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4 Nineteen Point Five
Mar 20, '12

Chapter Four


This chapter really belongs to Richard Hoagland and his team of associates formerly called the ‘Mars mission’ but now renamed the ‘Enterprise Mission’. They have a rather splendid website which can be found at, which is always worth tuning into and having a look at the latest conspiracy theories and associated mathematics, which is very interesting. Gene Roddenbery, the creator of Star Trek, was a good friend of Mr Hoagland and so Richard has named his foundation after the Starship Enterprise and a variation of the famous phrase, ‘To boldly go where somebody else has been before’ is also used on his website. I prefer the sentence, ‘To boldly go, where no bold man, has boldly gone before, boldly!’ which just about sums up everything on this planet with a tongue in cheek sense of humour.

So, in the spirit of boldly going, we shall now relate the story of 19.5. The story really goes back to 1976 when NASA first sent its two Viking probes to Mars and these were to take pictures and map the surface of Mars in reasonable detail. This was one of the first major projects of planetary exploration along with the mapping of Venus.

Photos beamed back revealed what appeared amongst all the footage and frames of black and white photography, to be a mile-long face somewhat human in countenance, looking up into the Martian sky. Researchers such as Mark Carlotto and Errol Torun soon spotted this anomaly as they were working with the Defence Mapping Agency and therefore were very good at spotting anomalous camouflaged pieces of military equipment in desert like terrain.

Coincidentally, this is how the stereoscopic pictures were invented where one stares at the dots and then a 3-D object emerges. Looking at thousands and thousands of square kilometres of desert is pretty boring and the people trying to locate military equipment often lose concentration but, quite simply, looking for a 3-D object which leaps out at you is much easier and therefore the technique was developed which led to all of these pictures that people hang up on the walls in their offices and in maths rooms at schools where, when you stare at them long enough, the stereoscopic picture pops into view.

The face on Mars was just a simple pointer to draw attention and whether it is a face or not is, quite frankly, irrelevant. If something draws your attention and you gain some information from it then that must be a real phenomena; even if it is just a weathered rock it has grasped your attention, your consciousness has been diverted towards looking at that point and therefore your brain has been stimulated, it has gained information and then it has questioned that information. So, whether it was a deliberately sculptured face or whether it was just a coincidence, it did actually perform its function perfectly in that it drew our attention to that particular point on the surface of Mars.

As with everything, we can often learn more about our own world and ourselves by looking at other worlds and I found this was true with languages. When I learnt Dutch I then started to understand why I spoke English, so the beauty of space exploration is that it will help us understand ourselves more. Many people say it’s a waste of money, etc, etc, but really we are helping ourselves by exploring other planets. And it is the natural human condition to push the boundaries and to explore the edges of the envelopes to see what is beyond them.

The face itself, therefore, was stunning, but no big deal. Rocks, clouds, vegetables, crisps, even cookies, often reveal faces and as we are trained from an early age to recognise and respond to human faces this is how we recognise the primal pattern of a face. A baby is programmed to survive the first few years of its life by smiling at anything that looks remotely like a face, because in that way it draws positive attention to itself.

The difference here was that when the rocks and ‘monuments’ around the face were analysed and lines drawn between the points, certain geometric shapes and patterns started to emerge and a whole nest of lines constructed on a map started to reveal some very interesting geometry. The overwhelming number encoded in this geometry was the angle of 19.5 degrees. We now know that it is 19.47 degrees rounded up. Why should 19.5 degrees be important? Well, it has to do with the circumscribed tetrahedron described in the last chapter. Important numbers to know are: E = Euler's number, which is the natural logarithmic number of 2.71, and Pi = the circumference to diameter ratio of a circle, 3.1415927. Other workers such as David Percy and David Myers identified this ratio which was thought to be E = 2.71 over and over again, as really being 2.72. This was a difference of just 1,000th between the two products of the encoded numbers that make up the ratio: the difference between 0.865 and 0.866, so one has to measure the angles very, very closely to work out the ratios. The ratios were the tangent of 40.87 degrees North = E over Pi. That is the actual position of Cydonia region on the surface of Mars at 40.87 North. But E divided by Pi, although very interesting as a coincidence didn’t really appear to be the message. The message was reinterpreted to be the square root of 3 divided by 2 = 0.866 and interestingly the square root of 3 divided by 2 times Pi comes to 2.720699046 which is an irrational re occurring decimal.

