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1 Understanding the Structure of the Universe
Mar 19, '12

Chapter One


We live in a physical universe and central to our understanding of how all other phenomena interact and exist within that universe we must first understand what the universe is. The universe, by definition, is everything: it is the whole, the one. Everything that can be fits within the one. There is nothing that cannot be that isn’t in the one. Therefore, the prefix uni means one and the word verse means a stanza of a song. So in the overall effect of the etymology of the words we have, universe - one song. All that is, all that can be, is sung into creation by one song or by vibration. And in this we have the very essence of what the universe is. It is vibration. What is vibration? Vibration is simply energy in motion.

Straightaway we try to formulate with words, very complex ideas. The word energy is defined in physics as the ability to do work. Energy makes things happen. Energy is the universe and this is expressed by vibration. Vibration manifests itself through forces and we feel the effects of these forces in our everyday lives. As conscious beings inhabiting a body that is carbon-based, made mainly of water, with a dash of chalk and a pinch of a few other chemicals, we are vessels for consciousness; literally containers of consciousness. The one consciousness as we will discuss and discover is at the basis of the mystery of the universe. For there is only energy shaped by consciousness. One is led into trying to understand whether consciousness came first and shaped the energy, or whether the energy came first and consciousness was shaped by it. It is the chicken and egg conundrum. In essence, are we as sentient beings a product of complexity or is complexity a product of our own original creator consciousness? It is not just a philosophical question, but one that we are starting to address in science, because we cannot go forward without an understanding of the universe, without an understanding of consciousness.

Over the years I have carefully weighed this ultimate question and have decided finally to come down on the side that consciousness came first. Therefore, really, I have returned to the tenets of religion. For even though I have tried not to be religious and not to believe in things, I find that in the end it is a quantum universe and that the very act of believing in something is a creative act and therefore manifests very often a tangible product. It is profoundly important then for us to realise that we are collectively the architects not the victims of our own collective consciousness. This is extremely hard to swallow when after a lifetime of trying to be scientifically objective one eventually discovers that the universe is totally subjective!

We are therefore part of the universal machine, not separate from the machine, and this basically splits us from the Newtonian world of a clockwork mechanical universe, with us the observer being separate from that mechanical universe to the new understanding that we are part of a quantum universe. In that the very act of observation actually alters the result of the experiment. Therefore we are an intrinsic part of the creation as a whole and not separate. As a fractal of intelligence (a fractal is just a self-similar piece of the whole at a different order of magnitude) we are part of that one universal consciousness, which we are now starting to understand exists at the sub-quantum level. Religion has struggled for many centuries to try to explain this in philosophical terms through its many and varied doctrines, but alas without the tools and benefits of science. For as Albert Einstein so succinctly put the problem into context, ‘science without religion is blind, and religion without science is lame.’

We now understand that we exist intrinsically as part of an all-pervading energy filled universe, which appears to us as a vast endless sea of vibration and therefore straightaway it becomes self-evident that to understand vibration is to understand waves and waveform. The universe is simply just a sea of waves - this metaphorical analogy successfully conjures up the essence of the image we seek. Now this is very hard for the average person to understand when we take a look at ourselves and the room we are within or the world around us, as we see so called solid objects. How can all these solid objects be made of waves? For waves, by their very definition, are ephemeral, ever moving energy forms, complex and dynamic, so very different from the indivisible hard points of matter called atoms. But this is the clever part of the illusion and essential to understand in order to progress to a deeper level of perception.

Physical matter is just one facet or plane of this complex puzzle. It is merely the tip of the universal iceberg, which like its more familiar counterpart is nine-tenths under water, yet until recently we have only seen with our own eyes the one-tenth above. In this way some 90% of the universe is invisible. It is precisely that giant mountain or iceberg, of energy that we can never perceive during our everyday reality that underpins the illusion. For we blunder like mice blindly through the physical atomic matrix of everyday existence without an inkling of its awesome presence, our senses dulled by simple familiarity.

