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8 Crop Circles and the Consciousness Conundrum
Apr 01, '12

Chapter Eight


The phenomenon of crop circles is something that has been relatively recent in our collective memory but the records show that the enigma of crop circles goes far back in time to the Middle Ages and possibly beyond. The famous woodcut of the Devil’s mowing machine has been seen by most people and, talking to various farmers whilst researching crop circles, they can remember their fathers talking of circles in the 1920's just after World War I, but they were usually just dismissed as a freak of nature.

The modern crop circles really took off somewhen in 1976. Certainly by 1978 odd circles were appearing with increased frequency in Wiltshire and Hampshire. This caused quite a bit of interest in the early 80's within a small group of enthusiasts. Of which the most notable workers in the field at this point in time were Pat Delgardo, Dr Terence Meaden and Colin Andrews, together with Busty Taylor, a much loved local character and pilot, who thank goodness thought to record this phenomena from the air. The crop circles posed quite a conundrum and these various workers were convinced that it was either a natural phenomenon, as Dr Terence Meaden put forward with his electric whirlwind theory, or that it was some form of practical hoax perpetrated by people for unknown reasons. The third alternative, that it was some form of consciousness interaction with matter, was only tentatively speculated at initially.

As the 80's progressed the frequency of crop circles increased also. Most were just simple circles at the start. Towards the end of the 1980's the first quintuplet patterns emerged and this caused a great debate amongst the camp as to whether these were deliberate hoaxes obscuring a natural phenomenon or whether the phenomenon itself was genuine. The great emphasis at the time was on trying to prove whether the circles were man-made and, if so, how they were made. Most workers came up with the idea that a plank could be used by hoaxers or with increasing sophistication a plank and string and a garden roller! This gave rise to the generic name of plankers for perpetrators of such deception. In the natural camp even such far fetched ideas as mating hedgehogs were suggested as part of the natural phenomenon argument. Dr Terence Meaden, a well-known amateur weather scientist interested in hurricanes, associated wind phenomena and other aerial weather phenomena such as ball lightning, enlisted the help of a Japanese researcher who did several experiments using sand trays and microwaves. The object of the exercise was to try to duplicate ball lightning and the effects that it perpetrated once it came to earth. Little is known of ball lightning, but it does act in a very strange manner. Since those days ball lightning has been reported more often and people now have a much clearer understanding of this phenomenon. Ball lightning is certainly able to travel, bounce and cause some of the effects seen at first in the crops.

I myself have witnessed a local suspected crop circle at Maidstone in 1996, which turned out to be no more than lightning running to earth. The lightning had struck a nearby tree, ran down the tree and, before disappearing into the earth, had traversed a field, causing random flattening of the crop. We were able to verify all this from witness statements and from actual damage on the tree concerned just after the time of occurrence.

For me, the crop circle phenomenon offered the opportunity of some form of practical research, for we had a definite physical effect that could be measured and quantified. Initially I was merely a spectator and interested in current developments, keeping a weather eye on the literature. I was very interested to pick up a copy of Circular Evidence by Pat Delgardo and Colin Andrews and I was taken with the simplicity, elegance and beauty of the crop circles in their natural setting. This was to inspire much more personal research over the next 12 years, that included spending several years in the field each season measuring and examining the phenomenon first hand. It is very important in science not just to read the literature, but to do the experiments and make the observations personally. This is good science and the more people are observing these phenomena, measuring and collecting data, the better.

Initially I was interested in how they were made and the Japanese researcher’s experiments in the microwave certainly proved that this phenomenon could be duplicated in sand trays, especially the random grapeshot effects. But then the pattern started to take on a much more symbolic meaning and evolved into pictograms or crop glyphs as they became called. The year of 1990 brought forth the great, huge, enormously long, complex pictogram glyphs, which hit public consciousness head on. They were seen on magazine covers and even Led Zeppelin’s famous album of the time. This did much to broadcast the phenomenon to a global audience. The natural camp were horrified for here we had something that was clearly intelligently directed, albeit by human hand or by hither to yet unknown conscious entities. This caused a radical rethink for some of the workers, who then left the field, so to speak!

For me, I watched with interest, but really sat up and took notice in 1991 with the pivotal Barbury Castle 4 dimensional tetrahedron formation. This for me was something of immense beauty and mystery. As with all good mysteries, it prompted my own research efforts to greater ends. I simply wanted to know just what was behind this enigma.