Hyperdimensional energy flows from 4 space into 3 space using the geometry of interlocking rotating tetrahedra

Why is this important? Well it was soon discovered by David Percy and David Myers and some of the other workers that this was the ratio of a tetrahedron inside the sphere. If we take the surface area of the tetrahedron inside the circumscribed sphere to be 1, then the surface area of the sphere surrounding it is 2.720699046 by comparison. This they named the trans-dimensional constant. It was quickly realised that when we observe all the planets in our solar system, particularly Jupiter the largest, that the great Giant Red Spot on Jupiter is at 19.5 degrees South of its equator. When we look at Mars the biggest volcano in the solar system, Olympus Mons, three times the size of Everest and 300 miles across its shield base is at 19.5 degrees North. When we look at Earth we see that the Mana Kea/Mauna Kea area of Hawaii, which has been a continuous volcanic erupting zone for some several millions of years, is at 19.5 North. Mauna Kea, which is located on the big island of Hawaii is well worth a visit and Mauna Loa, which is also on the big island, is the largest volcano on Earth and the tallest mountain in the world if measured from the floor of the ocean where it was formed. Mauna Loa is 13,677 feet above sea level but over 17,000 feet of mountain lies under the water. This volcanic mountain is over 30,000 feet tall from sea floor to the summit. Maua Loa started to form above the Hawaiian hot spot about one million years ago and broke the surface of the ocean about 500,000 years ago.

Also, we can see that sunspots are consistently at both 19.5 degrees North and South on the surface of the Sun. This information was then used to predict as with any good science, that the major energy upwelling on an astronomical body would be found at 19.5 degrees to the equator. As a major NASA space probe was due to fly past Neptune in roughly 11 days from the discovery of this information Richard Hoagland took the bold decision to predict, "that if there was any major energy event happening on Neptune then it would be at 19.5 degrees." And this indeed was what subsequently happened! So, here we have a classic piece of science, some mathematics was discovered, its import interpreted and then this knowledge was used to predict a possible outcome of an experiment.

Sure enough, the Great Dark Spot on Neptune was mapped as being at 19.5 degrees South of its equator. It was very quickly then grasped that an unknown energy of some magnitude was upwelling at these points. Therefore, if energy was coming up and out from a point, then there must be a point where the energy is going in. The proof of the pudding came when it was predicted that in higher dimensional terms the inwelling point would produce a hexagonal pattern, just as the upwelling point would produce a 19.5 pattern.

It was then that Richard Hoagland remembered he had seen a copy of Icarus the astronomical journal that had a photograph of the North Pole of Saturn on its cover and there, quite clearly in the fluid of Saturn's atmosphere, was the tell tale hexagonal pattern or signature showing the inwelling point of this unknown energy, precisely as predicted according to the mathematics they had recently uncovered. The pictures showed winds of some 300 miles per hour, making 60 degree turns counter-rotary to the actual planetary spin of Saturn. Saturn, being a gaseous planet, would float in a bucket of water, as its density is only about 0.6 grams/cm³. It is composed largely of methane and is therefore has a very fluid surface, which shows up the hyper-dimensional geometry as a shadow projection in three dimensions, so we are seeing a shadow projection in a three-dimensional sphere of a higher dimensional artefact.

It is this higher dimensional connection that attracted my attention, because at the time I was busy studying higher dimensional landscapes and shapes, looking for clues to my ongoing investigation into the structure of the universe. It was quickly then discovered that if we have a sea of energy in 4-space, that energy may be able to cascade down into our own physical three-space and therefore appear at upwelling points of 19.5. Excited by this information I began to realise that this started to link to some sort of real technology that may be possible. Yet incredibly all of this personal study had been kicked of by the appearance of the major crop glyph found at Barbury Castle in the summer of 1991. It had attracted my attention as the Face on Mars had with Richard Hoagland and caused my consciousness to be awakened to the possibility of higher dimensional state spaces - not bad for the educational efforts of two old age pensioners called Doug and Dave, who claimed to have made it!

