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7 The UFO Connection
Mar 23, '12

Chapter Seven


There are no three letters more evocative than UFO. They stand, of course, for Unidentified Flying Object and man from Stone Age times to present has forever been fascinated by things that fly and objects in the heavens. The earliest records show the Romans recording seeing bright shining shields in the sky and this stimulated their somewhat limited imagination. The Bible also gives a description of what we term nowadays as a UFO in Ezekiel, a fiery chariot made of wheels within wheels and also of angels in attendance.

So this phenomenon has long impressed mankind. It may also be key to opening the doors of imagination in our minds, affecting our consciousness and expanding it out into the Universe to contemplate more than just everyday survival. As we come more up to date, the, what I call, present UFO wave really kicked off in 1947 with the Kenneth Arnold sighting over the Cascade Mountains in the North Western United States, the press very soon labelled the phenomena ‘Flying Saucers’. In fact the craft as described by Arnold were banana shaped, not saucer shaped at all, but more elliptical in nature, much like a boomerang, but the legend was born.

The phenomena kicked off more properly when we look at the records in what we call the great airship scare of the 1890's over America. The phenomena always seems to be related to how we perceive air transport at our present, or just in the future, time. It reminds me much of the Aborigines who, when Captain Cook turned up 200 years ago in Botany Bay, could not see the ship that he was in because it was beyond their comprehension and outside their conscious perception. So they couldn’t actually see it, in the same way as the Aboriginal people of Borneo could not see photographic images of themselves because they had no framework with which to place this in their minds. So relating the phenomena to present air transport is probably a good analogy and helps us gain a handle on it.

The British Phantom Airship Scare 1903 - 1912 as satirical cartoon in the newspapers of the time.

The airship scare of the 1890's gave way to real airships, which waged war in the early part of the 20th Century. It is quite amazing to consider the technical progress made due to warfare. Over the four years of the 1914-1918 Great War, Britain went from having no aircraft at all, apart from one or two light, experimental craft, to producing 55,000 aircraft of a far superior nature in terms of combat and performance within a time span of just four years! On the other side of the coin, the French were busy experimenting and producing great headway in aviation too, along with the Italians and last but not least, are the Germans. The Germans are an exceptional, technical people and are capable of developing very good science and technology. The German Air Force was outnumbered three to one by the Allies and therefore had to rely on innovative new technology in order to hold an edge. Typically the 1915 Fokker scourge that led to Bloody April in 1916 when the Fokker Eindekker ruled the skies and accounted for many victims, some 300 plus in the Allied Air Forces.

The innovation continued up until the end of World War I. The Treaty of Versailles actually named the Fokker D VII as being part of the war booty of the German surrender and therefore all Fokker D VII's had to be handed over to the Allied Powers. Such was their awe at such a superb flying machine!

The Germans were also very good at producing lighter than air flying machines right from the start and were very innovative, especially with the Zeppelin programme a whole technology with support equipment on a massive scale blossomed literally overnight. In the 1920's the experimentation continued into circular winged aircraft. The advantage of the circular wing was that it would give increased manoeuvrability and lift in all directions. The first experiments with conventional petrol engines were undertaken during this period. Dr Schümann was a German scientist who was busy experimenting with alternative energy and producing what we now term ‘electrogravitic craft’ for the esoteric newly formed Vril Society. These early experiments were triggered by the work of Heinrich Hertz and the other great Germans who pioneered in the field of radio and television.

In America too early pioneers of physics and electro-magnetics stumbled on to electrogravitics and published their results controversially in public as a great showman like Nikola Tesla or more often quietly in retirement so avoiding being dismissed from mainstream employment. In the latter category after a distinguished career in the weather service Francis Eugene Nipher published a series of important papers towards the end of World War I.

Nipher, Francis E., scientist, was born December 10, 1847, at Fort Byron, New York. With his father he came west to Iowa City in 1864, where he entered the University of Iowa two years later, graduating in 1870 with such high honours that he was immediately called to a tutorship in that institution, remaining as an educator in scientific branches for a period of four years. He was then offered a professorship in Washington University, at St. Louis, and took the chair of physics.

During the next few years, while attending to his duties at the University, he wrote and published a number of valuable papers on "Animal Mechanics." he also contributed to the St. Louis Academy of Science and to the "American Journal of Science" articles on the distribution of errors in numbers written from memory, "A New Form of Lantern Galvanometer", etc. On private means he conducted a magnetic survey of Missouri from 1878 to 1882. In 1877 he organised the Missouri Weather Service on the same system then prevailing in Iowa, and which was afterward adopted by most of the other states ...

