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6 The Earth Energy Grid
Mar 22, '12

Chapter Six


Bruce Cathie a true Hero.

Just as we have seen in an earlier chapter, the whole Universe contains a sub-quantum grid of floppy, rising waves of energy, all inter-linked and inter-connected, making the Universe one whole. This grid gives rise at a macro level to areas of potential where fluctuations in the wave forms give rise to matter. The nesting particles of energy termed light by the ancients, but termed quarks by modern physicists are really just waveforms that produce the illusion of solid matter - this is the key to understanding everything; all matter consists of waves. This matter then coalesces into larger aggregates such as planets, moons, stars, galaxies, super clusters, and so on. But the same geometry that we have learnt so far is in play, albeit invisibly, in our own backyard for when we look at the Earth, which is our home, we are inexplicably linked without knowing to the Earth Energy Grid. It is thought that all life forms are linked to this Energy Grid, which is linked via the Sun to all other stars, planets and matter in the Universe. This really is like a super-highway of potential for inter-connectedness. You could call it the ‘interspatial matter outernet’ or just plain Outernet.

The Grid itself, if we first of all start to look at the structure, is composed of various geometric shapes. We have already familiarised ourselves with the five regular Platonic solids and in fact these come into play. Russian workers in the early 60’s were the first to note that particular areas of the Earth were more active than others with regard to unusual phenomena. They plotted the areas concerned and being that they already had atomic technology, they must have already known about the Grid from that, for it is impossible to explode atomic weapons without knowledge of the hyper-dimensional sub-quantum Energy Grid.

On a small piece of paper in the back of a book, I saw as a small boy a very loose, rough map of the Earth spread out in the mercator style showing large areas delineated in the forms of pentagons, twelve in number. As the map was flat I was not sufficiently advanced in my intellectual faculties to realise that it was a three-dimensional ball-shape and that therefore the shape I was looking at was a dodecahedron. It would be very nice in life if we all had teachers who came along and pointed out the blindingly obvious to us at certain points of our existence, but unfortunately that very rarely happens!

The Russians were, therefore, aware that a dodecahedral structure existed with major lines of energy connecting major points on the Earth’s surface. These major lines were thought to have unusual occurrences, to be responsible for earthquakes and things like that. This was in the early days when tectonic plate theory was in its infancy and people thought of the Earth as being more solid than it actually is.

Nothing more was said of this and gradually I pieced together evidence on my own from books and research. But, then I chanced upon a video, which contained a talk by the New Zealand airline pilot, now retired, Bruce Cathie. Bruce Cathie's story is quite a fascinating one and opened up my eyes to the potential of the Grid. I was enthralled by the video presentation of the lecture at the UFO conference in Australia. Bruce Cathie resides in New Zealand and his story goes thus, in abbreviated form.

Bruce Cathie was a pilot working for New Zealand Airlines, flying mainly freight in the 60's. He was flying routine freight line journeys, much as a truck driver on the roads, and as with all pilots he noticed some strange aerial phenomena, notably now labelled UFO's. UFO's are exactly what they say they are quite simply - Unidentified Flying Objects, no more, nor less and we will discuss UFO's in the following chapters.

He noticed that these phenomena were real and that he wasn’t seeing things but, being rather cautious, and not wishing to lose his job, he didn’t wish to report it to the airlines; so he just made a careful note of his observations. All this, by the way, can be read in his books, which are many, very interesting and well worth reading.

He, being of a mathematical persuasion, decided that he would apply his analytical brain during his off-duty hours to see if there was any connection between the UFO appearances and disappearances over New Zealand and the map. On plotting the UFO appearance and disappearance positions he noticed a pattern starting to emerge. The UFO's would appear in certain places and disappear in other places with some regularity. He then hit upon the idea of drawing a grid onto the map of New Zealand to see if there was any correlation and sure enough, he found that there was. Then, with this newly discovered tool, he was able to predict, which was an important piece of science, from his theory where these UFO sightings would occur. He also noticed that there was a correlation between time and place according to the position of the Sun and Moon, which gave him an insight into the exploding of atomic weapons. Windows of opportunity would open and close as if by magic, but with his newly acquired knowledge and the decoding of the spatial and temporal units into grid arc minutes/seconds his results became stunningly accurate. He then extended his research into looking at all sorts of unusual occurrences both past and present. A pattern emerged that his keen brain could process into a global view.

To give you an idea of how tricky this process was to predict time and place we can compare it to quantum physics. In a quantum event, we cannot predict both things. When we look at a quantum particle or quantum event such as an electron we can predict its position, but then we can’t predict its speed. Or we can predict its speed but then we can’t predict its position. We seem to be incapable of doing the two. This also seems to apply to our prediction for variables to do with unusual phenomena.