The reason for this is that we are ourselves physically made up of atoms. And atoms, by their very nature together with the instruments that we make of atoms, are far, far too coarse to measure the minute waveforms of energy at the sub-quantum level, which are very, very fine and exist within a higher vibrationary frequency to our own clumsy material bodies. This does not mean that they cannot exist, for we are now starting to create instruments, which are able through resonance to detect this energy. And the hunt is on for what we term zero point energy, which is understood to be the basic cosmic jiggle of the universe - that great sea of untapped energy, which we know is there and it is just a matter of time before we are able to tap into. It invisibly powers the very wheelwork of nature, for as we observe constantly all matter spins through the heavens from the tiniest quark to the mightiest galaxy cluster with no visible hand pushing it along. For there is no crisis on our planet that cannot be solved with knowledge and application, there is merely a crisis of ignorance. Once we utilise this eternal infinite source of energy, we can quickly clear away some of our major problems and make better of the situation that we find ourselves in. Pollution is an example; we are merely taking out different chemical elements and concentrating them so that they cause a problem. It is true that a few chemical elements have been produced in atomic reactors by us since 1945, such as Plutonium, which is extremely radioactive and toxic, as such we have created our own problem, which we must then disassemble and make safe despite the economic cost. It is important to comprehend as previously said that we are the architects of our own dilemma and not the victims.

Therefore understanding how vibration gives rise to matter (the mother substance - from mater - Latin for mother) is fundamental in any basic cosmological model. Creating matter …how do we create matter? The ancients tell us that everything is made of light. Yet light as we understand it is just simple transverse electro-magnetic radiation, but it had a deeper traditional meaning as a label for all energy. Excitingly, it now looks as though we have discovered this for ourselves! For the latest research shows that all of space may be created from scalar or non-hertzian longitudinal electromagnetic waves of energy. This creates a three dimensional fabric that spans the universe and gives rise to what we call space. I used to think in error that matter was something and space was nothing. But good old Albert soon put me back on the right track for - space and matter are all one thing! Einstein eloquently summed it all up - matter was simply thick space and space was thin matter. Some workers suggest that when scalar waves curl up, spin and vortex they gain in density and mass. Therefore instead of a wave in two dimensions simply going up and down, the wave is more like a corkscrew in that it spirals in its travel and creates a stable shape from its own self-sustaining spiral vortex form. We will learn later on that this is variously called a spin vortex doughnut, toroidal doughnut, a vortex-shaped energy pattern or simply a toroid in mathematical terms and that this is possibly the prime shape for producing basic matter.

Vast amounts of energy are captured in the smallest piece of matter. Einstein’s famous formula E=MC2 - energy equals mass, times the velocity of light squared - demonstrated that there was an incredible amount of energy in even the smallest piece of matter. However, Einstein only went so far. He never explained how or what matter was made of at the primal level. This was partially due to his own self-imposed rejection of quantum mechanics because he could not make it fit with his celebrated relativity theory. He believed his own calculations, but simply couldn't dovetail them with relativity - they just wouldn't match up no matter how hard he tried; could it be that one of them was wrong? This question nagged at him until his dying day. Similarly he never openly explained in essence what time was as the corner stone to the cosmic illusion - perhaps he did not wish to undermine the various religious powers that held sway in his day? In short he told us how it worked, but not what caused it or why and for that he earned his rightful place in history.

A few years ago I had the great fortune to personally meet a pivotal person trying to unravel this mystery, Ron Pearson, who at present is helping humanity to grasp a new view of the universe. He has successfully developed a consistent mathematical theory that controversially replaces relativity and is yet entirely consistent with quantum mechanics. He achieved this remarkable feat by starting with quantum compatible assumptions and through using extended Newtonian mechanics was able to derive an alternative theory that not only rivals, but also exceeds the predictive power of relativity. In May 1995 at a groundbreaking conference on the survival of consciousness over death at the University of Kent, Canterbury, I was fortunate enough to have a long discussion over lunch with this august gentleman. For me it was to be a major turning point in my own development, in that we were discussing for the first time a forbidden science, it was the taboo subject of all taboo subjects, death was not supposed to be talked about by scientists. As with the Victorians covering piano legs to hide eroticism so the veil equally was drawn conveniently over the process and topic of death. Even the very word death itself probably has more euphemisms than perhaps any other that I know. And so we had a glorious day of taboo breaking, with many esteemed scientists talking for the first time, in public, about the phenomenon of death and the possibility of the continuity of consciousness. At the beginning of the conference I had the great fortune of listening to Ron and his lecture outlining his Quantum Newtonian view of gravitation as an impressive and more accurate rival to Relativity for explaining the Universe at large. After, quite by chance in the refectory at Canterbury University, I managed to attract his attention, he came and sat down at my table and we were able to engage in conversation. Although the conversation was general as we had been joined by two other members of the audience it was, however, very memorable and I was struck straightaway by the sincere and honest truth of Ron’s mathematical arguments.