Professor Nipher was for several years president of the Academy of Science and also president of the Engineers' Club, writing the reports of the transactions of the former for five consecutive years. He also contributed numerous papers to scientific journals, American and European, on "Electricity", "The Steam Engine", etc. His "Theory of Magnetic Measurements," published by Van Nostrand in 1886, and "Electricity and Magnetism, 1895, are standard works on these subjects.

This dramatic announcement appeared in a prestigious national newspaper of the time:

New York Times (19 September 1917)

"Professor Tells of Electrical Tests Turning Attraction Into Repulsion."

A new theory as to gravitation will be announced soon before the St. Louis Academy of Sciences by Professor Francis E. Nipher, retired head of the Department of Physics of Washington University.

"It will be shown that gravitational attraction between masses of matter not only has been diminished into zero, but has been converted into repulsion which is more than twice as great as normal attraction."

New Gravitation Theory ~

Professor Nipher made his experiments with bodies suspended horizontally toward each other. By introducing electricity into the atmosphere he converted normal attraction into repulsion.

"If electricity can alter the gravitational attraction of the bodies used in my experiments," he said, "the same force can alter the earth's attraction. If the negative electricity could be drawn from the earth's surface, gravitational attraction suddenly would cease and the cohesion of the earth's surface would be disastrously affected."

The British also had their pioneers in this field, with Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Crookes and John Logie Baird. Sir Oliver Lodge actually broadcast a radio signal before Marconi in 1894 and demonstrated the transmission over 60 metres. This recently came to light even though Marconi is credited with the discovery of radio and broadcasting the first signal. However, it is very much a case of print the legend with history and most people do not even remember his name. Experiments in the use of radio waves tended to support the idea of the ether as we have seen, and they also led the early pioneers to early speculation on the wave nature of the Universe. A very interesting concept with waves is that one wave can increase, decrease or completely cancel another wave. In physics we have what is known as constructive interference, which is when two waves in phase come together to make a big wave, and destructive interference, when two waves in opposite phase come together at the same point and cancel each other out. This cancelling of the waves may hold the key to producing an antigravitic propulsion system.


The other approach used by the Germans at this time, in secret and with some help from the occult and psychic connections of the Knights Templar, was to use electrical static charges. As we know from everyday physics, static charges can repel and attract. Opposite charges attract, like charges repel. By inducing on the surface of an electro static conductor or insulator a high voltage energy charge, the attraction can cause electro buoyancy, whereby the object seems to float defying gravity. This would give the potential for an electrogravitic device to be incorporated in some mode of transport. We have electrical potential in the upper atmosphere (ionosphere) of some 400,000 volts, with the use of extremely high voltages in the order of 10 to 12 million volts charging the surface of an insulated vehicle. Such a vehicle could be made to rise. This would account for the early Buck Rogers tin can type technology flying saucer photographs, some of the most famous ones taken by George Adamski in the 1950's.

But these craft look much more like something that is experimental and out of the history books than anything that is a future technology. It is now generally known that the Germans pioneered some of these more exotic methods of flight propulsion. And that the programme accelerated in secret once Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933. Parallel with this was the advancement of conventional German aircraft. These included such advanced structures as the aerofoils built by the Horten brothers, who experimented with flying wing kites and very quickly gained the idea that the single flying wing with very low drag was a perfect aerofoil for producing an aircraft. The Horten brothers went down the conventional route of using first of all, propeller propulsion with conventional combustion engines, and then finally jet propulsion with the famous ubiquitous Junkers Jumo jet engine as fitted to the Messerschmidt Me 262.

The Horten 9 also designated Ho 229, of which three made it into the air during the latter part of 1944 or early part of 1945, was capable of a theoretical speed of 900 miles an hour. Being just a large, single flying wing of fighter proportions extremely light in build and tail less, a technically advanced very agile and fast craft was produced. This craft, had it been made in vast numbers may have made a difference to the German war effort. As it was, production was channelled into the Messerschmidt Me 262 and some 900 examples this were built instead.

