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9 The Rise of Man
Apr 01, '12

Chapter Nine


The human race knows much more than it ever has, but even though we know a whole mass of intricate detail we are still no nearer solving the big questions. One of those big questions is ‘Exactly where do we come from?’

Since the discovery of the first fossils of human ancestors in the 19th Century, anthropologists have been trying to reconstruct the human family tree. It is very difficult to determine whether fossils represent direct ancestors of humans because classifications based on only a few teeth or fragments of skull bone are inconclusive. There is much debate among anthropologists about the creation of new genera (the plural of genus, a taxonomic category that includes a set of closely-related species) and species and which of the known creatures might be ancestral to humans. Therefore, the human family tree is an amorphous entity that changes with each new discovery. In 1999 near Lake Turkana in Kenya palaeontologist Maeve G. Leakey unearthed the latest addition to the ever-growing list of human relations, a group that includes the well-known Neanderthals and much-publicised "Lucy." Leakey proposed the introduction of a new genus and species, Kenyanthropus platyops and sparked renewed debate about just what the human family tree looks like.

Below is one of the latest versions of the human family.

Ar. = Ardipithecus

A. = Australopithecus

H. = ★★★★ (the genus that includes our species)

K. = Kenyanthropus (the new genus proposed by Leakey)

P. = Paranthropus

X = Unknown ancestor to chipmanzees and humans around 5 million years ago



| |

[Ar. ramidus] [A. anamensis]


| | |

[K. platyops] [A. aferensis] [A. africanus]


| |

| | | | [P. aethiopicus]

[?] [K. rudolfensis] [A. bahrelghazari] [A. gharhi]


| | |

[H. habilis] [P. boisei] [P. robustus]


[H. erectus]


| |

[H. neanderthalensis] [H. sapiens]

It is very difficult to explain the appearance of the human race as it presently stands. ★★★★ sapiens, wise men, is perhaps the most arrogant title ever chosen to represent the human race but, quite aptly, is very accurate for in our own arrogance we do consider ourselves the wisest of men. ★★★★ erectus, our direct ancestor and ★★★★ habilis, his ancestor may disagree with our statements, but certainly ★★★★ sapiens as beings have existed for no more than a quarter of a million years.

This in itself is an incredibly short span of time geologically. We can trace our split from the ape family back to some eight to ten million years, but the fossilised evidence is extremely rare. So much so that the whole of human history has been pinned onto approximately a dozen fragments of skull and skeleton with various rival professors claiming that their classification and theory is correct. The latest techniques of DNA sampling have proved to be useful in tracing the story back this past quarter of a million years, but unfortunately DNA de natures over time and therefore is a very poor tool in dating samples from previous times to that. We can however, work from the living population with its strange diversity of humans, to trace our ancestors. We know that the mitochondria in animal cells (for those who are not biologically inclined, the mitochondria are little organelles in every cell of the human body and are responsible for respiration, that is generating energy from food glucose substrate), especially in all human females, are the same. Therefore remarkably all human females are directly related to a single mother.

Scientists have named this single mother Lucy. She lived in Kenya in East Africa approximately 200,000 years ago. She was approximately 3 feet high and upright in stance. She gained the name from the fact that the anthropologists were playing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds on the radio when they discovered the fragments of bone. With natural evolution as the mechanism for producing modern man it is hard to believe that we are all descended from one single specimen. But diversity of breeding shows, for instance with the domestic dog, that a wide variety can arise fairly quickly given specific breeding techniques and conscious direction by breeders.

This begs the question, is the same true of the human race? For to achieve such diversity in such a short space of time would require some form of manipulation. If that manipulation was self imposed then we must look for a genetic answer for the wide variety of humans. We still cannot explain certain basic anatomical differences - for example the female ape has no clitoris! Therefore Darwin stops with the apes, for the evolution of this important sexual organ cannot suddenly come from out of the blue unless possibly initiated through genetic control. We ourselves are busy cloning various species in our laboratories, including humans at this very moment. Therefore, we too are playing at being God, for better or for worse. One has to ask, did this happen in the past? We simply do not know, for we have such vast gaps in our knowledge that we simply draw a blank past 5,000 BC.