Theory is lovely, but you must always think, ‘well what can we do with it?’ and making some sort of technology out of it is very useful. This was explored in the epic book ‘Two Thirds’ by David Percy and David Myers, who then went into how this could possibly be used to make a propulsion system for a spaceship. They based their design on the shape and pattern of stones at Stonehenge combined with various crop glyphs and ground plans of our own ancient Cathedrals. This whole new set of technology could be developed from very rapidly rotating discs, spheres and cylinders, which could then be used to access higher dimensional energy. This higher dimensional energy is probably what we would term now as zero point energy, or linked in Eastern terms, to chi and in our terms, ley line energy. They also indicated in their epic tale, that our ancestors may well have discovered this in the long distant past. This may be the next exciting step in our own technological evolution? In that we may well be able to access this energy and use it to our own advantage, not only to keep our bodies well, for we may need this higher dimensional energy to live in addition to chemical energy from food for our bodies. But also to produce technologies associated with healing and transport and all to do with tetrahedra inside spheres.

Tetrahedral architecture seemed to be the way to go and Cydonia was a giant message left to mankind to have a serious look at this sort of geometry. Even if the whole thing is totally ‘off the wall’, if it draws our attention to something that is potentially useful and through our imagination we can create a real technology, then it must be something of value.

I found it quite amazing to realise that when they sent the recent Martian Rover in 1997 to land on Mars the landing spot was exactly 19.5 and even more precisely when I measured it, 19.47 degrees! So one has to ask, ‘if this is all such a load of rubbish, why then does NASA deliberately land its Martian Rover, which was one of the few spacecraft to function perfectly, at exactly 19.5 degrees on Mars?’

Mars has a very chequered history in destroying spacecraft. Phobus 1 and Phobus 2, the Russian probes, were destroyed dramatically, especially Phobus 2. I have a copy of the final video signals, which show a large 25 kilometre long object anchored alongside Phobus, one of the two moons of Mars, and this object is photographed quite clearly by the Phobus 2 probe. Something, a missile perhaps, then comes up from the surface of Mars and the space probe is lost, presumably this may well have been an inter-galactic act of aggression, but probably merely some interested party not wishing the Russians to discover too much about what is going on Mars. As with all subjects in this book the public is kept uninformed to avoid awkward questions being asked of those in authority; time to wake up - always question the system!

This then drew my attention to looking at Mars. I was already aware that our own Moon is extremely anomalous in its size, structure and path as it circulates with familiarity around our Earth. One interesting fact is that our Moon is in a perfectly circular orbit and this is not natural: any other natural object should be in a slingshot, elliptical or egg-shaped orbit. The only two other bodies that are orbiting around planets in our Solar System in a perfectly circular pattern are Phobos and Deimos, the two moons of Mars - coincidence?

To give an idea of the size, both Phobos and Deimos would fit into the landscape of London quite comfortably so their size is not too large. They would be perfect observation platforms if hollowed out to be permanently orbiting space stations. This concept is beautifully simple, in the fact that rather than construct an artificial satellite as we are doing with our Freedom 1 Space Station, one simply hijacks an asteroid, places it in orbit around a planet and then proceeds to hollow out the asteroid to make a base. It is rather neat. But, of course, you have to have planetary engineering capability and the ability to move rather large objects in space, which although at first seems improbable, NASA has considered it to be entirely possible and not only probable, but desirable. As with moving boats on the sea, with very little friction, it is very easy to move large objects in space, as there is reduced resistance to movement. So it is entirely possible to shunt asteroids around given powerful enough technology. This, indeed, may be what we are going to do in the future?

The Red Planet has always attracted human attention from earliest of times, being associated with a war like God by the Romans and even giving its name to a French day of the week. This Mars mania was heightened considerably when the famous novel War of the Worlds by H G Wells, written at the end of the 19th Century, was published. Later on, Orson Welles produced the same story as an equally infamous radio play. Timed just prior to World War II it caused considerable hysteria and mass panic across America. In this may lie authorities irrational fear of revealed knowledge to the general public? The panic engendered by the War of the Worlds radio broadcast probably did more to cause long-term harm in exploration of our Solar System than was at first realised. The authorities became quite concerned at the ease with which panic was engendered in the population by a simple radio broadcast. They then became super-sensitive to releasing information that may lead to the discovery of life outside our planet, and the McDaniel's Report of 1959 was instrumental in putting the dampers on such freedom of discoveries. It was stated quite simply that if we did find signs of life in our solar system it would be entirely appropriate to withhold that information from the general public in order to avoid mass panic in such things as the stock market and with world religious groups.

