

My sixth and last case was not a fair test. The patient died almost within five minutes after being placed upon the bed and died while I was adjusting the beam.

In my communication to Dr. Hodgson I note that I have said there was no loss of weight. It should have been added that there was no loss of weight that we were justified in recording.

My notes taken at the time of experiment show a loss of one and one-half ounces but in addition it should have been said the experiment was so hurried, jarring of the scales had not wholly ceased and the apparent weight loss, one and one-half ounces, might have been due to accidental shifting of the sliding weight on that beam. This could not have been true of the other tests; no one of them was done hurriedly.

My sixth case I regard as one of no value from this cause. The same experiments were carried out on fifteen dogs, surrounded by every precaution to obtain accuracy and the results were uniformly negative, no loss of weight at death.

A loss of weight takes places about 20 to 30 minutes after death which is due to the evaporation of the urine normally passed, and which is duplicated by evaporation of the same amount of water on the scales, every other condition being the same, e.g., temperature of the room, except the presence of the dog’s body.

The dogs experimented on weighed between 15 and 70 pounds and the scales with the total weight upon them were sensitive to one-sixteenth of an ounce. The tests on dogs were vitiated by the use of two drugs administered to secure the necessary quiet and freedom from struggle so necessary to keep the beam at balance.

The ideal tests on dogs would be obtained in those dying from some disease that rendered them much exhausted and incapable of struggle. It was not my fortune to get dogs dying from such sickness.

The net result of the experiments conducted on human beings, is that a loss of substance occurs at death not accounted for by known channels of loss. Is it the soul substance? It would seem to me to be so. According to our hypothesis such a substance is necessary to the assumption of continuing or persisting personality after bodily death, and here we have experimental demonstration that a substance capable of being weighed does leave the human body at death.

If this substance is a counterpart to the physical body, has the same bulk, occupies the same dimensions in space, then it is a very much lighter substance than the atmosphere surrounding our earth which weighs about one and one-fourth ounces per cubic foot. This would be a fact of great significance, as such a body would readily ascend in our atmosphere. The absence of a weighable mass leaving the body at death would of course be no argument against continuing personality, for a space-occupying body or substance might exist not capable of being weighed, such as the ether.

It has been suggested that the ether might be that substance, but with the modern conception of science that the ether is the primary form of all substance, that all other forms of matter are merely differentiations of the ether having varying densities, then it seems to me that soul substance which is in this life linked organically with the body, cannot be identical with the ether. Moreover, the ether is supposed to be nondiscontinuous, a continuous whole and not capable of existing in separate masses as ether, whereas the one prime requisite for a continuing personality or individuality is the quality of separateness, the ego as separate and distinct from all things else, the non-ego.

To my mind therefore the soul substance cannot be the ether as ether; but if the theory that ether is the primary form of all substance is true, then the soul substance must necessarily be a differentiated form of it.

If it is definitely proved that there is in the human being a loss of substance at death not accounted for by known channels of loss, and that such loss of substance does not occur in the dog as my experiments would seem to show, then we have here a physiological difference between the human and the canine at least and probably between the human and all other forms of animal life.

I am aware that a large number of experiments would require to be made before the matter can be proved beyond any possibility of error, but if further and sufficient experimentation proves that there is a loss of substance occurring at death and not accounted for by known channels of loss, the establishment of such a truth cannot fail to be of the utmost importance.

One ounce of fact more or less will have more weight in demonstrating the truth of the reality of continued existences with the necessary basis of substance to rest upon, than all the hair-splitting theories of theologians and metaphysicians combined.

If other experiments prove that there is a loss of weight occurring at death, not accounted for by known channels of loss, we must either admit the theory that it is the hypothetical soul substance, or some other explanation of the phenomenon should be forthcoming. If proved true, the materialistic conception will have been fully met, and proof of the substantial basis for mind or spirit or soul continuing after the death of the body, insisted upon as necessary by the materialists, will have been furnished.

It will prove also that the spiritualistic conception of the immateriality of the soul was wrong. The postulates of religious creeds have not been a positive and final settlement of the question.

The theories of all the philosophers and all the philosophies offer no final solution of the problem of continued personality after bodily death. This fact alone of a space occupying body of measurable weight disappearing at death, if verified, furnishes the substantial basis for persisting personality or a conscious ego surviving the act of bodily death, and in the element of certainty is worth more than the postulates of all the creeds and all the metaphysical arguments combined.

In the year 1854 Rudolph Wagner, the physiologist, at the Gottingen Congress of Physiologists, proposed a discussion of a “Special Soul Substance.” The challenge was accepted, but no discussion followed and among the 500 voices present not one was raised in defense of a spiritualistic philosophy. Have we found Wagner’s soul substance?

If we look at the process of dying as reported by patients who have had near death experiences, it seems to be a very common pattern that emerges. As the spirit is preparing to depart from the body so the person has intuitive flashbacks. Very often the phrase ‘my whole life passed before my eyes’ comes into play at this point. Interestingly enough, when in the middle 80's scientists constructed neural networks mimicking in silicon that which happens in carbon with our own organic brains. They were trying to create artificial intelligence, which thankfully proved far more difficult than first imagined. The famous prediction in 1978 was that by the end of the 20th century humans would no longer be the most ‘intelligent’ species on the planet: a new, artificial species of computer intelligence would have taken its place, shades of Terminator and the Matrix! As we know now, this never happened. Interestingly enough, when constructing these neural network brains they found that basic patterns could be remembered and recognition could be taught to machines. One machine taught itself to read when left for 24 hours after learning to recognise basic letters and words.