We are now beginning to appreciate that there may have been higher intelligences on the Earth before our epoch and that the inter glacial stages of the four Ice Ages may have given rise to quite complex civilisations. These civilisations, being marginalised by the ice, would have flourished in positions that are now under the sea. Graham Hancock’s latest book, Underworld: Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age

details some of these exciting new discoveries of ruined cities under the sea. In our ignorance we have gone through several phases of thinking that the human race is the best thing since sliced bread. Never was it worse than in the Middle Ages, when we thought everything revolved around us. Even the whole universe revolved around the Earth and that we were the centre of everything. Now, as we are at the beginning of the 21st century, our minds are changing and we are opening up to the awareness of a greater reality.

This reality is putting us into our cosmic place. We are powerful beings, capable of changing our own environment, usually for the worst; but, if we decided to, we could change it for the better. As such, we are evolving an awareness of this self determination.

The conflicting evidence from various sources is very often not correlated. A particular forensic archaeologist will only know their particular specialised field. This has led to much confusion in the past. What is needed is a renaissance type scientist with an overview of all avenues of research. Very often workers from one type of science can offer insight into another type of science, with a fresh perspective as with Ron Pearson. Those involved in that branch of science very often can’t see the wood for the trees, so together we make a team - that is the message!

The rise of civilisation is an enigma. We can trace all our civilisations back to Sumeria (present day IRAQ, a coincidence - I think not) that gave rise to Babylon, that gave rise to Egypt and from Egypt to Greece to Rome, to the early medieval kingdoms, the Normans, the British Empire and now America. Each society formed with laws one based upon the other, but with the fatal flaw of inherent ego based conflict marring its creation, unlike the Indus valley culture of Western India that appears to have been based on the control of water and had no weapons. If our great civilizations had been based on that model our world would be quite different now. But what am I really?

Well, our actual physical body, a fully functioning space suit for navigating three dimensional space, carbon based, genetically unique to each individual and capable of approximately 70 years of usage, is quite a machine. That machine requires the brain. The brain is an organ in order to process information and to enable consciousness to interact with matter. We are beginning to understand that the brain and the mind are separate, that our personality and our memory are not extinguished upon death. This leads us to a new view of who and what we are - the fact that our bodies are just instruments for the collection of information and data for our minds as we explore this 3 D environment, we call our world. The emotional interaction between family groups and other members of the human race therefore now appears to be an integral part of that experience, if not the main part. For we can not possess material objects in eternity. One is reminded of the phrase from the Bible , that a wise man stores up his treasures in heaven and this seems to be the fundamental message of New Physics. Being nice to one another is what really counts!

Tri-dimensional carbon based genetic space suit

The planet Earth appears to be a planet of emotional experience, a place where conscious beings can learn many lessons. Many of these lessons are quite painful; the loss of a loved one, the divorce of a cherished partner, the birth of a baby, they are all important experiences to be explored. As with everything else, we just follow the perceived wisdom handed down in our education system, that material progress is real progress and that the many should serve the few. It is very important therefore to teach people to think, to think for themselves and to make up their own mind after reviewing all the evidence available. Control of that evidence is control of population. Therefore, it is the true power of the Internet that creates freedom of information and therefore all else. But one has to sift carefully through that information to discard the mass of disinformation that is either deliberately or inadvertently put there. It is important not to hide the evidence and not to ignore conflicting data when proposing a cherished personal theory. The last chapter has seen one such case in point. If the experiment proves the theory incorrect, then dump the theory!

Hidden archaeology is one such other case. Many anomalous artefacts have been found in places and geological strata where they shouldn’t have been found and they have often subsequently been hidden, usually in a bottom drawer at some local museum. For example a gold chain found in a coal seam dating 200 million years ago is one such example or fossilised human footprints alongside dinosaur tracks another! This anomalous data is very important for the general view of deciding exactly who and what we are and deserves not to be hidden for convenience. We are to all intents and purposes an intelligent ape that has been genetically upgraded to create a being that is capable of having a conscious, soul memory attached. Was this an accident? Were we naturally evolved, or were we cloned as an organic robot for some activity to be undertaken on this planet? Zachariah Stichin has made famous inroads into Hebraic literature and archeo documents showing that the stories of Genesis and of genetic manipulation may well be true; that interference from extra terrestrial sources may have directly ended with the production of the human race.