Unfortunately, as with other things, or fortunately from our point of view, Adolf Hitler directly interfered in the production and development programme and insisted that the Me 262's carried bombs. This was exactly the wrong thing to do as they were envisaged as a light fast interceptor fighter in order to shoot down the massed formations of enemy fighters and bombers. At that stage of the war the Germans did not need a small, tactical bomber but, having to follow the wishes of Führer, the development engineers therefore complied and wasted quite a bit of time fitting a couple of small bombs to the Me 262.

But even more esoteric examples of German UFO technology were being pioneered. Some very rare photographs show saucer-shaped craft made of what appears to be wood and canvas with German markings, the iron cross or black sun symbol, which comes from Babylon, and in one case mounting a machine gun in a ball-type turret whilst floating in the air. It is believed or thought at this present time that these craft were using static electricity generators, but that others may have used the more advanced Tesla-type coils. Nikola Tesla, an early pioneer of radio, electricity and the brushless alternating electric motor, with some 2,000 patents to his name, dabbled in high voltage electricity experiments. He was first and foremost a showman, which gave him some flair, but in other quarters caused him to be cast as a maverick scientist by the conservative scientific community. By pulsing the extremely high voltages produced in his coils of some 10 to 12 million volts, strong magnetic fields could be produced by the specially wound "Tesla" coils being used. When pulsing these magnetic fields at extremely high frequency strange phenomena were observed to occur. The fields apparently distorted space/time and caused the craft emitting them to become buoyant. It may be that this resonant frequency of the pulsing of the magnetic field was interplaying with what we are beginning to understand as gravitational waves. Gravity is still not totally understood and the wave nature of gravity is being investigated at this very moment. Tesla himself was convinced of the electrical nature of everything including gravity and thereby lies the explanation for his obsession with the subject - the Universe is composed of but charge and spin.

Very many experiments have gone on over the last 50 years to try and detect gravitational waves. It may be that the electro magnetic waves were destructively interfering with the weaker gravitational waves and because of the harmonic resonance of the two phases of waves they were able to interlock and cancel, thereby creating electrogravitic buoyancy in the craft surrounded by the magnetic coil induced field. The craft would then rise into the air exactly as the photographs show and, although not being terribly stable or directionally able to control itself perfectly would wobble around in the air. I have in my possession, several famous film and video clips that show exactly this predicted behaviour.

But the Germans being ever technical and imaginative, and spurred on by their own science fiction genre and esoteric occult connections, produced some very complex and interesting plans for much larger types of these machines. They were termed variously, the Vril machine, based on the idea of using vril energy, which equated to an occult form of the all-pervading energy which we would label ley lines or chi in Chinese philosophy, and the mysterious sounding Haunebu craft. The Haunebu 1 and Haunebu 2 (now known to be a shortened 7 letter stencilled form of the word Hauneburg, a town in northern Germany from whence the parts were manufactured and assembled) were very large, saucer-shaped Adamski-type craft with three ball turrets on the bottom. They had very electrostatic compatible structured surfaces, such that the bell-shaped surface with portholes on the upper hull that could contain a large electrostatic charge. This would have been conducive to that needed as a design to produce electrogravitic lift. The ★★★★★ underneath when made of a suitable material would also act as an insulator to insulate the craft from the ground and would rather conveniently for the Nazis also double up as machine gun or cannon turrets to attack ground targets!

Vril 1 - WWII German electro-gravitc aircraft

Unfortunately, the Germans weren’t into cosmic peace and harmony so all their designs contained lots of machine guns, cannons and bombs. They even planned a larger machine to house the flying gyroscopes this was mysteriously called the Andromeda machine, it was conceived of as a giant floating aircraft carrier in the sky, a cigar-shaped object mother ship, which would contain several Haunebu craft. The sheer concept of this sort of apparatus begs the question of just where the Germans gained the information and imagination to design these things. It may well have come from their occult use of psychics who were believed to be in contact with other intelligence sources from different star systems, such as Alderbaran in the constellation of Taurus or more mundanely just plain old science fiction. It may well have been the same intelligence that influenced the rise of Babylon and Sumaria, with its complex laws and systems of civilisation apparently from nothing five thousand years ago. There has to be a reason why civilisations suddenly burst forth and a more rational explanation is very difficult to find to explain this point. So in all probability the same extraterrestrial psychic sources similar to those encountered by the shaman of our own ancient people, possibly enabled the Germans to gain the information from other intelligences in the Universe?