He then had a tremendous insight and decided to extend these gridlines, as he called them, to encompass the globe. He drew them first with a pen on an old school globe that he managed to acquire and later refined his model with more data input. Finally he noticed that these energy tracks went through many important sites such as, major sites of sacred interest, geological features and geographical monuments. He therefore started to formulate an idea of an energy grid that encompasses and penetrates the whole of the Earth and this has now been formally refined into Grid Theory.

Earth Energy Grid

His other principal interest was the prediction of atomic bomb tests and he very quickly realised very early on that the scientists were using harmonic resonance and an attunement to the Grid to detonate atomic bombs. He then realised quite simply that the hundred thousand odd people working on the Manhattan Project in 1942 previous to the explosion over Hiroshima in 1945 had been calculating vast quantities of handwritten mathematical data to calculate the exact time and place to explode the atomic bomb. He very quickly grasped what was going on and produced vast, endless, long tables of geometric harmonics, which his brain coincidentally revelled in and therefore was able to predict with some certainty when and where nuclear tests would occur. One can therefore state that places like the Nevada desert, where the US government has exploded some 200 atomic devices in the last 50 years, is on a prime harmonic site, which is a rather good place to test explode atomic weapon with some regularity. On a poor site the atomic weapons would probably not work and with much less operational frequency - not so good for a test program! This therefore has to be one of the biggest bluffs of the 20th century, the fact that atomic weapons thought to be all so powerful do not work very well on random targets whenever or wherever, thank goodness!

As Einstein had indicated earlier on, the final unravelling of matter to produce it back into primal energy is a geometric reaction at a sub-atomic level. And in order to facilitate this geometric reaction the bomb must be detonated at exactly the right place on the Earth's surface and to within a very precise window of opportunity using a time frame of no more than 5 seconds. The Sun has to be in precisely the right position and the Moon has to line up as well, because the Sun and the Moon influence the geometry of the Energy Grid.

The bomber crew of the Enola Gay, the B29 super fortress that was used to drop the first atomic weapon at the closing of World War Two, was trained extensively over the nine months preceding the attack. Incredibly, they had to drop the bomb from an altitude of 29 000 feet to hit a target 100 foot circle on the ground and to do this within a precise 5 second time frame window! No wonder they trained relentlessly to be able to achieve this from such high altitude. The timing had to be absolutely crucial, hence the use of a retardation parachute, for otherwise the bomb would not work. A dirty explosion or at worst failure would occur if for any reason they were just slightly outside these parameters. This means that less or no atomic material is deconstructed into pure energy and therefore there is much more radioactive pollution: this is called a ‘dirty nuke’. A clean nuke would be a good detonation with a massive yield of energy, but even so we are talking of perhaps only 5% of the atomic matter being converted into blinding white light, radiation and heat.

We are still living with the radioactive fallout from the many bomb tests of the 50's and 60's, especially the air burst weapons that were perfected then. This along with several other factors may be responsible for radioactive material entering the global food chain and may account for such things as a rise in breast cancer since that date. The link is tenuous due to lack of data and requires much research, but certainly other factors like increased levels in pesticides have been reduced, yet this problem still occurs with increasing frequency. Some long-term agent must therefore be responsible and as with the fall out from Chernobyl, radioactive Caesium is known to be much more persistent in the food chain than was first thought of. Of course it is in every Government's interest to keep this a secret in order to prevent massive compensation claims. A very obvious link to the cattle mutilation phenomenon in America can immediately be seen!

Nowadays I assume that the modern atomic weapons are more efficient and much cleaner and therefore the yield of pure energy is far greater. But, as with any technology, the fallout of the radioactive fission material elements causes much more of a problem than is desirable for a weapon. Interestingly, the detonation of a nuclear weapon may also be a multidimensional event, in which case intelligent life forms sharing the same state space as us would get pretty fed up with us to say the least! They would therefore turn up pronto to stop their rowdy neighbours (us) from doing this - much as tenants in a block of flats, to use a common analogy. With the advent of video footage of rod like creatures existing at much higher frequencies than the human eye can detect and with the continuous UFO monitoring of atomic missile silos and test sites for the past 50 years this thought cannot be dismissed out of hand. We must therefore become responsible citizens in our rapidly changing universe.

The first bomb on Hiroshima fell within the target zone and detonated correctly. It was just within the zone, but it worked. The second bomb on Nagasaki, which was dropped on the civilian quarter rather than the military target was precisely on target and on time and produced a much better yield. And it was, as the pictures afterwards witness, horrendous. The energy firestorm completely decimated 3 square miles at ground zero. The Japanese buildings being mainly made of wood caught fire and disappeared along with the people completely vaporised. The one or two buildings seen in the photograph still standing are the only brick or concrete structures that were in the vicinity.