I said on that day to Ron as we walked back to the auditorium, that tomorrow he might well be regarded as the Einstein of the present. As future generations may look at his work and say - yes, it put us back on the right track. Einstein’s greatest worry was the fact that he may have led the human race up a blind alley and on his 70th birthday he expressed this as his greatest fear. This was some measure of the greatness of the man that he was actually able to admit to the public his own fallibility? In that way we are all seekers of the truth and we have no monopoly on that truth, we merely try to further humanity’s understanding of its own condition. Even to date despite many mathematical head stands relativity still does not marry up to quantum mechanics in any way shape or form - one of them has to be wrong and my money is on relativity. Yet as with so many sacred cows of knowledge, scientists are reluctant to dump the cherished theory - all heretics queue for burning over here please! Even now peer refereeing censorship still prevents Ron's theory from entering the mainstream publications of the science body politic in the western world, despite ironically being recognised and published in the former USSR, a regime known at the time for its rigorous censorship. As with the pioneers of radio and television Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Crookes and John Logie Baird it may have more to do with upsetting the establishment and our political masters than bad science?

I think it would be advantageous to now have a brief résumé of Ron’s theory of quantum gravitation described in Ron's own words. Readers wanting to examine this in details are heartily recommended to peruse the bibliography and to order information as required.

Two major problems in cosmology are addressed and solutions given. One is the result of the failure of theorists to find a way of switching off the explosive 'Big Bang' of creation. The continued explosion is then called the 'cosmological constant' pushing the galaxies apart at absurdly high rates. The other is the failure of all attempts to reconcile Einstein's theory of gravity called, 'general relativity' with the other so-called 'pillar of 20th century achievement' - quantum theory. The latter deals with the small-scale mechanics of the atom.

The solution published in Frontier Perspectives showed that a background medium needs to exist built on two kinds of energy: positive and negative. The negative kind is defined as having the force needed to accelerate an object pointing opposite the direction of motion it produces, instead of the same direction as in the case of positive energy. This idea is not new, but the way it is applied is novel. Primary particles of these two kinds are shown to self-create by collision and also mutually annihilate to form a filamentous background structure appearing very like the neural network of the brain. It evolves an immortal conscious intelligence but all it can do is to produce waves to generate the illusion of matter out of itself and at the same time the same waves produce long range density gradients. These produce the force of gravity and mathematical analysis matches the predictions of Einstein's relativity theories. The latter need therefore to be abandoned: nobody is ever going to reconcile them with quantum theory, because no background medium can co-exist with relativity.

However, the new approach suggests that human minds could be partitioned-off fractions of the background, etheric mind and so could be immortal. Most other psi or paranormal phenomena can also be shown to fit in nicely with the new solution.

This article was published in the scientific journal Frontier Perspectives, Volume 6, Number 2 (Spring/Summer 1997) (The Center for Frontier Sciences at Temple University, USA) It shows how the subject of survival is related to creation, and provides a solution to the gravity problem. Ron has suggested that the word "nuether" be replaced with "i-ther" meaning "intelligent ether" and has kindly given permission to publish the article in its entirety in this book.

Readers wishing to read Ron's Theory are invited to study it in Appendix One before continuing with the chapter.

So, as we can see, Ron’s theory is much more comprehensive and consistent than Hawking's explanation and predicts that paranormal phenomena may be explained as part of physics rather than dismissed out of hand as in the past. Importantly at a sub-quantum level both negative and positive primary particles are spontaneously generated from the vacuum. They exist fleetingly and then immediately self-annihilate on contact, returning to the vacuum. Total energy requirements remain in equilibrium at all times. Straightaway we were on firm ground. The mathematics of this are solid, we come from nothing we go to nothing so what have we lost? - Nothing! Stephen Hawking, Roger Penrose and other cosmologists similarly also use a particle, anti particle model to explain the springing from the vacuum by quantum fluctuation the physical universe that we see. We are talking at this level of the actual fabric of the universe itself. Other workers also suggest that a vast sea of vibrational energy giving rise to minute particles, made from pieces of vibration, literally pieces of spinning wave can build sub-atomic particles at a more macro scale. Although the bubbling occurs at a very small scale - ten to the minus 35 metres, 10-35m - the nucleus of an average atom by contrast is in the order of 10-12m. It is even harder to imagine the size of something that has a zero, then a decimal place, followed by 34 noughts and a one - yet that is the very level of existence that we are attempting to define with our inadequate and clumsy language - no idle task!