The abduction phenomena data of the late 80's to mid 90's and interaction with the alleged grey aliens has concentrated exclusively on the apparent obsession with these beings for manipulating genetic material and to produce new bodies and species. Their very description of the humans as containers or water vessels illuminates an important insight into exactly what our bodies are. I still prefer the Star Trek phrase in which the human race is described as being ‘ugly bags of mostly water’, for in truth this is exactly what our bodies are! Natural evolution cannot explain why we have a brain the size we do. Our brain is capable of abstract thought, such as playing music. This has no useful survival potential in terms of evolution. Evolution is concerned mainly with reproduction, the selection of a mate and also the capability of self survival through defence and fighting, hunting, gathering food and making shelter. The pursuit of abstract thoughts as expressed in the concepts of religion, art and music, are totally not within the framework of physical evolution as we understand it. This in itself is good evidence that we have been unnaturally evolved, as is the nautical mile as a unit, which requires a knowledge of the exact circumference of the world in order to divide it up precisely into 21 600 units (360º x 60).

I often use the analogy that the human race is very much like Mad Max in the ruins. In Mad Max we have a post apocalyptic society that has reverted to a semi form of barbarism combined with technology. The human race may be one such artefact of such a process. That a high civilisation existed and was destroyed on this planet, leaving small human creatures to survive and make their own way as best possible. Our collective amnesia of the event makes it very difficult for us to pick up the pieces. This collective amnesia may be a natural effect caused by the reversal of the polarity of the magnetic field of the Earth every so often, for when a pole shift occurs it may well reverse the flow of electricity and therefore electron connections within nerve endings in the human body. Or it may well be simply the inability to record data in a form that can survive and be studied by subsequent generations - imagine waking tomorrow and finding no books, no CD's and no computers, plus no memory! If a polarity reversal is the culprit then this may well cause a collective amnesia to occur and therefore the whole human race may periodically have had its mind wiped, just as a tape recorder can be wiped with a magnet. We then have to pick up the pieces from scratch every so often, so the cycle of rise and fall would have carried on over a number of centuries, if not millennia.

Picking up the pieces would not be very easy to do, for even if we stored the information as books we would not be able to read. Therefore we must think of some other fractal way of encoding the information of our civilisation, such that we can re piece and connect together the whole from the one part. One such edifice appears to do this and fulfils the criteria, and that is the Great Pyramid at Giza. The Pyramid of Cheops, or Khufu as it is called, is a monument of universal proportion: it is composed of approximately 2¼ million stone blocks. No firm at present on Earth would undertake to build such a project. We do have the technology, but simply not the economic will power for such an undertaking. Here we see the perfectly possible example of one such method to encode vital information in a form that would be not destroyed and would enable a civilisation to rebuild from nothing. For the whole edifice is, but a giant stone encyclopaedia containing measurements precisely delineating the size of the planet, the continents and geometry, latitude and longitude and basic measurement, all of which can be deduced from first principles. Just as the basic geometrically encoded information of sacred geometry and the crop circles enable further study, so the basic decoding of the pyramid enables further study and collection of useful information to build a civilisation.

The date of this pyramid is a point of conjecture. The Egyptians claim that it was built by Khufu, although it is unlike any other pyramid in Egypt. It has no hieroglyphics, it has a strange, multi level construction and the building techniques defy imagination. It may well have been produced some 12,500 years ago as evidenced by the water erosion phenomena on the Sphinx as discovered by John Anthony West. Who first broadcast the water weathering phenomena to the world, but he himself thinks that this monument may go back to a further age of Leo, some 36,000 years ago, which may be nearer the mark. The alignment of Leo and the attendant Sphinx being originally a lion rather than a small Pharaoh's head joined to a lion’s body occurs with regularity but, as with everything else, it is lost in the mists of time. But we can use these interesting ideas to work out our own ideas and therefore to go forward. As with the analogy of the message on the piece of paper, it is not how the message was produced that is important, it is the content of the information that is important and, if that information causes us to think and to develop new technologies and theories, then it has to be useful to us.

The ancient ruins around the world, many of them a total enigma, demonstrate that civilisation has been here before, that repeated cycles of destruction and advance are the norm and that our global society is just as vulnerable. Although we tend to think of ourselves as superior, we are nevertheless subject to the basic laws of chaos. Following a long rise will surely come a fall! How we cope with that fall is up to us. When examining the effect of rise and falls of population, we turn to a very interesting piece of work by Terence McKenna, who formulated a mathematical computer programme, based on the I Ching. This programme for examining Time turned out to look like a calendar and when the fractal nature of time and the novelty effect discovered were overlaid with the historical times zones of the human race, particular epochs of civilisations were found to coincide with peaks of the graph. Terence McKenna cleverly labelled these as ‘intense periods of novelty’ so we have a norm when things are proceeding along fairly normally, and we have periods of intense novelty when amazing things happen on many levels, from the personal to whole civilisations. He called this important idea ‘Time Wave Theory’. The time wave appears to become increasingly more novel towards 2012. In fact crop circles can be seen as part of this increased novelty, UFO phenomena too are part of that novelty, human history, even the weather is part of that novelty - cycles of history repeating within cycles of history. One can see the present tension between America and Iraq as being a re run of the medieval crusades, Knights Templar v Moslems. Even down to our own personal lives intense periods of novelty occur. It is all part of the fractal nature of time, cycles within cycles, circles within circles. All of which echoes the wisdom of the Mayan Timekeepers and the end of the present time cycle, December 21, 2012. This is mirrored in our own culture with the change over from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