The nuclear age had dawned and along with it the hidden energy of Pandora’s Box had been released into the world. It is no coincidence therefore that the UFO phenomena began officially in 1947 (Nineteen point four seven = nineteen point five!), just after these events, for tampering with the earth energy grid is tampering with life itself. Workers such as remote viewers who have since 1945 attempted to see the events of the atomic bomb unlocking, find that as they are watching the event unlock inside the bomb, at the precise date and at the precise point of detonation when explosive charges propel the two masses of fissile material together to make a critical mass of radioactive material that causes a chain reaction, they are jerked back as though on a large bungee rope to a distance of some 25 or 30 miles from whence they witnessed the explosion, rising into the air in the familiar mushroom cloud.

There seems to be some safety mechanism at work in the universe to stop remote viewers viewing an atomic explosion directly. It has been conjectured by various people, and I tend to support this idea, that perhaps the vaporisation of matter rips a hole in the grid and this is therefore a multi-dimensional event and that not only are people physically extinguished, but also their soul memories are extinguished. So we are left with the conclusion that perhaps there is a basic law of universe being transgressed here. Physical death is one thing, but to annihilate a person’s soul memory, all the stored, collected experiences of that individual's piece of consciousness, is unacceptable - seems reasonable!

To reiterate, it may be therefore due to this extreme condition that UFO's and their occupants turned up to tell the human race not to do this. A multi-dimensional event would reverberate and affect throughout the layers of matter visible and invisible. Therefore inhabitants of the invisible part of the universe would be affected in the same area as inhabitants in the visible part. For our community on Planet Earth is a little more complex than we imagine. Basically, the bomb would upset other people on other TV channels and therefore they turned up to tell us to stop it!

One can therefore see during the Cold War era that nuclear submarines were busy steaming around under the seas to various positions to avoid detection. And that at any one point should war be declared then the pre-calculated books of tables would have to be withdrawn from the safe on the submarine or from earlier on the SAC bomber command safe on the airbases for the target reference co-ordinates. The code books would be consulted as to the positions of the targets and to the precise timing when the aeroplane or the missile hit the target with its payload. Only those targets would be available. Therefore the targets that would be best chosen were perhaps not always the targets that would be easily available. Equally, the opposition, in this case the Russians compared to the Americans, would be able to calculate ahead of time which of their cities would be most vulnerable to attack at any one point in time, correct to within one or two seconds. They would therefore be able to calculate and pre-empt any attack at any particular time on those cities.

So an anti-missile defence system arose, which was specifically targeted and mobile, to avoid any attack. It became a Mexican stand-off with two macho gunmen holding loaded weapons at each other, both knowing precisely when and where the trigger could be pulled and therefore able to avoid it, thank goodness!

The world was very nearly plunged into total nuclear chaos at least three or four times during the cold war, when we came very close during the 60's to the 90's to having global nuclear conflict. With the advent of multiple warheads one can see that each side was merely increasing its probability of hitting a target. Should all the warheads have been fired randomly none if any would actually have worked. To saturate a target with 20 to 30 small warheads would give a much higher potential of an explosion than just one warhead. An estimate of perhaps 10% is a fair estimate for the percentage of warheads that would actually explode during a nuclear exchange. This, however, would have been far more than enough to cause total devastation to the countries' concerned. Therefore the super powers were quite happy to limit their arsenals before maverick states and terrorists got hold of the same sort of weapons.

At the peak of the arsenals the Americans had some 9,000 nuclear warheads and the Russians some 7,000. The material for these warheads was produced in fast breeder reactors as uranium was found to be a rather poor source of nuclear warhead materials and the newly produced plutonium far superior. Warheads as small as 1 kilogram were developed. Nuclear proliferation became a global nightmare, which continues to the present day. Whilst the larger traditional powers, France, Britain, America, Russia and China, had access to nuclear weapons, the ball game was fairly predictable. But with the advent of smaller countries such as South Africa, Israel, Pakistan and India, the game became much less predictable and the possibility for catastrophe ever more present. As we have recently seen with the stand-off in Kashmir between two nuclear armed powers, both are aware of the energy potential that they can release and both having knowledge of the grid. Emotionally unstable people are quite dangerous, especially when armed with nuclear weapons - time for a ban!

Fortunately for the rest of us, terrorists have not been able to work out the intricacies of exploding a nuclear weapon. They probably have had a very good try at gaining the material and putting the material together, but lack the intelligence and information to tune the bomb so that it explodes according to the harmonic grid. Bruce Cathie himself was approached by elements of the American Secret Services who wished to buy his silence, but luckily for the rest of us, he decided that he would carry on going his own way and not be bought out.