Several of the scientists producing these neural networks decided it might be fun to see what happened if the neural network ‘died’. They therefore set about randomly chopping connections between the processors, which mimic the neurones in the human brain. To their great surprise, when they got down to about 25% connections between the actual units or chips, the neural network brain started to give off random images and signals. These images contained pictures and pieces of information that the neural network had learnt. This caused a great bemusement in the scientists concerned as they immediately recognised that this was the often described description of seeing one’s whole life flash before one’s eyes just before the point of death! The one particular article I read on this in Scientific American ended up with the phrase ‘what’s the betting that there is a light at the end of the tunnel?’ and thereby hangs a tale. For as we view our life’s events instantaneously it is almost like a process of separating out the useful bits of information that we need to store and to carry through with us. It is a process of selection: what lessons have I learnt during this lifetime; what have I experienced. The information starts to spiral around. But no information is lost ultimately, as the universal memory machine appears capable of storing all accumulated data experienced in ones individual lifetime, so perhaps this is a genuine artefact of the physical brain closing down?

Many people report that at this point a tunnel of light appears and that they appear to be passing up this tunnel of light to the source beyond. There comes a common point in the journey where there is a cut off point, a point of no return. Many people suddenly decide that it is not their time to pass through the veil, as they term it, and to become one with the source. Instead, drawn by earthly connections to do with loved ones or unfinished business, they often turn away and return into their bodies. One can almost imagine the etheric body being on the end of a long bungee rope, or silver chord as it is variously described. The silver chord is the connection between the physical body and the etheric body. If that chord, for whatever reason, breaks then the person does in fact pass over.

Emotion is the language of the soul

To conclude, we are now entering the realms of religion, which has been a taboo area for science for over 400 years. However, it is very important if we are to make further progress with our understanding of how the universe works to investigate the mechanisms of this phenomena and we are starting to understand that these are not just common hallucinations or imaginary phenomena. The mere fact that much of this data is repeatable throughout the world with a myriad different types of human beings from different cultures and belief systems, show that there is some common mechanism at work in this process. As we have seen, this very human experience tallies very well with Ron Pearson’s theory at the beginning of the book. For if we understand that the sub quantum intelligent grid as the basis of the universe and the source of all else, we can see that the physical world is merely a shadow projection of the universal mind. And, as holographic beings inhabiting time and matter, there comes a point where our consciousness returns to the universal grid. By spiralling through the zero point of death, but retaining the coherence of information and data gained, we therefore see a structure for immortality. For in the act of remembering not only details of other lifetimes, but of remembering one’s own personality, character, emotions, behavioural traits, likes and dislikes, we are preserving our individuality.

It is often a source of great consternation that many occult groups try to subjugate the personality of the individual, for in controlling other human beings one must first strip the sense of self from the human that is to be controlled. This process of degradation, of de humanisation and ultimately destruction of self is the first tool used by any system wishing to gain control over individuals. It may be that ascended masters and other very advanced spiritual beings can enter into the realm of destroying the self, of losing identity, of merging with the source. But this process can be very destructive for the average human being, for we are as a species exactly 180º from the source of the universe.

At our point of evolution and development it is very important to retain a central identity of self. In my own case, I have always been Baillie. I am a small fractal of the one consciousness, which on a clothes peg in the universe is labelled Baillie. This sense of self has been generated over many lifetimes, but has culminated in the last two physical lifetimes one as Alexander Baillie Kell, who chose to call himself Baillie, and his immediate predecessor, Lt General William Baillie. From a very early age this sense of self, of being Baillie, was an indefinable something that was so powerful that I had to find a means to express it and to understand it. This force of self was overwhelming, unstoppable.

Therefore we can see that this sense of self and of memory enters the embryo at a certain stage. Just as the information spirals out from life as we enter death, so the information spirals inwards as an implosive force to weld itself to the human mind brain link. Many workers argue at which precise point the soul memory enters the embryo: some workers place it at three months, others place it at just before birth, but certainly at some point there is a fusing between the mind soul memory component and the new body. The sympathetic DNA of the embryo further facilitates this, making the body compatible for habitation. DNA is the key to understanding ourselves, therefore when looking at our own personality, likes and dislikes we must look at our own DNA inheritance. This inheritance may go back thousands of generations. We are composite beings linked inescapably to our own past. Those who have not shared the same common experiences on this planet may have experiences from other planets, other dimensions, other ideas - it’s a big universe out there!

As our consciousness develops it may well be that we go through various phases of being group spirits. I myself also have a common affinity with the sea and with dolphins. I have dolphins everywhere around my house. Thus, as I have discovered the remembrance of a Viking life, an English Civil War life and an American Civil War life, so this relationship with the dolphin must also have some relevance to understanding my own consciousness. I do not claim to have all the answers but, as in the spirit of the Japanese Do or the Way, it is the struggle to follow the path that is important, not the end result. I therefore hope that you have enjoyed the journey through this book and that you may go on to discover your own answers to some of greatest questions of all time.

Apr 01, '12
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