On a personal level, taking my own past life memories and placing those memories in a time line chart I can see accurately how cycles of repeated behaviour have occurred and developed one life to the next, backwards and forwards in time. These include large cycles which coincide directly with age, year upon year, and also miniature cycles which occur over a brief period of several years, but the brief period of several years is a reflection of the whole, much as a fractal part reflects the whole. When we look at fractal mathematics we see the same pattern repeated over and over again at different levels. It can be seen in an examination of the Mandelbrot Set with its associated Julia Set patterns at whatever level the same pattern is observed. Full details of this discovery will be revealed in my next book - Covenant General; further evidence for the continuity of consciousness. This details the discovery of a second personal past life pattern, namely that of Lt. General William Baillie, that influences my present day to day physical life - same name, same face, same memories - again!

The biggest single anomaly with the rise of Man is that of aggression. As a species we are inordinately aggressive. This is expressed abstractly as the concept of war and the only other kingdom to go to war on a mass scale is that of the insect kingdom, with rival groups of ants having soldiers and battles. This is part of a hive mentality. Natural dominance of territory can be seen in the animal kingdom, but animals rarely fight to the death, as this serves no evolutionary purpose. The extinction of the species would inevitably follow. Most battles are bloody, but not carried to their ultimate conclusion. With humans we have the abstract concept of revenge and retribution, of total genocide of populations and yet despite that, because of our rapid reproduction rate and natural fecundity, we are able to replace populations of humans very rapidly. Cambodia under Pol Pot was decimated with an estimated 2 million deaths in the killing fields, but within ten years the population had not only recovered, but doubled beyond the previous number before Pol Pot. The capacity for human regeneration is quite incredible.

One then looks at the human body as being a remarkable machine. The human reproduction rate is rivalled only by that of other mammals, such as the mouse or rat, for a human female can become pregnant 13 times a year. This ability to populate and to overtake is part of the success of the human race. The human body in terms of longevity has been stretched to twice its natural limit. The average life span would have been 35 years with hard use, with wastage due to disease and such like, but now with the advance of technology and medicines we have pushed that limit to nearly 80+ years. With future genetic manipulation we may be able to create bodies that last 200 to 400 year as we discover the process of ageing and how to limit it. Quite, what we would do for 400 hundred years remains to be seen? For example, the whole of television is only 70 years old, so therefore if we spent our lives watching endless repeats we would get bored very quickly.

The natural propensity for all living cells is to die. This is the basic programme, to self destruct. The mechanism must be continually overridden in order for an organism to stay alive. The signals must be stay alive, stay alive, stay alive, otherwise the cells die and then the organism dies too. As with a photocopier producing endless copies of the same object, if we copy the copy and then copy that copy, the information deteriorates and therefore the structure breaks down. This is very similar to human cells. DNA endlessly reproduces and duplicates the information but, as the information breaks down, so we get older and our bodies change. By maintaining the integrity of the information from generation to generation of cells, we can prolong our lives and this is the genetic work that is going on at the present time to produce longer living bodies.

Another interesting experiment would be the cloning of human beings for, egotistical reasons, people with access to money would love to see a copy of themselves. Of course, this would become an ultimate experiment to demonstrate that identical genetic copies would contain separate pools of consciousness and that separate conscious entities would have very different personalities despite living in identical bodies. I have observed through teaching many sets of identical twins, some of whom are really also near identical in consciousness and therefore have a very close bond, but others, the majority, are really totally different characters inhabiting an identical body, almost Jekyll and Hyde characters in some cases. Therefore this demonstrates that the conscious entity inhabiting a human body can vary immensely from the genetic body itself. An experiment producing ten individuals that are identical should be able to reproduce this phenomenon as predicted. This may be considered as good evidence that consciousness attaches itself to matter in order to develop and that as individual fractals of the one universal consciousness we have separate personalities and those personalities and agendas vary widely. The case of two genetic twins separated at birth in America highlights this, both, despite no knowledge of each other, ended up as firemen working in similar occupations, married similar looking wives with the same name and followed exact similar behaviour patterns with choice of food etc. They looked exactly identical physically and when they met they found their lives had been incredibly symmetrical. They had followed the same preset agenda. This agenda must have been inherited behaviourally through the interaction of consciousness with matter DNA. Likewise in my own case I have followed unknowingly the subconscious pattern of at least three previous genetically similar beings.