The Grid, therefore, is a very real phenomenon and is understood at the highest levels of science. It is an interlocking energy mesh of potential. If we view it as a slightly more complex model (this was presented in a video presentation by Dan Winter) an interlocking icosahedron and dual dodecahedron produce a geometrically perfect form of grid energy pattern of this planet. Our aim, as grid engineers, or galactic gardeners, should be to try, like our ancestors, to reinforce this grid and to make the grid a healthy stable whole again. At the moment the grid is very tatty and falling more into chaos as we pollute in ignorance with a total disregard for the planet. We are destroying the environment and destroying the grid too. In fact, operations such as HAARP are, or may be, a deliberate attempt to manipulate the grid energies in a negative way, thus causing irrevocable damage to our planet.

So, the interlocking icosahedron and dodecahedron grid form is the ideal and very quickly when one makes a model of this, as in the illustration, one can see that most of the world’s sacred sites, if not all of them, occur on major junctions of the grid energy lines. These are like super conductors of energy and information, which are intersection points for consciousness and therefore very powerful. It is not lost on the military and the atomic bomb testing authorities, that sacred sites would be good potential sites to test nuclear weapons. This, therefore, accounts for why the British managed to throw the Aboriginal inhabitants of Australia off the Maralinga sacred site in order to test nuclear weapons. In the 50's and 60's they simply wired it off and stopped the Aboriginal people from crossing the sacred site. They had a tendency to go on walkabout and follow the dream lines and the dream lines coalesced at this major sacred site in Australia. For politics sake it would have been much better just to go down the road to test A bombs, but of course, as we know now, it is much easier to explode the weapons on a sacred site. This has now been finally set right with the South Australia: Maralinga Tjarutja Land Rights Act, 1984 and the land has under gone and extensive clean up operation.

It is very much like the nodal junctions of the nervous system in the human body and exploding an atomic bomb is the equivalent of shoving or sticking a large pin or needle directly into those sites. It makes the earth shudder. Also, several articles have been produced showing that earthquakes occur at other sympathetic points where the intersection of the geometry occurs. One theory in physics shows that where two waves come together in constructive interference we end up with a massive wave. Therefore, these waves would circulate through the crust and crash together to produce very real material effects, causing among other things massive earthquakes. This was self evident from the Chinese earthquakes that occurred after the last series of French tests in the South Pacific when some half a dozen warheads were exploded. Examination of the grid model shows clearly that the epicentre was directly on an energy line to the French site.

How do we as people relate to the grid? Alfred Watkins was perhaps the first person in relatively modern times, the late 1800's, to realise from his walks around the United Kingdom that many sacred sites, churches, monuments, villages, etc fell on straight lines. He titled his book The Old Straight Track and this is in fact the first modern re emergence and the beginnings of our new awareness of the grid. Human consciousness interacts with the grid. It is a basic function of all life forms to be tuned to the Earth Energy Grid for it gives them an advantage in drawing the vital force needed for life. The Far Eastern people term this form chi, the all-pervading energy that is drawn to points and needs to be circulate in order to facilitate a healthy body. The healthy body extends to the Earth, for all things are fractal based and therefore occur in exactly the same patterns, but at different levels. So the Earth is like a human body, just as the Universe is like a human body. All things are one.

Our early ancestors were inspired to build sacred sites. Many of these sacred sites are built exactly on ley lines - the points where ley lines cross seem to be particularly strong siting points. Very often if we plot ley lines we see them as straight lines on a map, but in actual fact we are looking at a shadow projection of a hypersphere. For the shadow projection of a hypersphere into three dimensions is that of a ring doughnut! It is a toroidal wound doughnut of energy that appears to us as straight lines on 2D maps or the planetary surface. We are not dealing with just simple Euclidian geometry here, we are dealing rather with higher dimensional geometry. The wound toroidal doughnut appears as straight lines to us on the surface of the 3D globe, but really we are living within the confines of a hyper energy fluid.

Energy lines intersect at sacred sites. Humans were moved to express abstract concepts of consciousness and interconnectedness by the building of stone rings and Neolithic monuments. The early ‘Neolithic’ burial chambers and birthing chambers together with monuments can be seen as cosmic markers delineating the energy of the land. It may be that the shaman of the tribe, when taking various hallucinogens such as magic mushrooms, would have experiences that allowed them to perceive these energy lines probably in mental day-glo colour projections and therefore they would direct the rest of the tribe to points of importance. These points included tops of trees, rocks and sources of water; water, being the analogy of blood in the body, water is the blood of the earth, water would vortex the energy and create powerful energy points; large rock formations would act as natural pyramids and focus the energy. Mountains always have a spiritual feel to them because really they are natural pyramids and focus this spiritual energy. New York buzzes with energy, Cambridge in the UK doesn't - New York contains artificial pyramid tower like structures, Cambridge doesn't it's flat!

