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5 Squaring the Circle
Mar 21, '12

Chapter Five


This chapter is about the relationship between the Earth and the Moon. This wonderful geometric relationship should be part of everybody’s birthright and education as we are all human and inhabit the surface of our wonderful planet Earth. The planet would not work without the Moon, for the Moon brings order and regularity to the affairs of the Earth. It is two thirds responsible for bringing in the tide and sending the tide out twice a day, together with the Sun that supplies the other one third of that energy. But the relationship between the Moon and the Earth is a very close one, so much so that we are really a double planet system.

There are many anomalies as to why the Moon is like it is, for we shouldn’t really have a moon at all! The inner rocky planets are really too small to capture any substantial sized objects that can be classed as moons. When we look at the Solar System we have to travel beyond the asteroid belt to encounter Jupiter with its approximately 20+ moons, the four major ones of which are similar in size to the inner planets and our moon.

The Moon is therefore completely anomalous. Most astronomy books state the known facts and the facts that can be explained. They do not put down any facts that can’t be explained because they like to avoid embarrassing questions. The first embarrassing question is why have we got a moon at all, for we shouldn’t have one. If we then consider from various sources, but chiefly from a wonderful book called Moongate: The suppressed findings of the US Space Program (1982) by William L. Brian, II , which highlighted many of the anomalies so far found, we can see that the following 20 anomalies are extremely interesting and guaranteed to annoy any local classical astronomer who would probably be at a loss to answer why this was.

Our beautiful moon is far too large and it orbits far too far out. Its mean orbit is some 240,000 miles, which just happens coincidentally to contain the number 24, which is the number of hours in the day. This equates to approximately 150,000 kilometres, but as we will see when we look at measurement, the metric system is not a galactic measurement, it is rather a man made equivalent although it does bear, interestingly enough, some harmonic proportions with our old Imperial Units used before the advent of metric and in turn the Imperial Units bear a direct relation to Egyptian Units in that 1,000 Imperial Inches were the equivalent of 999 Pyramid Inches.

The next anomaly is that the Moon appears to be hollow and there is no known geological mechanism for a hollow planet or moon. The evidence for this came from NASA themselves for they crashed the lunar lander LM section of an Apollo spacecraft into the Moon, which then proceeded to ring like a bell for up to 24 hours. This puzzled the NASA scientists greatly for they had not expected such a result. It did indicate, therefore, that the Moon was possibly hollow.

It is really a double planet in size with the Earth yet the geological history and conditions of the two are totally different. There have been many attempts to account for the geology of the Moon and how it got there, be it birthed from the original hot substance that produced the Earth, but it really seems more to have been captured by passing close to the Earth and then entering the Earth’s orbit. This capture theory would, therefore, account for the totally different geological conditions. Inner planets do not normally have moons, only the larger gas giants. As I have already said, one has to look at the giant planets like Jupiter to have large moons.

It is perfectly circular in orbit - a natural object should not be perfectly circular in orbit, it should be a sling shot pattern or an ellipse. Incidentally, as mentioned previously, Phobos and Deimos, two small satellite moons of Mars, are the only other two perfectly circulating orbiting objects in the solar system - coincidence?

The Moon just happens to cover the Sun’s disc completely during solar eclipses? This in itself is a remarkable coincidence for our Moon is of just the right size and just the right distance from Earth to obscure the Sun’s disc at certain times and movements. The coincidence of this alone is regarded by some as beyond chance.

It has a precise size ratio of 11:3, which is a very interesting combination as this is precisely the size ratio needed to complete the squaring the circle diagram. Yet, if we look at the mass of the Earth to the Moon it is 81:1, which means that it is far lighter than its quarter volume size should be. This again ties up with the idea that it is hollow. One would expect a more reasonable figure of volume to include a higher fraction for the Moon. Interestingly, 81= 9 x 9 and also there are 81 naturally occurring elements in the periodic table. This is because two, Technetium and Promethium, No 43 and No 61, are radioactive and transmute to other elements in a small number of days after they are produced. So the number 81 is a very interesting number and that it should be found in the ratio of mass from Earth to Moon is correspondingly an extreme coincidence.