Towards the end of the season, a beautiful Mandelbrot set fractal formation was found in a field of wheat at Ickleton near Cambridge. Luckily it was photographed from the air before the farmer managed to drive his combine harvester deliberately through it in order to erase it from public gaze in his field. For money and business had to continue unabated!

For me as with many others, these were the two seminal crop glyphs in my own personal development. They really caused me to sit up and take notice and I immediately wanted to know more about fractals and about higher dimensional geometry. I was vaguely aware of the Mandelbrot as a shape as I had seen pictures of it in passing. Later I was to discover that Benoit Mandelbrot had only discovered it in 1985 and that it had been on the front cover of an issue of Scientific American that year. He had produced a lot of his early research at Cambridge so the pictogram was very appropriate and was therefore dismissed by the media as simply a hoax perpetrated by students at Cambridge. But upon observing the photographs and the absolute symmetry of the figure, the crispness, the design and the execution were so perfect that I was not so sure. For students to do this in a field at night would be very difficult. Producing a simple experiment from this I engaged some of my students with chalk and asked them to reproduce the design on the playground floor. The results were quite interesting. Most people could obtain the shape roughly, but the accuracy left much to be desired. The crispness of execution that is seen on the computer screen and in this crop glyph was just simply not reproducible.

I then spent the next two or three years investigating chaos mathematics and fractals, followed by looking into hyper geometric polytopes and geometry. The latter was much harder to track down as it was much more obscure in the literature than the former. Chaos and fractals were the ‘in’ subject leading to a large part in the plot of Jurassic Park (1993) and it was very easy to obtain major works for investigation. I was simply taken by the beauty of the shapes, the complexity and amazed at how a few simple lines of computer code reiterated over and over again can give rise to such wonder. Being also artistic, they had a tremendous effect on my creative nature, so much so that I actively tried to recreate them on my computer and on T shirts. I love to wear the designs of the universe on the front of a T shirt for that means that the conscious concept has reached street level and is an everyday artefact of life.

I was intrigued by the revelations that were revealed during this period of time as I avidly studied fractal mathematics and chaos theory. Statements such as the concept that simple infinitesimally small variables could bring about great changes further down the line of complexity flooded my consciousness. The oft quoted phrase ‘A butterfly’s wings flapping in Tokyo can cause a hurricane in Central Park six months later’ echoed around the world. I was amazed also to find that to predict the path of any more than three particles is totally impossible! Newtonian mechanics would simply not work with such complex systems such as the weather and the oceans. Billions and trillions of particles cannot be predicted, but conversely the science of complexity showed that we could make an attempt to understand these patterns. I found new mathematical constants such as Feigenbaum’s Constant of 4.669, this being the average unit length that something such as a lightning bolt would run before it split into two forks, fascinating to behold!

It also helped me understand the weird and wonderful world of quantum mechanics for I was very much a nuts and bolts scientist with a simple scientific view. I was now becoming much more developed intellectually as a person and I now suspect that this was the intent of the crop circles patterns. They were/are literally keys to consciousness, as I began to term them. They began to literally open doors in my mind.

I was later to find that the sacred pattern linear geometry hidden within the circles appeals directly to the subconscious mind and that whilst our conscious mind is attracted to the proportion and beauty of the circles, the subconscious mind is busy noting the complex geometric figures hidden within. A good example of this was the Chiseldon ring crop circle formation of 1998. It appears as just a simple set of rings, much like a roundel from a World War II spitfire, but upon analysis, when one connects up the lines in tangent to the circles, one finds hidden within a pentagram and a heptagram. This hidden geometry impinges, I am sure, on the subconscious. Co-incidentally, whilst investigating mathematical Julia set patterns on my computer I was taken with the visual evidence of a whirling cross swastika at the heart of a particular variant of the Julia set being investigated. I realised then that these basic primal symbols were at the heart of the Universe and therefore our own consciousness.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that the swastika whirling cross is found all around the world in separate cultures from a rain god in South America to a fertility god in Japan, and to the Nordic whirling cross of our own Viking times. I realised that even if these symbols were shown to pygmies in the most obscure part of the Amazon or Africa they would be profound and meaningful. They were a set of universal symbols. I then realised that Adolf Hitler had used this universal symbol to stamp his authority on the German people. The whirling swastika in black on a white background is a very powerful cosmic mandala and will be with us I dare say for aeons to come. To further reinforce it by using red, which is a most vibrant and passionate primal colour used commercially in popular advertising to gain attention, was a further demonstration of this occulted knowledge. At talks and lectures I would demonstrate this by simply holding up black and white symbols on pieces of card, and the swastika never failed to gain an emotional reaction from the audience. This is a repeatable experiment - guaranteed to work!