I have often said that one meets and communes with the Universe, with God if you like, or the Matrix, whatever one wishes to term it, in a garden at dusk or at dawn. That is when you are closest to God. I was gratified to realise when I visited the Glastonbury Crop Circle Symposium 2001, that one of the speakers gave the mechanism for this. That as the sun rises a tidal wave of energy bursts forth across the surface of the planet towards the viewer. This profound burst of energy has a very spiritual, connecting quality, which resonates with the consciousness within the viewer. He also went on to say that barley, which has antennae-like projections, resonates with this shock wave and that barley can only become fertile at dawn or at dusk when the resonance occurs with the energy wave. It is like a bow shock wave from the sun. So, really I was right in my theory. It’s quite gratifying to find out something new that confirms old ideas!

Humans would have had profound experiences at these particular sites and these sites would have been much venerated and therefore reinforced with first of all wooden temples, pre-megalithic structures, which were later reinforced in stone so the woodhenges gave way to the stonehenges. The moon was also considered very much part of this natural grid interaction and the solar/lunar cults became the most important thing in man's Neolithic world. The roll right stones demonstrate this knowledge. The central altar stone between two uprights combined with the knowing of the 19-year cycle of the moon, such that every nineteenth year the moon appears at its lowest on the horizon and appears to roll across the stone between the two uprights. This would have been a magical point for our ancestors to witness every 19 years. But, knowing our luck in this country, it was probably foggy or cloudy that night, which would be a bit unfortunate, still our ancestors persevered!

The site in Stonehenge is on a massive correlation of ley lines. There are some 12 energy lines that all meet up and connect at Stonehenge so we see that the site at Stonehenge is no accident. It is very much, one can almost visualise, as the power socket of the planet and the inter-dimensional gateway into and out of our grid. Therefore the whole thing is a doorway to the universe. As such our ancestors toiled to reinforce their primitive rings with large, stone monoliths of some 30 tons. Such was their reverence for this power and rightly so, for it is the power of life. It is what enables life to defy the laws of physics. Physicists have conclusively proven through the laws of entropy that life is impossible, yet we see life all around us. The natural tendency is for things to have a lot of energy and to dissipate to no energy. Life goes against the grain. We have a sperm and an egg and it grows into a human being, which then evolves from a child to an adult against the tide. The energy for this does not just come from chemical food.

I then began to understand why people eat lettuce, because one is not only eating chemical food, of which there is very little value in a lettuce, but one is eating physical energy, the life form energy. One could say it is vegetarian vampirism! We are absorbing the life force of another organism to sustain our own. Therefore, food degenerates in energy; fresh food is better, organic food has more vibrational energy than bland, produced farm food. So we see the interconnectedness of all things with the Grid.

The sacred sites gave way to the great Norman cathedrals and churches in the early medieval phase of our history. People were still doing exactly what our ancestors did, to build in stone, monuments on these very sacred sites. When one looks at a cathedral, especially Salisbury Cathedral with its large pointed spire, or Gloucester Cathedral, one can see the whole edifice as a stone transmitter with a large skyward pointing mast transmitting people’s prayer into the universe, directly injecting thought into the Grid. And early religion knew the value of this and how to do it properly. If we look at the Tibetan monks, they are very aware of the Grid and how to interact with it through meditation. It is no coincidence that they live in Tibet, which has the highest mountain range on the Earth and therefore the biggest natural pyramids on the Earth.

Unfortunately the congregation had lost its way a bit and the priesthood would try to get the congregation to pray and to adopt the correct ritual positions to attune the skeleton of the body so that it best affects the distribution of the prayer energy or meditative energy. Really, when one looks at our own skeleton it is like a radio or TV aerial, with our chest cavity and skeleton ribs, and by adopting various ritual positions we tune the aerial to make the signal more effective. Unfortunately in Western culture the art of this has been lost and merely comprises of people guessing at what they are doing. But, as with the re-emergence of past knowledge, we are now starting to understand how once again to do this properly and therefore build a useful technology with which we can sustain ourselves in the future. Man shall not live by bread alone and therefore we have to develop our spiritual aspect fully.

In some ways we see a re-emergence of this at the moment. All the knowledge recorded in this book is a product of the rediscovery of the past. If we go back to Pakistan and India there is evidence to show that there was once a nuclear war in that part of the world. This may have been some 15,000 years BC. The Sanskrit writings tell us of the Rama Empire, the empire of the seven cities and of the princes that ruled it. It also tells of the terrible weapons and technology they used, for it mentions Vimana flying boats, which were light constructions most magical to look upon, that worked on humming and used hot mercury and iron engines (monatomic superconductors?).