Next we come to the Moon’s rotation, which is exactly synchronised so that we only ever see one side of it from Earth. This in itself, again, is a bizarre coincidence. Also that there are 13 moon cycles to a year and therefore our natural calendar should contain 13 months of 28 days with one day over, which would be considered an aboriginal calendar, and one that is in harmony with the Earth and the Moon. Yet for reasons of control from authority we are forced to have a 12-month year, which makes our biological systems not work so smoothly. This may or may not be deliberate as a control mechanism? But in the end one has to be sceptical and assume that this was in fact a deliberate attempt to throw humanity off balance, for harmonic aboriginal people are quite hard to control, because they are in tune with their environment and therefore do not respond to fear based control mechanisms that are used.

The surface of the Moon is completely different on the far side to the side that faces us and really it should be the same. If it has had equal bombardment from meteorites over the course of its history then both sides of the Moon should be equally cratered. This in itself is a tremendous anomaly and caused great consternation when the first pictures of the far side of the Moon, which was then called the dark side. But of course the Moon’s day is two weeks long and both sides are bathed in light so the far side is a better and more accurate description. It may have given risen to Gary Larsen’s Far Side cartoon strip for as a name the far side is a complete farce and does not match up with the near side of the Moon, so much so as to be hilarious!

The next fact is the fact that the Moon bulges and yet this anomalous bulge is away from the Earth on the far side of the Moon and not on the near side as one would expect with the constant gravitational pull of the Earth. Therefore we have to assume that this bulge did not occur whilst the Moon was in orbit for, had it geologically settled, then the bulge would have been towards the Earth.

The surface of the Moon has an unusually large proportion of Titanium, something in the order of 10%. This in itself is completely bizarre as Titanium should be found within and combined with the rocks beneath. It is such a high percentage that it is considered worth economically to mine.

No crater is more than 4 miles deep even though the diameter of some may be as much as 70 miles across. From elementary science we know that the larger the object that hits a surface, the bigger the crater. This is a simple classroom experiment. Yet, here we see with the Moon, that the large craters are no deeper than the relatively small craters - again an anomaly.

The rocks on the surface have widely ranging ages from 4 billion years to 20 billion years yet, as we know, the universe is only thought to be 15 billion years old. This caused NASA so much trouble that they labelled the door of the rock analysis laboratory ‘The Looney Bin’ because of the confusion that was found with similar rocks next door to each other on the surface of the Moon having such widely ranging ages.

The surface of the Moon can be observed to be dusty on the videos from NASA, yet dust cannot exist in a vacuum, as it only forms with air. It should therefore be less dusty.

The lunar sidereal month is 27.3 days, which matches the acceleration of the Moon of 27.3 centimetres per second per second - again, a total coincidence. The Moon’s radius is 0.273 times that of the Earth’s radius - another bizarre coincidence - or is it? The coldest temperature in the universe -273 Degrees Celsius and the average gestation period for a human being 273 days - need I say more!

The combined radii of Earth, 3,960 miles, and the Moon, 1,080, miles equals 5,040 miles, which is exactly 1 times 2 times 3 times 4 times 5 times 6 times 7 or 7 times 8 times 9 times 10, which equals 5,040! Incidentally, for good measure, 8 times 9 times 10 times 11 equals 7,920, which is the number of miles diameter of the Earth. Plato considered 5,040 to be the perfect number for the population of Atlantis and used it in his various musings about geometry as a key number - again another interesting coincidence.

Finally, the Earth/Moon ratio of 11:3 gives the answer to the geometric conundrum of ancient times known as squaring the circle. This, again, is far beyond coincidence. We will see how squaring the circle is integral to not only our physical bodies and the ratio of our satellite to its moon, but also in the profound impact on consciousness with humanity to do with sacred architecture from Stonehenge to Chartres Cathedral.