I also further amazed audiences by predicting where people would sit in the audience as, coming into an empty auditorium, I would dowse the auditorium and find where my dowsing rods crossed; I would then mark the seats underneath and then watch the people arrive. As they arrived into the auditorium as a pre warm up act I would predict where the next people would sit; much to the amazement of the audience the new arrivals always sat where I said they would. This is further evidence that science can be used for prediction. Quite simply, the people were following their own subconscious intuition and finding the most energy comfortable places to sit and that of course was where the rods crossed.

Growing in boldness I involved myself in more experiments of this nature. Whilst on an adventure week in Bideford in Devon one of the exercises during the day was a leadership exercise. The instructor merely said to the group of students, ‘Go off and find a place a to sit in a field’. He was looking at social interaction within the group, such as who was the natural leader sat comfortably with other people gathered around them, and who was the outsider sat on their own. I said to him, ‘I bet you they are all sitting where the ley lines cross!’ He, quite incredulously, did not believe me but, upon dowsing the groups where the students were sitting, sure enough they were sitting precisely where the energy was strongest - where the ley lines crossed.

This I also noted in the crop circles, for crop circles either interacted with ley line energy or altered ley line energy. Either the crop circles were deliberately placed on positions of crossing of ley line energy or it was just random chance, but it appeared much more than random chance. It even appeared that the crop circles themselves possessed the ability to alter the ley line energy and create intense energy hot spots. This could give rise to the fact that people often wanted to enter the circles to absorb the energies and to sit and meditate. Maybe they were responding to the same basic subconscious urge to rest on ley energy lines. If one imagines a vast, invisible grid then plants can grow where they will and seeds will become fertile and grow into trees and other plants at positions of advantage. In plain open fields with no possible positions of advantage, all things being equal, such as soil fertility, chemical composition, water levels, I noted that weeds, especially the thistle, always grew where the ley lines crossed. It seemed to give the plant some advantage. I then viewed animals as being able to choose where to rest and recuperate as they gathered energy from the ley line crossing points. It appeared that all animals would move from one energy point to another instinctively. Herbivores would move around grazing on lines of energy between points and carnivores could be seen resting on energy hot spots before or after the hunt. Finally all animals including humans would settle down on an energy point to recharge their inner life force, termed chi or vril by some cultures. Try this at home, the places where members of the family relax such as beds, favourite chairs and other such resting points, are remarkably where the rods cross - therefore where the energy is strongest - you don't have to believe me it always works! I therefore began to see the whole planet as simply grids and fields of energy. I was then gratified to read the exact same statement made by James Redfield in his best selling Celestine Prophecies. I was also now more importantly acutely aware that the crop circles were interacting with this selfsame energy.

Sacred landscape

Even to produce a crop circle by mechanical means it would be very difficult to lay out the pattern precisely in the dark on these points of energy: there had to be some interaction or control of this fourth dimensional energy source. As to actually how the crop circles were being perpetrated, the whole world was treated to the great media circus fiasco of Doug and Dave, which was one of the most brilliant pieces of disinformation ever foisted on the gullible British public and the world at large. In a much heralded article in the Today newspaper all the crop circles to date were claimed to have been done by two old age pensioners who, having had a pint or two in the pub, went out into the fields at night to perpetrate these elaborate hoaxes.

Freddy Silva a famous crop circle enthusiast and esoteric geometry expert of some note takes up the story:

"Then, as if on cue, Today newspaper announced, THE MEN THAT CONNED THE WORLD".

An article described how two elderly - and presumably extremely active - pensioners had made all the crop circles. Doug and Dave had sneaked out under cover of darkness, without either of their wives suspecting for 15 years, and constructed all the circles with a plank of wood, a rope and a baseball cap fitted with a ludicrous apparatus to, supposedly, help them construct straight lines in the dark by aligning the sight with distant objects (in the dark!)."