Bruce Cathie has looked at the harmonics of mercury and iron and found an interesting, interconnected relationship between the geometric harmonics of the two elements and that using vibration it would be possible to release large amounts of energy from the mercury with fins of iron immersed in it. These vibrating fins would resonate at precise frequencies and unlock the energy. This may well be the technology they were using, but certainly they had weapons of mass destruction. It is recorded that they had a Brahma weapon. The Brahma weapon was described as a great projector and that the enemy army would have this beam projected at them, which would cause them to boil and to die in vast numbers. Their only hope of escape was to discard their armour and to dive in the nearest water or river.

At the time when I read this description in the 60's it didn’t make a lot of sense to me, was it like a giant ray gun? But with the advent of the microwave oven we can see straightaway that if we place a metal object in a microwave oven it causes sparks and heating and will either break the microwave or the contents will glow red hot. So it is quite possible that the Brahma weapon was in fact a microwave projection device and that the only hope of humans, who are made of three quarters water, from boiling away was to dive in the local river after discarding all metal objects in order to survive. The microwave energy would have been dissipated into the volume of water flowing in the river.

A yet more terrible weapon was the Indra dart and the Indra dart is described as being a bright and terrible missile, where the explosion would give the rising flash of many suns and annihilate all who looked upon it. Many days later people’s hair would fall out and they would appear with boils and sores. This really is a perfect description of a radioactive atomic bomb with its associated fall-out. Those not vaporised instantly when the initial impact at ground zero occurs would suffer terrible radioactive injuries over the coming weeks and months.

MAHABHARATA, picks up the thread of a tale of devastation and destruction. Atlantis, rather displeased at its humiliating defeat, deceived that they were no longer interested in subjugating the Rama Empire (An Indian Empire), and decided instead to annihilate the major cities using weapons of mass destruction. Sanskrit scholars could not comprehend what was being described in the Epics until the dropping of the first atomic bombs on Japan. These are authentic verses from the Indian Epics:

"Gurkha, flying a swift and powerful vimana (fast aircraft) hurled a single projectile (rocket) charged with the power of the Universe (nuclear device). An incandescent column of smoke and flame, as bright as ten thousand suns, rose with all its splendour. It was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death, which reduced to ashes the entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas. The corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable. Hair and nails fell out; Pottery broke without apparent cause, and the birds turned white. After a few hours all foodstuffs were infected, to escape from this fire the soldiers threw themselves in streams to wash themselves and their equipment."

The Mahabharata and this story are said to be nearly 24,000 years old! If this is true then we are not the most advanced civilisation to have existed. As the Bible says "There is nothing new under the sun." Evidence for Atlantis is well documented. If the above was not enough to convince you let me take you deeper into this nuclear war:

"It was a weapon so powerful that it could destroy the earth in an instant a great soaring sound in smoke and flames. And on its sits death."

The Ramayana states "Dense arrows of flame, like a great shower, issued forth upon creation, encompassing the enemy. A thick gloom swiftly settled upon the Pandava hosts. All points of the compass were lost in darkness. Fierce wind began to blow upward, showering dust and gravel. Birds croaked madly and the very elements seemed disturbed. The earth shook, scorched by the terrible violent heat of this weapon. Elephants burst into flame and ran to and fro in a frenzy over a vast area, other animals crumpled to the ground and died. From all points of the compass the arrows of flame rained continuously and fiercely. The Mahabharata and the Ramayana may seem like science fiction, but they do have an unsettling eerie ring of true to their graphic descriptions.

Did aircraft exist such as Vimanas and Vailxi (as the Atlantian craft are called) and did these civilisations possess nuclear weapons? The choice is yours to make. Certainly there seems to be a fear of educating the world's people about the distant past. In order to control many societies have in the past destroyed their own and other peoples' history in such a way that records of their amazing cultures and events are nearly all wiped out. The Indian Epics are largely still with us intact, but sadly records of South American history all but gone, destroyed by the zealot vandals of the Catholic Church. Fear and other factors have removed most of the history before 5,000 years BC and some from other non-Christian cultures from only 1,000 years ago. In the America's it is from just 300 - 500 years ago, all lost!

Today, perhaps some UFO records too are going the way of fears gate? However, again a few stories live on. In another amazing Indian text the Agastrya Samhita (Indian Princes' Library) gives the precise directions for constructing electrical batteries:

"Place a well-cleaned copper plate in an earthenware vessel. Cover it first by copper sulphate and then moist sawdust. After that put a mercury-amalgamated-zinc sheet on top of an energy known by the twin name of Mitra-Varuna. Water will be split by this current into Pranavayu and Udanavayu. A chain of one hundred jars is said to give a very active and effective force."