But first of all we need to draw for ourselves a diagram of the 11:3 ratio. I consider it worth taking some time to describe briefly how you do this. For everybody should know how to construct this wonderful piece of geometry.

• Step 1: Draw two circles tangent to each other of diameter 11 units and diameter 3 units such that the small circle touches and fits on top of the large circle.

• Step 2: Now, construct a square box around each of the circles. The side of the large square box will be 11 units and therefore its perimeter 44 units and the side of the small box will be 3 units respectively and its perimeter therefore 12 units.

• Step 3: Now with your compasses draw a circle radius 7 units such that the centre point is on the centre of the Earth and the pencil is on the centre of the Moon. Describe the circle and complete. This circle, which geometrically is the orbit of the Moon, will cut the corners of the square - squaring the Earth.

When measured, remarkably this circle’s circumference will be 44 units, which precisely matches the perimeter square box encompassing the Earth. This pattern of squaring the circle is known from ancient geometry in Egypt and was posed initially in relatively modern times as a conundrum by the Oracle at Delphi to challenge the Greek mathematicians of old.

The diagram you are now holding is, amazingly, 99.9% accurate and, even more amazingly, will overlay the ground plan of Stonehenge and the high altar area of Chartres Cathedral, for many sacred sites use this geometry incorporated within from rose windows to ground floor patterns. Ratio and patterns seem to pervade our consciousness at all levels and, as we will see in a minute, it is to do with our very own bodies as well.

Squaring the circle - megaliths and monuments

John Michell in his A New View over Atlantis book goes on to include a diagram which uses this Earth/Moon ratio as a basis and extends it further to using a half-size circle in the Earth which, as we have already seen, represented Mars, with a triangular construct. When repeated four times the triangular construct makes 12 positions or points. On each square side of the Earth place three moons touching the Earth. We then have a sacred diagram which John Michell terms ‘the New Jerusalem diagram’. It is said in his book that at Glastonbury, which was the foundation point of Christianity in our country way before St Augustine, a proto-Christian culture thrived around 2,000 years ago. The Glastonbury religious community laid out their community according to this ancient mandala. As a mandala, or pattern is to be contemplated, it works very, very well. The New Jerusalem diagram contains many interesting and fascinating basic construction principles.

I was first drawn to the famous pencil drawing of Leonardo da Vinci describing the divine proportions of man as a child, but understanding the significance of the squaring of the circle drew me back again in 1998 after witnessing its construction in so many crop formations of that year. The man is clearly spread-eagled touching the edges of a circle, yet also encompassing the man is a square such that his feet and hands touch the square. Leonardo da Vinci was, therefore, obviously aware of this sacred pattern and its relationship to the proportions of the human being. Whether, he was also aware of its proportions relating to the Earth and the Moon is a matter for conjecture. But certainly Leonardo da Vinci was also a Grand Master of the Order of Knights Templar and, therefore, would have had access to many esoteric volumes of lost knowledge hidden from the sight of common folk. To demonstrate his mastery of the subject I think he cleverly encoded his geometric knowledge of this occult information in this drawing for all to see, but for none to truly understand except those in the know!

Spurred on, too, by the idea of finding hidden geometric symbolism within pictures as within crop circles, I then successfully deciphered the famous drawing. It was John Martineau’s original work in 1993, which first drew my attention to the fact that one should look for the hidden geometric figures such as pentagrams, hexagrams and such like within the circular objects on display in our fields. I decided to analyse in the summer of 1998 Leonardo’s drawing and I found an amazing set of geometric maps demonstrating a complete mastery of and awareness of symbolic geometry. I discovered that every gesture, every line, every finger is there deliberately to indicate the hidden geometry. Only acolytes and students of da Vinci and, possibly the Order of Knights' Templar, would be aware of the secret symbolism encoded in the famous drawing. It would, so to speak, be a universal badge of their order on public display showing in the Renaissance the very foundation of this new knowledge brought to light from the Dark Ages.