A newspaper article credited the Doug and Dave story to MBF Services. After much reluctance from the newspaper staff, it was explained that a freelance press agency had passed on the story to the newspaper. When asked for the phone number of MBF, the phone was hung up. Investigations eventually led to a 'research and development' lab in Somerset where work is conducted on classified government defence projects. Just before the Doug and Dave incident, a French government scientist had warned researchers not to risk their reputations on the crop circles, for shortly the British Government would engage two artists and would present them to the press as the crop circles creators, to "put an end to all the wearisome fuss."

Dave Chorley passed away from cancer in 1996. Doug Bower is now about 78 years of age, if he is still with us. And still the circles come!

This story went round the world and even students who came from Australia to work at my school had heard the story that all crop circles were perpetrated by two old age pensioners called Doug and Dave! A famous television quote from Dave Chorley (now sadly departed 1996 RIP) that I have on tape is, "That now they had revealed that they had perpetrated the crop circles, no more would happen!" And this was in 1993! But sure enough, the very next year the crop circles returned as they have done ever since, ever more majestic and ever more stunningly elaborate.

The patterns were increasing in complexity. The phenomenon was truly interactive: the more conscious attention we gave the phenomenon, the phenomenon responded by leading with ever more complexity and intricacy of information. Some workers, notably Wolfgang Schindler, have pointed out that if you view the crop circles in a sequence from beginning to end they do affect consciousness development, opening doors that were blocked in the mind. This seems to be their primary purpose. In my talks I termed them variously, Keys to consciousness in 1996 and Icons of the higher reality, in 1997, as I became more enthused with their undoubted higher purpose.

In 1994 I witnessed the scorpion formation on West Kennet Longbarrow, which was the first real crop circle that I saw close to. I had been inspired by David Percy’s book Two Thirds to go and investigate the Avebury area with its Mars-Moon connection and climbing up on Silbury Hill, May 30, I was amazed to see this freshly made crop circle lying on top of the West Kennet Longbarrow. Upon investigation the elaborate design was found to be composed of just the top three inches of the crop gently melted over. I was totally stunned at the lack of mechanical damage and I then realised that I was looking at something very special; a phenomenon of miraculous proportions! It has been found generally that even the slightest mechanical touching of a plant stem can cause bruising and also a disturbance of the white patina, or powder like substance found commonly on the stalks. Just a single finger will produce a fingerprint when the stalk is touched; yet all the plants examined had their white patina intact. There was no mechanical disturbance of the site at all. It was as if a giant, hot iron had gently descended from above and just melted the top three inches of the crop so that it flopped over.

This was very impressive evidence that there was an extraordinarily complex phenomenon going on. I had initially assumed that the swirled structure of the simple, single crop circle if not mechanically produced was perhaps a UFO nest as reported by the UFO researchers. The magnetic swirling of the field effect of the propulsion system of the craft interacting with the water within the plants to cause this very visible and well documented effect. This elaborate woven nest effect has also been well documented by Dr Terence Medan as he sought a natural explanation and sited as evidence for his electric whirlwind theory. But as the designs grew more in complexity his argument was dramatically blown out of the water. I then shifted my view to thinking that these were merely stealth games played by the military. That military craft would penetrate air space, especially advanced secret craft such as the black triangular craft used by the United States, and that these markings were left on the ground as a token to make the radar operators and military forces aware that their defence system had been penetrated. I had worked for the military as a teacher in Germany so I was used to this game/exercise concept, knowing the military mind.

But, conversely, I was taken by the incredibly uplifting nature of the information conveyed by the circles. They were speaking of much higher things, advanced science, advanced mathematics and even theology! They talked of a re connection with the spirit of the one universal energy source. They were beginning to weave a magical spell upon my own spiritual evolution as a physical being. I was becoming less mechanical and more in tune with these ideas, yet without overtly knowing. I started to use my intuition more; instead of deliberately going to try and find the circles I allowed myself to be guided. In 1994 with the eye formation in the Eastfield at Alton Barnes - earlier I had felt what I could only describe as an energy force at approximately 4 o’clock in the morning. Yet, I was in a holiday caravan some distance away in Dorset. I had suspected that there would be some sort of circle event that day as it was the 25th anniversary of man landing on the Moon. The date for that was July 21, 1969 in England due to the transatlantic time zone difference. I was 15 years of age and I remember it well for it was the first time that I had stayed up all night. It was the most momentous event in the human history and I was alive to witness it first hand with my father. Now on July 21,1994 I therefore expected a correspondingly memorable event in this phenomenon, I was not to be disappointed!