By the way, as if you haven't guessed already, Mitra-Varuna is now called cathode-anode, and Pranavayu and Udanavayu are to us oxygen and hydrogen. This document again demonstrates the presence of electricity in the East, long, long ago. In the not so distant past strange events are recorded in Europe. At Mount Cassino in Italy there is a large and heavy stone, which was traditionally lifted by Saint Benedict (AD 448-548) by the neutralisation of gravity. This stone was intended for the wall of the monastery being built at that time. The stonemasons could not budge it. However, Saint Benedict made the sign of the cross on the block, and while the seven men who could not lift it looked in amazement, he raised it alone without any effort. If this is true, then it's evidence of God's hand at work or perhaps just secret technology. Even stranger is this: King Ferdinand I was a host to Saint Francis of Paula (1416-1505) in Naples. Through a half-opened door he witnessed the monk in meditation, floating high above the floor of his room. Again in the fairly long ago past in China Emperor Cheng Tang (1766 BC) ordered Ki-Kung-shi to construct a flying chariot. The primeval aviation constructor completed the job and tested the aircraft. In flight, reaching the province of Honan. Subsequently, (from fear) the vessel was destroyed by Imperial edict, as Cheng Tang feared the secret of its mechanism might fall into the wrong hands.

If one looks at the past we can foresee and even change the future. Will we ever come to a full all out Nuclear War as the people of Atlantis and Rama 24,000 years ago? Will we build Flying Chariots (Flying Saucers) and destroy them, because we fear into what hands they will fall? What will man do to destroy his past, present or future? Do we get the feeling that we have all been here before?

I heard a couple of years ago that they had found radioactive skeletons in that part of India and that they had also uncovered tram tracks of iron showing that an advanced civilisation may well have destroyed itself as per the Sanskrit writings. But as of yet I am still trying to track down these sources for this information and to verify the story. It is very important to follow leads and to verify what one has heard. It is good to research- try it!




Radiation still so intense, the area is highly dangerous

A heavy layer of radioactive ash in Rajasthan, India, covers a three-square mile area, ten miles west of Jodhpur. Scientists are investigating the site, where a housing development was being built.

For some time it has been established that there is a very high rate of birth defects and cancer in the area under construction. The levels of radiation there have registered so high on investigators' gauges that the Indian government has now cordoned off the region. Scientists have unearthed an ancient city where evidence shows an atomic blast dating back several thousands of years, or more accurately from 8,000 to 12,000 years, it destroyed most of the buildings and probably a half-million people. One researcher estimates that the nuclear bomb used was about the size of the ones dropped on Japan in 1945.

Archaeologist Francis Taylor says that etchings in some nearby temples he has managed to translate suggest that they prayed to be spared from the great light that was coming to lay ruin to the city. "It's so mid-boggling to imagine that some civilisation had nuclear technology before we did. The radioactive ash adds credibility to the ancient Indian records that describe atomic warfare."

Construction has halted while the five member team conducted the investigation. The foreman of the project is Lee Hundley, who pioneered the investigation after the high level of radiation was discovered.

There is evidence that the Rama empire (now India) was devastated by nuclear war. The Indus valley is now the Thar desert, and the site of the radioactive ash found west of Jodhpur is around there.

When excavations of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro reached the street level, they discovered skeletons scattered about the cities, many holding hands and sprawling in the streets as if some instant, horrible doom had taken place. People were just lying, unburied, in the streets of the city. And these skeletons are thousands of years old, even by traditional archaeological standards. What could cause such a thing? Why did the bodies not decay or get eaten by wild animals? Furthermore, there is no apparent cause of a physically violent death.

These skeletons are among the most radioactive ever found, on a par with those at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. At one site, Soviet scholars found a skeleton which had a radioactive levels 50 times greater than normal. Other cities have been found in northern India that show indications of explosions of great magnitude. One such city, found between the Ganges and the mountains of Rajmahal, seems to have been subjected to intense heat. Huge masses of walls and foundations of the ancient city are fused together, literally vitrified! And since there is no indication of a volcanic eruption at Mohenjo-Daro or at the other cities, the intense heat to melt clay vessels can only be explained by an atomic blast or some other unknown weapon. The cities were wiped out entirely.

While the skeletons have been carbon-dated to 2500 BC, we must keep in mind that carbon-dating involves measuring the amount of radiation left. When atomic explosions are involved, that makes then seem much younger.

Interestingly, Manhattan Project chief scientist Dr J. Robert Oppenheimer was known to be familiar with ancient Sanskrit literature. In an interview conducted after he watched the first atomic test, he quoted from the Bhagavad Gita: "'Now I am become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds.' I suppose we all felt that way". When asked in an interview at Rochester University seven years after the Alamogordo nuclear test whether that was the first atomic bomb ever to be detonated, his reply was, "Well, yes, in modern history."

Ancient cities whose brick and stonewalls have literally been vitrified, that is, fused together, can be found in India, Ireland, Scotland, France, Turkey and other places. There is no logical explanation for the vitrification of stone forts and cities, except from an atomic blast.