Luckily for us the Germans ran out of time. The end of the war came and, as with all the Nazi super technology, including the Vengeance weapons, the V1 and V2, fell into the hands of the Allies in 1945. These conventional rocket weapons as designed by Werner von Braun and his experimental team, were eventually to put America on the Moon in 1969. They had been conceived immorally at the Peenemünde facility, in a vast underground complex using slave labour to produce weapons of mass destruction, but had ultimately been used just twenty short years later to facilitate one of mankind's greatest achievements - such is the irony of human technical achievement! The Allies, as they marched into Berlin in April 1945, sent in teams to grab all the technology they could as rapidly as possible. The Russians, the French, the Americans, the British and the Canadians all had their own agenda for stripping Nazi Germany of all its technology and advanced machinery. Even up to the last week of the war the German war machine under Albert Speer was producing machinery and armaments at maximum production capability. Many of these facilities were underground and therefore escaped Allied bombing. This led to post war claims upon reassessment that the allied bombing campaign had been somewhat of a

The Americans termed their operation to grab Nazi technology ‘Operation Paperclip’ the idea being that not even one single paperclip should be left behind once the locust-like teams went in. The technology was therefore grabbed and returned to Los Alamos in New Mexico. Some intriguing insights into what had gone on at Los Alamos have turned up recently. Several Nazi artefacts have found their way in New Mexico to boot fairs and flea markets. One of them was a peiltochter, which is a fixed bearing directional daughter compass, and it was marked with Nazi markings and 1937. This is thought to be a slave compass from a defunct Nazi UFO that has ended up in the memorabilia market due to the Nazi markings.

For it turns out that the Nazis had been collaborating and working with the Americans in New Mexico just before the war. When the war started the Nazi scientists went back to Germany and both countries followed their own individual programmes of rocketry, weapons technology and associated munitions technologies, including the Manhattan Project to produce the first atomic bomb. Luckily for the Allies the Germans were not as advanced with the atomic bomb as they had suspected. As in the film the Heroes of Telemark did a good job in destroying the German heavy water plants in Norway. But the Germans were not so far away from producing a viable atomic bomb, much nearer in fact than we have been popularly led to believe. The thought of a V2 rocket which is able to go high into the stratosphere, some 70 miles, with a 1 ton warhead is bad enough but the same V2 rocket armed with a nuclear warhead would have been unimaginable to the average person in 1945. But this was precisely what the Germans intended. As long ago as 1907 H G Wells had written War in the Air, whereby a fleet of German Zeppelins attacked America. The idea of atomic weapons came to light in Wells’ writing of The Time Machine so the thought of Nazi V2's bombing America with atomic weapons was not so far from the truth and it is known to have given Sir Winston Churchill many a sleepless night.

Ironically it was the capture of the German submarine U234 with its cargo of 500 kilos of enriched Uranium oxide destined for Japan at the end of the war, that gave the Americans enough fissile material to enable the building and dropping of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs. So the material was successfully delivered, but not in the way that the Axis had intended!

However, as the war ended not only did the Americans and the Allies grab this and other secret technology, but they also grabbed their share of the Nazi scientists. As the Cold War started, the race was on between the Russians and the Americans to grab the top scientists to do with rocketry, space flight and atomic weapons technology. The Russians initially got their share of the scientists, but the Americans with the attraction of freedom, democracy and an affluent life style managed to secure von Braun and his team. Werner von Braun who as a Colonel of the SS should have stood trial at Nuremberg, but he was given a new identity and his records erased as to war crimes by his new paymasters. Many of his colleagues also actively gave themselves over to the Americans to avoid the retribution of the Russian's under Stalin. A wise choice and as my good friend Mervyn Newell head of our local UFO East Kent Research Unit, says, ‘You do not destroy anything that is of use to you’. So therefore von Braun became the hero of the American space programme and the rest is history!

The space race was then on to produce a conventional rocket to launch satellites and get into space. The Russians steamed ahead and at every stage appeared to have the Americans beaten. Sputnik 1 had taken the lead in 1957 and Major Yuri Gagarin had orbited the Earth in Vostok 1 by 1961. The Americans at most could only put a 4lb (pound) satellite into orbit. They simply were not winning the race, much to their collective horror. It was at this point that President John F Kennedy gave his historic address whereby he set the American people the goal of sending men to the Moon and returning them, by the end of the decade. This was considered complete bravado and total fantasy by many of the scientists at the time. But with will power, effort and, most importantly of all, money, nothing seemed impossible to a confident America. As we know this culminated in the Apollo programme, sending three men to the Moon and returning them safely in July 1969. But, as with magic, smoke and mirrors, when you are watching the one hand which is shown openly, the other hand is up to something else! In the covert black world of the spooks all is not as it seems. Compartmentalised security, need to know basis and too many agencies have all played their put in deliberately hiding the truth. And it has now come to light with the advent of documents on the Internet that the Americans among others have been working flat out on electrogravitic and other exotic propulsion system craft.