To gain a measure of perspective, if we look at something the size of the sun and compare it to the size of an atom we have some idea of the scale we are looking at for each individual atom becomes the sun and the waves we are talking about with their associated particles, are the size of an atom … very, very small indeed. This is described as the zero point, from which the vast sea of invisible energy, making up 90% of the total universe springs. The vacuum gives rise to a positive particle, which has more rest energy, and a negative particle, which has more kinetic movement energy. It is this basic asymmetry that gives rise to the universe we see and is indeed mirrored at a higher level with the comparatively massive positive rest energy of the nucleus of an atom balanced by the negative kinetic energy of the electron; as above so below. Everything is either moving or at rest and when the energy is at rest it is preparing to move. The natural state of the universe is for everything to be moving, it is a dynamic universe and this is termed as Erol Torun put it in his complexified aether theory ‘the model according to quantum electro-dynamics.'

Continuous creation and annihilation

The positive particle and the negative particle exist for perhaps shorter than a picosecond, that is 10-12 seconds in physical time, they return then to the zero point as they collide and annihilate; this is a constant eternal process producing the physical universe we see. Quantum probability will then produce a clumping of the zones of creation and the zones of annihilation. In other words, it becomes lumpy not even, much like the fact that blueberries in a muffin are never uniformly distributed. The best way to pack this finite space is with long hollow strands similar to hollow tube shaped pasta bubbling away in boiling water. These strands form a writhing sea of filaments of energy, which form the universal grid at a sub-quantum level. This is the grid or fabric, which was termed in the 19th century the ether, but conventional measurement in a number of classic experiments failed to detect this ether. The Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887 was the most notable attempt, this failed to measure the etheric wind and the theory was largely forgotten. But as waves must propagate in a medium it is still quite logical that waves propagate in an ether. The bending of space due to gravity would also tend to suggest a background fabric underpinning the whole system. The term ‘complexified aether’ is a new way of expressing this whole idea. However, the whole idea of the ether has recently found new champions and been resurrected, E W Silvertooth in 1986 challenged the Michelson-Morley null result, claiming that there was a fundamental flaw in their apparatus. The hunt is still on to prove the ether theory with bigger and better experiments involving new technology and gaining some success. I believe firmly that Ron's mathematics will be vindicated eventually as the results come in. As we speak the cosmologists are busy pondering over the latest observations from deep space that show an apparent speeding up in the expansion of the universe, this fits no known previous theory, yet exactly fits that of Ron's mathematics for quantum gravitation. Perhaps they as the esteemed Victorian academics before them do not like being found wanting by an engineer! Professional jealousy has often stood in the way of progress throughout human history. Yet, modifying their stance recently, even the many classic cosmologists who hold sway in authority agree now that we probably exist in a membrane construct. They term their new theory m theory and they talk of membranes within which we exist, for membranes read wave constructs and our very own Ronald D Pearson got there first!

The Universal Grid

Therefore as we have now discovered an amoral Universal Grid gives rise to intelligence; Ron’s mathematics also demonstrates and predicts that intelligence will rise from this continuous process of creation and annihilation. The Grid can memorise and become intelligent by creating a sort of neural net. This includes a closed joint or an open joint logic switching system. Information can be stored as the filaments rise, break or make contact. So the Grid can be switched on, if there is a closed joint, or off if there is open joint. In this way the Grid can produce a myriad of bi-stable logic switches in every single droplet of space and that space can therefore contain memory. This is remarkably similar to the billions of logic switches that store information in the silicon chips of our own home computers. We may have unintentionally built memory machines in silicon mirroring that which happens naturally at the macro level in carbon; for computers and organic life forms read artificial and natural memory machines! As above so below - I find this an interesting analogy and one that is easily understandable.