The East Field Eye courtesy of Steve Alexamder

My Dutch friend John Sanders had wanted to see a real crop circle so on that day, a Wednesday, I said, ‘Let’s go find a crop circle’. Driving the car almost by automatic pilot I travelled for two hours as straight as an arrow to the Barge Inn at Honey street. Even though I had never been there, this famous watering hole for croppies appeared as if by magic from nowhere as I drove through the twisting and turning lanes of deepest Wiltshire. Yet I drove on past the turning by the sawmill and through the village up onto Knapp Hill overlooking the Vale of Pewsey. This is it I said swerving off of the road into what I now know as the car park over looking the Eastfield and with that we all jumped out of the car, glad to stretch our collective legs. It was 12:30 p.m. and as I strode confidently forward up the track to the edge of the hill I spied a huge crop circle in the distance! Placed pristinely in the Eastfield as if by magic, ‘This is what we have come to see!’ My wife, young daughter and Dutch friends looked totally amazed and stunned by this apparent magic trick. For the famous Eye formation crop circle as it came to be known had appeared at 4 o’clock in the morning that very day - this was confirmed by a first hand witness that had been camping on the side of Knapp hill. The gentleman duly reported that a fog had descended onto the field at about 4 o’clock and that when it had lifted at 4:30 the formation was present! Totally amazed by these events my Dutch friend’s wife Agnes had thought that I knew it was there, yet I had been guided directly to it just by using my intuition. Luckily I had made a video of the whole amazing episode for posterity - so it is all on film, including the stunned reaction and questions! We then drove back down the way we had come and stopped momentarily to investigate a second hidden older crop circle near to the road. After some time we drove to the Woodborough hill side of the Eastfield and parked the car, and then excitedly made our way into the fresh circle. The pristine condition of the circle was amazing. I dowsed the energies and it was like a vast flowing stream of energy which, captured on video, actually twisted me round at one point as I was following the line. The whole design was reminiscent of a spaceship with a field around it or an eye. The crop circle community decided to go for the eye as a description, but to me it was a spaceship, but it was certainly a very impressive formation of considerable magnitude.

I had a very interesting conversation with Derek Carver, one of two brothers from Newcastle, who were in the formation together with a lady cyclist. He related a story to me about how his brother had witnessed the phenomenon of the snail formation at Milk Hill forming the year previous. At around 3 to 4 o’clock in the morning they had seen lights in the sky and a bright beam of red light had hit the crop, lighting it up. It then broke off into 16 or so small luminescent green balls of light, which then wove their way around and through the crop. His brother at the field edge at the time related a story that one of the green balls of light approached him through the crop, was aware of him standing there, and then retreated back into the crop. Upon completion all the balls of light came together in the middle and then shot skywards. Upon dawn breaking it was revealed that there was the snail formation.

Several other people have since reported the same phenomenon. But in terms of hard evidence, Steve Alexander, the famous photographer of crop circles, captured for the first time one of these moving balls of light on video in 1991. He was able to track down the tractor driver in the film that he shot who confirmed that the unknown mysterious object had indeed flown over his head. The driver was much relieved as he had been subject to some ridicule by his mates in the pub. Yet, Steve was able to silence them, much to his own amusement, by the evidence he capture on his video camera! In 1992 two German crop circle enthusiasts managed to capture another unknown moving ball of light in a similar field again during the daytime and close up. Both of these amazing pieces of evidence are readily viewable on video.

Balls of light began to become more important in observations and in people’s witnessing of how crop circles were formed. This culminated in the infamous Oliver's Castle video showing balls of light apparently creating a glyph formation. It was exactly what I had come to expect from my research, here indeed was the very Holy Grail of video evidence. Yet mystery surrounded its authenticity from the beginning and even after prolonged debate within the crop circle community, the film to this day is still the subject of much controversy. Thus imagery without credible testimony is interesting, but not conclusive.