Another curious sign of an ancient nuclear war in India is a giant crater near Bombay. The nearly circular 2,154-metre-diameter Lonar crater, located 400 kilometres northeast of Bombay and aged at less than 50,000 years old, could be related to nuclear warfare of antiquity. No trace of any meteoric material, etc., has been found at the site or in the vicinity, and this is the world's only known "impact" crater in basalt. Indications of great shock (from a pressure exceeding 600,000 atmospheres) and intense, abrupt heat (indicated by basalt glass spherules) can be ascertained from the site.

A warning from history not to be taken lightly especially with tensions rising on the Kashmiri border recently. But now back to the grid. Understanding the grid and using it is something we can all do. When reading a book on dowsing it quite simply said, ‘Don’t just sit here reading this, get hold of two bent coat hangers at right angles and go and try it.’ I followed the instructions and was incredibly surprised to find that it did work. The actual mechanism for how this works is a matter of conjecture, but it does work. It may be that we as beings detect the pulses and subtle changes of the Grid Energy from point to point. The energy appears slightly thickened every six feet or so and every 100 feet we have three lines coming together.

One can simply start by dowsing the room you are sitting in. Holding the coat hangers at right angles loosely in the hands so that they can rotate relatively freely, walking about the dowser will notice that the rods cross periodically and that they always do this in the same positions. Our ancestors used pendulums as well. Once you become familiar with this you can also feel the energy changes in the hands. Whilst walking along hedges with the hands out just in front of you at 90Ëšangles you will notice you can feel pulses and when you look to the side at the hedge you will find new shoots growing where these pulses are. These pulses or twitches with the muscles are magnified with the rods and this is the mechanism whereby we think that the rods actually work.

The rods will do different things - they will open out, they will close in. The most common form of positive energy response is a cross-over where the two rods cross at diagonals. This indicates a thickening of the energy. Through simple observation I have noticed through repeated experiments that living organisms prefer positions where the rods cross. Trees for example will grow where rods cross; plants will also grow where rods cross.

At one point I said to an amazed group of students ‘I am just going to dowse the molehills over there’. We had just stopped on the M4 motorway coming back from Devon, at Membury Services, and there were a line of molehills and then a sudden oblique angle in their pattern, which appeared totally random. I said ‘I bet every molehill is on a crossing point for the rods’. I made a prediction. I then followed the track with the molehills and sure enough, the rods crossed. At the point where the molehill’s should have continued, it went at a sharp angle: there was no energy line straight ahead; the moles had followed the fault line of the energy. Rather incredulously, several students said, ‘What a load of rubbish’. I simply said, ‘Have a go yourselves’. Ten minutes later they came back totally amazed, for all of them had found the same phenomena.

I also noticed that sheep follow lines of energy; crows will sit in circles on the fields of energy; birds will build nests where the energy is strongest; the reproducing part of plants, especially trees, will overhang and produce more fruit where the energy is strongest. In the 60's it was found that this energy could be enhanced by the use of pyramidal shaped objects, initially with cardboard, but later bigger experiments with glasshouses were undertaken. Increased yields of food and growth rates of plants were recorded compared to control samples alongside. The pyramid shape and its precise angles had a definite effect on magnifying the energy forces of the grid and thereby giving organic life forms an advantage in growing.

This, therefore, is a very real technology. It may well be able to help people heal themselves as we are becoming more attuned to this. Especially in cities like Seattle, where they have actively tried to reinforce their own grid pattern in a positive way with monuments and with buildings. They have constructed tetrahedral and pyramidal buildings, to focus this energy in hospitals and in retirement homes and in such places that spiritual energy would be of benefit and of a healing nature. The city has actively engaged in following the wisdom of the Red Indians who, as the indigenous people of the United States, knew of Wanatunka, the Great One Spirit. It had to be worked with and not against and therefore understood the natural processes, just as the Aboriginal Stone Age people did in Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. We must work with the energies of the grid and not against them. Therefore we should be aware of the negative aspect of humanity and of the militaristic ambitions of the politicians and scientists who would control humanity through controlling the grid with projects such as HAARP.

The NASA Smoking Gun video shows a large, trailing satellite some 80 miles away on a tether, which may well have been some sort of experiment to control the grid. It is conjectured that anything that is a large antenna or antenna array is something to do with this. It has been found that listening stations for the Secret Service are always positioned on these sites, sacred major energy sites. It is better to listen; equipment tunes in better at these frequency positions; the harmonic resonance is greater. Therefore, all grid sites that are not sacred sites have been bought up by the Military and now have military bases on.

Control of the grid is a higher dimensional ball game and ultimately the control of humanity. Therefore, understanding grid mechanics and grid geometry is an essential part of Forbidden Science.

Mar 22, '12
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