The universe therefore develops a mind. It starts to expand its own memory, its own consciousness, its own sense of being. For if it can memorise it can learn from experience, because it can memorise and learn it can develop. Being a lonely energy system the only thing the ether can do is to oscillate in order to form waves. A sort of universal vibrating jelly is created. The only thing that this universal Jell-O can do is to make waves so therefore everything that can be has to exist and be made from these waves. The waves it creates are called standing waves and these have a semi-permanent nature. They are literally spikes in the ether. The waves now become sub-atomic particles. Eventually these particles can grow to make relatively large stable structures such as atoms. An atom is quite a large structure by comparison and is composed of many, many sub-atomic structures, charges and forces, which we will deal with in the next chapter. Our reality is therefore made up of a very large complex structures all memorised as spikes in the ether. Therefore to us at the macro level they look stable, but at a sub-atomic level there is a writhing sea of uncertainty. Transient sub-atomic particles exist fleetingly and then disappear, only to be replaced by another sub-atomic particle taking the place of the first and therefore maintaining the illusion of stability. We are in short as real as a television picture!

As we have said the universal Jell-O can do nothing, but vibrate. This causes complex waves in the ether and therefore standing waves can be memorised and sustained by the Universal Grid. This forms a particle or, more accurately, a wavicle. A collapsed quantum wave function, which some workers term graviton. The graviton may be a primary particle of sub-atomic space, but attempts to measure this have so far drawn a blank. Electrons strangely seem, as Ron has so succinctly described, to be constantly appearing and disappearing within the shell structured probability clouds orbiting every atom. Electrons are negatively charged electrical particles that circulate around the nucleus of an atom to maintain the illusion of solidity in matter structures. The nucleus of an atom is made up of positively charged energy in the form of a number of protons. These have more gravitational mass energy and so the electron and the proton mirror at the lower primal stages the basic electro-quantum dynamic particles. The electron travels at the speed of light, which is 7½ times per second round the world, and has hardly any mass, but lots and lots of kinetic movement energy. To balance this, the proton has lots of rest energy, giving gravitational mass and is relatively solid. Interestingly the mass of a hydrogen ion is greater than the mass of a hydrogen atom despite the added mass of the electron! Does the electron confer some anti-gravitic property in negating mass and if so was this the secret p-2 technology developed by the Nazi scientists in World War II?

Quantum wave function gives rise to matter

Balancing this act and adding to the complexity, as scientists' discovered, is the neutron, which is a non-charged particle that has gravitational mass energy thought to be equivalent to the proton. As Einstein stated, ‘gravity is experienced due to the bending of space’. But here we have a new explanation for quantum gravity from a more logical point of view consistent with the mathematics of simple mechanics. Scientists are busy trying to measure gravity waves at this very moment. They have had limited success so far, but are still attempting to detect the faint ripples in the gravity field that surrounds us, which are so fine that they are very difficult to measure.

Some workers have suggested that through harmonic resonance these complex waveforms interact to form space, a stabilised linear fabric or matter composed of vortices of dense energy. This is space and matter. At a macro level space is like a flat tri-dimensional rubber sheet made up of scalar electromagnetic energy. Matter can be seen as complex dense aggregations of condensed energy, yet space and matter are the same substance. Everything is made of light as theosophists have put it in the past; scalar electromagnetic waves pervade the whole of the Universe.

Einstein further illuminated this process by stating simply ‘Space tells matter how to move and matter tells space how to bend’. So he was able to give a reasonable explanation for why planets travel in their orbits and why light appears to bend as it passes by dense gravitational objects such as stars. How can this be? Light travels in straight lines, true, but if the space itself is bent then light bends and appears to look bent as it travels through bent space. Normally we do not detect this, for we ourselves live in bent or curved space, as the gravitational mass of our planet constantly bends and distorts the three dimensional sheet of space that we exist in. It is something that we are entirely used to and would not have questioned or observed unless Einstein had drawn our attention to it with his famous equations of relativity. The whole universe may exist as a giant bent or curved sheet of space and Einstein hypothesised that in firing a bullet at the speed of light it would eventually travel around the whole universe and hit the observer in the back of the head! It would take rather a long time, as the physical universe is quite large. But the principle is understandable.

The physical and non-physical Universe

All matter is made of energy, yet most people are simply unaware of the vast amount of atomic energy stored in a simple glass of water. If we take 100 grams of matter, the energy within is equivalent to 10 000 000 000 000 000 Joules or 1x1015 Watts of power if released in one second, a Watt is a Joule per second; enough to blow the average sized town clean off of the map! This of course is the hidden secret power of the atomic bomb, which was developed and used, as we know with deadly effect in 1945. Ironically having unleashed this menace to civilisation in his calculations Einstein campaigned for the rest of his life for nuclear disarmament.