I had become acquainted with Peter Sorensen a well-known Californian summer resident at the Barge Inn and a first rate flying videographer. He had laboured each season to capture unique footage of the formations from the air and no season went by without purchasing one of his tremendous videos of the previous season. The X-files and the Sky TV show Sighting did much at this time to popularise the phenomenon. Steve's photo work featured in the X-files and Peter was a regular contributor to the Sightings show on several occasions, especially when the Oliver's Castle debate was raging. I count myself lucky to know these people without whom evidence of much of each season's miracles would be lost. Another person that taught me much in those mid 90's days at the Barge was the one and only Ilyes - her inner perceptions, intuition and challenges to my entrenched, yet totally unaware, 3D material view helped me to grow spiritually. I also was privileged to share many a microlight adventure with my Swiss friend Werner Anderhub and his German colleague Ulrich Kox who's dogged persistence in recording each season's finding was of inspirational proportions. Piece by piece the evidence unfolded and conclusions were drawn.

Early on in my research two people had reported that there was a chirping of cricket's sound and that the crops simply swirled and lay down within a space of five seconds. Colin Andrews himself and Pat Delgardo, who was an electrical engineer, had recorded strange electrical phenomena in circles and recorded the very same chirping noise. The chirping noise is a phenomenon that can be duplicated by the use of microwaves. Pulsed microwaves cause a popping in the ears which, being very rapid, appears to be very similar to crickets. This was an early clue that planker's were not entirely responsible for all the circles.

It was quickly realised that some form of microwave energy was being used to soften the crop. Dr Levengood in America and co workers Nancy Talbot et al, were busy starting to take samples from workers collecting stems from inside and outside crop circles. Control samples would be taken from outside the crop circle plus samples from inside. One of the early pieces of evidence from this scientific research was that the nodes of these circle plants had been blown: some form of internal process had caused the plants to be artificially heated up. The water vapour escaping at the weakness of the nodal point had caused the nodes to pop and, in same cases, char. The crop was often bent at an impossible angle above this point yet not broken. Cells were seen under the microscope to be elongated on one side thus causing the bend. This became known in the trade as magical bends and was an early indication that the crop circle was ‘genuine’.

It was conjectured that a form of flash heating would occur caused by the microwave/light beam phenomenon described above. This causes the plants to soften, much as we use steam to soften beech wood to make furniture, and then bend without breaking due to the sudden growth of cells on one side. I then quickly realised that a vortexing magnetic field interacting with the beam would cause the plants to bend and swirl in a very precise manner. This would then cause the crop to lay down, as reported. But who or what was doing this, still remains a mystery to this present day. It was definitely some form of intelligently guided energy using a preciseness of computer proportions to execute perfect advanced cosmic geometry. Where undulations in the landscape caused imperfections this was followed in the geometric pattern. A projection of a two dimensional shape image onto the crop would follow the undulations and give the observed distortions at points of unevenness.

Later I was to investigate hyper dimensional geometry on a rather interesting set of computer mathematical programs, available under the name Polytopia I and II, which project higher dimensional shapes onto two dimensional surfaces. The effect is quite stunning and, when rotated, quite hypnotic. It occurred to me that the same as higher dimensional energy forms could be used to give the human observer a shadow picture of something that is occurring in another dimension.

At this point the hoaxer's, Team Satan et al (the name says it all!) at this time were really beginning to muddy the water and annoy a lot of the genuine researchers, myself included. But to my utter amazement I found that I had moved on from just trying to prove whether the circles were man made or not. At one important juncture, and this is how this phenomena works, key insight is given by various individuals. Ilyes, who had become a temporary resident at the Barge Inn each crop circle Summer during the mid 90's, had stated in front of myself and a couple of other researchers - that all crop circles were genuine! There was a stunned silence but, as with every good teacher, when I went away and thought about it I understood what she meant: if we regard this phenomena as purely an interaction between consciousness and matter, then all crop circles are indeed genuine. The agent that perpetrates the crop circle may be human, or may be of some other extraction, but the effect is the same. Consciousness has touched and altered matter.

I now had a much more constructive and interactive view of this intriguing phenomenon. I realised in a flash of revelation that we were not just passive observers receiving information from a higher intelligence, but partners in an unfolding and remembering of who and what we really are. That if we studied these annual gifts hard and took an active part in the process it would lead to our own ultimate benefit and salvation. Much as the condemned man in a prison cell trying to decipher the note under the door that will set him free, I was now more concerned with the message rather than the method of delivery. I then became much more tolerant of the so called hoaxers as I realised that this is truly an interactive phenomenon. The initial crudity of early human designs had given way rapidly to quite complex geometry in mimicry of the genuine phenomenon but, as ever, the phenomenon was always one step ahead with humans playing catch-up. But, as with babies in a playpen, we were learning fast.