Suddenly finding that we are not the centre of the Universe, as in the medieval days, is may still strangely be quite a shock to the human psyche or at least it is perceived to be by the authorities. To me it is no big deal, as I, with an enquiring Hitchhikers Guide mentality am not worried in the least. The thought of destroying Planet Earth to make way for a hyper-space bypass, as Douglas Adams neatly summed it up, demonstrates that I think we are now grown up enough to accept the fact that we may not be the most advanced beings in the Universe. I very often regard us and our species as being small babies taking our first steps outside the cradle and just beginning to understand how wonderful the Universe is and the only thing that really scares me is an uneducated human with a machine gun!

Mars, therefore, is an enigma. It can be seen from Earth, it is approximately half the size of the Earth. It therefore fits neatly into the geometry of two circles ratio 1:2, which, when constructed with an equilateral triangle touching the first, Mars, the points touch the second, Earth. Thus to recap, Mars fits comfortably touching the internal lines of the equilateral triangle, the equilateral triangle being centred and touching the inside of the circle of the Earth. This is rather a neat geometric analysis; it is not absolutely perfect but, again, nature is not perfect as it deals with irrational numbers and not usually with whole numbers, there is in fact only a 3.3% discrepancy. Therefore, seeing the ratio of 2:1, if it was perfect would be highly improbable. However, it is elegant enough to cause some sort of reflection upon the relationship between Mars and Earth when one contemplates the diagram of the circumscribed triangle containing a circle.

It is looking at this geometry which helps to focus and explain our position in the solar system. When I managed to obtain a copy of John Martineau’s excellent book A Book of Coincidence, we see this taken to ever extreme lengths with the patterns of our own solar system and the planetary bodies that make up our own backyard. One of the most stunning analyses of the whole book, which was originally discovered by John Michell, a famous geometer and architect, was the original geometric solution to the four inner planets and the Earth’s moon. This was found to be incorporated in a sacred diagram, which of all things overlaid Stonehenge perfectly, showing that Stonehenge is actually a megalithic monument dedicated to the universal pattern named by ancient mystics squaring the circle.

So, in the scheme of things ancient man's knowledge of this Earth-Moon-Mars connection, together with the dimensions of the other inner planets, is absolutely staggering and whether simply coincidence or design, it is a major question for us to ponder on. Let us pause to consider, just how did our ancestors know this precise geometry and then to encode this information in a megalithic structure of such profound importance as Stonehenge? When one looks at Stonehenge one is constantly marvelling not just at the actual stones and placing them in their position, but to the actual geometry that is explored and expressed in this structure. One of my colleagues once said that it is as much a marvel to find the position on the Earth to build Stonehenge as it is actually to build it and this very simple statement puts into perspective just how magnificent the whole monument is.

We can however, investigate as to how the information was obtained. Originally I thought, perhaps extra-terrestrials may have turned up and told us how to build it! Then I thought, perhaps our ancestors saw crop circles in the field and decided to encode the information in a more permanent way using stone. But we do know that something very profound happened to the human race around about 5,000 BC down to 2,000 BC, for over 1,100 stone circles were built in Northern Europe alone. A massive undertaking of megalithic proportions, literally! Together with cities, ziggurats and pyramids, an explosion of organised civil engineering on a grand scale flowered without explanation.

As if by the sound of a magic whistle blowing, this craze for monument building took off in the biggest way imaginable and more remarkably across the whole of the Earth’s surface - had man made a sudden leap in consciousness, had he discovered religion? To an enquiring mind the time scale and the archaeology just do not add up.