The divine proportions of man

As you can see from the basic diagram, the squaring of the circle is alluded to as it fits the proportion of man, therefore to produce a classic diagram and to make it less obvious it has to be adjusted. But everything is checkable once you know what to look for - try it! One can simply get an accurate photocopy of the picture and, with a ruler and pencil, busy oneself discovering the hidden geometry within. This symbolic geometry is effectively the key to consciousness. It affects our subconscious and interacts with our very being without us knowing, for our subconscious perceives the straight lines that are not there and can decode a pattern very rapidly whilst our conscious mind remains totally oblivious. These messages therefore affect our very being and, as they are subliminal in structure, they are quite powerful because people do not realise that they are looking at these constructions and the fact that they are altering their perceptions and awareness of reality around them.

The Nazi swastika is a classic example of this, especially when reinforced by aggressive colours, black on white and red. It is a primal symbol found around the world in many different cultures, usually for good, rain Gods in South America, fertility symbols in the far East and also I have found it at the heart of a Julia set fractal, which shows its primal pedigree. It will raise more emotional reaction and cause more discussion than any other symbol I know of. I often use it as an experiment at talks on Crop Circles to wake up the audience to the power of symbols - try it on your friends and family!

What are they hiding then? Well, if we go back to the Moon, the Moon is far older than we dare suspect. My own theory is that the Moon was probably shunted into orbit around 597 million years BC in order to make this planet wobble in such a way as to stimulate the production of ley line or fourth dimensional energy. This energy may be required for producing life in abundance and certainly if we look at the fossil record we see that up to then 4 billions years of evolution on this planet produced nothing more than a few molluscs and sponges. But 597 million years ago there was an enormous explosion in the variety and quantity of life on this planet, which has continued to the present day. Nature’s relentless evolution of different species to populate the planet in ever more novel forms and to increase in consciousness and intelligence, dare I say, was probably stimulated by the induction of the Moon into the Earth’s orbit.

Exactly who or what was responsible for shunting the Moon into a precise orbit such that it conforms with all the anomalies that I have laid out at the beginning of this chapter is a matter of incredible conjecture? But certainly if intelligent beings are responsible, if they are indeed the architects of this remarkable feat, created this as a conscious act of will with technology that far exceeds anything that we can imagine at the moment. The amounts of energy required to shunt a planet-like object across the vastness of space and park it into orbit around another planet is quite enormous and quite an undertaking, but not something that is impossible. For we ourselves have considered the art of terraforming or producing habitable planets using planetary engineering, starting with our neighbour, Mars - it only requires will power and energy.

The Interplanetary Society has in its vaults very detailed plans and ideas for altering the atmosphere and surface on Mars. The key to life is water and certainly Mars now appears to have had vast seas and been very similar to Earth in nature perhaps just 20 million years ago. But some disaster befell Mars and it lost its water, although the latest evidence shows that there may still be residual supplies under its surface. The reason for this may be that Mars, being half the size of the Earth, has a lower gravitational field and therefore the water probably just evaporated into space after some traumatic event.

Remote viewers have seen that the culprit was probably a passing asteroid that grazed the surface of Mars and caused a ripple effect in the oceans, which continued to oscillate and then evaporate into the space beyond the atmosphere. On Earth these ripples would have subsided after a small number of extremely violent days on Earth. Within possibly two or three days the gravitational field of the Earth would have calmed the waters and business would have picked itself up, dusted itself down and begun to move forward again. We are extremely fortunate to have a planet that is such that it is just large enough to stabilise itself naturally.