The early 1950 UFO pictures taken by George Adamski may well have been experimental Haunebu craft that had wandered out of the constraints of the test ranges. The key timing of the Roswell incident in 1947 which just happens to be 19.47 or 19.5 rounded up, a nice coincidence as pointed out by David Percy, gave rise to the alleged alien phenomena era. There are a number of possibilities: Grey aliens did crash either accidentally or deliberately in the Roswell area of New Mexico and the US Air Force did recover real debris, new materials, technology and dead bodies. Or it was an experimental flying disc such as the type used by the US Armed Forces. The Germans had also experimented with feuerkugels, unmanned radio controlled flying saucer devices, designed to emit high electric bursts of static to paralyse enemy bomber engines. Allied pilots reported seeing these flying alongside and disrupting formations but strangely so did German pilots, therefore perhaps it wasn’t the Germans at all, it may well have been a third party? Certainly ghost rockets had been reported as early as 1939 in the Scandinavian countries. Again, these may have been early Nazi test rockets. All points must be considered and I have learnt to be ever cautious over the years before drawing a conclusion if at all. Maybe that is entirely impossible in absolute terms, but one does derive an informed opinion over time as to the probable cause underlying the visible effect. It is a common human failing to refuse to accept any evidence no matter how clear that contradicts with ones belief system - for once admitted it has to be explained! Denial is therefore a very human evolutionary condition, but one that must be overcome consciously in order to make progress.

We are looking at Forbidden Science and at the black and covert world of technology. Both sides use information and disinformation to hide their activities. When asked did the US Air Force have any flying saucers after the Roswell incident, they reported, "No they didn’t!" and this may well have been an honest answer for it appears that it is the US Navy which were busy experimenting with flying saucer-type craft. Of course, when one considers the name spaceship, we therefore have a space navy and not an air force so the senior service of the navy developing such craft is quite logical. Admiral Bobbie Ray Inman has been recorded as saying that the US Navy did have such a programme. When approached more overtly, having retired from the US Navy, he became extremely cagey in his answers. So, was it grey aliens and their craft that came down at Roswell or was it a US Navy craft? Another option would be a craft from a third party, be they extra-terrestrial, inter-terrestrial or in fact, more mundanely, just another earthly power such as the USSR as was.

As we are concerned in this book with the science and operation of exotic propulsion systems, I don’t propose to dwell on the history of Ufology citing many of the more interesting cases. I shall leave that to the plethora of capable published researchers that already exist. I intend more to describe the science behind the subject for it was this nuts and bolts science described in Timothy Good’s Alien Liaison that first drew my interest back into the field of Ufology after a considerable lapse of time. Parallel to this, I began a field study of other anomalous phenomena, such as crop circles, which coincidentally, during the 1989 - 1991 period were becoming much more prevalent in the news - but more of this in the next chapter.

A strange occurrence happened around 1958 - 1959. My good friend, Mervyn Newell, has one of the most comprehensive libraries of books on Ufology, secret aircraft and related technologies. His books date back to original editions from the late 1940's, early 1950's. In this literature electrogravitic craft are freely discussed and photographed showing that Britain, Canada, France, America and Russia all had programmes developing flying saucer-type craft with unusual propulsion systems. Flying saucer-type craft with conventional propulsion systems were also freely photographed and mentioned. The project ‘Silver Bug’, an atomic powered - type craft, was one such case.

Many other examples exist, but around 1959 all books referring to electrogravitic craft were removed from the bookshops of the world. Some force of censorship so powerful was able to stop in all countries of the world the sale of books with this information. I think, therefore, at this point that some significant progress must have been made and, in order to put the public off, this information had to be suppressed. The rise in alien stories and other such phenomena such as the Men in Black, were actually encouraged to some degree to mask the real military projects being undertaken. It is very simple to pass off super secret technology as being extra-terrestrial. Straightaway other scientists will ignore it and the public will be only momentarily interested, but immediately go back to sleep and not look too deeply.