When one considers the idea of free will and self determination, the scariest conclusion is that in truth we have very limited actual freedom and self determination. Our conscious mind and the subconscious have other ideas and a preset agenda very often dictates our behaviour and choices, of which we have no conscious knowledge.

We may have no say in this matter, for nature will always follow the optimum pattern and most efficient design. The human eye is a good example. The human eye has as its closest relation and relative the eye of a squid! This vital organ is highly evolved, can see in colour and has a very similar structure to the human eye. Two very different biological creatures have given rise to the same organ. The one difference is that the squid’s eye is wired up from the back, such that the nerve connections from the retinas to the optic nerve go directly behind the lining of the retina. In the human eye the connections go forward and meet at the blind spot, which is where the threads of the individual nerves weave together to form the optic nerve, which plugs directly into the brain. The use of an upright stance to see and have an advantage, the placing of all sensory organs into a mobile head is a basic natural evolutionary trait due to terrestrial gravity. The walking on two legs using the minimal number of appendages to carry out locomotion is again an efficient evolutionary solution. So therefore, quite naturally, if we ever met any ET's they would look very similar to us; we would easily recognise the humanoid form, for it is the most efficient form for navigating the surface of a sphere suspended in 3 D space and subject to the Law of Gravity. If we were to re enter the oceans as our mammalian counterparts the cetaceans did some 50 million years ago, we would rapidly evolve back into a dolphin like creature. The dolphin has the largest brain capacity of any animal apart from the human and therefore we conjecture that the dolphin may therefore have higher intelligence? As one worker said, ‘You can’t have a brain that big and not get up to anything for some 25 million years!’

It may be that the dolphin has internalised its technology, as we are discovering? Externalising our technology through machines simply makes us weaker. To internalise our technology through psychic abilities, development of our bodies is a much more natural approach and everything we do in that route strengthens our body. It is really a choice of, do we want to be cyborg or human? Socially the hive mentality also plays its part. We have a tremendous psychological battle between the forces of authority that want a hive like mentality with little grey worker robots all playing their part in a hierarchy - the many serving the few. This directly conflicts with the individuality of the human spirit, the fact that we are all different, we do have different abilities and we do have separate personalities. Again, this seems to be an eternal battle of cosmic proportions, the individual versus the hive.

Both camps have their champions and this battle will always remain. Most humans have a social conscience, which will override their individual survival mechanisms for the good of the group. This selflessness is often exploited by those few in power without conscience, society's immoral elite, despots and dictators all, that have littered the world with their discarded victims. Incredibly we allow this to happen in an endless cycle of reiteration. For more sinisterly and for the good of society, atrocities will be committed by perfectly normal people, who have been ordered to do so and so we hear again the age old phrase - we were only following orders. Yet we are all responsible for our own actions and the excuse of delegating that responsibility to others in order to ease one own conscience is no longer acceptable. It is one weakness in our character, which we must always fight against and be aware of. No atrocity can be justified for the common good and history to its endless shame is beset with such cases.

We are now in the process of rediscovering who and what we are. We are exceptionally powerful, spiritual beings having an earthly existence; we are angels in the bodies of apes and, just as with real angels, some are killer angels. The universe allows us to evolve and to experience different situations. Over many lifetimes we see the same problems from different perspectives. We play the role of victim and the role of aggressor. We evolve, collect and process information. The real purpose of our existence on this planet appears to be simply to experience all that can be experienced and, as with time wave theory, as the pendulum becomes more and more erratic and chaotic, the excesses become greater, the death count becomes higher. And, as with the cycles of time, this will come to an end - and this too shall pass. For we are fast approaching 2012 and the beginning of a new cycle where we have the cosmic opportunity to transform into a new age of evolution and understanding. We are the architects of the future not the victims and as with a quantum universe, what we wish for, is what we get. What wonders will our collective psyche manifest? We shall see…

Apr 01, '12
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