Maybe the same progenitors that placed the Moon in orbit around the Earth also placed Phobos and Deimos in orbit around Mars, for Mars would have been a twin Earth-like planet. It does come within the habitational belt in terms of radiation from the Sun because, as we now know, it is the atmosphere that converts the radiation to usable energy in the form of heat to keep the surface at a moderate temperature and the systems going. If Mars were to have a similar atmosphere to Earth then it would probably contain life, and therefore the hunt is on to find the first signs of life on Mars. This discovery when found will profoundly alter all of our books on human history and the availability of life in the universe. For, if our nearest neighbour also turns out to contain, not just lower life forms, but evidence of habitation of higher life forms, then we really have to re-write our history books. Many workers controversially think that we ourselves are descended from the inhabitance of Mars! This may not be such a ludicrous idea, for as we see with our own ancient monuments on Earth, there has been without doubt a number of higher cultures previously on this planet. More than is generally accepted in the perceived wisdom of our mainstream history books. One really has to look at the evidence and weigh it up rationally, if one is to change ideas and to find out the truth.

NASA, which in the 60’s came to stand for Never A Straight Answer, rather than National Aeronautical and Space Administration, may have been set up as a civilian agency initially. But certainly after the assassination of John F Kennedy, in which we could have witnessed as a possible military coup, it was hijacked by the military and used for military purposes. Still under the guise of being civilian and, still being paid for by tax dollars, the information gained was not disseminated to the public openly as it should have been. Various acts of National security were used to justify its operational secrecy to the public. Therefore while completing its own secret agenda, and remember any useful information must be regarded as an advantage and therefore the possession of such knowledge has an advantage over competitors in other countries, the issue of honest information was clouded with disinformation. We are dealing with a leviathan organisation with many facets and many departments and agencies operating on a need-to-know basis and the public do not always get told what they are supposed to be told. The control of information is a very useful tool and certainly one has to look at the timings for the release of information about the possibility of life on Mars with the political agenda that is going on behind the scenes. An awareness of this and an accurate look at the records will confirm these common place suspicions.

I am not a conspiracy theorist myself, in that I am of the persuasion that the human race is actually too inept to produce a useful conspiracy! It is more a conspiracy of ignorance, I think, rather than a deliberate one. But certainly certain agencies in power regard the possession of knowledge and its protection from public view as part of their game. It is probably quite fun actually! The X-Files did much to highlight this going on behind the scenes and I often sat in incredulity watching the episodes and wondering how the heck could they air this on prime time TV? Because despite changing the names to make the stories fictional rather than the real from the archive cases it was based on, the program was raising public awareness to the fact that all of this anomalous data existed. For me personally the X-Files were a watershed of disclosure, I was at last able to talk openly about my work without fear of losing my job!

We now come to the original Apollo patch used and developed by NASA as a logo for the Apollo journey to the Moon in the 1960’s and we see that it contains not only the Moon and Earth but the letter ‘A’ superimposed upon the Belt of Orion. As we know, Orion is the Egyptian Osiris and Orion is therefore the prime god of ancient Egypt so the link with the past continues and is overtly displayed for all to see that know. When pointed out at a NASA press review they quickly changed the patch to something a little less overt, but business continued as usual.

I had the good fortune to meet Charlie Duke the astronaut and shake his hand on two occasions when he visited over here and I have no doubt that he did actually go to the Moon. But I also think that going to the Moon in the Apollo spaceship was the equivalent of Three Men on a Bicycle, for the technology was so primitive and so ephemeral that one could punch one’s hand through the side of the lunar module without too much force. One really has to admire the sheer guts and courage of these people who went on this incredible journey into the unknown - a testament to the human spirit, if ever one was needed. It may, however as we will see in another chapter, have been unnecessary. For we may have already had alternative types of spacecraft in operation? But the commitment to a rocket programme was there on public display and therefore could be produced to complete that incredible journey and to fire people’s imagination. And more importantly visible proof also of all the tax dollars being spent!