The advantage of knowing that the technology is extra-terrestrial means that we cannot reproduce it with earth-like technologies and therefore we shouldn’t try. Any scientist worth their salt once knowing that another country has achieved a technological breakthrough will immediately try to duplicate the same breakthrough themselves. This is also all kept well out of the mainstream scientific publications. Interestingly enough, it did not happen with the atomic bomb. The designs or the atomic bomb were freely available in scientific papers in the early 50's and, to the embarrassment of the American Government, the Russians were found to have got hold of these papers with all the instructions to build one. Bit of an own goal there!

The same applies with flying saucer technology the lessons of deception have been well learnt, tried and tested on an ignorant public. It is easy to see with hindsight that the corporate disinformation machine has been in full swing these past 60 years. Of course, with the added overlay that there probably was also some other sort of real phenomena going on. We have witnessed the same thing recently in the crop circle camp. We have a genuine phenomenon that is masked to some degree by people mechanically hoaxing elaborate crop circles. But if one considers the phenomenon as consciousness interacting with matter, then human or other, it is all part of the same complex phenomenon! This tends to muddy the waters considerably for people wishing to do genuine research, but perhaps in the UFO propulsion system camp this was not a bad thing as the stakes are both dangerous and high. Oh what a wicked web we humans weave, the Universe is quite simply a complex enough place without us adding to its machinations!

With the advancement of the hand-held cine camera and of late the video camcorder, ordinary people have managed to capture very unique and interesting footage of unusual phenomena. These phenomena can then be analysed at great length, frame by frame, in order to detect whether the footage is genuine and, once the footage has been ascertained as being genuine, then the mode of transport and functioning of the craft can be analysed. I have looked at hundreds of hours of UFO footage and have analysed the propulsion systems being used and the manoeuvres being performed with some success.

With the advent of Timothy Good’s book Alien Liaison a maverick scientist named Robert or 'Bob' Lazar as he is better known, came forward to explain how the propulsion systems of some saucers allegedly held by the US Government worked. The information, as with all information, contained genuine, real information but I am fairly sure that there was also a liberal dose of disinformation. It may be that the American Government were hoping covertly to get the message out that they had superior technology and this having been picked up by the Russians would have the desired effect of persuading them that the Star Wars option was real and therefore causing the Soviet Union to implode, which is in fact what happened with President Reagan’s great Star War bluff. The advent of much more modern alloys, composite material such as carbon fibre, complex electronic circuitry for control, even the advent of the transistor, may have had some connection to do with Roswell and UFO technology as rumoured. Most importantly of all, with the advent of super conductor materials at room temperature in the form of wires it is perfectly possible to build advanced saucer-shaped spacecraft.

Analysing the footage of many hours of video and film one can see that very high magnetic fields are being used, manipulated and pulsed in order to produce the effect of making the craft buoyant. This appears to create a field effect around the craft whereby normal space is distorted. The craft with its occupants would be, in effect, in a bubble of self-contained space. They would therefore be completely inertia-less and therefore not suffer horrendous G-forces as the craft made wild manoeuvres in 3D. The field effect of the craft could then be projected, distorting space. As the space was distorted towards the craft, and this has been observed on several video clips, the field effect generator is turned off and the craft like an elastic band jumps back into a new piece of space. The craft itself appears to have moved at a tremendous speed many thousands of times faster than normal aircraft but this is an illusion. By making a series of short hyper-space jumps the craft can bunny hop to any point it wishes to go. With the generation of a much larger field effect large amounts of space can be bent and distorted but the occupants to all intents and purposes have not moved. The space around them has moved, but they themselves have stood still. This reminds me of Einstein’s apocryphal phrase, ‘What time does Oxford get to this train?’ Whether he said this we are not too sure, but it does sound a sort of Einsteinian type comment.

With this sort of technology we would need vast magnetic fields in the order of GigaTesla magnetic field units. To give an example, a one-Tesla field magnet, of which I have one in my laboratory, is extremely powerful and can affect compasses up to a range of several metres. The pupils had great trouble pulling the magnetic keepers from the magnet. With a direct pull this cannot be done, but with sliding and pulling the keeper onto its edge so there is a small contact surface the keeper can be withdrawn from the one-Tesla magnet. To give an example of the fields required we would be talking of GigaTesla magnitude. This is in the order of one billion Tesla field units, fields so powerful that they could entirely distort the space around the vehicle, so that a casual observer could not see the vehicle. This has been recorded by various witnesses in UFO cases that report they can only see the craft from underneath, yet simultaneously other witnesses could not see the craft from other viewing points.