The early matter universe continued to evolve and experiment with matter constructs. Evidence of this continuing process is the rise of complexity with in systems be they galaxies, stars or organic life forms. Initially elements combined to make structures, structures in which consciousness could exist and diversify. The evolution of these structures is the story of life and as we know all cells are capable of containing memory within their genetic code. Eventually increased complexity gave rise to cells that could form the organ we term as the brain. This consists of billions of specialised cells that combine and act together in unison to orchestrate action and to record experience.

The brain, therefore, can be seen as an interface between the universal mind and the physical universe. The way I describe this now is to use the analogy of the Internet, in that the brain is really the modem of the system. It connects the cyber world, the Internet, to the computer. Information can be downloaded and experience can be uploaded. We too can download past life memory and upload experience. All is connected to the grid, World Wide Web, which is the Internet. You could call the Universe the Cosmic Internet, or as a chap I was discussing this with after I presented my Rebel Spirit research findings to the Glastonbury 2001 symposium termed it, the Outernet! It seems that, as with everything, we have mirrored that which we find in the natural world, giving truth to the expression ‘as above, so below’. In the end there is usually only one good way of doing something and nature has usually solved the problem first, so we should attempt to copy nature, either consciously or subconsciously - and we have.

Cosmic modem

To understand that various frequencies of vibration, that is finer, faster vibrations, can inhabit the same state space is to start to understand the multi-dimensional nature of the universe. The next big secret, which is unfolding at the present moment is that the three dimensional reality of the physical universe is only part of the whole picture. All atomic matter vibrates at a similar frequency. We think that frequency is 144,000 times per second, so matter is vibrating at an incredibly high rate into and out of reality. We of course see and feel a continuous picture. Our television is only vibrating at 25 frames per second and yet television looks real. Our real world that we inhabit vibrates at a far faster rate and therefore looks solid. For the next stage in our evolution as a species it is essential that we start to understand and make sense of the multi-dimensional and holographic nature of our reality.

There may also be far higher vibrationary frequencies. Just as there are various television stations giving different channels, so there can be different physical channels or matter systems in the real universe. One of the discoveries of Ron’s theory is that it may be possible to have many of these interpenetrating matter systems and Ron has discussed this at length in his diverse publications on the subject. At present cosmological scientists admit that this is probably a 10 or 11 dimensional universe, but that several dimensions are curled up into a very small space so as to be almost imperceptible. If we understand the multi-dimensional reality as being layers then layers can incorporate the different things that we find in nature. We straightaway have a rational explanation for life. Living things can be viewed as composites, with three-dimensional physical bodies made of carbon atoms and organic molecules becoming just one part of a multi-dimensional holographic being fused with a higher dimensional self; the ethric spiritual body that can coexist in a higher frequency. The ethric body looks identical to the physical body, but it is made of pure scalar electromagnetic light, of vibrating energy at a higher frequency to the normal frequency we experience with physical atomic matter.

Tri-dimensional vehicles for consciousness

As we ascend in the dimensions and frequencies we then find that it is perfectly possible to have a memory data store. We can, as people have in the past, call this the soul, or soul memory. The soul memory is the data repository of physical experience. As we experience as conscious beings various events so we upload the information. This then becomes a mechanism for the continuity of consciousness between physical life times; just as if my computer breaks down and crashes irretrievably I have not lost my data, provided the data are recorded on my individual internet website stored in cyberspace. I simply buy a new computer, configure the same with software and access my stored information, which I can down load at will. In that way organically, I too have a personal website or repository of experience existing as a fractal droplet of the universal data storage system. My own soul memory, that is part of the universal mind, exists as a repository of the total knowledge and experience of my own many physical lives it is accessible through my DNA-software that enables my brain-modem to interface and access the stored data-memories. All I have to do is to go out and buy another computer-physical body, pre-configured by the software-DNA (my parents did this for me!) and then I can access my website-soul memory through my sub-conscious once born, in order to download the information stored on it. Therefore I can retrieve information from a past existence and make use of the accumulated skills to improve my chances of survival this time around.