However, due to increased public scepticism we now have the controversy of whether they went to the Moon or not? And certainly when the photographic evidence is analysed, we do see countless anomalies. Shadows are not where they should be, we have a picture of two astronauts allegedly on the lunar surface with two different shadows, which would indicate multiple lighting sources. The explanation for this, I think, is rather embarrassing but perhaps relatively straightforward and not so much of a conspiracy as people think. With the initial journey, which was very rushed and hurried in Apollo 11, it may have been that time was not allotted to producing cameras that could withstand radiation. Travelling through the Van Allen Belts of intense radiation around the Earth has been said by some to mean that it was impossible to go to the Moon because it would simply kill the astronauts as they travelled through it. But if we calculate the speeds and times required the journey time averages out at about 7 minutes, which is an acceptable level of radiation dose, a risk, yes, but a risk worth taking. However, the unfortunate camera with the film that recorded the historic event may have suffered more from the radiation than the human occupants of the spaceship. This act was far more important than planting the flag on Mount Everest, yet when the camera was returned to Earth it may well have been found to contain a completely blank film! Therefore the most important event ever undertaken by humans had no photographic record. Therefore, very hurriedly and embarrassingly, a set of photographs was commissioned from an artificial source to make good the situation. This may account for this controversy?

It may be, therefore, that the photographs after Apollo 11 are accurate, but certainly the Apollo 11 ones may be suspect. Recently NASA were considering publishing a book providing definitive proof that they did go to the Moon, but for some unknown reason withdrew at the last minute - probably not wishing to give credence to the sceptics by actually admitting there was a problem! This is a shame because at last they had a platform to put things right, the burden of proof is still with them, at least until independently verified, so the controversy continues. But there are such wonderful geological features on the Moon worth recording and worth seeing, one has to ask the simple question, why do we keep seeing the same half a dozen pictures in all the astronomy books? We are extremely limited as to the number of views of the Moon that we are allowed to see. Is it all so boring that none of it is worth looking at? That would be the opinion of perhaps the average member of the public, but certainly, as scientists, we would like to see more images of the fantastic geological craters that are to be found and that NASA probably have in their vaults. This is usually countered with the, only scientists are allowed to see statement or more usually a ridiculous research fee is payable and Joe Public continues to wander around in the dark.

Recently in 1997 the whole surface of the Moon was mapped by the Clementine space probe. This was a military operation to map the Moon and why the military should be interested is a very simple enough question and the answer is equally simple - the Moon would provide the ultimate military base. A permanently orbiting death star above the Earth would give the military with the high ground the ultimate advantage. I think this was seriously considered in the 60’s but was abandoned as being not feasible. The reason for this was to do with distance and targeting of the missiles from the Moon. It was considered too far to go. Quite simply, it is far better to have a near Earth orbiting platform to control the population than to go to the Moon. This platform could also be more readily used to go off to Mars, which may be the ultimate prize.

But, Clementine mapped some 1.6 million images of stunning detail down to approximately 1 metre on the surface of the Moon. It was said that they had posted all of the images for us to look at on the Internet. Upon investigation though, many people on the Internet found, that there had been many crude attempts to cover up patches of the Moon's surface with childish cut and paste jobs on various parts to hide anomalous information. One particular frame that I managed to capture from the Internet was at 73 degrees North 238 degrees Longitude and one can see a very amateurish cut and paste job hiding some anomalous feature on the surface. Upon further investigation of the surrounding areas we see vertical smudgings. The vertical smudgings themselves appear like towers or radio masts. Why do they need to smudge out normal parts of the Moon unless there is some anomalous piece of information there to hide?

All this leads to the conspiracy theory accusation. If we look back to some of the other work including that of the Mars Mission, plus the work of Russian astronomers, which we now have access to after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the old system in the Soviet Union, we see that the Russians captured very early on pictures of large towers on the surface of the Moon. Several of these towers were measured to be 7 miles high with the average at 1 to 2 miles high. Certainly NASA themselves captured an image of an object called ‘the shard’ by Richard Hoagland which was an impressive 1½ miles high raised up above the lunar surface. There should be nothing 1½ miles high raised up above the lunar surface. It is complete anomalous and unexplainable in conventional terms.