I often use the analogy that the human race is very much like a young child or baby in a playpen and that the adults' cast down objects for that baby to play with in the form of geometric shapes and toys. The child picks up the toy and explores it, usually first by sticking it in its mouth. It then rattles it, looks at it, examines it and plays with it and sees what it can do. This is very much what humans are doing with the crop circle phenomena. It was having the desired effect, leading us along a path of constructive evolution. I have often said in the past, during both classes and lectures, that should we ever communicate with other intelligences, the universal language would be geometry. And here we have in the fields of England and around the world that very geometry appearing, that universal language in the crop. Not a message in The Times, that the aliens have landed, or a flying saucer sits on the lawn of the White House, but simply a grass roots indication that we are not alone. There are other intelligences out there. I started to see this in a humble enlightened way as extremely comforting.

In my own personal development, with my own formulated ideas, I was following the same path. I had become much less mechanical and more spiritual, for in the late 90's the word spiritual had crept very much into the vocabulary of the average croppie. Karen Douglas and Steve Alexander summed this up beautifully with the phrase ‘temporary temples’, for this was the creation of sacred space using geometry and vibration within the framework of the living landscape. The patterns and energy were being shown in the very food we eat at the base of the food chain. It was a basic communication with our own inner being and simply re connecting ourselves to the natural landscape, allowing us to leave our homes and cities and to re explore the mystery of nature.

The phenomenon continues, the patterns are still increasing in complexity; as waves of consciousness hitting our physical shore, just as the UFO waves come and go, so the waves and patterns of the crop circles ebb and flow. In 2001, after the mass negativity of the foot and mouth epidemic in this country, the mood was quite sombre. But as the alien face appeared at Chilbolton radio telescope, along with the returned encoded message, combined with the vast 409 circle formation on the top of Milk Hill, the largest ever recorded, people’s spirits rose again. I really have become used to this phenomenon; it is now a vital part of my everyday life and I can not envisage a life without its gentle tuition. My daughter, for example, born in 1988, has lived her whole life knowing no other viewpoint! The crop circles always appear, with regularity and precision every summer season. She has herself been a visitor to crop circles for most of her life. Now as she is approaching her mid teenage years, 15 this year, study and other things have taken over, but the intrinsic beauty of these patterns and designs are firmly impressed upon her consciousness and are expressed in her mature and creative outlook. We are better people for contact with these gifts. By simply viewing and interacting with these designs they have had their desired effect, we have grown spiritually.

Since the late 80's regularly on my physics laboratory wall I would place the latest crop circle photographs and images. This was usually met by great interest from the students who had their lessons there. Together with pictures of Stonehenge, Avebury Circle and the megaliths, the circle phenomenon is inextricably linked to our own collective physical past. By simply viewing the past and the present together, we can gain an insight into our possible future. Even the very measurements used in crop circle formations turn out to be the same measurements used to align the megaliths. This link has caused an explosion of further research in recent years into the meaning of units and measurement and a re discovery of lost knowledge. Including that of the Mayan Timekeepers, with their incredibly accurate counting system, precision archaeo-astronomical records, short/long day count calendars and belief in Hunab-Ku, the one giver of movement and measure.

I make no apology for writing this chapter in a first person narrative as this phenomenon has had more effect on my own development than any other I have investigated. One feels a personal connection to the fields, land and the circles, which once stepped into like Alice causes a transformation of perception and paradigm. Crop circles have been a perfect study guide. They have helped my investigations come to fruition as I have explored a myriad of intellectual avenues from sacred geometry to fractal mathematics, the laws of chaos to hyper dimensional geometry, exotic propulsion systems, to the very nature of time and space. In my own investigation into answering my own questions, primarily one of what happens when we die, I have found definitive answers. For when I found the photograph of Alexander Baillie Kell in March 1999 as detailed in my first book Rebel Spirit, I had already been prepared to receive the information by the unfolding of the crop circles. I had gone from mechanistic scientist to quantum consciousness researcher. I was ready to receive the information and make the best possible use of it. Now I hope to complete my original thesis, The Intelligent Universe, as Forbidden Science for the interaction of consciousness and matter is of primal concern to the evolution of us all and in doing so I am merely playing my small part in this new renaissance of human spiritual understanding.

Apr 01, '12
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