I am beginning to understand that this is probably how living beings function. From my own memories of the past as Alexander Baillie Kell in the American Civil War, as William Baillie in the English Civil War and as a Viking "Baillie" in a previous time earlier than that, I can tap into those memories and download those experiences. Thus when my physical body ceases to be - I still exist. My memories are still intact and genetically another body with the same genetic code, in this case a Baillie, will access my memories and collective experiences in the future. So, we begin to see ourselves more as pan dimensional holographic beings that exist across time. And that we physically exist in time at various points in order to learn. Our ever-evolving higher dimensional consciousness is timeless and immortal - we are therefore all timelords! In truth there is only the eternal now of the universal dream machine that produces the atomic matrix we inhabit, and all physical beings can access/interface their own consciousness at whatever point in time they exist.

We therefore see that the ultimate source of consciousness in the Universe, is the Universe, the one super consciousness that splits itself into trillions of fractal droplets, small individual memory units, which then go and experience the universe. The information is collected and processed by the Universe for the Universe in ever more developing patterns. Such is the complex nature of our universe. The mind is therefore intrinsically separate from the brain and we are at last beginning to understand that phenomena such as out of body experiences and past life memories, are examples of the separate components of a pan dimensional conscious being.

At a more general level one could also say therefore, that all matter is conscious. Even the smallest atom is manifest due to consciousness and the sub-atomic particles are kept in their ordered structure by consciousness. But as evolution occurs with atomic elements becoming molecules, then becoming complex organic molecules, building structures such as bodies and organisms, plants and animals, we see this complexity evolving and the information content increasing. It is really a trade-off between simplicity and complexity, with vast quantities of energy cooling down as the universe grows older in time to become much more complex structures, and the rise of physical complexity, which enables the rise of life. With the physical matrix prepared we are then able to inhabit space and time.

The universe can be seen in all its glory as an elaborate multi-dimensional holographic illusion created by consciousness. We are, simply, the creator experiencing the creation and, as with most things, unconditional love appears to be the universal modus operandi of the cosmos and the reason for this would be that something that had created itself would find it very difficult to actually hate itself. It would tend to be a positive experience rather than a negative experience. So, on the whole just as the slight imbalance in positive matter gives us the physical universe, so the positive attitude of the universe gives us positive unconditional love with which the universe appears to operate.

We are now developing instruments with which we can use the phenomenon of harmonic resonance to probe these unseen realms. One of the finest instruments we have in our possession is the human brain and through the use of sensitives, that is people who can tune into slightly different frequencies and experience other realities that exist within our own space, we can see into the invisible. We have up to now barely been able to see and understand that there is an invisible universe within our physical one. Spiritual and physical mediums are people gifted genetically to be able to tune into and, in some cases, manifest/interact with this invisible reality, yet they have suffered historically from relentless persecution, torture and murder. Had they been actively encouraged, we would I feel, have made far great progress than we have to date.

Multiple dimensions can also explain the forces we see around us. The main forces in our physical world that we experience are gravity, which is the weakest force that acts over the furthest distances, whole galaxies, solar systems, the whole universe. The intermediate force is electromagnetism, made up of transverse electromagnetic waves, which combine the electrical and magnetic forces into an intermediate force that acts over intermediate distances. The strongest force we can label ‘nuclear’. Nuclear is extremely powerful as a force, but acts only over very small distances. The physicists split the nuclear force into electro-weak and nuclear strong. This is a division for labelling purposes and is used to explain the strong nuclear forces holding the nucleus of the atom together and the electro-weak forces bonding molecules together and keeping electrons in their orbital shells.

Einstein said quite simply that all forces are unified if we simply move up a dimension. So we are really seeing fractured parts of one higher dimensional force that resides at the sub-quantum level, which penetrates into our three-dimensional reality as the fractured components labelled above. The use of dimensions is quite an old idea, especially used in geometry to visualise higher state spaces, with more connections, and we will discuss this further on in the book.

As conscious human beings we inhabit physical space for an allotted time span, traditionally three score and ten years, from which we have developed the capacity to ponder on the vastness of the universe. We are an enigma. We try to explain our own origins, but we get confused due to lack of evidence. We try to explain and define the structure of the universe mathematically, but it seems ever more complex and hopeless. Just when we think we have the problem solved we find there are more questions and to every question answered there are raised several more questions. But we should not give up, for the journey is everything. Thanks to the process of science the blinkers are off now and we are allowed to experiment and discuss to some degree without interference from politics and religion. We at last can express our opinions openly without fear of physical retribution from church and state. Our society is moving towards greater freedom and an intellectual evolution of the mind powered by the information society and that has to be good for everybody.

Mar 19, '12
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