A doughnut shape or toroidal magnetic field is therefore without doubt the main form of field propulsion used. The craft could use a relatively small energy source, as the main advantage of a super conductor material is zero electrical resistance, therefore once the electrical charge is in motion it continues to circulate within the coil freely thereby building a sustainable magnetic field of enormous magnitude. This is exactly what is needed to warp time and space and is known in the trade as a field propulsion system. Interestingly Scientific American in the August 2000 issue had a simple one-page article showing the new solid state super conductor wires! Three such cassette tape thickness wires are capable of carrying enough current to supply a complete city!!!

At one stroke, with this piece of information in the public domain I realised that if they have these wires then UFO technology is very real and very possible. A craft made with such super conductor wires would use very little energy to pump up the electronic coil. The vast cyclotron coil created around the craft would allow charged particles to flow effortlessly as there would be zero resistance to the electrons in the coil. Once the coil was energised a small maintaining energy input would be all that was required to complete the magnetic field stability. With such a coil the effects observed by many observers commonly known as ‘lights in the sky’ pulsating different coloured lights comes vividly into mind. The phenomenon known as cyclotronic radiation is a colour band lightshow that emanates from such a coil when it is in use, going from red to violet through the colours of the rainbow as the field intensity grows. The coil would also cause burns and damage to anything within close proximity. Being that humans are made of water and water is subject to magnetic fields and disturbance and indeed several witnesses in UFO contact sightings have sustained such burns over the years. A beneficial example would be the use of magnetic fields for positive purposes such as in nuclear magnetic resonance scanners and medicine. Here a large magnetic field polarises all the water molecules in a person’s body, then at the point when the magnetic field is turned off, the water molecules spin round back to their original positions, giving off a burst of radiation which is measurable by the scanners sensors. Very detailed pictures of the structure of the human body can therefore be taken with suitable sensitive sensors. Tumours and other such anomalies that contain a lot of water are easy to spot. An accuracy of up to a resolution of four cells is quite easily obtainable with these machines.

It also appears from many cases that the hull of such a craft would be composed of a single metal crystal, the lack of crystal boundaries in such a structure would make the hull of the craft in effect a superconductor and subject to the above conditions as discussed. The growing of super size crystals of silicon is now a routine matter for our earth scientists, who routinely produce these for the silicon chip industry. Zero gravity conditions were thought to be necessary initially in order to achieve this, but this has been overcome in other cheaper more ingenious ways now.

To conclude, we come to the possibility that was first raised by Jacques Vallée in his rather interesting books of the early 80's (one of which was coincidentally entitled Forbidden Science!) in that not all UFO phenomena are in fact nuts and bolts UFO's. There appears to be a wide band of opinion that many of these sightings are of craft from another dimension and, as we have discussed previously, the idea of a multi dimensional universe is highly possible and is almost a certain probability at this present time of new ideas and evidence. Such beings or intelligences in a slightly higher vibratory frequency could operate invisibly within our own 3D space. Should they choose actually to make themselves visible then they would simply slow their vibratory frequency down so that we could see either them or the mode of transport they were using. This appears to be what happens with a lot of sightings.

Vallée and other workers pursuing these ideas termed visitors ‘ultra-terrestrials or intra terrestrials’ for they inhabit the same state space that we do but it is just that in normal everyday reality we cannot see them. Interestingly enough, the recent video footage from Mexico showing the Flying Rod phenomena with extremely fast frame video footage, of 10,000 frames per second, being taken of parachutists leaping into a 400 metre cavern shows Rod-like creatures quite routinely swimming, for want of a better word, around. Although they are entirely invisible to our own eyesight and our video and filming equipment at normal speed they are visible when the same video is played back frame by frame. The latest finding is that they appear to be travelling at 60 times their own length per second, this seems to be an interesting frequency observation of some note. Jose Escamilla was the discoverer of the Rods Phenomenon that occurred at Midway, New Mexico on March 5,1994. This has since been shown to be a world wide phenomenon and easily reproduced by anybody with a video camera or fast frame rate digital still camera.