Quite erroneously, the label stone circles can be regarded as wrong, as a simple generic description for the whole phenomenon, as two thirds of the circles are in fact heart-shaped structures, which are slightly more complex than a circle and are of astronomical importance in measuring data. The whole idea of megalithic observatories was explored successfully by Gerald Hawkins in his famous book Stonehenge Decoded, which did much to take the monumental ruins of our poor uneducated ancestors out of the archaeology books and place them into the mathematical and astronomical books thereby raising people’s awareness. Let us now examine this remarkable megalithic structure in detail and look at it in ground plan view. We can see encoded in its dimensions that the four inner planets superimposed onto Stonehenge are such that the Earth fits the outside of the main trilithon circle. Venus fits to the polished inner surface of the trilithon circle; Mars fits the inner trilithon horseshoe and Mercury the inner bluestone horseshoe! (John Martineau 1995)

Further, that if we change scale then the outer ring of trilithons, represents remarkably the geometric orbit of the Moon around the Earth, the Earth being the precise dimensions of the inner circle of bluestones. If we then construct a square around this inner ring of bluestones and draw a circumference line through the centre of the outer ring of trilithon stones then we have what is known as squaring the circle. This is an ancient geometric conundrum whereby the circumference of a circle circumscribing a square is made to have exactly the same perimeter in terms of number of units as the square - 44 to be exact. (John Michell 1972) This remarkable piece of geometry is far beyond any coincidence imaginable. It has to be a deliberate piece of geometric mathematical engineering.

This begs the question; by whom or what was the Moon placed in an artificial circular orbit around the Earth? And as Edgar Casey, the Sleeping Prophet, said in numerous responses to questions about the Great Pyramid at Giza and its secrets, ‘One will know the secrets of the Great Pyramid at Giza when one can measure the Earth accurately’. Now remarkably this seems to extend to the Moon, Mars and the inner planets.

But how our ancestors came about this remarkable feat one can only conjecture? I tend to think now that it was shamanic intuition, which revealed information as to how the landscape worked and how it was in harmony with what we have seen in the heavens. Certainly our ancient stone-age predecessors were not any slouches when it came to geometric construction. The mere fact that they did not have calculators and computers did not stop them using their brains. As the book Uriel's Machine Uncovering the Secrets of Stonehenge, Noah's Flood and the Dawn of Civilisation by Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas demonstrates, they had very accurate knowledge of calculating precise measurements and sizes of these ancient astronomic monuments.

Naturally the Earth and the Sun took precedence in the panoply of natural phenomena as these were the orbs that regulated human life in its prehistoric phase. Now that we are more divorced from natural reality and the landscape, we have lost the meaning of these particularly important astronomical objects in our daily life, preferring to relegate their importance to the novelty of facile horoscopes found in the pages of our daily tabloids. Rather, we are now rediscovering what our ancestors already knew, and therefore reconnecting ourselves to the land and to the heavens. This is part of the natural cycle of evolution of man and it is no coincidence that as we approach the end of time for this particular phase, 2012AD, that we should be waking up and rediscovering this ancient knowledge. It is a process of reflection on and evaluation of our own past and every one of us contains in our DNA a direct link to that past. DNA encodes more than just physical looks and species type. I have discovered that DNA is the key to memory and to accessing memory of the past.

Now, we move on to another interesting coincidence concerning tetrahedra. Stan Tenen, an esoteric intellectual mathematician of some note, has discovered a link between tetrahedra and the Jewish alphabet. He was busy working on higher dimensional mathematics and tetrahedra when he realised that there was a possible connection with the Jewish or Hebraic alphabet: specifically in the production of the shape of the flame letters as he called them. Stan Tenen (you can access his works at discovered that if he took a spiral and placed that spiral into the centre of a transparent tetrahedron and shone a light source through that tetrahedron, then the shadow projections falling onto a two dimensional surface mimicked the Hebraic alphabet. And more amazingly, that the sequential rotation of movement referenced by the turning of the tetrahedron gave out the letters in alphabetical order!

When one cross references Stan Tenen’s amazing discovery with the discovery of the Bible code as put forward in the book by Michael Drosnin, one is left in no doubt that somebody handed this alphabet to the Jewish people. The first five books of the Bible, the original Torah, were written in Hebraic using the flame letters and this is almost certainly a holographic record for humanity to decode. Sir Isaac Newton spent half of his lifetime trying to decode the code in the Bible. Unfortunately for him, he had no access to advance computer systems to help him crack the code.

Stan Tenen also noticed that this remarkable discovery could be used, if a different starting point was taken, to give a projection that gave the Arabic alphabet. Arabic script is very similar in look to the Jewish alphabet, at least to Westerners’ eyes, probably not if you were Jewish or Arab. So it is ironic that not only are the Jewish and Arab peoples related very closely in DNA, but that their two alphabets are also very closely linked by this remarkable set of coincidences.