Richard Hoagland went on with the Mars Mission and then later the Mars Moon Mission to analyse these images and to claim that they were glass like in structure made of tetrahedral designs. In fact that these large towers may also have been enclosed in a 30 mile high geodesic dome. Interestingly glass is found to have the structural strength of steel in a vacuum and is certainly easy to make from Moon dust, so the idea is not so off the wall as we would think. Certainly - whatever happened to Surveyor 4 - annoys NASA intensely, especially if you ask them directly the question, "Whatever happened to Surveyor 4?"

Surveyor 4 was approaching the Moon to land just like Surveyor 3 to take pictures of the Moon's surface, but was suddenly cut off in descent to the Moon at about 30 miles altitude. Something happened to Surveyor 4 just 30 miles above the Moon, when all of a sudden it suffered catastrophic destruction and the signal was cut immediately. Did it crash into a dome like structure or the remnants of a dome like structure above the surface? Was that in fact why Surveyor 4 was going to that particular area to map the surface? But if we do consider these artificial structures on the Moon as demonstrating habitation, this habitation was billions of years ago, not just millions, but maybe billions of years ago. Therefore the shattered remnants of this civilisation may only be just a trace in the dust. Certainly, the cratered pock marked surface of the far side of the Moon would indicate that should the object have been shunted through space the forward side of the Moon would have hit more astronomical debris such as meteorites and asteroids than the near side of the Moon. The sparsely cratered smoother surface of the near side of the Moon with its large areas or seas as they are called, would tend indicate the upwelling of fresh material onto the surface of the Moon. The observation that these areas have only been lightly cratered perhaps since insertion into Earth orbit 597 million years ago would tend to suggest that this is all fairly recent in astronomical terms. Could there be a mechanism for hollowing out the Moon, literally melting the central part of the Moon and expelling it to the surface to produce some sort of habitable area in the hollow structure underneath? We know from records, both official and unofficial, that the astronauts progress to the Moon in the epic Apollo missions from 11 through 17 was monitored very closely by what we would term as Unidentified Flying Objects. Did they operate from this habitable area? Certainly their interest has been maintained continuously until the present day in all things to do with our exploration of space, which would suggest that these craft operate from a location near by.

But why then should all this be so important? Well, I think it impinges upon the very nature of our humanity as creatures of exploration, as questing conscious and sentient beings that there is some greater picture to be observed than from what we observe every day. By putting together the pieces of the jigsaw over a wide variety of disciplines and collecting anomalous information of all sorts over the last 20 years I have found an overall pattern has developed. It is an extremely complex pattern and is to do with just who we are and what we are.

It is over the next few chapters that I hope to demonstrate the different threads of this amazing tapestry of information which lead to a new understanding of just who and what we are and our place in the Universe. Essential to the understanding of this is the precise mathematical nature and the interlinking of information that is to do with our beautiful planet and its associate moon. It may be that this sacred ratio is echoed in all forms of our art, mathematics and literature. Certainly, with my investigation of the crop circle phenomena I have found a very definite concrete link between the squaring of the circle geometric 11:3 ratio and several of the major crop circle formations of 1988. It is therefore one of the gifts of mathematics to humanity that knowledge of this ratio 11:3 should rate alongside that of knowing of Pi, E and Phi together with other such esoteric markers of human achievement including the discovery of sacred geometry, fractal mathematics and chaos theory.

The journey we are embarked upon will hopefully continue to enlighten, intrigue and entertain the reader. This occulted information, technology and knowledge is the birthright of every human being not just the chosen few. The Universe may be a mystery, but it shouldn't be a secret. One merely has to ask the correct questions to find the correct answers, for we swim in a sea of answers, but just do not know what the questions are. Education is everything. Yet, the average person is often distracted with all forms of entertainment, bright lights, advertising, radio/television bombardment of information/misinformation, disinformation, anything to distract one’s progress from the real path of development. Traditionally that development was considered spiritual and the province of religion and the organised church, but with the advent of this new age of enlightenment it is no longer the exclusive privilege of these organisations to consider the questions of spirituality it is time for science to get involved.

Mar 21, '12
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