Importantly from a scientific point of view this is a repeatable phenomenon. Similarly, Jaime Mausan, the Mexican reporter who has done so much to bring to light the Mexican UFO footage from the great eclipse in 1991 up until this present day, has also presented this information at major UFO conferences. His impressive battery of evidence includes hours of recorded footage showing mass UFO formations, large detailed individual craft and now more recently the Flying Rod phenomenon. It is quite possible that with this rods' phenomenon, we are witnessing actual life forms that live alongside us but in a slightly higher frequency dimension! For they seem to be aware and to move intelligently when viewed on video. It seems therefore that our world is much more complex than we imagine and, as with everything, it may well be that the future is multi-dimensional.

Another intriguing possibility is that habitable planets in a higher dimension are not so far away as they are in 3D space. The Pleiades from whence the blond extra-terrestrials allegedly come, is some 400 light years away in 3-dimensional space, yet in a higher dimension the same Pleiadians could be our next-door neighbours. In a multi-dimensional universe anything is possible.

The distortion of time and space by these technologies brings about endless possibilities. Certainly the grey-type aliens of X-Files fame are thought to be intra-dimensional and able to navigate through and around time. We as physical beings inhabit time but they seem to have some degree of movement through time and around time with their advanced technology. I chanced upon a publication called Above Black by Dan Sherman, a former master sergeant and technician with the US Air Force Intelligence staff, who developed his powers as an intuitive communicator and was trained by the US Air Force to carry out this task. It appears from his own story, and I have talked to Dan myself through e-mail, that this is most definitely a genuine case and that he came from a genetically enhanced embryo created for this specific purpose. For his mother was part of a covert military programme to develop human beings with extra psychic potential. Again, this is not fantasy but hard everyday science that has been going on in secret for the last 40 odd years.

It all sounds very much like science fiction but, as Dan Sherman will testify, to him it is just simple fact. He was used by the US Air Force to intuitively communicate with what we term as ‘The Greys’. These are the little grey aliens, ET's, in a programme of cooperation and the routine use of alternative spacecraft very often giving mapping co ordinates for landings and take-offs. In his off moments he managed to have several ‘conversations’ with his grey counterparts. He named them variously, ‘Bones’ as from Star Trek and other nicknames. They told him quite simply many different things but, being a non-physicist, Dan was not able to understand the concepts but merely recorded them verbatim. I found these concepts extremely interesting and indicative that Dan Sherman had in fact had real conversations with conscious beings that are more advanced and have more exotic technology than we do at present. Certainly the idea of inhabiting time is something that we may well be coming to the end of, for with the advent of 2012 it is predicted by such visionaries as Terence McKenna, who recently died, that the human race becomes non-linear round about 2012. His novelty wave theory and mathematics predicts this with some considerable accuracy, his discovery coincides precisely with the predictions of the ancient Maya - the Time keepers of the human race, that we become non-linear around this date as the age change from Pisces to Aquarius.

A simple explanation for this would be that we as a race invent some sort of time machine which enables us to travel around time and not just through it and to inhabit it at different points. This would then completely alter the future evolution of our own race. We would become much like the Greys: able to be past, present and future all at once. This may not be so very far fetched for we ourselves in our ethric bodies are able to inhabit various points in time. Therefore we are beginning to awaken to the possibility of our true, multi dimensional nature and the interesting concepts it throws up. Most people have enough trouble dealing with the here and now; actually to start considering past, present and future and the possible alternatives is going to be a bit of a headache for most people but this may well be what is going to happen. As one person once said to me, ‘When the 3D packet of soapflakes on a shelf in Sainsbury starts to disappear into and out of reality we are going to have to focus very tightly in order actually to pick it up! Again, it sounds like science fiction, but hey, anything is possible in a multi dimensional universe.

The use of consciousness and energy leads us on to the next chapter. For a long time I thought that the early crop circles were simply UFO nests. These are swirled landing sites left by craft reportedly having landed and then taken off. The magnetic field propulsion systems cause plants to thrash around and swirl into nesting patterns. Road signs, similarly, have been seen to vibrate and cars to stop as their ignition systems fail due to the vast magnetic fields being operated. Yet diesel tractors are unaffected for, as we know diesel engines use no electric spark and therefore UFO craft do not affect them. So, as we leave this topic we can see that the whole gamut of phenomena displayed by UFO craft is now becoming real science, science that we can understand and science that we can also duplicate. But will we be able to say the same of crop circle technology in the near future?

Mar 23, '12
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