There then developed a long running battle as to the exact shape of the spiral. Dan Winter another esoteric mathematician was convinced that it was a Phi ratio golden mean spiral, but Stan Tenen maintains that the original spiral was a one seventh or Egyptian spiral. A rather acrid courtroom battle ensued in the late ’90's whereby Stan Tenen, through an injunction, managed to limit the work of Dan Winter from being published on the World Wide Web and also through videos and books. I can understand Stan's chagrin at the plagiarism of his valuable discoveries. But however, from the point of view of an academic, or just a plain interested party, both camps have a great deal of merit to their arguments and it is therefore well worth looking in detail at both of these people’s work.

The tetrahedron is, therefore, seen to be a very profound shape for a number of reasons. It is the modelling for everything in three dimensions. It also appears to hold the key to accessing higher dimensional energy for if we can unlock that energy with the key we have started to discover, then we will have an infinite source of energy that is pollution free. Finally, it will enable the human race to achieve its freedom from the fossil fuel dependency of the past. Where we go as a planetary civilisation from there is up to us, the sky is the limit or should we say universe!

A start has already been made. Scientists have found that by rotating a ball bearing it increases in height when fired from a spring loaded cannon. The projectile appears to access more energy and therefore travels higher, further and faster than without spinning. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but merely transferred from one form of energy to another. Therefore, any energy input will come back out in various novel ways.

David Percy in the book Two Thirds took this a step forward and discussed what he termed as ‘the spinning disk’. Instead of a sphere being rotated, this was a flat disk, rotated at an extreme rate of revolutions per minute. For this to happen it was suggested that 75,000 revolutions per minute was required. This was the speed needed to obtain access to the higher dimensional energy with a disc 54 feet wide. The disc had to be levitated on magnets to provide friction free bearings. We have small rotary drills that approach 30,000 revolutions per minute. One only has to think of stepping this up three times in speed to access the speed necessary to obtain the higher dimensional energy flow. An experiment should be possible once the bearing problem has been sorted out?

Another way of obtaining this higher dimensional energy flow from four-space into three-space is to access it through not just the use of mechanical devices or revolution as shown by the planets. But by electronic vibration and various experiments have been constructed using electronic components, which switch at extremely high rates of transition. A Russian scientist produced an apparatus which, once fired up and electronically vibrating, was self sustaining despite the external energy being cut off. The light bulbs it was powering continued to glow even though the initial start up power was turned off, so a form of access zero point energy may have been obtained. These devices are more correctly known as over-unity devices.

The idea of an over-unity machine is not a new one. John Worrell Keely spent half a lifetime examining sonic resonance machines. I am still undecided as to whether he was a charlatan or a genuine seeker of the truth. His work is veiled in much secrecy, but seems to have a definite core element of truth and validity. He was hoping to tune into the cosmic vibration of the Universe and therefore access four-space energy. Unfortunately, in order to obtain funding, he very often constructed elaborate machinery for purposes of shareholders to view. This was sometimes found upon analysis to be using magician type tricks, smoke and mirrors etc, very often with puffs of steam from hidden vents to give the illusion that the machinery as running on free energy. This is unfortunate, as it discredited his work in the eyes of the true scientific community. In truth I think he was merely gaining funds to pursue his experiments and as we know, experiments are very expensive to produce, especially with fine tuned engineered pieces of equipment. Any type of experiment of this sort requires large amounts of money. Dale Pond has recently taken up this much forgotten work and is making headway in producing over-unity designed machines using sympathetic vibration technology.

Thomas Townsend-Brown used electrostatic methods for attaining electrogravitic flight, as have several other workers. Their flying disc craft worked on the operational principle discovered by the German scientists of the early 20th century, they were not true spaceships as they were designed to operate within the Earth's atmosphere. But other propulsion systems were designed that accessed zero point energy and could therefore be regarded as true spaceships; Viktor Schauberger was an early pioneer of these craft. The problem appears to be in once accessing the energy, which is like finding a plug socket in a very large wall, the energy flows at such a rate that it is very hard to control successfully. Most machines tended to blow up or spin off their bearings or do other such remarkable tricks, usually resulting in the total destruction of the machinery and if not injury and death to the operator!

Like John Worrell Keely, Viktor Schauberger, the Austrian pioneer of free energy, was convinced that by copying nature we could access the hidden energy of the universe. He made various machines, which utilised electromagnetic and mechanical forces. Unfortunately for Viktor Schauberger he was persuaded by the Nazis in the early 1930's to co-operate with his discoveries and various reports of machines flying through ceilings and hidden laboratories in Schloss Schönbrunn inspired many tales surrounding his work. In truth he was just a natural scientist who observed nature, particularly the swimming motion of fish, like salmon up rivers, and copied the motion of the fish and of the water it was swimming through. His claim to fame was for inventing a water based system for transporting logs from the Austrian forests using minimal water volume to float down giant chutes over vast distances. His knowledge of constructing the flumes to facilitate the transport of these logs saved much money for the Austrian Forestry Commission. Being a double edged sword he was very successful on the one hand, but his work led to deforestation of Austria on the other. As with most inventions, profit often takes over from scientific integrity. Unfortunately we live in the real world and we always have to be aware of this.

Ernst Rutherford famously said in 1925, "He could not see that his work would have any significant economic, political or social effect what so ever." How wrong he was! Splitting the atom led directly to the atomic bomb, which ended World War 2 when it exploded over Hiroshima in 1945. It was ever thus, as we see that science can be hijacked by political masters of dubious integrity and honesty to promote the evils of war and profit making without scruples.

Another notable scientist to work with free energy ideas and concepts was Nikola Tesla, who came from Serbia to the United States and was a contemporary of Thomas Alva Edison. Thomas Alva Edison was a hard worker and once said that an invention was 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. Nikola Tesla was recorded as saying, ‘Well in Edison’s case that is probably true!’ For Nikola Tesla was much more of a thinker. He was very interested in high voltage electricity and the effects that could be achieved with forces in the magnitude of lightning bolts. Artificial lightning could be created through his Tesla coils and then used to manipulate objects and make machinery work. Free energy is accessible once we know the geometry and mathematics. Equally understanding the limitations of our 3 dimensional view of the Universe allows us to expand our horizons, for as we now approach 2012 at the start of the 21st century we have achieved just about everything we can achieve in 3 dimensional space.

We are at this point stuck by our limited access to energy to produce new and more efficient technologies. One of the avenues of escape is to examine this higher dimensional energy source. I have often said, with subjects that I term Forbidden Science, if it leads to a good idea and something that we can use, then it is very worth while for us to investigate. I see all of this information very much as the human race being in the equivalent position of a condemned man in a cell knowing that without an escape we will be hung in the morning. If somebody passes you a message under the door which tells you how to escape and by what means, then one shouldn’t sit there trying to analyse the handwriting to discover exactly how the message was constructed or written, or by whom, or how the message got under the door. One should concentrate firmly on the message, no matter how anonymous the information, and pursue as an avid detective that avenue of research, for it is only if we look under stones and turn them over that we find new things.

In my lectures people often ask me, how do you know so much about all these things? The answer is, if you walk down the high street these ideas and this information is not going to just hit you. It is not on public display. Any information worth knowing takes hard work or money to get hold of, usually both. Often you would have to invest a large amount of money and know exactly where to look for this information. With the advent of the Internet in 1991 access to all information, especially underground or black science information became freely available on the World Wide Web. It is often placed there by people of a similar nature, who have no profit motive in mind, but merely want to get the information out for philanthropic reasons. As you will see later on in this book, my life long quest for Forbidden Science has helped me to resolve my own self-imposed question of, what happens when we die? The old saying, "Physician heal thy self" comes immediately to mind and remarkably I have!

Now at the conclusion of my studies after 20 years, I have reached some definitive answers and I feel that it is time to now help other people achieve the same. In the spirit of this investigative mood, it is a good idea not just to take my word for it. But always to check everything that you have read in this book and to use it as a detective does to find further leads to whatever you, the reader, are interested in. All of us are unique and we all have a different agenda; each agenda is equally valid and, as travellers along the road of life, dwellers in the physical matrix inhabiting time, we merely share the journey along the road and try to help each other. In the next chapter we will see this remarkable piece of geometry known as ‘squaring the circle’ being brought into play over and over again; a very profound piece of esoteric geometry that has many hidden connections to the functioning of our beautiful spaceship planet and its sister moon.

Mar 20, '12
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